Watch: Second Official Trailer for Eerie 'Apollo 18' Found Footage Film

June 24, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Apollo 18

"You'll kill us both!" The Weinstein Company has unveiled a second official trailer for Apollo 18, the creepy found-footage sci-fi film about the mysterious Apollo 18 moon landing directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego that they've been shifting around. We all saw the first trailer back in February, so it's good to finally see something new and damn is is still creepy as hell. This trailer is a bit shorter and doesn't seem to show as much, and also is a bit more mysterious for the story, but it's worth watching anyway, just to check it out. This is also ties in perfectly with the Transformers 3 moon landing story element. Any ideas about this yet?

Watch the second official trailer for Gonzalo López-Gallego's Apollo 18 via Yahoo:

You can also watch the newest Apollo 18 trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

A film about the real Apollo mission to the moon in the 70's that was canceled by NASA… or so they claim.

Apollo 18 is directed by Spanish editor/filmmaker Gonzalo López-Gallego, of a few features like King of the Hill and Nómadas previously, who is making his English-language debut with this. The original screenplay was written by Brian Miller (Paracusia) & Cory Goodman (Priest). Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov also produced this in secrecy at Dimension Films. After delaying this for quite a while, The Weinstein Company is currently set to release the mysterious Apollo 18 in theaters starting September 2nd this fall.

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  • Antonio
    Looks Awesome! cant wait((:
  • JavonE
    F-L-O-P.  Sorry, but the ruse of presenting "lost footage" doesn't work when the "lost footage" is not even close to how the real thing would look and sound. 
  • Anonymous
    Odd. Went to see Super 8 last weekend at Regency complex and they showed the old Apollo 18 trailer. It even had the April 2011 date. Had to run home to find out when they were going to finally release it. As far as how good this movie will be? I don't think it will stop everybody in their tracks but I like the realness of the production values. Not much in the way of CGI as far as I can see, which is not a bad thing for this kind of approach. Nice little movie to look forward to, nothing more, hopefully nothing less.
  • tommyturner
    Why do I feel like they sold this as "The Blair Witch Project in space."?  I just don't think this is going to be anything special.
  • tommyturner
    Previously considered titles for this movie were...The Moon Witch Project, Paramoonal Activity, The Last Mooncast, The Moon Tapes, Moonantine, and.....Cars 2
  • tommyturner
    Previously considered titles for this movie were...The Moon Witch Project, Paramoonal Activity, The Last Mooncast, The Moon Tapes, Moonantine, and.....Cars 2
  • I'd forgot about this one, I think I'll keep forgetting about it too. The moon, how dumb is that shit, the only reason humans went there was in some stupid pissing contest. Saying that, the the movie 'Moon', was really good.
  • I'm pretty much over "found footage" films. I blame you, The Last Exorcism.
    • Anonymous
      i thought the LE film was better than the paranormal activity movies - what do you think?
      • I actually preferred the PA films to Exorcism.
        • Anonymous
          fair enough. i will say that PA2 was better than #1 but i liked LE better........although that ending was bizarre....... they could have done a better job with it did you see "paranormal entity"? that had some moments in it that freaked me out -  especially one scene near the end.
    • People actually saw The Last Exorcism? Wasn't it Paranormal Activity that got Hollywood addicted with making more of these found footage movies?
      • JT
        Looks cool to me. I love space, so it doesn't really matter.
      • Not a proud moment for me, sir. Don't even get me started on that hack ending.
  • A M A Z I N G !
  • It'll be interesting, It seems like it's sort of like Quarantined, in a sense that they are very limited with the scenery, as the whole movie takes place in an apartment building, which could kind of make for a boring movie.
  • TwntyOneTwlv
    I will be seeing this movie.
  • Guest
    I don't think I'd get scared. I get freaked out by horror movies because there could be a ghost in my closet or a man-eating Sasquatch in my backyard. Does that make any sense? Those creatures or whatever are on the Moon. They can't get me. Unless they end up navigating their way to Earth. But cinematically or whatever the fuck, it looks decent. Oh god, this sounded better in my head. Ignore this.
  • Jon
    to be quite honest, while the last trailer probably let too many details away, it was defiantly better edited than this horrible attempt to build suspense. I mean, did anyone actually watch the whole trailer, because who in the right mind chose the sound effect for 1:30 of the trailer above?! 
    • Kaim
      Farts distort in space.. duh.
  • Adam L
    I cant wait!




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