Watch: First Awesome Trailer for 'Safe House' with Denzel Washington

November 3, 2011
Source: Apple

Safe House Trailer

"Protocol?! There's no protocol for this!" Universal has unveiled the first official trailer on Apple for Safe House, the badass upcoming action-thriller starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington that we just teased a few days ago. The movie is about a young CIA agent running a safe house who takes on a smart criminal, but must escort him out when the location comes under heavy attack. The supporting cast includes Brendan Gleeson, Sam Shepard, Vera Farmiga, Robert Patrick, Fares Fares, Nora Arnezeder, Liam Cunningham and Joel Kinnaman. This actually looks pretty damn good, Washington looks awesome, I'm in!

Watch the first official trailer for Daniel Espinosa's action-thriller Safe House:

You can also download the first Safe House trailer in High Definition on Apple

When a CIA-operated safe house is targeted by a group of bad guys, the facility's house-sitter is tasked with the dangerous job of moving the criminal who is being hidden there to another more secure location.

Safe House is directed by up-and-coming Swedish filmmaker Daniel Espinosa, of The Fighter, Outside Love and his break-out hit Snabba Cash, also known as Easy Money in the US. The original screenplay is by David Guggenheim (Exit Strategy, Medallion). This was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa earlier this year. Universal is bringing Safe House to theaters starting February 12th, 2012 next year. What do you think?

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  • grimjob
    Alright! Robert Patrick! Looks pretty rad. Look forward to it.
  • Mark
    This looks awesome!
  • Pompy
    Tick tock tick tock tick tock
  • I will watch anything with Brendan Gleeson
  • peloquin
    This is not what I imagined this project to be like, but I'm pleasantly surprised.  I expected more Panic Room mixed with Assault on Precinct 13, but it looks more like Training Day crossed with Jason Bourne.
  • Pompy
    Spoiler alert: there is nothing safe about that house at all.
  • Anonymous
    About time Denzel did another one of these!  ...Saw a couple shades of training day in that trailer. 
  • Anonymous
    looks pretty good and i like the cast......i'll see it.
  • Crockett
    The vibe of the trailer feels like a Tony Scott movie.
    • John
  • It's looks great with all the explosions and stuff but what I really want to know is 'who's the goody and who's the baddy?' It's so blurred these days I don't even know.
  • BLOWN ^ l l l l l l l l l l MIND
  • Looks like a fun popcorn movie, but I'm sure it'll attempt to be poetic with some surprise ending. I'm going to guess up front: the dog did it. No, no...wait. The cat did it.
    • TheDRguy
      Never trust the cat...
  • Anonymous
    How the fuck is this not a "Must Watch"????
  • Enzo
    whats the song being played? 
    • jay-z kanye west no church in the wild
      • Drumzamazin
        perfect fit
  • Filmfam11
    It Looked great until i saw...... ryan reynolds show up in it... He is a very weak actor and is going to ruin this movie just like he ruined the trailor. Had high hopes. oh well.
    • Bing
      Aww, someone's still butthurt about Green Lantern...
      • John
        Can't say I really blame him, though.
  • Stefan "Söhnlein B." Kuhlmann
    COME ON PEOPLE PLEASE! have you NOT seen BURIED? ryan reynolds CAN do it. if he has a director who can shake a good performance out of him and if he has good support - and since we have denzel with him in this, i am sure that this COULD be awesome! could be...
    • Anonymous
      I disagree.  Reynolds sucks and Buried sucked because of him.  Are you joking?
      • Partyboypontious
        That's right! Reynolds sucks big time. He is right up there with Aston Kutcher, another non-actor. Anyone that likes Reynolds is a fucking asshole and can't see beyond the Hollywood hype bullshit. Safe House storyline is fucking thin as the hair on a frogs anus. Denzel did a great job as he usually does but did not belong in this piece of garbage movie. Denzel was the only actor(and his character) propping up this piece of shit movie. A general rule of thumb, do not see movies with Ryan Reynolds and also avoid anything the directer of this movie has made. His shakey camera technique is old hat and unoriginal. The writer of the story needs to be more creative and not steal ideas from other sources.
  • That is pretty bad ass.
    • Titus
      let me fix your comment. It should have read, "this movie is pretty bad, asshole".
      • No. Leave it as is. The first two acts of the film were good.
  • Pete
    A modern version of 3 10 to yuma?
  • Josh
    South Africa! Lekker ek se!
  • Croniccris
  • EPIC.
  • The Douche
    Jake Shuttlesworth on the run. I love it. I'm in!
  • Even while I'm thinking, "Denzel where have you gone career wise?" he pimps it again making me want to see what he has going on next. Man this needs to be good.
  • CACanuck
    When you say "Must Watch" I take it with a grain of salt since I know it's gonna be action packed testosterone fest. But you are right! This looks muy bueno! I'm in like Flynn.
    • Jdamon
      this is beyond a must watch. 
  • Blondetits
    I want to have sex with this trailer, No Homo
  • Fuckgoogle
    Safe House is total shit. Meaning it was garbage. Denzel was out of place because is acting quality did not fit into this piece of shit movie. He is so much better than that. As far as Reynolds is concerned, he ruins every movie he is in. He sucks! Safe House plot was dumb. Entire movie is just guns and running away from antagonists. Shakey camera technique made me dizzy and caused my eyes to cross.




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