Must Watch: Epic 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' Super Bowl Spot

February 6, 2011
Source:, Apple

Transformers: Dark of the Moon TV Spot

Paramount debuted the official Super Bowl TV spot on for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Michael Bay's third Transformers movie. We all saw that awesome moon landing teaser trailer last year, but this time we actually get to see some real footage and it looks awesome, as I expected. I know Bay has a lot to live up to after the last one, but I'm excited. The cast includes many of the same: Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro; as well as: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, John Malkovich, Patrick Dempsey, Frances McDormand and Alan Tudyk. Watch the Transformers Super Bowl spot below!

Watch the Super Bowl TV spot for Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon:

You can also watch the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Super Bowl spot in High Def on Apple

In this movie, the Autobots and Decepticons become involved in a perilous space race between the U.S. and Russia, and once again human Sam Witwicky must help his robot friends defeat enemies like Shockwave.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is again directed by everyone's favorite explosive director, Michael Bay, of the previous two Transformers movies as well as Bad Boys I and II, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and The Island. The screenplay was written by Ehren Kruger, who co-wrote the Revenge of the Fallen script but went solo this time, and also worked on The Ring, The Skeleton Key and Brothers Grimm screenplays. Paramount is bringing Transformers 3 to theaters everywhere in 3D starting July 1st, 2011 next summer.

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  • OH ............MY............... GOD! *drool , shit and piss and Jizz all at the same time
    • Heyh
      Bay instantly finds his key demographic at post #1
      • John Doe
  • I guess you werent kidding about the Epic part...
  • Anonymous
    Just saw that one on tv. Transformers 2 was so bad and Michael Bay -does- suck when it comes to plot and dialog, but man...does he know how to blow shit up in a way that makes you excited like a little kid. Apparently they're going all out this time. Total destruction and many, many robots in the middle of the city. Also, it seems like Optimus gets another chance to be super badass again. o/
    • B Gleig
      dude stfu u are a gay hater stfu u stupid kid
  • MagnetoWasRight
  • Moviekidmike
    So gargantuan it's hard not to marvel at BUT i need to see a full trailer to get a feel for it because it looks like more of the same.
  • grapefruit
  • Anonymous
    They have to kill off Fox's character, the only way to put the sub-plot romance to rest, but it will probably be some petty break up scene.
  • Joshinyasha
    They'll probably play off Fox's departure with the off-screen breakup in between movies. We could only be so lucky.
    • Anonymous
      I hope not, she's gotta die, if its some petty break-up then it defeats the romantic sub-plot of the first two movies.
      • Anonymous
        She's not in the movie.
        • Anonymous
          I'm aware, she can be killed off screen. The character needs to die. Simple as that.
          • Anonymous
            It's Transformers and Bay. There won't be the slightest mention of her character. They don't care about story or plot.
          • Cody W.
            Think hes got ya on this one, I really dont think Bay and Co. care about the story, I doubt there will be any mention of her beyond "o yeah we broke up".
          • Anonymous
            There's no way she'll die, that's simply too dramatic for a movie like this and would make it hard for Shia's character to start a new romance right away. It will be a teenage breakup, it's nothing special. I don't understand what you're saying about the romantic sub-plot from the 2 movies, romances end...
          • Anonymous
            @Cody W, mchops, Ricardo_PT, that's not okay. "too dramatic"? um Bayformers has shown people dying in horrible ways, why should a person connected to Sam not be on the chopping block? If she were to die in an ambush by Megatron and his lackeys then that would make for a much darker film and possibly make the story better. A simple "oh she couldn't take all the alien robot attacks, (even though she was in the middle of the LA battle, Drove a crippled Robot on a tow truck and got knocked around by explosions survived the battle during the Fallen's return and so much more) so she decided to kick rocks and leave me after she confessed her love for me, but who cares I gots this new blond model on my arm! GO ME!!!!" type of petty off break-up. Yeah, no sorry, bad bad bad.
        • Cody W.
          O i dont disagree with you that its a stupid theory...but you do realize this is transformers were talking about here, a stupid theory is probably right on the dot.
  • Day
    I agree with Moviekidmike, we need a full trailer to judge this one. I have no doubt it will be better than 2 (if it gets any worse than that than god bless Michael Bay) but I don't think that this will be better than Transformers 1. Battle L.A still looks like it has more heart than TF3. I am somewhat optimistic.
  • whoknows
    why is it in ever michael bay movie there is a hot girl just standing in the middle of an action scene looking confused
  • Anonymous
    Lazerbeak oh yeah!
  • Chris
    I've always loved the weird sound effects for the Transformers movies. Epic indee-OH MY GOD A DRAGON!!!!!
    • Dude I know, this looks awesome. Bay is really bringing it back - badass!
      • Chris
        Despite what people say about the last 2, I really enjoyed them. I will admit that the humor has been extremely awkward in the last 2 so hopefully Bay is right about this one being light on the jokes. Didn't really care to see mojo dominating another dude dog. What really impresses me is how they manage to animate so much in what seems like a very short amount of time. But I guess technology is a whole lot better than it was in 1999 when it took 2 years to animate the entire 10 minute pod race in Star Wars Episode 1.
  • Marleneblu
    Ahhhhhhh!!!! I can't wait ! it looks so slaggin awesome 8)
  • Anonymous
  • Armeetapus16
    I don't care if the writing is lazy. I don't care if the story blows. I just want to see explosions and Optimus KICKING ASS!!!
    • Jimmeh
      YES YES YES! Bay is not a bad director! remember who WROTE the flippin second one! 😛 Bay just puts in some input and BLOWS SHIT UP! you wanna blame anyone the 2 bros who wrote the scrpit =S Ethen Kruger is writing this one, he had a part to play in the second one, but he writes a lot of Horror flicks which generally are plot driven =) So here comes the swan song of the Transformers movies!
  • Anonymous
    @mchops that's the sad thing about it, Bay forsakes plot for action...and he wonders why he has haters. I'd rather no mention than a break up.
    • Anonymous
      xerxexx, I agree. That's why I get so pissed that they don't fix Bumblebee and let him speak. They just don't care about plot and that's why the movies are pretty bad. I'll just go for ILM and their amazing work.
      • Anonymous
        same for me. plot and dialogue will be bad, but the special effects will be fantastic.
  • IYAMAN24
  • Quazzimotto
    That trailer confirmed one thing. Optimus has mastered the spin move. Amazing visual presentation, shame thats all the movie will be about.
  • Chris
    yes yes.....yes!
  • Say what you want about Bay, he sure can shoot some visceral looking stuff.
  • MapleStory
    :O :O :O :O HOLY EFF
  • Yeah...after Transformers 2 Michael Bay is going to have to prove that Transformers 3 is going to be worthwhile. The trailer(s) for TF2 looked great too but look how that turned out.
  • Anonymous
    special effects over plot is never a good thing.
    • Cody W.
      ...unless optimus prime has a sword and a jetpack.
      • Anonymous
        well that's a given.
    • Anonymous
      Actually, at this point I don't even care anymore. I've come to terms with the fact that Michael Bay's Transformers have shitty plots and dialog. The premise of this movie might as well be escorting Charlie the Unicorn safely cross country to Candy Mountain while fighting off mutated killer rabbits that shoot lasers from their eyes and mouths. As long as they'd make lots of things explode and have their main focus on the robots instead of some cheesy side story, I'd watch that, too. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely agree with what you're saying, but I guess I tolerate it for this franchise. The robots and the fight scenes just look too fucking amazing to miss. Pew, pew...bawoosh! Yeah!
      • Anonymous
        as do I, its just for some odd reason I always defend Megan Fox, and I don't know why...I mean right when the showed up the media immediately attacked her and turned the public on her, and now she's compared to the trash that is in Hollyweird, but I still do not understand why I chosen to defend her...oh well.
        • John Doe
          Because she's beautiful?
        • Anonymous
          @john doe, maybe.
  • Mr.Cookie
    Yowza! Hope it's a better movie than TF2 like Bay promised it would be.
  • Transformersfan
    Thought the trailer was awesome! I seriously dont understand comments like "whats sad is Micheal Bay sacrifices plot for action" and "the story sucks"... That's like the guy who says he reads playboy "for the articles", and nobody ever likes that guy. If your film palette is so shallow that you expect to get a good story and dialogue from A TRANSFORMERS MOVIE, you desperately need to start watching better movies on your free time (Congrads, you're so mature you deduced Transformers isn't incredible Science fiction! Time to graduate!). If it took you until Transformers 2 to figure out that the plot wouldn't be better than your average saturday cartoon, you just might need to see a doctor... because your borderline retarded. I honestly dont think its Bay's fault, I think its your guys's fault for having those expectations to begin with. You guys are always here talking about how bad it is, and then YOU GO AND SEE IT?! Come on, how fucking stupid can you be. WHY DONT YOU THINK BEFORE YOU SEE IT?! All year long ive heard all these people bitch "WHY IS MICHEAL BAY ALLOWED TO DIRECT TRANSFORMERS AGAIN?"... wanna know the answer? Care to take a guess? BECAUSE YOU WENT TO FUCKING SEE IT AT MIDNIGHT RIGHT NEXT TO THE GUY LIKE ME WHO LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT and it made MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Its just laughable how you guys do this time and time again, and then your APALLED simply SHOCKED and HORRIFIED that somehow he managed to trick you into seeing another one! You ever stop to think that its not Bay whos the idiot? That hes not some no talent hack? Because if he was, you'd somehow manage NOT BE THE FIRST IN LINE TO SEE HIS MOVIES EVER SUMMER? Next time, think, whos the idiot... the guy who bought the ticket for a movie by a director he's never liked? Or the guy who got millions of dollars ensuring that your ass is in the seat? Its like going to a concert, if you dont like metallica... WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU BUY A TICKET? If you want the reason why Micheal Bay is still making movies, look to yourself... You're so busy thinking you've won by bitching about the film on the internet , that you forgot you lost the battle long ago when you plunked down 10 bucks for a ticket and helped ensure that Bay will be making movies for years to come. Anyway, thats all, pleasure, see all you haters in line at the midnight showing!
    • Anonymous
      We can get a good story and dialogue in Batman so why can't it happen for a Transformers movie? It's okay to be mediocre for you maybe but not others.
    • Anonymous
      And if you think money has anything to do with quality then you have no clue at all. It just means 5 million kids went to see it since it's made by Hasbro and the parents took them plunking down another $10. Go cry somewhere else.
    • lego
      honestly, you've made some good points, but i think by now everyone realizes what you've been saying. i'm a bay hater myself and who are you to tell me i can't be and bitch about him. you're just bitching about me bitching about him. that said, if a movies got transformers in it i'm seeing it, regardless of whos directing. cuz i'm also a transformers fan. go rage quit or something.
    • Theres a point where the story gets so bad that the affects dont make up for it. ROTF is a perfect example where even those of us happy to suspend our disbelief for 2 hours end up watching the movie wondering why Sam is running around trying to find the matrix to bring Prime back to life when he could have used the the All Spark shard. But no, what does he do? He Brings back jet fire to life, with the shard he has in his pocket, so he can go and find the matrix to bring prime back....... right. If your expectations of hollywood is so low your retarded comment is probably aimed in the wrong direction and you should stick to your saturday morning cartoons. Even Michael Bay hadnt produced a story that weak up till that point so I was expecting something mildly resembling a plot
    • FriendofOptimus
      learn to write properly please - really really on par with the plot holes - YOUR WRITING
  • awesome.... look at optimus... wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  • Radioactivepuppy
    How hilarious. Special effects over plot is exactly what we got in Avatar, but that movie is so highly praised. As for me, I know this one's going to be better than RotF, but we'll have to wait and see how much better.
    • Chazzy
      Avatar isn't getting no praise from me. Pretty to look at? I suppose so, but the movie itself was absolute garbage. But yeah, this will definitely be better than RotF. Idk how it couldn't be. I hated RotF with a passion, but like others are saying, Michael Bay knows how to blow stuff up. After RotF, I vowed I wouldn't see the next TF movie. But after that preview during the super bowl, I was excited like a little kid.
  • utcclrules
    The teaser always look badass for Transformer...but the real movies always suck too. btw that was a very good teaser though
  • Craig
    This actually looks like it might have potential. Color me shocked.
  • TenaciousV
    I love how people bitch about plot in a Michael Bay film. If you want plot, go rent Hamlet. If you want shit exploding, hot chicks, more shit exploding, and robots wrecking shit while shit explodes near a hot chick... then go see a Michael Bay movie.
    • Transformer
      Hell Yeah!
    • Ultim8
      Ok Mr Bay, We know that's you really!
  • I can never really think up comments for Transformers anymore. great explosions I suppose.
  • Piratedvd
  • Cinemamind
  • Spoogin2
    Dwayne West you said it baby!! DAM!!
  • Anonymous
    When I go to see a movie I want to be 100% satisfied and that means it has to have a good story apart from other things. While great explosions, hot chicks and more explosions are awesome and could satisfy a large number of people, for me it isn't enough. I'll probably see it on bluray...
  • Amazing, best teaser I've seen in a long time! <3
  • ccoltmanm
    About time Chicago got some love!
    • Anonymous
      That's some rough lovin' it's getting. Which...actually happens to be the best kind anyways. 😉
  • AJ
    A literal "symphony of destruction." I seriously cannot think of a better phrase for this.
  • Ekko90
    Intense!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
  • omg... I seriously got goosebumbs from this. This looks like the movie I wanted Transformers 2 to be. Complete invasion of earth by transformers. Hell yea
    that blonde girl looks sooo stupid and not as hopt as megan fox wat a let down BUT the movie looks AWWWSSOOOMEEE
  • I don't care how awesome that looked, I wouldn't be fooled again. Claustrophobic cinematography with an insulting script of shitty levels did me in. I'll catch this on Bluray unless reviews are out of this world good.
  • P.s. Michael Bay knows how to make a movie look good but I can't understand his camera closeups on Transformers going at it.
  • shyamex
    [Optimus Prime to Sam]:"Am getting too old for this Sh*t"
  • Ss Pincode
    Amazing work from Talented director Michael Bay,i cant wait...
  • Quagmire
  • Transformers
    Transformers #1 Movie of this Year!
  • Phontsolo
    So who punched that blond in the face?
  • Mac306
    ok, for all you haters, go to hell!!! This teaser was the best, micheal bay is the best at making teaser trailers because thats what its supppose to do, tease you stuff, not having the characters talk and give the plot away like harry potter, which is good, but the teeasers for harry potter are not so good. This movie looks like its going to be great, all this explosions doesnt mean the movie is ruined, we need to wait for a full trailer to see what is it going to be about, and then you guys can talk about plot, but for now, just seat, relax, and enjoy those explosions and rosie hugtionton whitley or whatever the girls name is.
    • Phontsolo
      Super 8 was a REAL teaser trailer.
  • Phontsolo
    So it looks like we might have some non sense robots walking around that no one cares about again... cool. Like there isn't enough established Transformers to use....
  • Yomama
  • Loved it, but at the same time I loved the 2nd films trailer :/
  • Redguy
    i love how this trailer hypes you all. and after you see ANOTHER transformer movie you all will go: omg, nice effects but CHEESY story. yeah, i see the future.
  • Lebowski
    Yes, it has heaps to live up to. Endless slowmo shots of megan fox's ass and tits. Deeply racist characters used for comic relief. A protagonist who lacks both motivation and charisma. So very much to live up to. EXPLOSION.
  • sam.l.jacksons frizzponytail
    im tired of these motherfu*kin robots on this motherfu*kin movie
  • Themunoz_147
    Well i think the reason that tf2 wasnt that good was mainly cause of the jokes, and all the unnesassary comedy, and cause of the fact that optimus wasnt even in half of the movie cause he gets killed early, but if you think about it it had to happen anyway, better sooner than later cause imagine optimus dies in the final one, then it would be more of a worse film than the second one. So in a way they had get all the BS aside at least in one of the films, but hopefully the third one is gunna be wicked.
    • Transformer2168
      You think it sucked just because of unnecessary jokes and optimus dies. are you serious sure i find the jokes unnecessary but it's no reason to say the movie sucked. and when optimus died i didnt go all crying and saying it sucked either, your reasons are just ignorant.
  • Transformer2168
    I agree with mac306 stop bitchin about the plot transformers were great movies it's science fiction, an action movie thats what makes it good not the plot. Youre not seeing the one thing movies were made for entertainment. and the plot isnt that twisted sam has to revive optimus but he cant with the shard cause hes a fugitive so he finds jetfire who knows where the matrix is and if the fallen finds it earth is doomed so they find it first and revive optimus.
  • I don't understand why people praise movies like Piranha 3D for being fun with no plot (humor, sex, violence) while they bash Transformers for that. Despite being a hardcore Transformers fan, when people ask me about the movies, my default response is that they're "fun, but not at all good". And I think that's all that people should expect from a summer blockbuster of this nature. For properties such as DC or Marvel that are based on well written comments, it's fair to assume that the writing in the movie should match the nature and caliber of the comics. However, Transformers has never been about plot or story telling. The rich history and mythology of Transformers developed out of the initial popularity with little children, and later fan nostalgia, not out of genuine goodness. This is a direct quote from the story editors of the 80s series: "...we feel action should be emphasized over plot—especially avoiding any complicated story lines—to ensure the success of this series with its intended viewers." Intended viewers, of course, being children. The current Transformers movies, while obviously not entirely appropriate for children, are designed to cater to the child inside of the audience. The Transformers movie franchise is designed to be a good action series, emphasis on action, with plot supplementing, emphasis on supplementing, that action. Autobots and Decepticons fighting each other are a given in the Transformers mythos. There just has to be a setting or plot behind it. The staple of the Transformers multiverse is the fighting (and doing so on Earth for some bizarre reason), not the reason as to why they're fighting. Are they fighting because of some all powerful artifact? Why not? Are they fighting because some cliche, evil, "Judas" character wants to destroy the Earth. Fair enough. Are they fighting because something of significance happened (coincidentally, I'm sure) on our moon? Just roll with it. What I'm trying to say is that people oughtn't judge the Transformers franchise on the same level that they'd just freaking Citizen Kane (not that I've seen it, I'm 15 for God's sake). The two movies aren't even on the same plane. To put this into a better perspective, people enjoyed Terminator and Aliens (earning them 100% on Rotten Tomatoes) because they were judged as somewhat hokey sci-fi flicks. Granted, I thought them to be damned good sci-fi flicks and definitely are less sloppy than Transformers as a sci-fi flick, I give Transformers the benefit of the doubt because I never entered the theater expecting a grandiose tale of the tragedies of intergalactic war, and the emotional strife of romance, and maturing (both from Shia, and the homeless Autobot vagabonds). I expected what, for the most part, Transformers was created to offer: action, child-friendly characters, and plot holes. In that sense, I was not disappointed. So before you wax negative lyrical about Michael Bay films, ask if he delivered what you expected of him, and if he delivered what he wanted to deliver. The critical reviews will answer the former, and the box office count, the latter.
  • Agent Simmon's mother
    I reckon, as long as the heart of Transformers is in the movie, (Autobots vs Decepticons), and that there are good action sequences, and that there is a good way to finish the trilogy, Michael Bay has satisified me. I agree with gpak, in the fact that Transformers was originally for children, and so if Michael Bay tried to change that into entertainment for adults with complicated plots, he would destroy the heart of Transformers. That said, I do think that a good story with a BANG ending would be a good way to end what started with a robot in the Arctic, (Megatron).
  • Nice trailer and t4 will rocks
  • Nate90
    why the fuck is megan fox not in this movie? i would give my left nut to see her on screen again she is seriously hot. who's with me people?
  • Anonymous
    Holy crap this movie was so awesome. Transformers Dark of the Moon is so sick. I loved the movie.




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