Watch: First Teaser Trailer for Chris Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises'!

July 18, 2011
Source: Facebook

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

Every journey has an end… It's finally here, the first teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, the end of his epic Batman trilogy! This debuted in front of Deathly Hallows: Part 2 over the weekend, but Warner Bros waited to unveil it online until today via Facebook. As expected, it doesn't show much, but it is a great early tease for a movie that I know everyone is already ecstatic to watch, even though we've got a year to go and they're still shooting. Christian Bale returns as Bruce Wayne, with Gary Oldman as Gordon, plus Gotham newcomers Tom Hardy, Anne Hathway & Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Watch the first teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises:

The Dark Knight Rises finishes the Batman saga begun by Christopher Nolan in 2005 with Batman Begins.

The Dark Knight Rises is once again directed by Oscar nominated British filmmaker Christopher Nolan, of Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Inception previously. The script was co-written by Christopher & Jonathan Nolan (The Prestige, The Dark Knight), from a story by Chris Nolan & David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). Warner Bros is bringing The Dark Knight Rises to regular and IMAX theaters everywhere on July 20th, 2012 next summer. The Fire Rises!

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  • rocKKicker
    EPIC... the bane standoff was simply brilliant
  • BeachBum850
  • kinks!
    Holy shit balls!!
  • Gana
    Wait for that...when it hit the theater it will breaks again the record
  • its totally not wrong that i am a little turned on by this.
  • Nmghnghasdfa
    I don't know, The Avengers trailer looked really awesome. TDKR may have tough competition. 
    • No it won't. People that go to see The Dark Knight Rises are going for the (hopefully) breathtaking cinematic experience. The Avengers? So you can see the toys you played with as a child be ruined by guys who benched 300lbs and got the part. Not the same.
      • equustel
        Uh, I'm rather a fan of Downey Jr, Hemsworth, et al in the roles. And Whedon will make sure the film has personality, if nothing else. I'm not asking the Avengers to be TDKR; I'm not sure who is. By all rights, they should be two completely different cinematic experiences.
        • Postogirl2006
          And they will both be BAD ASS films! Give me the Batman.
      • This has nothing to do with the superhero but the filmmaker who's handling the HERO. We've all seen Batman and Robin and wished we could have our brain washed afterward. I put my trust in Nolan. Period.
      •  This has nothing to do with the superhero but the filmmaker who's handling the HERO. We've all seen Batman and Robin and wished we could have our brain washed afterward. I put my trust in Nolan. Period.
    • Aside from Iron Man 1, the rest of the marvel films have been terrible. So I highly doubt it will be anywhere close to TDKR.
      • BeachBum850
        • I'm a troll for having an opinion?
          • Ben
            And a correct one at that 😉
      • Nate
        The first Spiderman was "terrible"?
        • I'm talking about the films independently made by Marvel Studios for The Avengers movie. Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor.
          • Fuck You
    • This has nothing to do with the superhero but the filmmaker who's handling the HERO. We've all seen Batman and Robin and wished we could have our brain washed afterward. I put my trust in Nolan. Period. 
    • cooper
      dude no way The Avengers tops TDKR...its all about the emotion of the film that will make TDKR surpass The Avengers... just look how dark and dramatic nolan's batman series has been its all about the drama and you can see it just by seeing the movies and all the dark, black, night, dull, gray, and dawning colors used; The Avengers and most Marvel superhero movies are too bright and not deep enough on an emotional level and dramatic level
      • howse the pale ale says
        unless one the main actors die after filming...this comment feels like hype.... sory until the justice league comes out... avengers all the way baby !
  • Harry
    this surfaced last week......
    • JennyB a shitty bootleg cam-version with incomprehensible audio. I'm thankful that Alex was patient enough to not spoil it for everyone.
  • A teaser trailer that made me all kinda moist downstairs?! Fuck yeah!
  • NeoSlyfer
    This is why we go to the movies
    • Damn straight! And it's shot (scenes at least) in glorious IMAX, too!
    • Anonymous
      good evening ladies and gentlemen. here is 2012's top entertainment. it is indeed, NeoSlyfer. seriously, it's a fine atmosphere-building *teaser* - key character in hospital bed (how?), begging for Batman's return (as are the cinema audience), flashes of a character we have not seen before (Bane), dramatic music, tiny tease of a fight... cut.  there will be many more trailers, i am sure, but for me, i won't watch another. i managed it for The Dark Knight, and my cinema experience was quite wonderfully unspoilered and magnificently entertaining. and here... we... go -
  • i'm already camping
  • Manuel
    Now that's frakin' EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Big Boss
    The end of an era. They might as well retire Bats after this one! Can't wait.
    • EXACTLY! How on earth will they even attempt to do such a thing, I'll never know...
      • Esbanks303
        They might as well... but they wont. We'll have a new batman within a year as WB tries to fast-track a Justice League movie. 😛
        • Postogirl2006
          O man a JLA flick if done right would tear it up....
          • cooper
            sadly though it could very possibly be ruined because of the fact that WB is gonna push so soon and so hard for a JL movie they're gonna rush into it too fast for it to do well probably and then the WB execs are gonna be pissed at whoever was in charge of JL for "screwing it up" even though its the execs fault for wanting to hurry up such a great subject... i still think the only reason WB is even making a JL movie is because they don't want to be bested by marvel and all that The Avengers has brought along with it
  • Rocky Williams
    Endure, Mr. Wayne!
  • Anonymous
  • Lane
    Poorly edited, too much pomp in the wording for such a simple teaser. Obviously i dont doubt the movie, but this doesnt really add to the already fever pitch excitement. And im not a hater
    • JL
      I agree @63e4f0c7260278178e1bc94549641558:disqus .  The standoff at the end of this teaser was sort of weird.  And I don't like the fact that they used so much footage from Begins.  I think the teaser for The Dark Knight was a lot better and there wasn't even any footage for that.  It was just great lines from Michael Caine, Christian Bale, and Heath Ledger, and some great bg music.  My expectations are still very high for this, because past experience says that Nolan will outdo himself, but this teaser was just mediocre at best.  It's still exciting, but it isn't getting me any more pumped than I already am.
    • Staatz
      I agree the Dark Knight teaser was much better. This movie will probably be fine thoguh.
    • I think everyone who has seen Nolan's batman KNOWS that there is such a slim chance this will fail so the excitement should be already there. He could have simply put a teaser that stated the date and I'd still be jumping. The trailer simply reminds us of the journey we've been on and frankly it's our imagination that should make due of what is to come, and that for me is where all the excitement is and I want it to be. I rather not have a full fledged trailer revealing large portions of what I'm wondering it's going to be.
  • Anonymous
    Clip of Bruce getting prepped for Bane  = brilliant. Make it 2012 already!
  • Dreckent
    Loved the analogy between Batman and Bane origins... the tone is set...
  • Darker please. DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRRRRRKer.
  • equustel
    There is something fundamentally wrong about seeing Gordon in a hospital bed! :[ Love this teaser.
  • Boris
    who/what is in the top right in the last shot when batman is backing away?
    • rocKKicker
      noticed that as well, my first thought was some kind of fellow inmate trying to take out batman.
    • WB Exec
      Bane chasing Batman away. There is genuine fear in Batman's face
    • i don't want to make myself look like an idiot, but it looks like a guy in a green outfit, i won't do it.
    • MajesticXIII
      It was Harvey Lee Oswald
  • needs more bane 
  • Navix101
    Yeah yelped in theaters. When the title faded in i got chills, it didnt help that the next cut showed Bats not looking entirely confident squaring up with Bane.  MY GOD THIS IS IT!  Movies are great, especially when they make me feel like a kid again with excitement.  Man its been to long. 
  • Leandro Vega
    Harry Potter is simply setting the benchmark for the records this film WILL break...Is there any other comic book character driven film that will be more anticipated? Nolan and his team have set the standard for what fans should expect when characters such as these hit the big screen, and none have yet to match the effort. 
  • happy camper
    Need to see Catwoman till im sold.
  • Anonymous
    Aside from the corny screen cards I think it's great.
  • Can't wait for it, seriously! But I noticed the music is now only by Hans Zimmer. So, no more collaboration with James Newton Howard?
  • Cruzer
    That fight is going to be SICK!
  • B.N.
    What are they chanting?
    • yeah what is that?
      • Postogirl2006
        I read it means the fire rises somewhere..?
        • It doesn't necessarily mean "the fire rises." That confusion stems from the fact that there's a hidden message saying "#TheFireRises" within the audio of the chant which can be found by using an audio spectralyzer. You can read more about how this was discovered here: cc @twitter-189749851:disqus 
          • Tater
            It sounds like they're saying "Matalo! Matalo! Bane Bane!" which means "Kill Him! Kill Him!" in Spanish. 
  • Anonymous
    Brake a back ehm leg Batman
    • Darren_kowall
      My thought exactly. Is Bane going to break Batmans back? Could open it up for Azreal though I highly doubt it
  • Is that Bruce Wayne that Commissioner Gordon is talking to? Kinda sounds like his voice when he responds....
    • JL
      Yeah, it sounded like that.  Maybe he brings Gordon into the loop.  The old circle of trust and all that.
      • cooper
        i think he does too... Gordon's monologue while they are showing all those past scenes are probably more convo with Bruce/Batman because then Gordon says they need Batman again but Bruce asks what if he doesn't exist anymore...i find it hard to believe that this wouldn't be Gordon discreetly talking to Bruce knowing Bruce and Batman are the same...but it seems like Bruce is almost trying to ask it in third-person (if that makes sense) like Gordon found out on his own rather then Bruce told him; just a guess anyways
        • JL
          In The Dark Knight, I believe Gordon already had his suspicions of who Batman is.  Just think back to the Lamborghini scene where Wayne saves the accountant's life and then he and Gordon have that short exchange and Gordon gives him looks.
        • Jedi
          That wasn't Gary Oldman doing the monologue, it was Liam Neeson.  Those were lines from Batman Begins. I do agree that it sounds like Christian Bale who replies to Gary Oldman in the scene with the hospital bed.
  • Brian
    OMG  I'm so exited!
  • Navid Sasono
    jost got chills all over my body...
  • Nolan isn't really known for happy endings.  Does anyone think that he'll be doing it Knightfall style? 
  • Jmdecker2010
    Has anyone from the films production actually confirmed Anne Hatheway will play catwoman, and not just Selina Kyle. They could easily have her play a jewel thief, even expanding into her giving her stolen wealth to the poor, and never get into costume of her alter ego.
    • Jedi
      Why would they just use Selena Kyle and not Catwoman?  It's not like they're setting up the character to be used in a fourth movie.  Unless maybe they have Marc Webb lined up to continue the series.....
  • Trailer was so weak.. pumped for the movie for sure, but this definitely isnt getting me any more excited
  • tir na nog
    Excellant for a teaser, not as good as the dark knight joker teaser but that was a one off. Would like to see some of JGL's character, I have a feeling he will have more then a cameo.
  • if this does'nt get you excited, then you need viagra.
  • Ron
    Awesome! I saw this yesterday when I went to HP Part 2.   The more I hear that chant; it is beginning to sound like they are saying 'Arkham! Arkham! This is Arkham!' does anybody else thinks so? Plus with a rumour floating around Liam Neeson is reprising his role as Ra's Al-Ghul in a flashblack-of-sorts I was thnking Bane could be introduced as a his successor/protege for The League of Shadows. That way it would easily tie in with Bane's background from the comics....just a thought.  Do you think Nolan would go back to the League of Shadows storyline?
    • JL
      I think it would be great if he brought it full circle like that.  That's just good narrative.
    • I have to say now that I listen, i hear it. but it could be me looking for it.
  • JJ King
    Must change shorts. 
  • D6
  • Ross
    I hope they don't have Gordon knowing who Batman is.  Was it after or near the end of No Mans Land when bruce offered his identity as a sign of trust but Gordon wouldn't look? (Even though he may have already known) Although maybe he knows now, havent read in about 18 months i think Anyway, Batman Bane face off was a very unexpected surprise there nice montage of the film posters here...
    • grapefruit
      Now that is a bad ass poster!!!
      • Ross
        I'd buy it
  • D14Bat
    That poster is cool as fcuk !!!
  • AP
    It's all up to Anne Hathaway, only SHE will MAKE or BREAK this film. Like Bane to the Batman's back lol!  Anyone agree???
    • silkyjonstonboi
  • Dueceswild222
    OMG! Nolan, You comlete me!
  • Is it wrong that I just put my mouth all over my monitor? 
  • Para
    the teaser looks ok. the problem with nolan's films is that people get hyped up thinking that its a atg film but the film invariably is a let down. honestly who remembers the plot to inception or batman begins?
    • Rico
      I totally remember the plot to both movies. Very bad argument by you, sir.
    • Anonymous
      para - no offense but; what are you babbling about? i remember the plots and wasn't let down by the films - especially the batman vids.
    • Cody W.
      Para is a good troll guys dont feed him, either that or he just downright has the worst taste in movies in history.
    • A Villa88
      Your a fucking idiot and a Troll.
  • RobNZ
    See the cat eyes? I didn't at first but now I don't know how I missed them
    • where?
      • RobNZ
        In the white bat symbol above the buildings
  • dim2thesum
    I think the chanting is arabic, Bane must be head of the accult. 
    • Nate
  • Anonymous
    Epic.  And that in just the teaser trailer.  
  • That was a weakass trailer...horrible horrible teaser. blah
    • jah p
      I agree Nate, what was so good about it?I still can't wait to for another year to see it though...
  • Spider
    Holy crap! This flick is gonna kick major ass!!
  • bat fan
    can anyone please post what exactly was said by Gordon in the teaser? hopefully line by line....thanks! would appreciate it for sure!
    • MajesticXIII
      - We were in this together, then you were gone…….Now this Evil rises. The Batman…..HAS to come back.- What if he doesn’t exist anymore?- he must...he must..
  • Phil
    Am I the only one waiting for Batman to be a detective? I loved the Dark Knight movie by itself, but come on, people. The entire series is one of the most horrible adaptations from comic book to film that I've ever seen. I don't care how great the Joker was, or how cool it is to see Batman knock a guy out with his forearm, but where's the mentally and physically perfectly fit guy that even other heroes fear? I mean fuck, can't we have both the cool fighting and the detective at the same time? This isn't a Batman movie; it's a Bruce Wayne movie. It's fucking shit. And even as a movie series, Bane? Why the fuck is BANE the bad guy? He's only known for breaking Batman's back in the comic and being an physical beast. Is this going to be how Batman becomes a smart guy? When he has to use logic to beat a complete monster at physical confrontation? I fucking hope so. Let's all just cross our fingers and hope Nolan fixes his shitty adaptation by ending it like the Smallville finale fixed all the continuity errors.
    • Anonymous
      sorry phil but comic book movies will only live in our dreams :/
    • MajesticXIII
      He who watches Smallville should never be allowed to comment on Christopher Nolan's work.
    • mike
      Yes, because removing a broken up bullet from a wall finding fingerprints on it and using that to figure out the jokers assassination plot on the mayor or finding out who was going to kill the wayne enterprise snitch near the end of the film is totally not dectative work at all.
  • ………………
    Still Not Sold....Batman Begins was so/so and TDK was carried by Ledger. So this film has a pretty high mountain to climb in my book.
  • Jez
    Wait a minute, Dark Knight Rises + Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey + 23rd 007 = Badass 2012. Count me in.
  • Hansolo
    Then let Chris Nolan do a reboot on Transformers and Avenger Franchise, it will be breathtaking and really serious. like the batman series was a joke before but with Nolan's batman is really serious. Alright Mr. Chris Nolan please reboot Transformers and Marvel universe for us please
    • Phil
      You're asking for MORE Transformers?
    • howse the pale ale says
    • Anonymous
      it won't be as serious as the bat man films, Nolan based the batman series  in relation to as possible real life hero as batman: no superpowers just $$ and resources, transformers and marvel are not capable of being as serious as the batman films................... transformers for me went down the drain with Revenge of the fallen and dark of the moon, as for marvel meh their alright
  • Anonymous
    its done 😀 yes yes yes yes yes oh yes 😀
  • Drayzoe
    Will bane break batmans back in this one? that would be bad ass!
  • Daysdennis
    • JL
  • Mr Durp
  • Queenbillina
    I am not worthy. I am not worthy. All hail, Chris Nolan!
  • Voice of Reason
    This movie is gonna cliffhang harder than the top in Inception. "Conclusion" my ass. Nolan doesn't conclude.
  • Castro
    Was in Spain during the release of HP2....hyped up after hearing the news of the trailer i was shut down just as fast when it never showed up..-_- Thankfully you guys managed to get it :) kudos
  • Cbarnicle
    Gonna be hard to top The Dark Knight....maybe impossible....
  • Voice of Reason
    OK, nerds, buckle in... Who says thats Oldman/PCGordon speaking through the breathing mask?? Who's to say it's NOT Hardy/Bane speaking?!? Jo-GL, HathaCat, Coil?tard....the man behind a BREATHING mask looks younger and blonder than PCG will be since we saw him last & could've been "in it together" with ANYONE...............
  • TTumMM
    It's SUCK.....That I have to wait a whole year for it!!!!
  • Anyone know the song in that trailer?
  • Croniccris
  • CM Punk
    Im looking more forward for The Rock vs John Cena at Wrestlemania 28 just my opinion tho.
    • Jez
      2 birds 1 stone as both happen in 2012, so you get your wish.
  • Anonymous
    The intro reminded me of The Phantom Menace trailer... But the Nolan-Batman movies have been great so far, so it's not a worry.
  • Jim
    another boring movie from boring director.
    • A Villa88
      you must be under 12 and mentally retarded. 
  • Jackmooney5
    Looks like another Chris Nolan hit!
    • Jez
      Does anyone else think that Nolan should take over the 007 franchise after he's done and dusted with Batman?
  • Brian
    This movie is going to be E-P-I-C!!!!!!!!! However, this trailer lacks something.  I don't know what it is.  Remember the The Dark Knight trailer?  It showed literally nothing, and had that music behind it.  That was intense.  This was good; not great. Also, did anyone notice that James Newton Howard was not listed as co-composer?
    • Jez
      Must be that "X-Factor" type thing.
  • Ross
    Did I miss something or is Neeson more than just a rumour for DKR? Throwaway comment on Irish tv that he's filming soon?
  • Duncan1979
    Why the hell is this going to be the last one?!?! These movies have been amazing and they could make so many more :(
  • Circusninja25
    why is bruce in prison? part where hes doing push ups ...he has a beard and behind bars with two prison gaurds in the background?? wonder whats up with that he must have gotten bored and started raping people?
  • Hubleee
    turning old batman shit movies into gold.
  • Gary thomas
    this will be epic, not much to see so far but all looks great so far. i have every faith that nolan can top the dark knight




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