Watch: Trailer for Superhero Indie 'Vs' with Lucas Till & James Remar

October 3, 2011
Source: AICN

Vs Trailer

"You can't save everybody, man." Time for some indie wackiness in the form of a trailer for a film titled Vs, mashing up Kick Ass (or Super) and Saw, plus an evil Uncle Sam with a flamethrower, for some weird dark, superhero drama. Lucas Till (from X-Men: First Class) stars as "Cutthroat", who gets captured and forced to save innocent civilians in some villain's twisted game. James Remar also stars as Rickshaw, along with Sean Whalen, Nick Principe, Sophie Merkley, Jason Trost. I honestly can't say it looks good, but intriguing at the least. It's premiering at the Toronto After Dark Fest and AICN debuted this new trailer and a poster.

Watch the first teaser trailer for Jason Trost's Vs (Versus), from YouTube (via AICN):

A terrifically dark and twisted tale about four superheroes abducted by their arch-nemesis and forced to compete in a series of challenges in order to save an abandoned town full of kidnapped innocent civilians.

Vs (Versus) is both written and directed by young filmmaker/actor Jason Trost (who always wears an eye patch), director of the cult comedy The FP previously which was based on his own short. This latest film is premiering at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival this year, starting later in October (for more info). It's also looking for a US distributor, so we'll have to keep you updated on an eventual release. Worth seeing?

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  • Xerxexx the That was kinda awesome! I loved that tune playing it was eerie and chilling...the premise looks interesting and the cast isn't that bad, I may check this out.
  • Roderick
    SOLD! To Raiden.
    • Anonymous
      thats not Raiden.... THAT MOVIE NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!
      • Seanritchie_nin
        Dear God please don't remind me!
        • Roderick
          Oh it happened... It happened all over your face.
  • Brandon
    So it's a Superhero movie with Saw thrown in... PASS. 
  • Leo
    its like the movie Supers if jigsaw decided to fuck with the main guy.
  • Alex O
    I love this new sub-genre of super hero films (realism!). I hope it sticks to the same tone as the trailer. Like Super and Dark Knight. 
    • JL
      I don't think Super's tone was like it's trailer.  Granted, I don't know if there was a red band for that, and if there was, I didn't see it, but I expected it to be more humorous.  In truth it turned out to be psychotic and self-indulgent.  And Ellen Page could have done soooo much better.
    • JL
      By the way, I'm not shy about gore or graphic violence in movies, but I am sort of sick of this shit where the "good guys" break all the same rules as the bad guys, but it's okay, because they have different motives.  WTF?!  I mean, it's fun to do that shit in video games.  Who doesn't get behind Ezio and Altair in Assassin's creed?  But in the end, every side of a war is the wrong side.  I cannot wait for TDKR, but Batman is just as much of a criminal as the mobsters, pushers, and corrupt cops he beats to a pulp.  And "Super" follows one half-psycho and another total psycho as they go on a rampage of "justice."  That said, I also like the sub-genre of masked vigilantes, based in a world without super powers.  It's just more fun if the protagonist isn't always holding all the good cards.  That's one reason I don't get that excited for Superman.
  • Anonymous
    the trailer was so so but the premise is so awesome that i have to watch it
  • Deadpool-003
  • Chris Amaya
    Is it just me or does one of the dudes look like Matt Smith?
  • Good until they were talking in the car. Bad acting. But all the action and costumed stuff looks good. Hopefully its not 15% of the movie.
  • Marty
    Hahahaha, this looks absolutely terrible. The premise, however, is actually kinda cool.
    • JL
      I say it looks like a film school project.  But what do I know?
  • grimjob
    Intriguing, yes. I'm sure James Remar will be awesome. I'll see this, it looks like it can go to some dark places.
  • LW
    This is what happens when a superhero team dosn't have the Batman arch-type.
  • Typhoon
    Wouldn't watch it, even on a bet!
  • Richie G
    Is Remar playin some psycho who fancies himself as a super villain and is making a bunch of kids dress as superheros to fuel his delusion?
    • Richie G
      I only ask because that would explain why there is no superhero vibe from this at allll + I think that would actually make a good story... just came up with it there on the spot (most likely been done already but if not ye can have it for free)
  • lame
  • Anonymous
    This has a high school film project feel to it.
  • Buddyboy
    lol kickass/super meets  saw....mmmm wait for dvd
  • realist
    Wow, that is the lowest denominator of super hero movie yet. If you think this has any merit... please slap yourself.
  • Griffin
    • Damianthomas23
      u havent seen the film yet




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