Watch: First Official Trailer for Peter Berg's Cheesy 'Battleship' Movie

July 27, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Battleship Trailer

Universal has finally unveiled the first teaser trailer via the official website for Battleship, their big action movie set on the open water, based on the board game, arriving next summer. The cast for this includes a lot of attractive people, as apparently that's all they need to sell this: Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Kitsch, Josh Pence, Brooklyn Decker and Rihanna, oh and Liam Neeson too if you think he's a good looking Admiral. This basically looks like Transformers 3 meets Pearl Harbor, but without Michael Bay behind it. Tell me why did this even get made, again? It already looks like it's going to be a huge waste of time. Enjoy!

Watch the first official trailer for Peter Berg's Battleship, via Yahoo:

You can also watch the first Battleship trailer in High Def on Yahoo

A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an advanced armada of unknown origins in order to defeat them.

Battleship is directed by American filmmaker Peter Berg, of Very Bad Things, The Rundown, Friday Night Lights (the movie), The Kingdom and Hancock previously. The screenplay was co-written by brothers Erich Hoeber & Jon Hoeber, of Whiteout, RED and Man on a Ledge. Universal produced this with a budget of over $200 million. Battleship is currently set to sail on May 18th next summer. Visit their official website.

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  • William Mize
    Already yanked due to copyright violations. Probably better for everyone, all around.
    • Jason1988
      Michael Bay is known in the film industry as an extremely sexist director who was an awkward nerd in high school and still has some issues and resentment towards the fairer sex. So at least that's one improvement that 'Battleship' has over the Transformer crap movie series. Maybe it won't be as misogynistic. On second thought - Peter Berg DID hire a model and a popstar for this film over other qualified actresses. So I guess this is EXACTLY like Transformers.
  • CrimsonAvenger
    Bummer, looks like an interesting concept
  • Manuel
    I must say... that was wicked.
  • RhythmDave
    Liam, what are you doing? 
  • Zak
    wait...this was peter berg? the guy has made some great documentaries...get back to that! this is awful!
  • Not sure what I was expecting but that looks kinda fun, in a grab some popcorn and just enjoy the ride kinda way.
  • MovieKing
    i cant belive that they alredy made transformers 4
    • AHAHAHAHAH. Good one. Spot on.
    • Blue Silver
      The Autobot, "Tidal Wave" is making his big screen debut.
      • Don't you mean the Decepticon Tidal Wave?
        • VAharleywitch
          Or Autobot Broadside (triple changer, often w/ the "Wreckers" elite squad)
  • Anon
    so this is transformers without michael bay? IM SO FUCKING IN!!!!!!!
  • Wow,, wait what does this have to do with the board-game? just the logo and the fact there are battleships in it? more like Navy vs. Aliens
    • DCompose
      Yeah and War Of The Worlds should have been named Earth Vs. Aliens. 
  • Wow,, wait what does this have to do with the board-game? just the logo and the fact there are battleships in it? more like Navy vs. Aliens
  • Xdynamesx
    that was just awful
  • rocKKicker
    how they will convince me that a battleship has any chance against flying alien crafts is beyond me. your move, berg...
    • Frank
      My sentiments exactly rocKKicker, my sentiments exactly...
      • Frank
        I would have to agree with both of you.
        • Jericho
          ship cant get back into space after crash land so its going to try and enslave the world by the sea?....
          • Wylles
            Yep, Thats how incredible this movie sounds, Just to be prepared...
    • guest
      Well the ships aren't allowed to move so that helps and they can see where they are too. What a crap idea for a movie
  • Rol
  • haha looks like complete balls..but il watch it with low expectations
    • Anonymous
      Hell, I wasn't expecting Shakespeare anyway.  If it's just a popcorn muncher, then so be it.  At least it'll be honest.
      • JL
        I'm a notorious time waster among my family and friends, but if I watched this, I think I would throw up my popcorn after realizing I was making the most colossal waste of 1 1/2 hours, in my entire life.
  • It looked like an awesome little time killer
  • Anonymous
    I think I'll wait for Michael Bay's "Chutes and Ladders", a thrilling blockbuster featuring a ragtag band of children battling aliens who turn into... uhhh... candy. Yeah, candy.
    • Anonymous
      FRICKING EPIC POST!  ...dont forget Candyland Hi-ho cherry-O! HA!
      • Jericho
        lol or Connect Four
        • Anonymous
          How about Boggle, where a hapless group of strangers (of varying and moderately racist backgrounds) meet for an open house foreclosure/deal-of-a-lifetime, only its a trap/test where each room will throw people around like mad and there are two 'exits'; one will 'move you forward' and one leads you out of the house/exit the 'game'. Sort of like Saw meet Willy Wonka. Bonus points where one room rapidly fills with popping popcorn, in homage to Real Genius.
          • Tonker
            or Buckaroo ,where 2 world weary Cowboys load up their pack-mule with their worldly goods dug out of their ailing goldmine and the mule collapses with exhaustion and the winner the one who put the last gold bar on his back, but the final irony no-one wins 'cos the pack-mule is dead cue " Noooooooo..."
  • Sharkman
    This movie was made for the sole purpose of allowing me to goggle at that blonde chick's amazing rack. It's cool to be the center of the known universe.  Ha!
  • Anonymous
    I'm torn...  I'd say it was a cool, interesting concept, BUT having seen Transformers AND Battle of LA, it really took a lot of the "wow-factor" away.   
  • JennyB
    ...and the Razzie goes to...
  • redguy
    ERIC. What are you doing in the sunlight you'll burn man! go to sookie NOW.
  • Jackmooney5
    This will be so bad nobody will see it.
  • j -
    I lost respect for Alex Bilington... over this posting more than anything else. I think this trailer looks like a solid popcorn movie and Peter Berg directs great action. I played Battleship as a kid so I guess Im the target demo. Alex probably just played with Ken and Barbie.
    • Frank
      "Target demo is people who have played Battleship." LOL No, the target demo is for people who go to any action movie, just because it has action and nothing else. I know too many people who are just like you, it's the reason these pieces of shit exist. It's aliens vs. a goddamn battleship. Something that moves along at like what? 35 knots? Give me a break. You're seeing because you are someone will see anything with explosions in it. Also way to prop yourself up by accusing someone of playing with dolls because they posted something you don't agree with. Attacking his manhood, wow, very "tough guy" of you. Fuck off with your bullshit.
    • This is a movie blog website. Alex even mentions in the fucking headline for this post: "Peter Berg's Cheesy 'Battleship' Movie" 
    • Anonymous
      I gotta agree, but remember Hancock was solid until the second half. So it's a maybe. Definitely looks better than Transformers 3... at least the military personnel will keep their composure, rather that scream, ramble, and twitch like a wet chihuahua throughout the movie.
  • Marty
    I must be high... what did I just see? This looks like a super big-budget Japanese film. I seriously have no idea what this is. hahaha
  • LV426
    Aye, It does look like some sort of bottom fodder at the moment but nothing as close as that steaming pile of brown stomach churn that is New Years eve movie. Would quite happily watch battlepoop than Noo Ears eev anyday.
  • Skyline Redux.
  • DanTheMan
    Kinda with j- above, I actually thought it looked like a solid way to kill 2 hours! As Liam said:- Prepare to FIRE (Sir, what weapons?) ALL OF 'EM!!!!  THAT LINE ALONE MAKES THIS WORTH SEEING!
  • JR
    Looks pretty cheesy
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    I didn't think Hancock looked very good on initial impression either, but I've always been impressed with Peter Berg's films.  I like his style, so even though this looks corny I'd give it a fair shake based on Berg's track record.
  • Loser
    Atleast it looks better than ID4 But anything looks better than ID4 so I put a maybe on this for now
  • Faddy_pk
    Fawad I think we've seen worse movies than this, it looks good to me
  • sooo why is it an alien invasion film? I'd rather watch Space Battleship Yamato again.
  • Voice of Reason
    In an meandering turn of events, its nice to see Taylor Kirtchswhatever pair up with the director who made the FNL movie that spawned the TV show that brought him into the spotlight which then turned him into a
  • Spider
    Cheesy.....and yet, we'll all be lining up to see this flick. I think it'll be a fun, popcorn ride, though!
    • "...and yet, we'll all be lining up to see this flick." no. 
  • Didn't look that cheesy to me.
  • Hey, you see the trailer and every ones a critic. In the day, for example we saw the original 'the thing', and it was great. But compaired to the newer one, well, no contest. This 'battleship' looks watchable, which is what movies are, to be watched. You want to worry about details, go back to your games, or as I did, went to school and studied pyhisics, lots of details, but not much fun. Its a movie folks, entertainment, not non fiction. Can't wait to see it at least three times.
    • Anonymous
      "Its a movie folks, entertainment, not non fiction." Yep.  Can't disagree with that. Who knows--it might be good or it might suck.  But the only way to know is to--gasp!--watch it.
      • it will suck. let's not be open-minded about this waste of time.
        • Anonymous
          Well, that's your way of thinking--but it ain't mine. And having an open mind is better than being a close-minded fool. And unless you've seen this _entire_ film, from start to finish, your "waste of time" comment is an uninformed opinion....and as a man much smarter than either of us said, "You are entitled to your INFORMED opinions!" But hey, if you don't want to watch it because it doesn't interest you, fine.  Doesn't really interest me either....but neither of us will know whether the finished film is good or is a pile of s**t until it comes out. Just sayin'...
  • Well, we know this wont win any points when it comes to plot or story, but at least the special effects are excellent (water is one of the hardest things to master digitally)... otherwise, what's the point? and I hope this movie doesn't take itself too seriously.
  • Ngl
    1:42 - 1:50:  Guys on boat- "Hey look, guys a Transformer!!"
  • thearranger
    Uh! Really!
  • dubdub
    This looks highly enjoyable.  A great way to relax over a couple of hours.  Don't take it seriously and i'm sure it'll be fun.
    • Anonymous
      yeah exactly. and its not like having Michael Bay on board is a good thing. How does this look worse or better then transformers anyways? This looks on par minus the completely, dumb, lame humor bay forces into his movies....
      • first off, dont wanna sound like an ass.   Bay does have really dumb and lame humor but atleast he has the action right and the concept in the right place i would probably appreciate this movie more if it was just a battleship vs battleship movie, like some old war movie
        • Which is what the game was about. How does that turn into a movie about fighting aliens lol.
    where do the little red and white pegs go
  • dim2thesum
    battleships and aliens? this looks like it's produced by michael bay 
  • Disaster.
  • Armeetapus16
    Fuck it, I don't care. I definitely will see this, good or bad.
  • Gigiajip
    Id still see this gotta give it some credit for an opening like that still my hopes arnt so high till I see more
  • Anonymous
    Am I the ONLY one who thought the 'jumping' alien ship looked EXACTLY like the command shuttle from District 9?
    • A Villa88
  • Anonymous
    BAHAHAHA! this is so great only movie that will be better is Captain Planet
  • looks like a good movie... if it wasnt for that weird alien thing
  • Dustin Asher
    I want my Jenga movie.
  • Anonymous
    As someone who used to play the original game, I never recalled Aliens being involved. But anyways, It looks like its gonna be a fun popcorn movie.
  • Lamar
    Are...are you serious? LOL. I kid you not, at the end of the trailer I did laughing/weeping kind of thing. That being said I'm definitely going to see this. I like how they had the force field go up and create a small "battlefield." That was pretty cool keeping it game-like.
  • Para
    looks awsome. this should be the blueprint for all sea action movies from now on. i think it's safe to say we've had enough of submarine films and wwII films.
  • Cody W.
    Your all such followers, O alex hated it so I hated it too. Looks like typical action popcorn flick to me, good for a boring afternoon matinee come on all so damn jaded.
  • DCompose
    Someone better pull a Snakes On A Plane for this and have the big climax be the aliens saying "you sunk my battleship!" It's the only way for this thing to go.
  • So the alien engulfs them in a forcefield for an eternal death match. Fantastic. $200 million, Universal seems to have a lot of money.
  • Alfredo
    I hate watching trailers on fucking yahoo movies,this is a big pain in ass way of watching trailers.
  • DR
    this other fuckers why publishing their trailers on fucking shit yahoo movies?
  • Mars
    Where's Stephen Colbert???
  • ……………
    I"m sorry maybe I didn't understand the concept of the board game so maybe its best I just exit this page right now.
  • How is this even related to the game battleship? Hollywood has lost its marbles.
  • David _2012
    i hate this sick website "yahoo movies" that never let you to download trailers and i think we must boycott this sick mother fucker site for his way of playing trailers.another problem is that apple trailers mother fucker is so late in releasing trailers.
  • This looks fun actually
  • So what's the movie tie-in Board Game going to look like? Will the alien ships resemble Tetris shapes on the board?
  • Jesse
    Peter Berg to studio - "I want to do what Michael Bay does...but in the water."
  • omo
    love alien invasion movies, looking forward to this
  • Wylles
    Yay!!! Transformers 4 and 1/44th!!!
  • grimjob
    Hmmm. Is Neeson going to yell out coordinates, like B7 or F3? If not, what the hell does this have to do with the game?
  • This actually looks like an American version of a Japanese movie, it's really strange. The guy who's good at sports and pumping the General's daughter storyline is played. Wasn't there an Ice Hockey film like that?
  • Armeetapus16
    Holy shit!!! I just noticed that the alien bombs that they shot look exactly like the pins used in the board game
  • GOD THIS IS SO LAME! EVERYONE KNOWS USO's DONT SPLASH WATER! lol..ok, sarcasm..looks like a fun popcorn movie and i imagine since its based on a freaking board game, no one is going to bitch and moan over how believable or accurate it is?????? hahaha...ya..
  • But they actually made it look a little bit like the game! The pegs! This looks kinda fun! 
  • Stevebeer60
    I especially enjoyed Sam Worthingtons portrayal of Rhianna in this film.
  • LaraP
    This looks horrible. Found the post when I was looking for trailers/videos from this movie, and MAN it looks awful! FYI found a few additional clips and Battleship movie quotes here: Be warned, though, they're as horrible as this one. Or worse.




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