Watch: Danny Trejo is Bad Ass in the First Trailer for 'Bad Ass' Movie

December 24, 2011
Source: YouTube

Danny Trejo as Bad Ass

"I can't wait to see what this footage looks like!" This is one of those times when calling this trailer and Danny Trejo a badass fits perfectly, due to the film itself being titled Bad Ass and Trejo's character being nicknamed "Bad Ass" in it. Thanks to YouTube (via TheMovieBox), we've now got a look at the first short trailer for Bad Ass, an indie action-drama starring Trejo as a Vietnam vet who can kick anyone's ass and becomes a local hero when he becomes somewhat of a vigilante. I didn't know much about this before, but this film is definitely on my radar now, and I'm looking forward to watching it. Fire up this trailer below!

Watch the first official trailer for Craig Moss' Bad Ass with Danny Trejo, originally via YouTube:

Decorated Vietnam vet Frank Vega returns home only to be shunned by society leaving him without a job. It's not until forty years later that an incident on a commuter bus makes him a local hero. But his good fortune turns for the worse when his best friend is murdered and the police aren't doing anything about it.

Bad Ass is directed by filmmaker Craig Moss, who directed those cheesy comedies Saving Ryan's Privates and The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad before. The screenplay is by Moss & newcomer Elliot Tishman. Made by Amber Lamps & Silver Nitrate, it doesn't have a distributor yet, as far as we know, but expect to see it sometime in the next year. Stay tuned for more! Look badass?

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  • Black Dumbledore
    • Race Bannon
      yeah... is this supposed to be based on epic beard man?
      • Yes, as far as I know, it is (mostly) based on Epic Beard Man, but without necessarily directly referencing him. Awesome nonetheless!
        • David Banner
          Does epic beared man get to cash a check for this? He is a vet and unemployed as far as I know
  • Bearded...check. Vietnam vet...check. Fanny pack...check. Yup, looks like Epic Beard Man to me.
  • D Block
    Alternate titles: Amberlamps: El Mexicano Story Mang Hobo with a Fanny Pack
  • Richie G
    Bad Ass, more like ass kick, I mean kick ass, I mean ass bad movie reference
  • Joe Krunchbooty
    so is this based off the youtube video where a guy on the bus or subway kicked the shit out of a robber?
    • it was on a bus. and like this young black dude was pickin on this old guy calling him a racist or something, and threatening to kick his ass... and then he sucker punched him and the old guy got up and kicked his ass... and i mean KICKED HIS ASS!!
      • Mmmmfoofo
        That young black dude was actually 50 years old
      • Debster!
        1st...did you even watch the movie? They were white skin heads on the bus who threatened an older black man asking to take his seat. And the "hero" (a mexican) whoop ass. Regardless of color this movie was not racist. Its just reality in the wrong order.
  • Roderick
    Are some of the proceeds  going to Epic Beard Man? I last saw a short documentary a few months ago where it gave a update on him and he was homeless and actually lost everything he had... It was really sad. The state in vietnam vets are treated is horrible... I don't know where he is right now, but if he's still homeless or worst... It would be horrible for people to get rich off a movie about him and for him and for him not to see any of the money...
  • Roderick Here's a link to the documentary of Epic Beard Man... I know there's probably some rule against putting a link on here, but i can't help but feel this is wrong... Does anyone have any information on if they're at all at least consulted Epic Beard Man before making this?
    • Nope, no rules against links. Especially when they're related to the film itself! Thanks for posting this vid, I need to check this out.
  • Thexn
    Does any of this footage look like the bus chase scene from Red Heat to anyone else?
    • Anonymous
      YES. I was thinking the exact same thing.
  • Anonymous
  • Anon
    Watch out we got a badass over here
  • Brandon
  • Youtube films, how many have these been made already? I suppose it's some sort of mixed up reality tv. Here's a trailer for another Youtubathon: Merry Xmas.
  • Anonymous
    Looks like Danny is not wearing any pants in the poster!! lol
  • pnx
    the film will be released in selected theatres in spring 2012
  •  I last saw a short documentary a few months ago where it gave a update on him and he was homeless and actually lost everything he had... It was really sad. The state in vietnam vets are treated is horrible... I don't know where he is right now, but if he's still homeless or worst.
  • yikeee$
    "bring amberlance"
  • JL
    Is this for real?  That's not a rhetorical question.  I really am questioning whether this is for a real movie and not a fake promo for a movie that doesn't exist, because that looks terrible.  I mean, that's rarely stopped me from watching something that I thought would be entertaining, but this looks terrible.  Machete 2 can't come soon enough.
  • Martin Bryce
    I love Americans. In reality it was a black guy picking on an old white guy. In the film it is, what looks like, a bunch of white neo-Nazi skin heads picking on a Mexican dude. The USA must be the most wrist bending PC country in the world. 
    • grimjob
      Dude, you know have no idea how bad it is over here with that PC bullshit.
    • JL
      It's like a conspiracy among blacks to make this generation of "whiteys" "crackers" and "peckerwoods" pay for the evils of previous generations.  I'm guessing, though, that most crimes against black people today are perpetrated by black people.  And most white people here are afraid that if they say something like that, they'll be labeled a racist, which is like being a murderer/rapist apparently.
  • TM
    Anti-White propaganda
  • Anonymous
    Hey what the hell is this??? They cheated. They look the actual action footage of the bus smashing through the fountain and the train smashing though the bus from Walter Hill's film Red Heat with Schwarzenegger and put them in the trailer for this film. They CGI'd to make it look a little different but it's the actual same footage. I wonder if Hill and the producers know their stuff has been stolen
  • Anonymous
    Thank God, a mexican will save us from all of the white racists who attack people on buses and subways. What a crock of shit, any white person who pays to see this is lost.
    • Derpadoo
      better not say that to the badass or he'll get you
  • Adam
    Street Rambo, I'm in! Seriously, it's a movie, who cares who the baddies are anyway, white neo nazis, black gangsters, mexican druglords, i hope he kicks all their asses, race has nothing to do with it!!
  • Man I hope someone finds Epic Beard Man and lets him know they are stealin his shit and not giving him Creds....Man deserves some money for using his likeness. Pay the Man, or GTFO.




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