Watch: An Impressive Fan-Made Teaser Trailer for a 'Bioshock' Movie

December 1, 2011
Source: BuzzFeed


Last month brought the sad news for video game fans that the developing adaptation of Bioshock wasn't making any progress and producers, along with Irrational Games executive Ken Levine weren't clamoring to get the film off the ground unless it was going to be just right. That comes after directors like Gore Verbinski and 28 Weeks Later filmmaker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo were attached to helm the feature. However, those updates were over a year ago, and with no progress on the film, a fan decided to take the project into his own hands and craft and eerie and wholly effective teaser trailer for the video game adaptation. Check it!

Watch the fan-made teaser trailer for Bioshock (originally via BuzzFeed):

It's not exactly clear who made this impressive trailer since the YouTube account for it is simply named TheBioshockMovie and the only e-mail listed is for some banner called Majic Pictures, but I hope Universal is paying attention, because this is a great way to kick-off a marketing campaign for a Bioshock movie. There's mystery for those who haven't played the games, treats for those who have, and a creepy style with the use of Bobby Darin's swing track Mack the Knife running through the trailer. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was the perfect example of how Universal can screw up a great property, but if they end up making a hard R-rated film that kicks off with an ominous teaser trailer like this, then there's still hope.

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  • 001211
    Umm, no.
    • Anonymous
      "ummm no" what? are you denying this video is a fan made bioshock video? or that it exists? or that you have anything worth saying? my god, what are you denying?!!
      • Anonymous
        Everyone just... everyone just CALM DOWN FOR ONE GODDAMN MINUTE. Let's put our heads together...
  • 001211
    I'm saying it looked like shit. Which it is.
    • Theaotvshow
      are you fucking stupid? this looked amazing, one of the best trailers i've ever seen let alone fan made. these guys are going far
      • Ricardo_PT
        Lol, you're new to this cinema thing i'm assuming :p this isn't impressive at all. I'm looking forward to a bioshock movie as much as the next guy but, quoting "ummm, no"
        • TheLaughingMan
          The guy gets an A for effort but thats it sorry,it just wasn't anything special.
      • Gingerbeer
        I have to agree with the two other replies. The shots at the end were too short to tantalize the audience to want more. In fact, I could have shot that opening sequence this weekend at my shore house. I have the doll sitting on my desk right now.  This trailer would only be impressive if the montage sequence at the end was longer with more content.  001211 - you should articulate why you think it's shit to avoid the emotional come backs. 
    • Anonymous
      oh. well that clears it up. you should've just said that. and i can't hear the sound but from the brief 48 seconds i saw i don't see how there's even enough footage to make you have that strong of a reaction to it.
      • Theaotvshow
        because it does everything a trailer should. pumps you up, makes you want more, is not revealing. 
        • Anonymous
          what? what does that have to do with my comment? I was saying i didn't get why that one guy had so much hatred towards the trailer.
  • Danimal
    Well it looked good up until those flashes of random shots. But nothing extremely impressive. I can definitely see this being pushed a lot more for a real teaser though. So with that, I say "nice work" :)
  • ExtremeProjects
    Muahahah 😀 I know who made it! #nottelling
    • Gingerbeer
      Let us know who so we can let them know they get a C for effort. 
  • Jay
    The only thing that suggest Bioshock is this post caption. The video could be anything. But I'm bias to all fan made trailers cause I appreciate fans efforts. 
  • zeldaprimed
    I didn't like it at all...the music is all wrong...why is a guy holding the Big Daddy Doll...shouldn't it be a Little Sister...? oh and I've only played the first Bioshock, and absolutley loved it...
    • Skiddle1138
      If you've only played BioShock 1 and weren't involved in "Something Under the Sea" than you wouldn't understand the doll completely.
  • Thehawker22
    I liked it. My only qualm is the song used; relatively modern.
    • Thehawker22
      ...It's just a fan vid after all
  • Johnny Neat
    Did I see some water scene from Titanic and clips from the game's art in there? Anyhow clearly fan made and enthusiastic.
  • Kaim
    Flashes of random shots taken from other movies.. and also taken directly from another fanmade Bio movie made in Feb. All the guy did here is record someone laying in the ocean and steal clips in the last half. Some are so easily impressed.
  • Hitmarkv
  • Davidbryan
    these fan made trailers sure lookin pretty cool, fight the foot trailer doesn't look half bad, thaey should make this and ninja turtles fight the foot into a webisode series just like wat they did with Mortal Kombat Rebirth but changed it 2 Mortal Kombat Legacy.




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