Universal Developing a New 'Scarface' That's Not a Sequel or Remake

September 21, 2011
Source: Deadline


The fact that studios don't have the balls to develop an original story without the help of established brands or intellectual property is maddening. The plots of films like Battleship and Hot Wheels would work fine by themselves without the help of the brands studios are attempting to "adapt" for the big screen. Now Universal is trying the same old schtick with a "new version" of Scarface. The original film was a controversial black and white gangster film in 1932 and would later become the iconic 1983 crime drama starring Al Pacino. This new film will not, however, be a sequel or remake of the two films. More below!

Deadline says this story will take the common elements of the first two films to follow an outsider immigrant who makes his way into organized crime in an attempt to achieve the coveted American dream. In the process he becomes one of the most powerful crime kingpins of his time through ruthless violence and ambition. I'm not sure how that doesn't qualify this new project as a remake, but there you have it. Details on the origins of the lead character (who may or may not still be called Tony) are being kept under wraps, but the first two films took place in Chicago and Miami respectively. Maybe this new version will head to New York? Either way, I'm not happy with the studio pretending they're not trying to bank on a familiar name and story for a "new" film.

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  • Xerxexx
    They tried to pull a fast one and failed. It is a remake.
    • A Villa88
      It sure is and an unnecessary one.
      • Xerxexx
  • Anonymous
    Why take the risk with an original idea while they can remake off of iconic movies and make big bucks? That must be the question the studios are asking themselves. Anything with a familiar name will draw in the crowd young and old alike. Next thing you know we'll be hearing about some edgy Barbie movie that will be reminiscent of Legally Blond. I'm a little surprised they haven't jumped on 2001: A space Odyssey and make it more "grittier". With the Lion King 3-D being a success in theatres I suppose that is why they are pushing these "redone" movies because whats the point in taking a chance with a film that may not make big bucks...
  • 'Gotta have the Scarface poster'. Always on MTV cribs. It's funny that folk don't get that Scarface is a cautionary tale and see it as and aspire to be like the strange sister-lusting cokehead. Everyone knows cocaine is for dicks.
    • Xerxexx
      He really wanted his sister all to himself. It was too bold a dream.
      • he he ge. It's good to have dreams I suppose
        • Xerxexx
          yeah no matther how creepy they are. hang on to your dreams kids...unless a shotgun shell blast through your spinal cord.
  • Seems to me like there are only three ways they could go: 1) A small town white trash psycho "hits it big" in the not-so-glamorous world of meth. This probably would draw too many comparisons to Breaking Bad, though it would fit the theme of the previous two films quite well and the incest subplot would be a no-brainer. 2) Mexican/illegal alien hits it big in the border drug trade but gets caught up between the DEA and some nasty cartel bosses. This seems the more obvious choice, and ripe for some serious political and drug war commentary. 3) Stupid, brainless drug and violence glorification MTV-style with video game tie-in and absolutely nothing to say. Which route will they go???
  • Anonymous
    I'm still waiting for them to remake The Jersey Shore with Charlie Sheen.
  • wild_boi
    I think it is bullshit. you know they are running out of ideas with movies when they start remaking classics. Bullshit i tell ya bullshit
  • Croniccris
    o well
  • Big Boss
    Hollywood has failed.
  • I suppose from a money making view it's worth them making this movie and mentioning that it is not a remake because it will cause people to want to watch it and get them a lot of publicity by enraged movie bloggers. But why pick popular movies to remake or be influenced by, why not take something which didn't do so well and is forgotten about and try and make it better.
  • Japetto
    Yeah no doubt it's a remake but lets not forget so was DePalma's Scarface
    • Cbfawley
      It would be hard for anyone who read this to forget that, since it's in the article
      • Japetto
        Yeah but there's this idea going around that you cant remake a classic (DePalma's Scarface)
  • Richie G
    "The plots of films like Battleship would work fine by themselves" HA HA how has nobody jumped on that one before me?! There are a lot of sub-par remakes/everydaymovies being produced out there and if you've payed to see one you're adding to the problem. They only make them because they bring in the money simple as    
  • The Douche
    Great, now we have a new Scarface for a bunch of teens to buy merchandise and act all hard but yet will never see. Most don't even know like stated that Scarface with Pacino was a remake. Ignorance at it's finest.
  • happy camper
    So now we get a Mexican drug lord. Guess this means work for George Lopez.
  • jah p
    As long as it's called Scarface, then it's a remake! Who does Hollyweird think they're fooling?
  • cmon guys, its a Re-TELLING! lol... I dunno..the Howard Hawks original is still pretty bad ass! pacino scarface still holds up too..I guess you can "modernize" it..maybe a russian immigrant or some other relevant country but at this point, any variation on that starting at the bottom and fighting your way to the top and wanting to fck your sister is still just a remake! unless you look at it as a franchise (I think they already are) and just plan on remaking or modernizing it every 20 years... Out of curiosity, How many people here would pay money to see the original black and white in the theaters? I would...
  • hhv
    Just rewatched this, then read some trivia: "When Scarface was re-released in theaters in 2003, the studio wanted Brian De Palma to change the soundtrack so that rap songs inspired by the movie could be used. De Palma refused."
  • ……………………
    every hip hop gangster film (Illegal Tender, Empire, State Property, Paid In Full, Belly, etc.) has been a re-imagining of Scarface, some of them have actually been pretty good. How will this one be any different?




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