Watch: New Action-Packed Official Trailer for Universal's 'Fast Five'

March 8, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Fast Five Trailer

Past Fast, Beyond Furious! Universal has debuted the full theatrical trailer on Yahoo for Justin Lin's Fast Five, the fifth film in the never-ending high-octane Fast and the Furious series. If you can believe it, with a little over a month to go, we're just now seeing the full trailer for this, but it actually looks pretty damn cool if you enjoy fast cars, heists, chases and explosions (as always). Fast Five stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster and Tyrese Gibson, with Dwayne Johnson making his franchise debut. I am not really into this myself, but I do know that it's going to be a huge hit to kick off the summer. Watch below!

Watch the full theatrical trailer for Justin Lin's Fast Five:

You can also watch the Fast Five trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Dom (Diesel) and his team of top racers find themselves on the wrong side of the law again as they try to switch lanes between a ruthless drug lord who wants them dead and a relentless federal agent (Johnson).

Fast Five is again directed by Taiwanese director Justin Lin, who previously helmed Better Luck Tomorrow, Spotlighting, Annapolis as well as Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and 2009's last sequel Fast & Furious. The screenplay was written by Chris Morgan, of Cellular, Wanted, Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious as well as the upcoming 47 Ronin. Universal is bringing Fast Five to theaters everywhere 3D on April 29th this summer.

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  • xamel
    I have popcorns ready for this.
  • Did i just saw Joaquim de Almeida? Like to see Portugal is still represented somewhere in Hollywood xD
  • erm... "did i just saw" didnt come out right xD
    • Joe
      you are linguistically forgiven.
  • Jace
    Does this sequel actually focus more on story than it does cars?
    • Joe
      looks that way.
  • I just love these movies! Really cool to see some of the old characters back. Just to nitpick, kinda getting tired of that same Jesus-statue shot in every movie that features Rio De Janeiro.
  • Nsp
    I am there. Looks to be best Fast and Furious yet.
  • epic i just cant wait arghhhh!
  • Breck
    Can't say I'm gonna care about this, but what I can say is that I think Dwayne Johnson is underrated/underutilized. Looks like he rocks the shit in this, he's just got that look that says "I'm going to eat your children."
    • I agree 10000000000% LOL, I love the guy. He's just so attractive and lovable as a character in any movie. (No homo)
      • Montego Bay
        (No Homo) lol - oh my god - i miss the boondocks soooooo much
    • Actually he screwed his impression by playing Nanny in a couple of movies. Wait, Vin Diesel has done so too.
      • Anonymous
        Pfft, Dwayne Johnson is the only man who could wear a pink tutu (or a unitard and wings >.<) and still radiate manliness all over the place. Yeah, those three movies were pretty terrible, but...I just can't hold it against him. He's too effing cool and likable of a person. I agree, though, he needs to stop making silly kids movies and make more silly action movies with lots of swearing, angry facial expressions and explosions. Come on, Michael Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer, throw this man a bone! 😉
    • LMAO, best phrase I've ever heard to describe him. Although I didn't get that vibe from him watching him perform a monologue from "Bring It On".
  • Anonymous
    From street races in the first one to... $100 million theft. And from this theft to saving the planet in the next sequel... with the help of cars... cool... This one has the potential to be worse than the others.
    • Mac 306
      Dude, i don't know why you prefer a movie focusing just on cars then a well put story. Yes Fast One was involved in street racing almost all of the movie, but it HAD STORY TOO. It was about a cop trying to fit in a family and befriending Dom. The cars are just a symbol. People are complaining because Transformers 2 had no plot, that's becasue Micheal Bay focused onmaking the movie BIG. I think this franchise is heading in the perfect direction, plus it makes REFERENCES on the other 4 past movies, which what makes sequels work.
      • Anonymous
        You didn't understand what I was trying to say... I really don't prefer a movie focusing just on cars (or giant robots or visual effects in general), I enjoy more a film that has a good story. I was just ironic in the way this franchise gets bigger and bigger in scale and that they're stealing that giant safe with two cars and some chains in the trailer (thus the "with the help of cars" thing). Anyway I'm skeptical regarding this film... not expecting more than a popcorn flick.
    • Anonymous
      Impossible! This one has Dawyne Johnson in it. Hopefully at one point he will punch Paul Walker in the face. Real hard. *crosses fingers*
      • Anonymous
        lol that I like to see. I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't care too much about this sequel... oh well, I'll stick with Sucker Punch.
  • Roderick
    so many people in this one. where's lil bow wow? lol. oh right this happened before they went to japan.
  • Looks good. I can't wait. I hope its as good as the last one.
  • rocKicker
    is this a prequel to "Tokyo Drift" because the asian dude is back? i thought he died.
    • Anonymous
      yeah probably is.
    • I've heard a rumor that he faked his death in Tokyo Drift and that's why he's in this movie.
        prequel to "Fast & Furious" Because he dies in "Tokyo Dirft" but in "Fast & Furious" you see him at the began of the movie then he goes to Tokyo after you see him.
  • Anonymous
    Okay, it looks rather decent, The first one was great, the two inbetweeny sequels were pretty bad, but the fourth (minus the CGI cars) was a return to splendor, and this one looks okay...I'm in...can't wait to see Johnson and Diesel thrown down.
    • Redguy
      well said, same here, this is a fine trailer. if it's diesel, i'm in for sure. throw in The Rock as well? instant cheesy action movie classic and i will love it.
  • Lar
    Sold when I saw Johnson and Diesel fighting.
  • Lamar
    My jaw dropped and it stayed the way until the end. P.S. Uh, isn't that last scene exactly like the one from XXX?
    • Anonymous
      no, there was no camera crew, no tony hawk, or parachutes.
    • Redguy
      didn't see any parachutes, cgi or no cgi that is an awesome stunt everytime i see it.
  • p86
    rock vs vin 1 on 1 got my ticket already lol
  • Dchism86
    clash of the titans with Johnson and Diesel!!! cant wait for that scene!!
  • The story arch for "Fast" goes like so... 1,2,4,5,3. Justin Lin brought this franchise back from the dead. Nobody thought it was going to last past 2. This has the makings of the best one yet and I can't wait to see it. Oh yeah, and The Rock looks like he really does rock the shit.
  • Holy isht! Alex, you're right. This is gonna make ridiculous bank!
  • Skip skip skip skip skip!
  • luigi
    wheres the fucking popcorn!!!!!!!!!
  • Anonymous
    If these guys where not making truck loads of money I would maybe feel a little bad for them, having to make the same stupid car movie over an over. (P.S. making this comment without actually watching the trailer)
  • Judasbarronx1
    They have Dodge Chargers in there :-)
  • Anonymous
    Wondered who the bearded meat-head on the far left in the slo-mo walking shot at the end was... it's Vince!
    • Anonymous
      It is! Good eye!
  • Anonymous
    Yeah I'll see this one but I really wish he'd make another Riddick already!
    • Anonymous
      Another Riddick would be awesome, Diesel's best character.
    • Redguy
      triple X 3 is coming and his "big ass never to be seen" Hannibal project
  • jah p
    Most of this was filmed in the Dominican Republic, to look like Rio. Looks like the best one yet!
  • Dom that Rock smells cooking!
    I know its more from a marketing stand-point, but when did April beceome the start of summer 😛
  • Anonymous
    cool, so what else is new?
  • S Page123
    Cont me in for this BIG TIME! ACTION PACKED CHEESE FEST GOODNESS! Dwayne vs Vin is a win in any book!
  • Dominic
  • Cruzer
    I smell what the Rock is COOOOKIN!!!! And it smells like badass...
  • eric
    I've got a feeling this has notthing to do with racing anymore
    • It's like a Michael Bay movie. EXPLOSIONS! MORE EXPLOSIONS!
      • ERIC
  • Jesusskills
    i just wanna say did i just see the same asian dude as the one that died in the 3rd 1?
    • I believe they are trying to play that fact off, but I'm also pretty sure that "Tokyo Drift" is supposed to be events taking place after "Fast and Furious" and the upcoming sequel. I could be wrong... I usually am.
  • Ariel
    I have always wanted to see Dwayne Johnson punch Vin Diesel. I can die happy now.
  • Marvelous
    I have to watch this on release day; seeing Dwayne and Vin throw down is similar to my childhood hope of always wanting to see Arnie and Sly battle.
  • iheartpaulwalker
    AWESOME trailer!!! That last scene made my jaw literally drop and had me saying what the....?!?! Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, AND Dewayne Johnson = BAD A** movie!
  • Mirsad
    AWSOME Trailer.............!!!
  • cougar
    Yet another sequel? Didn't that one guy die in one of the other "sequels"? How do you explain that one? Do they have no writers left in Hollywood? What's next, Die Hard With A Walker?
  • Could the Rock make this worth watching? Maybe as a rental... sure




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