Watch: A Mysterious 'Back to the Future' Viral Video from Argentina

August 25, 2011

Back to the Future Viral Video

After recently revealing one of the lingering mysteries from the classic Back to the Future trilogy, the explanation behind the meeting of Doc Brown and Marty McFly, a strange new video has appeared online featuring one of those two time traveler's along with the signature DeLorean time machine everyone knows and loves. Shot as a found footage piece, the short video finds the DeLorean skyrocketing down a street in Argentina and driving into some sort of open store front. Then suddenly Doc Brown (actually Christopher Lloyd) emerges and is excited to discover that he's arrived in the year 2011. This is awesome, whatever it is!

Check out the viral video from YouTube, as first stumbled upon by

Well, apparently the video is actually for some sort of commercial (according to another video that some on-lookers shot while stunt cars and such were being used). Since the above video cuts short and there's no details from the people who spotted the shoot itself, we're not sure for what this commercial is supposed to be advertising. But I have to say, if there was going to be a Back to the Future IV, I would love it if the first trailer was in the style of the Cloverfield teaser where some kids were interrupted by the time machine barreling down the street with Doc and Marty coming out of the car in some sort of panic. But of course, I really don't think we need more Back to the Future at this point, we should let sleeping dogs lie. Thoughts?

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  • Pretty cool, nice to see Christopher Lloyd back as Doc. One problem though...Back to the Future Part II takes place in 2015, why is Doc so amazed to be in 2011? Maybe he's shocked that with only 4 years to go, we're not that close to having flying cars, hoverboards, and Jaws 19 in theaters :-)
    • Maybe it's the outcome of the changes Doc and Marty did in their time traveling adventures that we're now left with this new hoverboard-less Jaws 3 future? This is heavy!
    • MovieWV
      Presumably, Doc did a time travel "off screen." This could be his first trip to this far into the future.
    • Steven
      Jaws 19 was in 3D!!
      • Manuel
        Instead of Jaws 19, Doc found a massive era of 80's tv shows and film remakes.
  • Dr.I!
    Hi! I'm from Argentina and had the oportunity to see the De Lorean myself 2 days ago! Wow! Im a great fan of Back to the future trilogy. The sequence in the video it's part of a commercial of the store Garbarino and will soon be full released. Thanks!
    • Tester
      Anything Argentina is awesome !!!
    • Manuel
      That's right. I'm from Buenos Aires too, and the footage was all over the news. Great to see Doc Brown in Buenos Aires!!!
  • Dom
    He doesn't quite have the same level of enthusiasm sadly :( 
    • JennyB
      ...Then again, this wasn't Bob directing. I have a feeling that Lloyd could still reach "that" level you miss. Maybe the more subtle tone played better here with the more hand-held realism-feel. Who knows...
  • Arianne T. Ferrer
    I wish we could see more Back to the Future films. Great teaser though, got my heart a-thumping. Even if it's just a clothes commercial.
  • guest
    It's a commercial for a hardware store called Garbarino. It's a teaser, the full commercial isn't still finished. It will be aired soon.
  • JBrotsis
    they should have let the sleeping dogs lie for the Indiana Jones. Back to the Future series does not need to be rebooted. Plus you can't replace Christopher Lloyd and Michael J just can't! And the way they needed the 3rd movie (with the steam train taking off), was so classic and unreal, it would be so unwise to try and go off of that. If they reboot it, ill be extremely disappointed!
  • Special Agent
    Garbarino, an electronics and appliance chain store brought a DeLorean into one of its stores as a promotion. This "publicidad" (commercial) plays off the promo. The car is modified Toyota Celica. Argentine ads are often very creative, fun and keep on message --in this case, the future is here at Gabarino. 
  • j4v
    nice FXs ... Argentinian .... FAIL
  • Need pension money. Fair play to him.
  • Marty Mcfly ruined my future
    It would have been funny if he emerged from the Delorean and said, "In the future there is no cure for multiple sclerosis"
  • As much as I'd love to see more BttF, it is my favorite childhood movie next to Time bandits, I'm going to have to just say that you can't always go home again. Marty and Doc will always remain, to me at least, as they were/are in the trilogy.
    • Hey Johnny, did you hear they were going to remake Time Bandits? That's just pure evil!
  • Steven
    That girl is hot.
  • There is a new film on IMDB with Lloyd in no details except it is about time travel due out 2012..... perhaps there is something going on
  • Greenrawhide
    it looks like he is saying what is this with regard to the camcorder, but there was a camcorder in the first movie?
  • Fwkelly
    It does look good. Gives a modern spin on the movies and proves there's still a thirst out there for the story and the characters (Including the DeLorean!!!) I just hope if they do make a fourth that they get the script right and not have another 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' debacle!
  • Agustin Skorp
    This is from an comercial of an argentinean apliance store named "Garbarino". It is A delorean. That guy is Doc brown and the celica was used for stunts shots. Wanna pictures? look at this.
  • Robotprophet
    Great SCOTT, NO!
  • Anonymous
    Why Argentina? those people are duchebags
    • Isabel
      redskulllives.... Are you jealous??? Eat that!
  • PAT
  • San_cora05
    Why Argentina? 'Cause here a our duchebag talents in publicity had the creativity to do it and yours didn't. If I were you I'd STFU, moron.




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