Watch: Taylor Lautner Goes Jason Bourne in First 'Abduction' Trailer

April 13, 2011
Source: MTV

Abduction Trailer

"Suddenly everyone around me is dying." Lionsgate has debuted the first trailer via MTV for Abduction, an upcoming thriller starring Taylor Lautner as a boy who discovers he's actually a missing person and goes on an action-filled hunt to find out why and who he really is. I'm going to be honest, as much as I hate Taylor Lautner, this looks surprisingly quite fun. It definitely has a very Jason Bourne plus The Fugitive feel to it, but I think it looks like it might be actually worth seeing this fall. I was not expecting that. In addition to Lautner, this also stars Lily Collins, Alfred Molina, Jason Isaacs, Maria Bello and even Sigourney Weaver.

Watch the first official trailer for John Singleton's Abduction:

A riveting new man-on-the-run thriller centered on a teen named Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) who sets out to uncover the truth about his real life after finding his baby photo on a missing persons website.

Abduction is directed by veteran action filmmaker John Singleton, of Boyz n the Hood, Poetic Justice, Rosewood, Shaft, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Four Brothers previously. The screenplay was written by newcomer Shawn Christensen, a songwriter and screenwriter also of the Walter King and Enter Nowhere scripts. Lionsgate is bringing Abduction to theaters everywhere starting September 23rd this fall. Look any good?

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  • OMG
    • Guest
      Totally smooching off u Andrew, nothing against you though, but had to do it up here. Ha, you know all you boys crying and whining below will put on your best dress, a scarf and glasses to conceal ur ugly lonely asses and sneak in to see it!! So go ahead in dig in those tranny trunks to choose ur outfit that day. The guys who actually have a life will go see it with their girls that's for damn sure.
      • Tracy
        lol, no. You're seriously underestimating just how many action movie options are out there for fanboys.
  • Duh
    That was complete and utter shit, fuck movies are going to shit these days..
  • Led
    oh man... what a waste of a great cast.
  • jason bourne for teen girls by the way, it looks like shit
  • Olivia
    Lol so the fanboys don't like it. What a suprise! I thought they all loved Taylor Lautner and Twilight *sarcasm* I think this looks pretty good. I'm looking forward to seeing it. It looks better than I expected, and I'm a fan of his.
    • Dirty Dutchman
      Which colour panties will you be wearing when you see this?
  • Ken7eleven
    Looks good.
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Horrible!!! Whos the old fat man chasing the 16 year old with a gun, yeah great villain in this one.
  • Anonymous
    I feel Taylor needs some more time and experience before he can pull off a character like this but this is practice I guess. He doesn't seem to be fully engulfed in his role. I don't know if that will always be the case, we'll see. Trailer gets a point for using Silversun Pickups at the beginning though.
    • Ddkd
      I agree. I don't have anything against this guy for the twilight movies. But when his character spoke in this trailer he didn't convey any weight or substance. There's no sense that what he is experiencing is intense like you would expect in an action movie. It just didn't seem like there was anything there.
  • Lautner's acting is so wooden!
  • DavidPD
    This looks like... SHIT!!! Whatever Lautner says, all I hear is, "These pretzels are making me THIRSTY!"
  • Dukephoenix
    His face is solid stone, makes Keanu Reeves look like Brando.
  • abby
    movie looks like shit. learn how to act kid.
  • carla
    jason bourne for tweens
  • CisforCinema
    Yikes. Wow. And all those actors agreed to be in it? Yikes. How does Taylor Lautner have a career?
    • Junklekennedy
      Because he has a damn fine body and sex sells.
  • Anonymous
    No. Not even gonna click play.
    • Cruzer
      I wanted to spare my eyes and read the comments first lol. There's no way I'm watching this!
  • stfugtfo
    oh thank god i thought it ment laughtner IS jason bourne. WHAT A RELIEF!!!!
  • lane
    i'm in no way a twilight fan (never seen em or read), but you guys are so impassioned about hating him. he does look wooden, but there's a few things you're not considering: John Singleton does action well, and it's got a hell of a supporting cast. feels like it could be Lincoln Lawyer quality (competent, leaning good). plus, we've never seen this kid in anything but one of the most popular niche products ever. i'll wait for reviews
    • Frank
      " could be Lincoln Lawyer quality." Are kidding me?
      • Frank
        I meant "Are you kidding me?" The Lincoln Lawyer was a phenomenal film on so many levels and Matt McConaughey was absolutely scintillating. I don't mean to pick on you Lane but seriously, this is Taylor Lautner we are talking about and this film just looks like a run-of-the-mill action movie.
        • Vanguard
          But Lincoln Lawyer looked run of the mill too and it didn't turn out too bad. I'll hold out judgement until I see it but this trailer was entertaining enough to get me interested. I've seen him in one franchise and I can't seriously base my critique of his acting on that because those books and characters were horribly written. I don't think that even an amazing actor could have rescued the Twilight movies.
  • Mac 306
    Ok, its not that bad guys. The beginning of the trailer was kinda lame with the whole fake parents fighting scene, but the rest was Ok. Looks like a pretty tight cast to me, not to mention the female lead (who appears en The Blind Side) is kinda hot. Looks like a fun thriller and a good start for Taylor Lautner, its like Zac Efron in 17 Again.
  • fem!anon
    It's the way he delivers his lines that makes me twitch! I actually had no idea what the plot was going to be. Judging from the title, I really hoped it'd be a cheesy alien movie 😐
  • Why is John Singleton directing movies like this? It doesn't look horrid, but I... Sigh. I have no words.
    • Sparky
      John Singleton is garbage.
  • Anonymous
    Dammit I clicked play! it was awful!
    • N.
      We didnt force you!!!
  • I <3 Movies
    Oh man, Im really looking forward to this. Its going to be kickass. Can you see the value put into this. Not only is Lautner in this, but Molina, Bello and Riley Weaver. I CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!.......... ....just kidding. It looks like a POS. But hey, you never know! Ill give it a slight chance until reviews start pouring in, which will most likely be in the 30% range on RTs 😛
  • Guest
    Ha, you know you boys crying and whining will put on your best dress, a scarf and glasses to conceal ur ugly lonely asses and sneak in to see it!!
  • Bourne Identity meets Twilight?
  • Best part with Denzel Whitaker
  • Loser
    Lautner will probably become one of the biggest stars in hollywood given some time, this however looks like a B-movie but with great supporting cast. I wont be watching it but many probably will. As a first starring Vehicle he could have done worse. I predict a new Keanu here.
  • indyjack
    so............. that kid wearing a shirt looked a lot like the douchewolf from twilight.
  • wow! Can't wait to see the film! it must be terrific 😉 Thank you for sharing!
  • From all the teenaged boys in the world, why him?
  • Awful.
  • I'm not liking this movie already. The plot sounds exactly like a book that I've read called "Girl, Missing" by an English author and yet it's claimed to be an original screenplay. The only major difference I can find is the fact that the main character in the movie is a boy and the main character in the book is a girl.
  • Voice of Reason
    Sharkboy VS. The Milk Carton Conspiracy
  • Psychgoddess89
    I'm sorry...Ovbiously Voldemort has decided to raise Lautner as his evil apprentice...AVADA KEDAVRA!
  • chilin's so bad...i don't even want to post my original comment...
  • Blackmanju
    Ill go see this sans the panties - commando style, brothas!! LOL Seriously it looks good except for Lautners wooden acting. The rest of the cast looks good and I like Singleton as a director(Tears of the Sun is one of my all time favs). Btw, it's not just for tween girlies, we've all wished this would've happened to us when we were bored teenagers.
    • Bloopy2you
      Considering Singleton HAD NOTHING to do with Tears of the Sun makes you wrong.
  • Sparky
    Lautner's voice hasn't even changed yet, he sounds like a 12 year old.
  • That chicks eyebrows are seriously fucked up.
  • Taylor Lautner as the tree
    This guy doesn't deserve any roles outside of the Twilight series. He line delivery is robotic and he only has one facial expression.
  • Isn't it funny how the trailer everyone thinks in "shit" has the most posts. Just crazy huh?
    • Lolzors
      I have one thing to say. Rebecca Black- Friday.
  • Lamar
    Eh...I'd go see it.
  • Duane
    I'll be the only absolute non-Lautner fan on this thread that actually thinks that this is a good vehicle for him. This good groom him into an action dude... and even serious leading man one day. As for my man Singleton? I'm glad he's back in the game... but it's time for him to get back to some story driven drama. I miss Boyz N the Hood. Shaft was good... but Fast and Furious 2 was terrible.
  • Dotadestroyer
    Movie looks just as good as his twilight career, "garbage"
  • Pizza1man
    You all nay sayers why dont you make a movie or try to act in one so that we can see the crap that you put out......
    • Lolzors
      They probably realize they would put out crap so they dont attempt it. Taylor relies on his looks not acting (at least not yet)
  • Gabriel O. Maldonado
    Yikes! I've never so much bad acting in so little time.
  • TTumMM
    It should be a documetary films call "Everybody wants to be Borne!" hahahaha what a ripoff.
  • This trailer seriously makes me want to by a new Macbook and a bunch of beamers.
  • Wlange4
    WTF?!? He didn't turn into a wolf once during the entire trailer? What, didn't they add the effects yet? And he's brillant, they'll never find him at a Pirate's game, nobody ever goes there!!
  • wow looks awesome but i find the acting a bit weak
  • Glen Garrity
    some people on here r pethetic so wat if it looks a bit j bourne i bet you still wach it tho stop critisising every thing you little fags
  • Chazzy
    Wow..... this... this looks pretty awful. Terrible.
  • Lolzors
    Cast= pretty good Acting= pretty f*cking terrible movie= C- rating but people will see it because of Taylor
  • Johnquintin
  • Joanna
    okay men don't be jealous!  That is what is going on, Taylor is sexy, good actor, does his own stunts and needs to develop a role for himself other than wolf boy!  As sexy as that was, he needs to evolve from the teenage high school heart throb! You are all just mad because there is an action movie out that all your women will want to see and lust over!  You wont be able to delve into your action movie all to yourself, we will delve as well.  Sorry guys!  lol  I personally think it looks like a good movie and I am going to watch it for its entertainment value and look at the scenery second..LOL




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