Watch: First Trailer for Action Flick 'Colombiana' with Zoe Saldana

May 5, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Colombiana Trailer

"Never forget where you came from!" Columbia Pictures has debuted the first official trailer on Yahoo for Colombiana, the action flick starring Zoe Saldana from producer Luc Besson that's hitting theaters later this year. This is one of those movies I've been waiting to see a trailer for, ever since we debuted those first look photos, I knew this would be something exciting. It's basically a movie about if Zoe Zaldana were a badass James Bond/Jason Bourne combination, but female, and from Colombia. I just love this trailer, its got lots of energy and style, it's unique and entertaining, I'm totally there opening night. Check this out now!

Watch the first official trailer for Olivier Megaton's Colombiana:

You can also watch the Colombiana trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Written by Besson and Robert Mark Kamen (who also wrote Taken and Transporter 3), Colombiana is set in Latin America and follows a young woman who, after witnessing her parents' murder as a child in Bogota, grows up to be a stone-cold assassin. Cat (Saldana) works for her uncle as a hitman by day, but her personal time is spent engaging in vigilante murders that she hopes will lead her to her ultimate target: the mobster responsible for her parents' death. From this trailer alone, it looks like it'll be awesome, and we'll let you know when we've got more. Sony Pictures has Colombiana scheduled for release September 2nd this fall.

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  • I was waiting to see the trailer for this bad boy as well Alex. Pretty badass. I wish Luc would get behind the camera again but he is more prolific producing for others.
    • Anonymous
      dunno the hole female hero thing just dosnt do it for me,its just not belivable,,saying that would love to give her one,lol,
      • John Doe
  • Remember how The American looked awesome. It was a good film, but kind of a bore fest. I hope that doesn't happen. Although that doesn't look like it, sorta sounds similar. Watching the trailer, it looks like more of a commercialized version of it. They really needed to stop saying, "never forget where you came from." I smell a drinking game in the works.
    • The American had slow moments but great moments as well.
      • JL
        I especially like the part where he builds the suppressor out of spare parts and auto mechanic tools. Never seen that sort of detail in an assassin movie.
  • Feel like we've seen this before but what a great cast this film has. To be honest, I'd watch Zoe do anything. And if Lennie James is in this, you know its gonna rock!
  • Jim
    "it's unique and refreshing" Seriously?
    • I thought it was cool to see a woman leading this kind of action, I don't know, I liked it. Not sure where all of the negativity is coming from. if you didn't think it was unique and refreshing, explain why. Saying "Seriously?" and that's it does not cut it.
      • iglooz
        I think personally saying "Seriously" does cut it. It's certainly not unique, and like other people in comments below said, Salanda looks too frail for a killer. This movie trailer is miles away from being refreshing.
        • JL
          Women can surprise you like that, though, man. She's not really frail, she's just light framed and lean. Besides, true strength is not just about your musculature, but your coordination, endurance, skill, technique, speed, reflexes, flexibility, etc.
        • jah p
          What do you mean too frail?my wife is thin framed and dominican also, and she kicks my ass!lol! But on the real, Angelina Jolie is very boney but kicks major ass! So your point isn't valied at all!
          • John Doe
      • Danimal
        I will say I can't agree with it looking "unique"...but holy crap, this looks badass! Also I will say that it does look like a film that will definitely stand out among others like it.
  • Jennifer Gardner
    Why didn't they show Callum Blue? Michael Vartan is partly Armenian. A lot of people don't know that.
  • Xerxexx
    Cliff Curtis? I'm in, the guy is a relative badass, on and Saldana is very easy on the eyes.
    • Could not agree more, Cliff Curtis is awesome!
      • Tester
        I agree, guy is awesome in anything he goes.. Having said that, this movie looks like Salt but with a different lead.. and that movie really sucked
        • jah p
          Salt was pretty good last summer...
    • Redguy
      yup, and i also like Jordi Molla (since i first saw him in bad boys 2). makes me believe he's a bad guy :))
  • Reactor
    That doesn't look like Colombia at all... it looks like fucking Mexico
    • jah p
      I agree reactor, it does look like mexico!lol!! There's no color!
  • I love Zoe Saldana but she looks too frail to be a believable action star
    • Day
    • Blue Silver
      TRUE! You took the words right out of my mouth!
    • jah p
      You guys no nothing about dominican women!!lol!!They'll have you believing they look weak and frail, but that's all a front!These chicks can flat out fight!!
      • John Doe
        Dude... please shut the hell up.
    • John Doe
  • I won't forget where I came from Sir.
  • Never forget where you came from!
  • Colombians are just going to looove the title of this movie. NOT!
    • Anonymous
      Hi Wayne!
  • Crazy
    Where have I seen the actor who is playing her dad (talking to her as a young girl) before?
  • Talli
    this concept is already played out. im bored
  • at this rate we all wont forget where she came from
  • Anonymous
    Finally a trailer that doesn't spoile the whole movie
    • John Doe
  • Luc Besson is the man.
  • Ron
    Looks really good. But if they repeat 'Never forget where you came from' one more time..... LOL!
    • John Doe
  • Loser
    La femme Nikita meets Leon. Anne Parillaud from Nikita was real thin but belivable so it can be done. Will surely check this one out.
  • Dominic
    WOW that was amazing! I've been waiting for Luc Beson to make a sequel to LEON as I'm sure Natalie Portman would be up for it.. this looks like it might be the closest we get.
  • This'll be a watcher for sure, sold quite heavily on the lack of Saldana's clothing in this trailer, not sure if that was necessary?
    • deckter
      It was. Saldana is extremely hot with a gun and no pants! Hot enough to make me watch this
      • Fair do's. I quite liked the look of it without al the flashing, but I suppose with the recent spate of child-trained killer revenge tales out at the moment, they are maybe putting it out there that there's a bit more 'loving' going down.
      • Rodion32
         I agree, i will watch this solely for the lack of clothing. Black chicks are hot.
  • Guest
    Goddamn - love the lady action heroes, and this is Zoe third time kicking ass . So what if she is little. You ever see the little guy in kung foo movies, always the baddest bitch.
  • Spider
    This flick looks good, but Zoe looks too anorexic and weak to be taken seriously in a Liam Neeson-like role! I'll be sure to place in my Netflix queue, though!
  • fancy pants
    sexy chick, great action, what else can you ask for
  • SV7
    The trailer repeats the "Never forget" thing a tad much for my liking, but the movie looks potentially good - a hot chick kicking ass. What is refreshing to me is that it has a gritty quality because the stunts look real, rather than an overuse on CGI for unrealistic spectacle. Zoe is very watchable, but doesn't guarantee a good action movie. THE LOSERS, I'm looking at you...
    • John Doe
  • LW
    Flail arms! Front kick! ... works every time
  • John
    Vengence, the world is sick of it! It's what's destroying us!
    • Xerxexx
      I think you're lost John, this is a movie board...not a "Life as we know it" board.
  • Brandon
    Looks exactly like Le Femme Nikita. But looks fantastic! I will definitely be watching this and nice round house kick Zoe.
  • JL
    Sexy. Me gusta.
  • Anonymous
    you had me at "never..."
  • All these Zoe is to frail to be a killer comments has anyone seen Angelina Jolie?
    • jah p
      I said the same thing! Read my comments above eugene!
    • John Doe
      I think that's their point. It was "unbelievable" then as it is now.
  • Boon
    makes me wish there was a film for Alias
  • Scared S#!tless
    how can I EVER forget where I came from after watching that trailer!
  • X13next
  • ADM86
    Me (my thoughts being a Colombian): 1) Make Colombia look like Mexico..check 2) Make Colombia look like the most dangerous place on earth...check 3) hire Cuban actors or ones that look like Cubans ...check 4) have a director o someone in charge to never actually take even 5 min to google something about Colombia besides its internal guerrilla and drug problems.....check. well another cheesy Hollywood movie milking my Country's situation........ which they didn't even took 5 min to research,bring it...well laugh as always watching it.(I hope is not as bad as the others) btw it reminded me of "MEDELLIN" the movie in
    • jah p
      ADM86, Perro Come Perro(Dog eat Dog) was one of my favorite films to come out of Colombia.
    • John Doe
    • Shea
      Fellow colombian here, agree 100%
  • JL
    Okay, I hear a lot of people cracking jokes about this not looking like Columbia, but I believe this story is set partially in the U.S. as well. Now, I'm no expert on Spanish, but I would say "Colombiana" would refer to the nationality of the character, not the country itself. As in, she is a Colombiana, a Columbian. Any Spanish-speaking readers care to clarify this for me?
  • Jonnyb
    sick of her. she sold out. next.
    • John Doe
  • Eric81375
    Wow! This looks like they combined Teken with The Proffesional and put a woman in the lead. Pretty Bad Ass! This trailer looked cool, hope it's good.
  • Shaha123
  • Awesome movie..Its avialable online on MOVIEGAZE.COM in HD, loved it. Highly Recommended.
  • Bates Tiffany90
    This movie was energetic and action packed. It was amazing to see saldana portrayed as such a vicious role. An invigorating display of acting as the vengeful hitwoman Great climatic film!




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