Watch: Promo Trailer for Broken Lizard's 'The Babymakers' with Munn

December 24, 2011
Source: YouTube

The Babymakers Trailer

"I'm shooting good stuff, and I know this." An early promo trailer has leaked online from YouTube for an upcoming film featuring the Broken Lizard troupe called The Babymakers. As much as I've loved their films in past, Broken Lizard seems to have devolved into an unfunny group of straight-to-DVD filmmakers, but I still hope they make a good comedy again. The Babymakers stars Olivia Munn and Paul Schneider as husband and wife trying to have a baby. This is a rough promo trailer that doesn't represent the finished film, but as our first real look at this upcoming comedy starring Munn, I wanted to feature it today anyway.

This trailer has been removed at the explicit request of IM Global. Sorry!

After failing to get his wife (Olivia Munn) pregnant, a now infertile guy (Paul Schneider) recruits his pals to steal back the deposit he left at a sperm bank years ago. No release date information is available yet.

The Babymakers is directed by Broken Lizard filmmaker Jay Chandrasekhar, who directed the films Puddle Cruiser, Super Troopers, Club Dread, The Dukes of Hazzard and Beerfest previously. The screenplay was co-written by Peter Gaulke (of "SNL" work) & Gerry Swallow (both of Say It Isn't So, Black Knight, Ice Age: The Meltdown previously). It was produced by Alliance Films & IM Global, but doesn't have a distributor yet. Based on how much I didn't laugh at this, I don't think I even care when it will be released. Anyone?

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  • Iam_adam1974
    dude, Olivia Munn, hells yeah!
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Olivia Munn can't act. This will never see the light of day and at best will get put straight to dvd. Why she decided to do this movie I have no idea.
    • Straight to DVD is still seeing the light of day.
      • Anonymous
        you didn't read his post correctly - he saying it won't see the light of day AND AT BEST will get put straight to dvd........MEANING - it won't get released in theatres and  will only be seen IF released on the "straight to dvd" track. i agree with this - i can't fathom who would pick this up for a theatre release......it's garbage.
        • "he saying it won't see the light of day AND AT BEST will get put straight to dvd........MEANING -" Straight to DVD is still seeing the light of day.
  • MatthewS
    Where the hell is SUPER TROOPERS 2 damn it!
  • Anonymous
    Once in a while I watch G4 and don't like Attack of the Show.. mainly because of Munn. The other day I found out she's not on there anymore so I decided to check it out. Man, those two new chicks are twice as annoying as Olivia ever was...
    • Anonymous
      i wish sarah lane never left - she's got tech smarts; good sense of humor and cute too.
      • Anonymous
        Agreed. I was thinking about Tech TV the other day...
        • Anonymous
          loved Tech tv too! 
          • Race Bannon
            for real, kevin pereira and candace bailey blow. leo laporte was the man!!!!
      • DAVIDPD
        True Dat. Lane was hot and nerdy (at least believably nerdy).
  • Tester
    WTF 3 minute 24 second trailer ?  Why not just show the entire damn movie
    • Anonymous
      they did
      • LAgurl
        Yep and it sucked. Too bad it is linked to Broken Lizard because it's another Jay Chandrasekhar FAILURE! 
  • Anonymous
    This stinks like an old rag! Seriously though, they need to get back to doing their own films. One writer did SNL... and most SNL movies bombed... the other did Black Knight and Ice Age: The Meltdown... Come on! They can write their own stuff.
    • LAgurl
      Agreed. Looks like Jay thinks he IS Broken Lizard. The only good stuff they did they did as a team before his ego inflated to the size of a football field. Advice to Jay, "Move over and let the real Broken Lizard do their work!" YOu suck as a directer and you are ruining Broken Lizard!
      • Anonymous
        Ego? I dunno him so I can't say? Sucky director? Hello No! He a fine director, he just needs to stop directing other peoples bad ideas and get back to Lizard-written projects... or someone give him a shot at the majors. BTW That Dukes of Hazzard sequel doesn't count, and it was pretty good for a direct-to-VHS quality sequel.
        • LAgurl
          There is a reason he has never been given a shot at the majors; his track record. He has taken good ideas, mucked them up and turned them into crap. Everyone in LA thinks the same thing. It's a shame because Broken Lizard has incredible talent, but when the director is bad no one gets to see it. Hope he has enough inside to wake up and smell the bitter coffee. Oh well.
          • LAguy
            It's really odd how personal your comments come off. I live in LA, met the guy, and he was nothing but nice. I read these boards pretty regularly. You sound more bitter than the worst people on here. It's kind of sad and pathetic. You're also basing all your comments on a trailer that is noted as being a rough cut and unfinished.
          • LAgurl
            Well LAguy. If that's your interpretation of my comments that is fine, but looks like most of the other comments are negative as well, mine just happens to be more personal because I've actually met the guy and had a negative experience. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Glad he was nice to you.
        • Twillight_TX
          I met him and aloof is a nice way to describe him. Felt like he thought he was better than everyone in the room. I've met all they guys in Broken Lizard and the rest seemed really cool and down to Earth. You would think they would mutiny.
  • truong18
    this looks stupid.
  • Anonymous
  • redstapler
    Paul Schneider is a legit actor. I'm willing to give Olivia Munn a chance. Chandrasekhar is the shit in Beerfest. I'll check this out.
    • Anonymous
      I agree with you on Paul and Olivia... but this (Chandrasekhar) character looks like a lame rehash of his Beerfest character. Which was lame too.
  • Why don't they just do Potfest all ready?
  • might be good
    : Olivia Munn is a a con-man. She pretends to be a nerd, in hot girl's clothing. Unfortunately she is not that hot and her nerdiness is non-existent. Cut the shit B.L. Get the movies fan want out PLEASE!
  • I dont mind this
  • LAgurl
    This is not Broken Lizard movie. It is a Jay Chandrasekhar movie. There is a BIG difference.
    • MunnLvr
      Anyone that directed Arrested Development is good in my book. Movie looks funny, it just looks like a bad cut of a trailer that shouldn't have gotten out. Also Olivia Munn is hot, so kudos to him for casting her.
      • LAGurl
        Chandrasekhar is a hack and has ruined the rest of the Broken Lizard crew's careers. 
      • OlivMunnLover
        Love Olivia, but chandrasekhar is doing TV, b/c no one wants to give him a big movie budget. He keeps blowing it. I've heard that the other BL guys are breaking away from him. I would too, he is like poison to a movie.
  • This isn't straight to DVD, it's straight to watching online for free. If you pay for this film you are robbing yourself.
    • Anonymous
      agreed - but if i watch it for free, i'll feel like i'm stealing a couple hours from my life that i'll NEVER get back! big pass on this cinematic stupidity.
  • The_Kid89
    What happened to these guys? I loved Super Troopers and Club Dread, which I actually own. Saw beerfest like twice it was okay but never checked out their other movie and this looks extremely meh. Where's the whole crew and why aren't they playing ridiculous out there characters in a genre they really shouldn't be in.
    • RexL
      The problem is that Chandrasekhar thinks he's funny without the rest of the troupe. He was part of a group for a reason. It's the group dynamic that is funny not him. If these websites would do some homework they would find that this is not a BL movie. Not everything you read on the internet is accurate. You will only see Kevin and Jay in this movie. The other BL voices are not a part of it.
    • LauraC
      The whole crew is not a part of this movie. That's probably why it's just "meh". Maybe The crew has jumped ship?
  • Tyler Bish9
    Looks awesome. I don't get the hate. Huge BL fan
    • TommyL2
      Just people giving their opinion, which happens to be overwhelmingly negative, because it looks pretty bad. Sad, but true.
  • Corey
    Give me Super Troopers 2 or Potfest already. Enough of all this "Club Dredd-esque terribleness.
  • Sleergs
    Looks like sex doesn't always sell. Boring.




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