Watch: First Official Trailer for Craig Brewer's New 'Footloose' Remake

June 21, 2011
Source: MTV

Footloose Trailer

Welcome back to Bomont. MTV and Paramount have finally debuted the official trailer for Craig Brewer's remake of the classic musical Footloose, this time updated to be contemporary and for the MTV generation. As you might've expected, it's basically Step Up (or any of those dance movies), but as Footloose instead. Newcomer Kenny Wormald stars as Ren MacCormack and the cast also includes Dennis Quaid and Julianne Hough. It may not be what you expect (or maybe it is), but fire it up anyway. At least there's a bit of great-looking filmmaking in here. There's lots of public dancing, so watch out and try to have fun!

Watch the first official trailer for Craig Brewer's Footloose via MTV:

This new version of Footloose from Paramount and MTV Films is being directed by Craig Brewer, of Black Snake Moan and Hustle & Flow previously, from a screenplay that was co-written by lyricist/songwriter Dean Pitchford and Craig Brewer. In addition to Kenny Wormald starring as the rebellious teen Ren MacCormack, the cast includes Julianne Hough as Ariel Moore, Dennis Quaid as Rev. Shaw Moore, Ray McKinnon, Ziah Colon, and Miles Teller as Willard. Paramount Pictures is bringing this updated Footloose to theaters everywhere October 14th this fall. I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks of this?

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  • Sure. :/
  • I watched the trailer once.  I never need to see it again.
  • apato
    looks laaaame
  • rofl looks terrible..
  • Xerxexx
    I don't wanna click play..."Don't tempt me Frodo!"
    • "But it cannot stay in the Shire!" Click play bro. You'll never be the same again.
      • Xerxexx
        "Get out of the Shire. Make for the village Bree." I'm afraid to click it.
        • Anonymous
          Rob Schneiders voice: "You Can Do It!!!"
          • Xerxexx
             Must resists goading!
        • "N-n-n-nothing important. That is I heard a good deal about a Ring and a Dark Lord and something about the end of the world but… Please, Mister Gandalf sir, don't hurt me. Don't turn me into anythin' — unnatural." Damn. Makes me want my bluray extended LOTR today! However, back to the topic: click it. Cliiiiiiiick it. Xerxexx. You've clicked worse. You will click worse after. I promise. :)
          • Xerxexx
            Never! "I will not go quietly into the night!" I will not vanish without a fight! I am going to live on! I am going to survive! Today I celebrate my Independence Day!
  • hedrox
    this is just plain sad, and truly show movies today is all Remake, Recap, Reuse storyline. SIGH.... Just lame , effing lame.
  • Buzzfunk
    All that rap R&B crap dance music ruined it. Its really like one of those step it up Low low low....
  • Mcfitz
    Alex..  I posted here because it's a new thread and there would be more readers..  I watched this.. I have to say.. I think I will save my money. I must say.. I appreciate you letting me have my little pout.. and not pulling my comment.  I also appreciate the response. Like everything in life.. tastes change, and the evolution of FS I feel is becoming less and less distinct from other movie sites. I'm just saying FS kicked ass when there was less mainstream junk and it was more focused on opening our eyes to the excellence of directing, behind the scenes happenings, and less about the actors and hype. FS is not what it used to be(in my opinion). I would really like to hear feedback from other fans of FS and read their opinions.. If there is a lot of people that feel the same way might it be worth considering our opinions? I don't know. Is volume of readership what you want? Should it be more mainstream then? Maybe you still hype what I like. Maybe I just have a hard time wading through to find what I like.
    • SkaOreo
      ummm what?  Dude, it's a fucking movie blog.  Of course they're going to post this trailer up, no matter how terrible it is.  Besides, no one forced you to click this link and watch this trailer.
    • Staatz
      I like FS *because* it is a good catch-all, I follow it so I can see just about everthing that is coming, the big movies, the smaller stuff, docs ect., I even like to know about garbage like this so that I can witness an earily public roasting. It's fun. I'm sure there are other web sites that leave stuff out but this isn't one of them, that's why I go here daily.
  • SymphonicSerenity
    I think I died a little inside as I was watching this.
  • Ron
    Good God, no!!!!
  • RhythmDave
     well... that was terrible.
  • Ken7eleven
    Where is Kevin Bacon ???
    • The funny thing is that he still looks young enough to play the part.
  • pickle t1ts
    Wow... They made the EXACT same movie as the original. That must have been a real artistic challenge.
  • Maxx
    Whoo!!!! Angry Dance Scene!!!!!
  • josue
  • CisforCinema
    Yikes, yikes, yikes. What an insult and a waste of time.
  • God all these remakes make me feel old.
  • Saw a sneak peek of this movie a few months ago...i thought it was pretty good. but having never seen the original all the way through i cant exactly compare.
  • Lebowski
    Crappy, cringe inducing film generates crappy, cringe inducing remake. What a surprise.
  • Christophereo
    Why don't they just make a scene for scene remake of another classic like....Psycho. Oh, wait they did. I'm not saying the original is a classic but come on. Same car, same characters, same excuse for the town to outlaw dancing, same scenes. Only thing different is the music. And Dennis Quaid? John Lithgow could outpreach him any Sunday.
  • jaron kacy
    some one...shoot. me. now.
  • Anonymous
    id rather kill my self
  • Guest
    So Footloose (1984) raped Step Up and this is the non-aborted child?
  • Rae
    somethings should never be messed with. 
  • redguy
    "great-looking film making"? where? anyway, call me a cynic, but i'll stick to the '84 Footloose (and that was alittle above mediocre anyway). Bacon FTW.
  • mayhem
    I would say something, but it has already been said in many different and colorful ways.
  • Cruzer
  • This movie is going to be great!!!  Not only are the stars better looking than in the original, but this movie goes more into depth about the relationships between the preacher and his daughter and Ren and Willard. This movie is going to be a big hit, just sit back and watch!!
  • Meow
    Looks like an enjoyable date movie. Now to get a girlfriend.......
  • Mattsride97
    Some movies should not be remade, Footloose in one of those movies.
  • This looks like the closest remake you'll see but dumber since they dress them up like the 80's but have new hip-hop and rap going. WTF!?! Seriously, you're going to have them dress the same, almost act the same, and more but then throw in this music from no where? MTV is such a fail.
  • MTV player is rubbish but I found this scene online: Actually looks pretty dope.
    • That was amazing... I think I'll watch it for that scene alone 😉
  • Aksalababy73
    I have never been more disgusted with Hollywood than I am right now. What made the REAL Footloose work was the fact that it was the 80's and an unrealistic plot like, the town banning dancing seemed plausible. But with Twitter, Facebook the INTERNET, this kind of small town shit is so fake it's painful. Footloose did not need a remake. Shit more than half the movies made in Hollywood don't need to be remade, but this one more than ANY!!!!!
  • Now that I've actually watched the real trailer, I think this could cause a revolution greater than the one that happened in Egypt in the Bible belt. If you are a good Christian I ask you please do not allow your children to see this movie.
  • Said
    look at the original 1984 trailer looks almost the same... which means they took the same basic story and concept, only f*** it up sorry but i hate remakes
  • Oct8pus
    Footloose the funny as the original
  • This is real crap...sorry but i have to said it...  REAL CRAP ... Why they think that we need more remakes? Damn it.  So now the will do back to the future with Zac Efron...PLease stop killing my classics movies
  • DDHART555
    I cant wait to see it!!! I love all musical movies, remakes and ALL!
  • First of all you can't remke the first footloose.What I liked about the first one was it made you wanting to see more dancing.The end was worth it.I have watched a few clips of the new one.Lots of dancing, but it leaves you nothing to look forward too.What are the chances the kids in the town all dance like their pros.The end footloose dance will probably be great but nothing like you've seen through the whole movie. At the end of the first one the dancing was like everyones prom night.The remake in my opinion is not realistic. What town do you know of that the kids all dance like pros.




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