Watch: New Official UK Trailer for Studio Ghibli's Latest Film 'Arrietty'

July 1, 2011
Source: Twitch

Arrietty Trailer

Discover a world beneath our own, where little people have made their home. An official English-language, UK trailer for the new Studio Ghibli film Arrietty has hit the web thanks to Twitch. We've featured a few fantastic Japanese trailers for this last year, but this new one is actually much better. Not only do we get a better idea for the story, but visually it just looks incredible, the foliage is almost life-like in some scenes. It looks like Saoirse Ronan and Mark Strong are providing voices in this specific UK release. I love Ghibli and I'm always excited to see their latest feature, they usually have wonderful, heartwarming stories. Enjoy!

Watch the latest official UK trailer for Studio Ghibli's new film Arrietty (in English!):

Arrietty, aka Kari-gurashi no Arietty or The Borrowers originally, is directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, a Studio Ghibli artist and animator who is making his directorial debut with this film. At age 36, Yonebayashi was the youngest person to ever direct an entire feature for Ghibli. The screenplay was written by master filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki himself and is based on Mary Norton's series of children's fantasy novels of the same name, first published in 1952. The Toho Company release this in Japan last summer, but Disney is finally bringing Arietty to theaters in the US starting on February 17th, 2012 early next year. Look good?

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  • Not too excited. Couldn't they pick more stories that haven't been done before?
    • Kyle P
      To be fair.. all of the "borrowers" based stories suck. So perhaps the creators are fans and want to do the original theme justice. From what we have seen from this studio it should be the most creative and well craft version. There are plenty of stories done by hollywood I would love to do.. right!
  • Definitely want to see this, as Studio Ghibli is reliably incredible, but absolutely not in English. I had to stop the trailer when I heard "Panyo". I know it's not likely, but it'd be great if they had a subtitled theatrical version.
  • Does not look good. How Disney can make such movies? Oh wait, to promote themselves in Asia. 
    • Chocolate Supra
      Sorry, are you implying Disney made this?
    • As already stated, this was created by Studio Ghibli (My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, How's Moving Castle, Ponyo) based out of Japan, not Disney. Disney is simply distributing it in the US.
  • Jennie
    Okay, I'm totally confused about the English voice cast. IMDb lists American actors, but the trailer clearly has a British cast...?
    • Actually... Maybe it's both. Maybe this cast in THIS trailer is the UK version. And then there's a US version as well. I think each country distributing can do a dub of their own. Oy... I just want to watch the original with subtitles!
      • Clare Woodford-Robinson
        Personally I can't wait to see how they've interpreted the story, loved the Borrowers as a kid. This was the first Japanese trailer I saw a while back...
      • Not a big fan of dubs as I would rather see the original Japanese language with subs but if i had the choice of dubs on this one, I think I'd rather see the UK version. I think Spirited Away was the only anime where I preferred the English version over the original Japanese.
  • Anonymous
    Let's hope it's better than Ponyo..
    • anpostteller
      There really should be a dislike button on this site :)
  • Lebowski
    Well since this project is directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi (promoted from the animated department) and not Miyazaki, colour me unexcited. Ghibli seems to have a lot of trouble with directors who aren't Miyazaki. I mean Tales from Earthsea was directed by his brother and that was a dog (despite how sublime it's source material was).
    • anpostteller
      Tales From Earthsea was actually made by his son, and it was his first time directing so it's understandable that it wasn't up to the quality of other Ghibli films. I wouldn't say they have trouble when Miyazaki isn't involved either. Grave of the Fireflies was an excellent film, and the likes of Pom Poko, The Cat Returns and Whisper of the Heart are great too. Not Miyazaki great, but definitely worth a watch, and from what I've seen of Arrietty, it looks like another gem, you shouldn't dismiss it so easily...
  • Anonymous
    i've loved every project Miazaki has been involved in so im so down to see this. also Ponyo was AMAZING and anyone who didn't think that the art work in that flick was to die for can go lay in a ditch somewhere
    • Yes the art was amazing in Ponyo but it wasn't my favorite Miyazaki film. 
      • Anonymous
        completely agree, not his best work but UNBELIEVABLE eye candy
  • siobhan.g
    I'm pretty excited, but I must say I was surprised when I heard there would be different voice casts for the American and UK dubs. I also heard that, although he didn't direct, Miyazaki was quite involved in making this and that it is quite good (better that Earthsea at any rate). I'm definitely in, even if its only for the gorgeous art!
  • Armeetapus16
    oh FUCK YES!!! I can't wait for this!
  • Paul1212
    "oh FUCK YES!!! I can't wait for this!" Language Timothy!!!  
    • Armeetapus16
      my bad, couldn't control my excitement 😛
  • Guest
    Im sry but the narrator just made me think bout the narrator in How the Grinch Stole Christmas throughout the entire trailer. could be the rhyming and the tone of voice.
  • I'll most likely enjoy it, the same as I did Ponyo. But I'd love to really be excited for a Ghibli film again. I wouldn't mind a more serious excursion, more like Princess Mononoke or Howl's Moving Castle.
  • Anonymous
    these films are all the same except for totoro he is cool 😛
  • laurenchip
    I own this and I like it, you have to give them a chance.  I am a huge fan of ghibli :)
  • Rp1n
  • BigTimeGhibliFan




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