Watch: Official Trailer for Real Navy SEALs Action Movie 'Act of Valor'

October 12, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Act of Valor Trailer

Courage. Loyalty. Honor. Relativity Media has debuted the first official trailer for Act of Valor, a one-of-a-kind action movie starring active duty Navy SEALs in a real-world (but Hollywood created) manhunt mission to find a kidnapped CIA operative. This is pretty much a full-length glorified Navy recruiting video, but it looks awesome, at least in terms of military action and the SEALs doing what they do best. The cast includes Alex Veadov, Roselyn Sanchez and Nestor Serrano, plus many other SEALs and soldiers. While this is a bit of an unconventional Hollywood movie, I'm planning on seeing this, at least for the action side of it.

Watch the official trailer for Mike McCoy & Scott Waugh's Act of Valor, via Yahoo:

You can also download the Act of Valor trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

When the rescue of a kidnapped CIA op leads to the discovery of a terrorist plot, a team of SEALs is dispatched on a worldwide manhunt. As the valiant men of Bandito Platoon race to stop an attack that could kill thousands of US civilians, they must balance commitment to their country, team and families.

Act of Valor is co-directed by Mike McCoy & Scott Waugh, stuntman and Navy soldiers also behind a short doc Navy SWCC. The screenplay for this action feature was written by Kurt Johnstad (Zack Snyder's 300, The Last Photograph). Relativity Media is releasing Act of Valor in theaters everywhere starting February 24th, 2012 early next year. Visit the film's official website here: Anyone going to see this?

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  • flounder
  • Piotras A
    even though i think we've seen plenty of similiar movies, this one somehow makes all of them look sooooooooo artificial
  • Daren
    I wonder how harshly history will judge many of today's biggest films that are so heavily rooted in propaganda.
    • Totylertarian
      like like like like like
    • Anonymous
      daren - propaganda laden films have been around forever - you must not watch many old movies.
      • Daren
        I've seen plenty. I'm just curious as to whether they'll view military themed films of today with more of an artistic nod of approval, understanding the times as is the case with a movie like the Soviet's "Battleship Potemkin" or with more scorn towards the makers and those who enjoyed the film like for example the Nazi's "Triumph of the Will".
        • Anonymous
          honestly, i  really don't get caught up in the supposed/assumed propaganda of films. i just watch movies for the entertainment. although i do fall into the abyss of hatred for all michael moore films - the guy is a no-talent hack who tries to capitalize on the tragedies of others.....that, and his far left political rhetoric gets old to listen to.
  • Come on, using real navy seals as the characters, that's fresh to me. I'm in.  And that body catch - That was sick
    • Xerxexx
      I agree, at first I thought it was gonna be a burst out of the water and knife him but it took a completely different turn and it was for the best.
    • Who
      Yeah... using real navy seals to "fight the enemy at home" meaning coming to the United States... Why exactly do you think they are making this film??? So we can get used to the military on our streets, policing us, chasing imagenary terrorists and boogie men while stripping us of our rights... ie enforcing the NDAA.... you know on AMERICAN CITIZENS.
  • Xerxexx
    Recuritment add? Sure. Do I feel the need to sign up? No. Will I see this? Definitely.
    • Anonymous
      i'm loving this too.........but as a recruitment ad? i really don't see it because it doesn't make me feel like recruiting. i like having the perspective of REAL seals.
      • Xerxexx
        The same thing happened with Battle L.A. everyone kept screaming "It was a recruitment ad!" and I thought those people are seeing things that aren't for this, I really didn't feel like it was talking to me and trying to get me to sign up but I get why others would feel that way, but if it takes a movie to motivate someone into joining a branch of the military then that person may have some issues to sort out.
        • Anonymous
          big agree on battle:la i liked that movie and didn't feel it was a "recruitment" film at all. and a big agree about the last part of your post. (not all,but) many people join the military because they're lost souls in need of some structure/guideance.
          • Xerxexx
            Hear, hear!
  • ChrisBatty
    I've had enough of war. 
    • Anonymous
      i've had enough of romcoms - but i don't think either genre of movies will stop anytime soon......too popular.
    • No profit in Peace Chris.
      • John
  • I remember watching Vietnam war movies as a kid and wanting to kill Vietnamese people. For what reason I did not know. It's funny that for a war that was lost, it sure had a lot of 'winning' movies.  Nowadays, I think it's a harder sell on the propaganda, at home here there are more service men in jail than currently serving in the army, we all know about the drug an alcohol problems soldiers have returning home and the government is always screwing them over on the benefits they receive. My area was a cannon fodder recruitment spot, but after actually hearing what war is like without the aid of a soundtrack, it doesn't seem so much like the 'adventure' in the films or the adverts. I'll watch it anyway because stuff blows up and folk get shot.
    • Richie G
  • Cuchulainn
    boo fucking hoo, soldiers get paid to fight and die , its the job. USA my hole,I hate this" we are the world crap". Why do you yanks have to paint everything in "Love, loyalty, honour shite". Tell the truth, war is geopolitics. deal with it, i can , so why are you such sheep? 
    • El Hoopso
      I'm not from the US but I'm really growing tired of this attitude. If you go to any country you respect their culture. But somehow people forget that Americans have a culture of their own. Respect it And don't give me the usual "why should I? Americans don't respect anyone else" ive travelled to many countries and I've found that in most occasions they are much more polite and genuin than people I meet from 'progressive' European countries
      • Xerxexx
        I agree El.
      • You are very right, I have traveled around as well and most people in Europe were very rude to me, especially in Paris and the UK. I also met a lot of upturned noses in Asia (although Taiwan was mostly a very friendly experience, despite laughs frequently had at my expense). Here in my home in the U.S., I love helping out tourists when I run into them lost or confused about something. I don't understand the cultures of other countries that allow them to look down on American tourists and American culture as some sort of scum. When Stephen Fry (the British comedian/actor) toured America for his six-episode program about  the country, he was received very warmly by people who had no clue about who he was or that he was a major celebrity in Britain. He didn't report any sort of rudeness or lack of hospitality. He was especially warmly received in the deep South, which even Americans who think of themselves as "cultured" (read: liberal) look down on as backwards and trashy.
        • Steven
          Totally agree.  You'll always get those that are rude, but thankfully the majority are friendly to strangers.  I'm from the UK and when I was in Italy we had a taxi driver try and rip us off and steal our kit, yet the next day another couldn't be more helpful and after we said about the day before he went out of his way to make-up for the other guy.  What a star.
        • Richie G
          wow, one guy leaves a comment and you launch an all out strike on the world. Now thats patriotic
          • John
            Huh?! Please tell me you're being sarcastic.
    • What a douchebag
  • NW
    It's hard to believe that this film was shot on Canon DSLR's. Shane Hurlbut looks to have done an outstanding job with these tiny cameras!
    • That's good to know, I think it's pretty exciting what people are doing with the 7D/5D kit.
  • Ramon
    A recruiting movie? Yes for sure ... I don´t think that it is very tempting to leave your little kids and/or your pregnant wife behind for many month and/or  get a grenade in your face ....
  • WoodSon
    This is definitely targeted for the Modern Warfare / Battlefield 3 gaming youth generation where blowing shit up and kicking some bad guys asses are fun!
    • Steven
      I'm 38 and love the Modern Warfare game, so you've made me feel young again.  Blowing shit up never gets old....
  • DR.W
    I think I'll see it. I hope it isn't the usual sensationalized Spec. Ops. Hollywood. I know it's just a movie, but the real actors/real tactics angle is intriguing. As to all the military haters who posted, just remember this nation was born in war and has had to fight to both stay together and to fend off threats. These guys fight for their lives while you criticize a movie trailer. 
    • Spetcnaz
      Amen, Brother
    • John
      THANK YOU.
  • Anonymous
    i'm not gonna lie, stuff like this reels me in.  I dug black hawk down & saving private ryan because they were gritty, based around realism.  Is that that caliber? Most likely not, but I'll give it a chance the way I did D-9.    This certainly doesnt look like Stealth or the Marine.  😉
  • Brian
    100% WILL SEE!!!!!!!
  • Richie G
    I can get behind the patriotism in this. Most American's know someone who served and its a powerful way to pull at the heart strings. In a hilarious turn, rather than seeing the entire movie in the trailer all we know is people get their murder on. Great quote thrown in about how its bigger than we know. It'd wanna be, we know nothing. Pass until it proves its not just a copy of the last Rambo movie(coz I can watch that again for free)
  • Sithmastah
    Definitely looks goods to me.
  • that looks awesome.
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