To Hell with 'Spider-Man,' Donald Glover Needs to Play 'Afro Samurai'

July 28, 2011

Afro Samurai / Donald Glover

Last year the internet was buzzing with the prospect of a non-white actor being cast as Peter Parker in the franchise reboot of The Amazing Spider-Man, and very quickly comedian, Mystery Team and "Community" star Donald Glover had a makeshift campaign to get himself at least an audition for the coveted role. His efforts online even made The Washington Post and NY Mag. But with Andrew Garfield obviously taking the role of the wallcrawler, I think it's time we get Glover a new big screen gig instead. And with news of a live-action Afro Samurai film announced last week, I now think we all know who needs to take that role.

Honestly, I think Donald Glover would be the perfect choice to take the title role in a live-action adaptation of the popular anime series. Considering Samuel L. Jackson's age, he's likely too old to play the lead role which he voiced in the series. And while Glover may seem a little young, at 28-years old I don't think it's a stretch to have him play the adult ninja warrior out to avenge his father's death. Though Glover hasn't done much in the vein of action or drama, I have no doubt that he has the ability and the passion to pull off something like this. His achievements in comedy have been satisfying, but I think this project would really allow him to take his career to the next level, which is what he needs following his work on "Community".

The question is whether or not Glover is interested in the role. Well, fortunately, I had a chance to bring up this suggestion to the actor and he was positively stoked about the proposition. Glover said, "That would be the bomb, man! I would love to do that." It's not clear if this is something Glover would actually have his agents actively pursue, but perhaps at least a meeting with producer Samuel L. Jackson is in order. Either way, if you would like to see Glover take on the role of Afro Samurai and kick some serious ass, spread the word and maybe we can even get #Donald4AfroSamurai trending out on Twitter, too. Sound good?

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  • Anonymous
    "Honestly, I think Donald Glover would be the perfect choice to take the title role in a live-action adaptation of the popular anime series." Are you insane?
  • Anonymous
    Yeah, no. I love Donald Glover, but no. 
    • dlinked
      d'you mean?... hell no?.. haha
  • Anon
    oh god i need to take firstshowing off my rainmeter rss feed before someone spots this article
  • I think I understand what you're trying to say here...it's just a horrible idea.
  • Nope! 
  • Freddie
    Anthony Mackie
  • Marlo Stanfield..."My name is my name" Jamie Hector would be my choice...
    • jah p
      I agree, Jamie Hector would be great!
  • Bigelow_OH
    Anthony Mackie.......OR Andre 3000 lol seriously but im not saying donald glover isnt goood we just gotta see him put to the test
    • Erokwillb
      Oh my god yes! Anthony Mackie would be perfect. You don't really see him taking the starring role in big movies. I think he deserves to take the driver's seat for this one.
  • JT
    Not even close!
  • Anonymous
    I think this role should go to Logan Lerman. He's PERFECT for this role. Seriously.
    • Cracky
      Oh man. I lol'd hard.
  • GoonkaChez
    Ethan. You are an idiot.
  • Craig
    Well I for one think he'd be great. Everyone here saying he's a terrible choice probably just haven't seen how ripped he is.
    • Scared S#!tless
      What the hell does he being ripped have anything to do with his acting skills or ability to pull this role off?! Him bring ripped just means that he'd be great in a photo calendar that obviously you'll buy.
    • Anonymous
      Ripped? I hope you mean Bruce Lee ripped and not friggin Thor, or even Blade, or some Calvin Klein model.
  • Anonymous
    The childish gambino would be on that sh*t!
  • Fanglorious
    Marlon Wayans is the obvious choice....did you see his work in GI Joe...oh wait
    • Anonymous
      Actually Marlons a fine actor, just get crappy roles in big(ger) films... or films involving his family. Several talented actors in GI Joe went to waste in that script.
    • jah p
      No, Marlon Wayans has his own comic book character coming to the big screen, it's sort of a combo of Afro and Black Dynamite, I remember reading the comic a few years ago, but can't remember the name..
  • Cracky
    I think a new-comer would be best. There aren't enough tall, lean-muscular African americans in Hollywood. They would all just disappoint.
  • i think he is a decent thought! he dose have the talent and i'm a huge afro fan i believe he could pull it off (not saying it would be easy) but he is very creative but i still feel Andre 3000 would also be a good pick. all together we just need to find another Jim Kelly (who would make a great pick for afro's father) but that has more acting talent.
  • Fallendeathmetal
    samuel jackson is the one and only afro samurai..i dont care if u gotta put some crazy wig on him or add next to level impossible cgi hair effects just make it happen!
    • Anonymous
      It's true he is Afro Samurai... which is why I never watched it. I'm SOOO tired of his 'acting' as of late. His last good performance (that I saw) was in Black Snake Moan. Very tired of 'how he talks'. He and Hugo Weaving should do silent movies for awhile.
      • Anonymous
        According to you. But ONLY to   YOU.  
  • jah p
    I have the perfect person to play Afro, it's Saul Williams, and if any of you have seen or followed Saul throughout his career, you'll see that he's not just a poet, but an actor, activist, he has the look and physique to portray Afro.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSR7H580e5U
  • Staatz
    I think its a good idea... what's with all the negativity?
  • Dpramroop
    anthony mackie for the win ppl, and a cgi yoda/smeagol like thing for the split personality, with sam jackson voicing it
  • Anonymous
    Afro Samurai no... spiderman yes! I don't mind race, but at least keep our American Superheroes AMERICAN Hollywood!
  • norm
    Never heard of that guy or his online stunt, but that pic above makes him look scared and confused.
    • Anonymous
      Youtube him. "Derrick comedy"
  • Dan W
    Terrible idea
  • Anonymous
    Method Man
  • mace
    Donald Gloveris bon to be Static Shock or since they rebooted Spider-Man they can cast him as The Prowler  
  • Lamar
    I can totally see Glover as Afro, if he let his hair grow out a little bit. And he is sorta ripped in a Bruce Lee kinda way just like the real Afro. As long as he doesn't do what Reynolds did to Green Lantern.
    • Anonymous
      What did Ryan Reynolds do to Green Lantern? Nothing that I could see.
  • jah p
    Saul Williams as Afro Samurai, nuff said!!!
  • Dabaki
    did any one suggest Edi Gathegi.  tall lanky & physcial, an excellent actor.
  • whitey
    He can pull off a serious kick-ass role. If you don't think he can, check out any of his songs under the alias Childish Gambino.
  • Fnord
    They need an actor who can visually pull off the nuances of AFRO but wont mind being dubbed over by Sam Jackson
  • Rooneyman
    everyone knows Michael Jai White is the Reallll Afro Samurai. 
    • Anonymous
      He's Luke Cage to me. Awesome physical specimen with some acting chops.
  • Sorry but I think Afro Samurai should be played by Keanu Reeves. He just looks the part.
  • Meow
    If you wanted a black Peter Parker, why not a white afro samurai? If there truly was equality among races, the question should be asked both ways.
  • Boiler Bro Joe
    It's a nice thought, but I think all of this misses Donald Glover's point.  He wanted to get an audition to play Spiderman to show that the character didn't HAVE to be white.  To show that a black actor could play the nerdy, shy all-American boy as well as any white actor.  Being cast as the Afro Samurai would be irrelevant.  Of course that role is going to be filled by a black man, with all of it's stereotypical imagery and mannerisms to boot.  Donald Glover may still be interested in playing him, but I don't think it would say anything about Hollywood like casting an African American as Spiderman or Superman would.  Ah well, there's always the NEXT reboot.
  • Boiler Bro Joe
    Meow, you're ridiculous.  Characters like the Afro Samurai are created to fill the void that is African American characters in sci-fi/fantasy.  For God's sake, "Afro" is an abbreviated, if not somewhat blunt, way of saying African.  Whites clearly are the majority in EVERY Hollywood film role, let alone the nearly homogenous realms of sub-genres like fantasy.  Let's cast a few dozen African Americans as super-heroes and other American icons that don't need to be white, before we start worrying about recasting Afro-samurai.  Goodness.
    • Anonymous
      You couldn't have had black/ Asian or Hispanic heroes when marvel dc got started. It was awfully stereotypic and overtly racist and not to mention perfectly legal to segregate back then. So those same heroes have been iconic for over 75 yrs. No blks in hobbit world. King of thrones world. Cowboys and aliens cause we have been portrayed as slaves or savages.
  • Beck
    chiwetel ejiofor
    • Anonymous
      Is Mr. Enjiofor able to pull of the same accent that Jackson has? If not, then your casting idea won't work.




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