Watch: Second Official Theatrical Trailer for Marvel's 'Thor' Lands!

February 17, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Marvel's Thor Trailer

"The battle comes to Earth…" Marvel has unveiled the full theatrical trailer for Thor, this time coming in at a lengthy two-and-a-half minutes and packed with plenty of near-finished VFX and tons more action than we've seen before. Thor stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor, as well as Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings, Idris Elba, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Ray Stevenson, Rene Russo, plus Tom Hiddleston as Loki, who we haven't seen too much of yet. Yahoo debuted the trailer that comes on top of last year's first teaser and a Super Bowl spot that didn't impress many. But maybe this will finally have an impact? Check out the new trailer below!

Watch the official theatrical trailer for Marvel's Thor:

You can also watch the Thor trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

The powerful but arrogant immortal warrior Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he quickly becomes one of their finest defenders.

Marvel's Thor is directed by British actor/director Kenneth Branagh, who previously directed Shakespeare adaptations like Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet, as well as the films Love's Labour's Lost, The Magic Flute and Sleuth. The script was written by Ashley Miller & Zack Stentz (of Agent Cody Banks, "Fringe") and Don Payne (My Super Ex-Girlfriend, 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer) from a story by J. Michael Straczynski and Mark Protosevich. Paramount is bringing Marvel's Thor to theaters in 3D starting on May 6th this summer!

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  • T_lynn4
    makes me slightly more interested but not much. still looks meh
    • Ataxia
      looks what numb nuts?
    • Marc McKenzie
      "Still looks meh"?? Uh...not to sound nasty, but...did you watch this half-asleep?
  • Cybermonkey91
    It's like a more serious, white, version of hancock.
  • Awesome.
  • He defends the entire human race in a town with about 30 people in it? he uses the same mode of communication for getting coffee as I do though.
  • dave
    this is alot better than the 1st trailer, a facebook reference used tho, iron man did that ha, still amazing, cant wait!!
    • Marc McKenzie
      It is better than the 1st trailer, and I do not mind the facebook ref. But be careful--in IRON MAN, it was MySpace... Looking forward to this one.
  • Erictaing
    Didn't he land in Mexico...?!?
    • Luis_306
      it was NEW MEXICO haha
  • Moviekidmike
    Wow...this is shit.
    • Awtan90
      I agree. The first trailer did a better job at disguising this as something that's actually watchable.......which it probably isn't.
    • Last Son
      I agree... This looks bad. This looks to be on par with "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and "Ghost Rider". Oh how the mighty have fallen. Last years "Iron Man 2" was bad as well. Thank God for D.C. I'll wait for next years "The Dark Knight Rises" & "The Man Of Steel". D.C. wont let me down.
      • Taalart
        Ha ha, strange you forgot to mention green lantern. Yay go D.C. lol
  • poltRgYst
    Well played crapola!
  • grapefruit
    Much better than the super bowl trailer and the first trailer. Have high hopes for this movie.
  • Wrongturn687
    I'm still looking forward to this movie and this a good trailer, but honestly for some reason I'm just not excited about it anymore. I mean when that first trailer leaked online last year I was pumped, but then it began to die down. Maybe it's because none of these new trailers have really impressed me or grabbed me, but for now I'm still looking more forward to Fast Five and Scream 4 then this. Also Captain America and X-Men: First Class.
  • The trailer excites and discourages me. 1: It does a better job at showing you that you might get more bang for your buck. 2: The bang is lost because they show you the whole movie practically in a nutshell. What's the point in going? They show the villains, they show Thor kicking ass, they have crappy facebook jokes. What's the point in going to see it now? Trailers like these ruin movie going experiences.
  • Infared579
    Still looks bad...
  • Lars
    Hmmm. Both good and bad. But the trailer really ends on a bad note with that *really* bad looking monster. Trailers should end with their best money shots, not their worst ones.
  • Cracky
    Man, it really DOES look both good and bad at the same time. But my guess is that this will be shit. That girl with the Facebook joke killed it for me. She wasn't in the first trailer... no wonder I liked that one more. Fuck.
  • Duck
    Lol, How does this movie look bad? I looks quite enjoyable can't wait for May
    • Marc McKenzie
      I suppose it looks bad to folks who think, in their own minds, that they could fart out a better film than Hollywood. Look, I do not know whether this will be good or bad. But I am interested in seeing this film, because I'm a fan of Marvel and Thor, and this looks, well, epic. At least to me. I refuse to judge a film based on whether or not it has what I want or based on some @$$hole notion that I could do it better. I cannot--because I'm not a filmmaker. "Film geek" doesn't equal "Film maker". Big difference between the two. One actually goes out and gets stuff done....
  • ChrisC5g
    looks entertaining
  • sleepykid
    I'm not familiar with the comic. The Thor planet scenes looked okay-ish, but the earth scenes awful. It also looked a little desperate - throwing in giant robots and monsters to drum up interest.
    • Marc McKenzie
      That "giant robot" is in the comics, actually. It wasn't thrown in to drum up interest. Just sayin'. If you can, pick up the collected issues of Walt Simonson's run on THOR back in the 1980s. He basically revamped the character and made him cool again. You can check Amazon or your local bookstore. And don't forget--it's a two-minute trailer. To judge a film solely on that and assume it will suck is, well, a mugg's game.
    • chris
      that robot they threw in there is ultron, he is actually a bad guy in the marvel universe.
      • Jbush1219
        ultron? i thought it was the destroyer..
  • Dan W
    I'm not a fan of Thor, but no helmet = fail to me.
    • Marc McKenzie DID see the helmet on his head in the trailer, right? And Loki's helmet too?
  • Looks cool.
  • Chad
    I think the movie will have one fight scene in a rinky dink town, with flashbacks that are cool. Also, the only thing i thought was poor visually was the "creature's" special effects at the end.
  • Lizzie
    Okay, NOW I'm excited.
  • whoknows
    i cant wait to see a hammer thrown at me in 3D
  • NeoSlyfer26
  • McWilly
    Looks Like a fun ride.
  • Croniccris
    shibby!! i can't wait for this movie!!the facebook joke is pretty much a must i mean how else do the older folks reach all those bieber fans out there? lol @sleepykid that robot your talking about is called the destroyer armor and its used by sending a god's concious into not a robot... hope that helps
  • Croniccris
    @last son borigins and ghost rider were not done by marvel studios so they dont really know how to make their characters great....i agree IM2 wasn't as good as the first but calling it bad? i dont know about that i mean they showed the suitcase suit how was that not badass? o and have you seen the trailer for green lantern? it looks like van wilder in space yo lol
  • Dee
    I don't know about you guys but I wanted to yell out, " Release the Cracken! ". By the end of the clip :)
    • Anonymous
      Yep, it's Clash of the Titans 2: Clash of the Parents
  • Ac0191
    It totally makes sense that he would have to save the small New Mexican town because of all its production incentives, duh...
  • Dkellenbox
    what the hell is wrong with everyone...its not supposed to be the godfather its a damn comic movie. Its gonna be awesome for what it is. No one is expecting it to win an oscar.
    • Tortuga230
      100% thank you.
  • duckie1983
    Agree with Dkellenbox, comic book explosions fun! not supposed to be Das Boot!
  • Bubba B
    this looks so cheap. too bad.
  • Ive liked all the trailers so far, this certainly gets my vote over green lantern
  • I am sold.
  • Manuel
    Yeah... I have this feeling about this one like with Green Lantern, for sure the films are great, but the trailers... meh.
  • I loved much better than the superbowl TV spot
  • Insider
    Yawn. Over the top bad acting. Why does it take place in New Mexico? Oh that's right because NM had tax incentives. Hollywood is so predictable. Still it looks better than Green Lantern.
  • Angry Chief
    I was getting slightly concerned for this film, but with the arrival of this new trailer, I am feeling better about it. I am willing to overlook certain details that must be in there to appeal to a mass audience/ politically correct audience. (eg facebook crack/african american norse god Heimdall) For what is is worth, I believe it will shine better than most other comic book movies. Also, I do not believe Xerxes has chimed in on this yet. I am interested in reading what he has to say.
  • Mybabyhate
    It's look Fantastic unless haven't earth's scenes. Just only scenes in the world of GOD 😀
    • Marc McKenzie
      Well, sorry, but some of it has to take place on Earth. As Walt Simonson said (he did a damned fine run on the THOR comic back in the 1980s), yeah, you can do Asgard, but sooner or later, Thor's gotta come to Earth. That has certainly been an element of the comic, anyway...
  • Judasbarronx1
    It wasn't THAT bad. I didn't close it out like I dod some trailers on here. I actually watched it all the way through. The first Iron Man teaser trailer was seriously lacking for me but I went to see it and LOVED it. Thor seems like it may pull it off. Marvel is watching over this as well. I don't think they'll let it get screwed up. At ;east, I hope not :-)
    • Marc McKenzie
      That's just it, Judas--we won't know if the final film will be worth it until it opens. It could be as good or better than IRON MAN, or it could crash and burn like ELEKTRA. We just do not know. Me personally? I'm hoping for the best, but I'm going to have to see it without the mental checklist that too many "film geeks" keep in their heads.
  • Gh
    Come on! It looks fine. another hit for Marvel!
    • Marc McKenzie
      Yeah, but Gh...some people just gotta bitch. That's just the internet nowadays.... Me, I'm looking forward to it. I mean, come on--it's Kenneth Branaugh (sic) directing a film based on a comic!! How cool is that?
  • After the lousy Green Hornet this looks great. I cannot figure out why so many people hate this stuff without giving it a chance. I mean, judge a movie after you have seen the entirety of it. Not based on 30 seconds of tease. How many stories sound interesting if you try to explain them in 30 seconds? None. In fact most sound absurd. I'm in!
    • Marc McKenzie
      Smartest thing I've read in a while. Good call. I haven't seen GH yet, but I intend didn't like it, but I've found that I've tended to like films some people dislike (well, that is part of life!). But you know, you gotta love the pre-cog nonsense about judging a film solely on 30 seconds of footage or a 2 minute trailer. Call it fallout from EPISODE 1, where people wet their pants over the trailer and declared that the movie was going to be the greatest event since the birth of a certain Nazarene two thousand years ago. After EPISODE 1 opened though, about a s@&$storm. I learned from that and from THE IRON GIANT (thought the movie would be awful because the trailer was bad--and was I wrong! The movie was one of the best films I've seen in the theater). The best way to judge a film is to see it in its entirety, without the mental checklist of "They'd better do EXACTLY what I want in this!!" Makes watching films a lot better.
      • Awtan90
        You guys seem to only have problems with people that are already judging the movie poorly and say nothing about the people that judge it as "Another marvel hit". No one has seen the movie yet so if you're going to say one group of people has an uninformed/unwarranted opinion you need to say the other group that is caught up in the hype are jumping the gun as well. Otherwise you just look biased yourselves.
        • Marc McKenzie
          Well, my attitude has been to just watch the film and decide for myself. You are right--judging a film as a hit before seeing it veers close to the territory staked out by those who bash a film and call it a failure without seeing it. I am more upset at those who slamdance on a film without seeing it because they should know better. And their pompous, nose-in-the-air/head-up-the-ass attitude pisses me off even more, because they have never--or have made no attempt--to try and actually go and become involved in the filmmaking process. I've managed to work in television animation, and it was one of the hardest jobs I've ever done. And to see all of the work my co-workers and I put into the shows--to see all of that shot down by some asshole who could not do any better (and knows it) but clothes themselves in the "It sucked because I didn't do it!!" mentality...yeah, it pissed me off, and makes me angry. I don't know how THOR will be. I am interested in it thanks to the trailer and my interest in the comics, but I will have to see it myself and decide. I only wish more people would do that, but that's a mugg's game. Sorry for the long response.
  • Fisherr
    I will be checking the movie out when released.
  • Ting
    Something to look forward too... I appreciate the fact that they decided to go with someone I'm not very familiar of... Think this will hook me up (another reason to go back to the movie theater after almost a year...
    • Marc McKenzie
      Then I hope it's worth it, Ting! The trailer did its job, then. It generated enough interest for you to see it in the theater. I know I'll be there myself checking it out.
  • Dominic
  • Gh
    What I don't like is the female she here to provide some comic relief? Pfff She could have not been in there; it would have been better
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  • Beastfocus7
    Kenneth branagh did a good job saw this yesterday but no 3d available still it was all i hoped for the tyin to the shield was more than generous, there is alot of hat tipping. But that can not over shadow the look and feel of this project magical and breathtakingly shot a true triumph. Watch out for the guy on the crane




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