Updated: WB is Planning Batman Reboot and 'Justice League' Movie!

March 28, 2011
Source: LA Times

Justice League

Rumors of a big screen adaptation featuring DC Comics' superhero ensemble Justice League have been running rampant since Marvel unveiled their plans for The Avengers. Some have even gone so far as to say a film might even get off the ground without signature heroes like Superman and Batman (which makes sense since Christopher Nolan's universe for Batman doesn't lend itself to the more fantastical existence of Justice League). Now those rumors have some fuel for the fire as LA Times (via The Playlist) recently ran a profile on Warner Bros. new president Jeff Robinov and fleetingly mentioned that a Justice League movie would be coming in 2013.

First of all, let's take this with a huge grain of salt. If a Justice League film was being planned secretly, it's highly unlikely it would be leaked so casually. It's even more unlikely that this was how the plans (if they even exist) were supposed to be revealed. This is either the result of some tragically crossed wires or speculative reporting.

Sure Green Lantern is hitting theaters this summer, but the status of The Flash is still up in the air, and it's pretty unlikely that the film would make a 2012 release date. Considering The Dark Knight Rises doesn't hit theaters until next summer and filming commences this May, that same timeline for The Flash wouldn't work simply because they don't even have a cast, let alone a completed script. And let's not forget about the complete lack of Wonder Woman or Martian Manhunter. No, no, none of this makes any sense at all!

Like I said, this is probably all just a big mistake and should be treated as nothing more than a big rumor. However, the prospect of DC Comics trying to put together a superhero ensemble to keep themselves alive and kicking alongside Marvel's booming film studio isn't a crazy idea. Honestly, I don't think it's a matter of if a Justice League movie gets off the ground, but moreso a matter of when. Calling for a 2013 release seems to be shooting for the moon, but maybe Warner Bros. has some kind of magical ace up their sleeve. What do you think?

UPDATE: Well, Hero Complex (a blog from the LA Times) has tossed up a new story about this Justice League scoop, and it's seems quite legitimate now. They confirm that Robinov's top priority is finally getting Justice League into theaters by 2013. So the question is how will he pull this off?

The first hurdle is Christopher Nolan's Batman not being able to fit into the Justice League universe. The WB president already has a plan for that as he says, "“We have the third Batman, but then we’ll have to reinvent Batman.” To clarify, the reporter asks Robinov if he plans to reboot the Batman franchise after The Dark Knight Rises and he responds without hesitation, "I do. Chris Nolan and [producing partner and wife] Emma Thomas will be producing it, so it will be a conversation with them about what the next phase is.” Wow! That's a pretty big deal.

So what about the other heroes? There's no time to get The Flash or Wonder Woman in their own films off the ground before a Justice League film hits in 2013. Apparently the heroes would be spun off into their own films after the DC Comics superhero ensemble is put together. Robinov isn't even concerned about a new Wonder Woman TV series being developed as he says, "Wonder Woman could be a film as well, the same way that Superman Returns came out while ‘Smallville’ was on.” I guess he has it all figured out.

So it sounds like Green Lantern really will be a big first step towards Justice League and Warner Bros. does have realistic plans to get the DC Comics' superhero team together. Can they really pull it off for a 2013 release though? Keep sounding off below!

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  • Markjuvera
    Batman and supes should be in it if they do make this they are two of the main members
    • Hattori Hanzo
      According to an article I just read at, Warmers are already planning to reboot Batman all over again as soon as the third movie is done with because Warner’s are making too much money to not have any more Batman movies. If that's true then maybe they are actually going to have this new Batman in the Justice League movie after all. Unf*ingbelievable! If that’s the case then I’m done with this superhero shit!
      • Mark
        that's stupid they shouldn't reboot batman. If anything use the batman from burton's universe or nolan's batman and introduce super heroes as a cameo in the DKR like in news footage or some thing but rebooting one of the best super hero series is idiotic
  • shikaka
    If it's anything, my guess would be reference to an animated film. They're a long way off being in a position to launch a live-action Justice League movie.
  • 97point6
    Just as long as it's converted to 3D.
  • Oval Bokeh
    Why not do "Justice League" as a mo-cap movie with character artwork by Alex Ross?
    • Dexter
      Because Alex Ross and his mommy's home made costumes don't cut it.
    • Jeebus
      Because -with all due respect to Alex Ross- we don't need anymore movies relying solely on this fucking computerized, motion capture bullshit... that's why. How about, instead, we get an actual story with real actors? Hey! Wow!
  • Coasterboy12345
    I bet they make it. Wonder woman has a new show. Flash who doesn't know he is fast. Manhunter you could probably do a cheap movie quick. Have whoever is playing lex in the new sup movie and one bad guy from batman so there still sort of in it. And throw in Aquaman for good measure. Bam you got your justice league movie.
  • DRM
    Martian Manhunter would be established IN a JLA movie if there ever was one, there's no way he can carry his own film. As for Wonder Woman...there IS the live-action WW TV series coming out. There's always the far far FAR off possibility that they'll try to cross-connect the film line with the TV line, and have Adrianne Palicki reprise the role for "Justice League"...
  • Kalel
    Captain America is greater than Green Lantern. Thor is greater than Green Lantern. Avengers is greater than Justice League. Marvel is greater than DC.
    • N.
      Yes this all true but is it just me or aren't DC Movies better than Marvel? (Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Superman 1 and 2, Swamp thing) (Iron man 1 and 2, Spider-man, Fantastic Four, DareDevil, Elektra, Incredible Hulk, and X-men) X-men 1 and 2 are the only good Marvel Movies in my opinion except Spider-man 1 and 2! So yes Marvel has better Characters and Comic Books but not Movies!
      • jah p
        You forgot about the Blade movies!
        • N.
          Thats right forgot about those never cared for them much the first was ok and then I lost interest!
    • Awtan90
      Quality is greater than quantity which is something Marvel hasn't quite figured out yet. Their strategy for comics and movies is to produce as many as they can as fast as than can, and usually this results in wasted time and money on behalf of people like you and I. Just look at the horrible turn the Amazing Spider-man series has taken over the past few years...."Oooopppsss we ran ourselves into a corner...Okay I've got it 'Brand New Day', we pretend the past few decades of this series never happened even though people invested a lot of time into it." When they rush movies something similar happens and we end up with movies like X-Men Origins which we are now just expected to forget even though they hyped it up years in advance. I'll be first to admit Marvel has some great characters but the way they end up using them is just a waste. DC's track record hasn't been perfect either but it's still a lot better than Marvel's especially in recent years. It just seems like DC is more focused on making something of value that stands the test of time.
      • jah p
        I think the Avengers, The New Spiderman and the next Ironman will change that.
        • N.
          Maybe all we can do is hope!
  • FOOM
    They could base the movie on the first episode of JLA animated series...this incorporates Martian Manhunter's origin. I am a huge fan of JLA the animated series and would be happy with an original animated movie instead of a full on live action....Marvel (Lionsgate) did it very well I reckon!
  • Anieves75
    DC animated movies and shows are far superior than Marvels. I think they should stick to animated movies because they are done so well. Justice league and JL unlimited was great. Disneys Avengers show is OKAY. Young Justice is is pretty good. All star superman was awsome. Batman superman public enemies was badass. hulk vs wolverine and thor dont even come close. DC animated FTW. MAybe they can do some CG movies.
  • Anieves75
    Doing a JLA movie without Supes and Bats is like doing an Xmen Movie without Wolverine. They need to establish all the characters in their own movies first. characters like Flash, WW, MM, Captain Marvel, Aquaman, Hawkman and Girl. Still waiting for Supermax/Green Lantern Movie. DC has many universes. JLA does not have to exist in the same universe as TDK and Man of steel. Then we can include the 2 main heroes of the JL.
    • FOOM
      You make a good point! To a large extent, DC movies already assume a seperate univers for each superhero since they never (or seldom) acknowledge existence of other heroes in the movies. They could simply establish a seperate universe from the whole multiverse in which the JLA exist as a team....then they set the origin movies for the un-introduced JLA mambers in that universe within that timeline!
    • ScottyR37
      Isn't X-Men: First Class going to lack Wolverine?
      • Anieves75
        yea that movie is going to suck.
      • Ultim8
        Possibly.... I recieved the latest edition of Empire magazine today, On-set @ First Class....Spoiler free mention of an undisclosed Cameo seen. My thoughts would be a Mr. James Hewitt in his Pre-Logan/Wolverine days.... One can only hope! Either that or it's Stan Lee again...
        • Anieves75
          I dont think we will ever see a good Xmen movie from fox.
  • Hattori Hanzo
    No Superman or Batman? So this is a movie featuring the minor leaguers.
    • Jericho
      just like the TV series...that never made it past the pilot...
  • Mikhail Kirshenbaum
    Absolutely not if they include Aquaman. Also, Ted Knight needs to return to narrate.
  • fancy pants
    I can't see Bale doing this.
  • I keep watching for more on this. I hope Green Arrow can make an appearance, The NOT smallville one. The world need to know the real Oliver Queen.
  • dave
    maybe its coming out christmas 2013? they might have a couple of ones plannes for summer that year (the flash, green arrow, wonder woman) seems unlikely but you never know ..
  • They have a lot of work to do before that film gets off the ground.
  • Timnimbus
    I don't think they wouldn't make such a statement unless they meant it. I personally think they can't have a Justice League without Bats or Sups. They need to do a movie where batman and superman meet for the first time and have the first movie about their relationship and morals. They don't like eachother, but have to work together to get the bad guy. Then towards they end leave it open for a new movie to bleed in the rest of the heroes with a new threat that approaches. You can't just throw all those characters in there at once. Moderation my friends...moderation.
  • Cracky
    Playing catch-up. Sounds lame. And this is not a "leak" of any kind. It's just common sense. But if DC had any, they would leave this shit alone. And to smoke the pipe like the rest of you folks, Baleman has to be in and Snyderman has to be in. And that just sounds like a disaster.
  • I don't think that a good movie would come out of this project. When you have so many characters, you need to have a 6 hour movie to tell a story that would be meaningful. A heros like tv series would be a better idea...
  • Sparky
    • Ian
      Dude - that's like saying STOP.MAKING.MONEY - ain't gonna happen. Now, if you want to direct the statement at DC comics specifically- I'm on board. Maybe Batman can mutate into something an go Marvel... LOL
  • ShriekoftheVulture
    Really, if there is a Justice League movies, Batman and Superman should not be in it
  • Anieves75
    When are we getting an amalgam (marvel vs DC) movie?
  • Likecapra
    They could make a really well made, character driven plot about the original line-up of the Justice League, practically excising Batman and Superman, like in the original comics, maybe just have allusions to and cameos for them, but not allow the film to become all about them and instead focus on the chemistry of the actual team. Then all of these people who see Batman and Superman as the only major DC heroes could be put in their place, but alas, that's probably not really an option...
  • dave
    im going to vomit.
  • Fjfjhfd
  • cooper
    i so called this happening... and here's for if you don't believe me (see the 13th comment and date)
  • Anonymous
    As much as I like Marvel more than DC, I have to say DC's animation stories are better than Marvel animation
  • Lamar
    PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT! I'll believe it when I see it. And if, IF this does get off the ground, it'll be hard to beat the epicness that was Justice League Unilimited. That was the best show cartoon network ever had.
  • Anonymous
    they need to just skip all the solo movie crap and just make the Justice League.Because everyone already knows all the characters and there powers. Just do it and then run in the solo movies afterwords
    • Awtan90
      Yeah my guess is that's what they are doing, and it's definitely a better strategy than Marvel's.
  • Beaner7305
    This does not sound good. Its rushed and seems like a rebuttal to The Avengers. If it happens this way I doubt it will come off well. Reboot Batman, I bet Christian Bale would sign on if they offered the right deal. It must be a plan for a totally different universe than the current Dark Knight universe. And it needs to include Ryan Reynolds, otherwise it will be second rate. I guess we'll see....
  • Ditz
    DC has first class heroes. far superior than marvel. DC heroes are so godlike, its so hard to make movies out of them.
  • Chris A.
    Don't know whether to be epically excited or epic facepalm
  • Gh
    Reboot Batman so early...really? Come on, they are not so desperate for money...Regardless of his Nolaness and his producing it, it will tarnish whatever Nolan has done and is doing now.
    • Awtan90
      I think they are doing it to prevent the JL movie from tarnishing Nolan's Batman if anything.
  • Voice of Reason
    I cast my vote for a Batman who wont growl and gargle gravel with every line. Nolan has a thing going fot Batman, sure, but it can never last forever, it's just a shame to get a slight reboot so soon after TDKR
  • DanTheMan
    i would love to see an "APACHE INDIAN" (from superfriends) movie
    • Michael
      you're stupid
  • robert doss
    will wonderwoman be in tights again just like lynda carter did or will it look new like adrienne palicki
  • Juwan
    What Warner Bros. asses need to do is make the damn movie like this. Create the script that will make superman and batman needing help and then all the other supers that have their powers hear about it and realize they can use their powers to help and they then originate in this film.                                                     OR OR OR Just write it as them being put together by someone else which causes them to meet in person for the first time! They will probably say "i've heard of you" blah blah blah and then they save the world. They don't have to really write it as them coming together on accident or write it as them linking up to each other. People already know who they are so they dont really have to make individual movies for each hero just get enough money, the right director, put 2-3 writers together bc one person writing JLA could really cause it to flop, get producers that wont try and over shadow each other and then get about 2-3 big namers to play the heros and the rest could be up and coming actors or they could be known but just not as big yet and everything will work it self out.




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