Watch: First Official Trailer for Lionsgate's 'The Expendables 2' Arrives

December 14, 2011
Source: Apple

The Expendables 2 Trailer

"I knew that one day would come when you were going to pay me back - and today's that day." Lionsgate has unveiled the first official trailer via Apple for the action sequel The Expendables 2, starring all kinds of action superstars, starting with Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Liam Hemsworth, Jean-Claude Van Damme and, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. I would honestly call this a teaser trailer, as it doesn't show much, but it will leave plenty of you jumping up and down. Fire up the Expendables 2 trailer!

Watch the first official trailer for Simon West's The Expendables 2, in high def via Apple:

Millennium Films / Nu Image now has Simon West (Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The Mechanic) set to direct The Expendables 2, with Stallone returning along with Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews and Jet Li. The cast now also includes Liam Hemsworth, Scott Adkins, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, along with rumors of John Travolta and Nicolas Cage (likely not in it, or only cameos). Shooting is underway in Bulgaria, despite the troubles they've run into. Lionsgate has set an official August 17th, 2012 release date next for Expendables 2 summer. This is an awesome stack of action stars, there's no denying that. I'm sure we'll see more for this soon. Excited?

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  • Roderick
    why do i feel like Jet Li will have a small role this time around...
    • Nick
      Oh I see what you did there! 
  • Moutchy
    Too bad it's just a teaser. But it looks cool anyway! I'm glad we'll have more Willis and Schwarzenegger this time!
  • Tester
    I just hope it is better than the first one.. I looked forward to it but in the end it was somewhat of a disappointement
    • Anonymous
      I know exactly what you mean...felt like a glorified TBS movie replete with terrible editing. Still going to give this a shot but I'll be going in with waaaay lower expectations than last time. Once bitten, twice shy:P
  • now thats a fricking teaser!!
  • Spider
    Cool! Van Damme is poised to steal the flick!! I sure hope this sequel lives up to the hype!!
  • I still haven't seen the first one.... So, I'm guessing 99% of them survived?! 😀
  • Trev55
    Awesome baby!!
  • ur_babys_daddy
    As a child of the 80's, I have to represent.
  • Holy shhiiiieeeeet!
  • JBrotsis
    I can't help but laugh when I see Norris making a casual smirk! Looking forward to seeing him on the big screen after a long time
    • Kaim
      Many roundhouse kicks will occur. The audience will feel them.
  • More like The Dependables. I didn't know they let old people out of the retirement home after 7:30PM.
    • ………………….
      EXACTLY!!!!! If they didn't make this movie in 89 or 93, why make it now?
      • Stevenfreestyler
        guess the idea just happened to pop in their minds
      • Anonymous
         Because there weren't half as many nancy-boys as there are now. Hopefully the pussies will watch this movie and learn something...
        • Blondetits
          Preach brother. Those other two Jabronies have no frickin clue
    • Anonymous
       Most of the ass that needs kicking needs it after 7:30pm and the neck beard and converse set can't handle it...
  • Josh Taylor
  • Chip_Tha_Ripper
    Mwf terry crews appears.
  • grimjob
    YES!! Oh, to see Arnold shooting at something again! Lundgren! Van Damme! Sorry, I grew up watching most of these gents, and am so excited!  
  • andrew
    awesome to the max
  • yawn. might be better if they were all on zimmer frames.
    • JimmyB
      yawn. Boring comment,
  • yawn. would be cooler if they were all using zimmer frames.
    • JimmyB
  • Anonymous
    Steven Segal would have been gravy.
    • Anonymous
      • Rusty Shackelford
        and The Rock.
  • Duane
    Somewhere, some how, Wesley Snipes is kicking himself in the ass while throwing darts at "Demolition Man" poster.
    • Anonymous
      He was supposed to have Crew's role, but chose not to pay his damn taxes.  I think he's throwin darts at that 1040 form....  😉
  • Quirky
    • Mdiddles
      Really.....half the cast is non american
  • Voice of Reason
  • f/M
  • Richie G
    My brother bought the last one so I caught most of it, just couldn't sit through the whole thing. Love a lot of the movies they did when they were young 'n Stallone even rocked in the last Rambo movie, but... just no
  • Anonymous
    I dont know what my bigger 'OMG WFT this is gonna be totally awesome' goes to... this or GI Joe II. 
  • Blue Silver
    Written by Sylvester Stallone? Really?
    • Anonymous
      he wrote rocky also...   😉
    • Frank
      stallone actually writes most of his classic films.. you wouldn't think it but the man is actually a genius...
  • Brandon
    This looks stupid as hell. Jet Li is the only person I respect out of all these over the hill action heroes. Gi Joe 2 is going to be horrible too, but I bet it'll be better than this crap.
  • Anonymous
    Looking forward to it. Movies like this and GI Joe may be dumb, but something doesn't have to be smart to be enjoyable.
  • Big Chad
    I Can't Wait!!!! I wanna see this so bad right now!
  • Davidbryan949
    They are forgetting Weasley Snipes, Steven Seagal, The Rock, and Vin Diesel, and Nicholas Cage, and of course Bruce Campbell
    • Mdiddles
      what about Danny Glover?
    • Paco
      what about clint man only the biggest action man ever
  • Davidbryan949
    Wats liam hemsworth doing there he ain't and action veteran might as well put zach efran
  • Looks funny and dumb enough. Guns, yeaaaaaah.
  • Davidbryan
    yea Danny Glover too, and Mel Gibson and Jackie Chan, Martin Lawerance and Will Smith
  • Gex
    Oh God do I want to see this movie!




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