Watch: Fun New Theatrical Trailer for Sony's 'The Smurfs' 3D Movie

May 25, 2011
Source: Yahoo

The Smurfs Trailer

"Oh my Smurf." This is a trailer you've just got to watch, even if you're going to skip this summer movie. Why? Because there's an amazing Avatar reference at the beginning with the music and then it delves into the insanely wacky story that is The Smurfs in 3D. In addition to all those little blue guys, the live-action cast includes Neil Patrick Harris, Glee's Jayma Mays, Sofía Vergara and Hank Azaria as the evil Gargamel. There's even a cat, and Katy Perry is voicing Smurfette, this just looks like a wild, fun time. They have seriously brought the Smurfs to life on the big screen in realistic 3D, it's kinda crazy. Have fun!

Watch the new theatrical trailer for Sony's The Smurfs 3D via Yahoo:

You can also watch The Smurfs final trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

The Smurfs is directed by veteran family filmmaker Raja Gosnell, of Home Alone 3, Never Been Kissed, Big Momma's House, Scooby-Doo 1 & 2, Yours, Mine and Ours, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. The screenplay was co-written by J. David Stem & David N. Weiss (of The Rugrats Movie, Jimmy Neutron, Clockstoppers, Shrek 2, Are We There Yet?, Daddy Day Camp) and is based on the tiny little characters created by Belgian artist Peyo. Katy Perry voices Smurfette, Paul Reubens voices Jokey Smurf, B.J. Novak voices Baker Smurf and Jeff Foxworthy voices Handy Smurf. Sony is bringing The Smurfs to theaters in 3D starting July 29th.

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  • The Bishop
    yea this gonna be a pass
  • KiLLitWithFire
    "this just looks like a wild, fun time." really? REALLY?  I remember when i had my first beer too...
    • I mean in terms of being a kids movie and an adaptation of The Smurfs. What else did you expect from this?
      • Anonymous
      • i expect maybe some good script writing instead a million hackneyed played out sight gags that werent all that funny the first time around. garfield/alvin and the chipmunks ad nauseum. Home Alone 3, Big Momma's House, Scooby Doo 1&2, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Are We There Yet, and Daddy Day Camp.  Do these words mean nothing to you? How in the world does this look ANY different than that schlock? I love your site man but sometimes you need to lay off the kool aid!
  • Cracky
    Kids will love it. Some adults, too. Not bad. Gargamel was getting WRECKED in this trailer, lol.
  • Anonymous
    Most movies in which the main characters get transported to our world, most of the time to New York just like this movie, suck. This one will be no exeption.
    • Ryderup
      You mean like Jason Takes Manhattan? 😉
      • Voice of Reason
        "Muppets Take Manhattan" seems to be an exception to the rule.                 "YOU HEAR ME, NEW YORK??!!?!                                   I'M STAYIN'!!!!                        THE FROG IS STAYIN'!!!!!!!"
        • Anonymous
          That's why I said "most movies";)
  • Ryderup
    If they would have kept in in the smurfworld and would have used another actor for Gargamel I would have been intrested,
  • Bass1L
    Haha, blend in
  • Isn't this Alvin and the Chipmunks with Smurfs? Most of these cartoon interpretations for kids are the EXACT SAME. And I'm not using "exactly the same" lightly.  Basic Plot-Characters somehow end up in the big city. They somehow stumble upon a man/woman whose life is in chaos and through these "cute and naive" cartoon characters (all of which has their own individual lame shtick) the human is rewarded for being caring and virtuous.  Did I nail it? Of course I did. We've seen this movie ad nausueum since the 1980s. Leave the Smurfs in their world with their own problems that don't include overused subway/manhole-cover/taxi/people-screaming-at-seeing-weird-creatures-in-their-office/bathroom humor.
    • You nailed it dude, this looks like more of the same. Do children not deserve better?!
  • John
    Why did this have to take place in the modern world, why? Stupid executives!
  • It's so horrible!
  • this looks like a good movie for kids.... you guys are just hating cause you've forgotten what its like to be a kid im not saying im gonna go see it when it comes out but just dont troll on it
    • fem!anon
      Seriously. It's for CHILDREN. Everyone needs to calm their tits.
  • Anonymous
    I can't troll on this one... looks much funnier than the teaser.  Prolly Garfield pt 1-ish.  This is gonna be HUGE internationally though.
  • RhythmDave
    What a waste of Neil Patrick Harris' Talents!
  • Jeebus
    Good fucking Christ.
  • Joe C.
    People this is family movie! What else can we expect from this?! For kids, this is new to them because this cartoon was shown in the 80's. For adult, it will be a "re-living" childhood moment for us. Of course, i like the part when they are in the forrest more than they are in NYC. Anyhow, it will be a fun watch. 
  • Hitler
    fuck katie perry
    • Lebowski
      I think this is the first and last time I will agree with Hitler, but yes, I would fuck Katie Perry.
  • Anonymous
  • NeoSlyfer
    The cat laughing at the end reminded me when i was i kid lol
  • Lebowski
    Well I'm glad to see John Oliver getting paid. Other than that who cares. 
  • Chris A.
    It's PedoMoeSyzlack(PMS!?!). Or Moe the Pedo Syzlack
  • Anonymous
    If this is a "family movie", it should be classed as child abuse. Looks horrible.
  • So it's okay for utter crap to pass as a movie, just as long as the 'it's a family movie' tag is associated?!.... Riiggghhttt..... :-/
  • Meh...I'm not happy but then again I wasn't all that happy when I heard they were going to the city. Honestly I'm more interested in the live actors than the actual smurfs. Did love the bit with the theme song though.
  • There's a featurette for Global Smurfs Day which shows a subplot where the Smurfs find out about Peyo, the person who documented their species. This is quite an interesting idea since it's not entirely pretending that the franchise didn't exist in the universe the movie is set in like the other Scooby-style movies, but I am still absolutely dreading this movie's marketing. The trailer here is an improvement over the last, but Sony Animation's just jumped the shark when it comes to worldwide theatrical releases. It's also a rip-off of Alvin and the Chipmunks and Enchanted.




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