WB Promising an 'Edgier and Darker' Sequel for DC's 'Green Lantern'

August 2, 2011
Source: Hero Complex

Green Lantern

Though it's a little early to start the hype machine for the Green Lantern sequel, there's already some talk about it as Warner Bros has started working on the screenplay so it can be ready in a few years. But due to the mediocre success this summer, they're going to rethink the sequel and rewrite it from scratch. Hero Complex spoke with Warner Bros President Jeff Robinov and got an update about their thoughts/plans for the DC Comics sequel. Not only do they want a new director instead of Martin Campbell, but "Warner will likely make significant changes to the [script] outline, if not start over from scratch, in developing a sequel."

Robinov goes on to recognize that the first Green Lantern movie didn't turn exactly out the way they wanted and says they're going to change things up in the next one. WB did bring back writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim to work on an outline, as we already know, but that doesn't mean they'll keep what they've currently got. Here's what Robinov tells Hero Complex about his thoughts on the sequel:

"We had a decent opening so we learned there is an audience," said Warner Bros. film group President Jeff Robinov, pointing to the film's box office debut of $53 million. "To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action… And we have to find a way to balance the time the movie spends in space versus on Earth."

Now, my issues with the movie had to do with any of the time on Earth, so if he's saying they'll spend more time in space fighting with more action, that's what I'm all for. I just hope it's not the opposite. He doesn't even mention the CGI costume, but I'm sure that was a big sticking point with a lot of people as well. That said, apparently WB does have an option with director Martin Campbell for a sequel, but might just put him on something else. Robinov says they have a "solid script" for The Flash, but who knows when that'll come together. In the meantime, we'll just have to wait and see what DC does following The Dark Knight Rises next summer. I'm interested in a Green Lantern sequel, but only if it is a bit different. What about you?

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  • "It'll be more like its brother, Batman"  Can the industry stop using "darker" as a it's buzzword tool of reassurance? 
  • Loser
    The first one was more like teletubbies in space
  • Eli
    Yeah it wasn't "edginess" and "darkness" that this film was lacking. It was "quality" and "originality." Promise me those, WB...
  • sharktopus
    Seriously, the first GL movie sucked so bad, I could care less about a sequel.
  • mrtimdahill
    just fix the suit and get rid of blake lively and the studio can have my 15 bucks right now
    • Nate
      The suit and blake lively were hardly the issues with GL. If they would just hire a screen writer and director who's actually passionate about the character then that'll solve most of the problems already. Nowadays, just seems like Hollywood is willing to attach anybody to a project just to make a quick buck.
      • Anonymous
        I agree.  The problem is the 70+ years of source material and this being Hollywood's first crack.  Just think how Batman evolved from the Adam West days to TDK.  It was a long (and sometimes painful) process.  I'm with you as long as they can choose some meaty source material and run with (and not ruin) it.    
  • Sahughes1
    im with the first post...i wish studios would quit it with saying "darker". It has become a joke now. 
  • Manuel
    Can't talk about the first one, in Argentina will be released next week... yeah, thank you Warner Bros.
  • Michelmanders
    i don't know if i saw the same movie they all talk about....i really liked that green lantern movie.....point
  • Anonymous
    i don't care if its edgy or dark i just want a movie that doesn't blow dick.
  • astroboy3000
    the main problem was the overwhelming lack of Kurt Russell
  • Whatever, everyone can choose to just hate the first, one I liked it. I say Bring on the Sinestro Corps! I expected the word "darker" to show up, with a whole Corps based on fear, this next one needs to be more of a horror/action movie.
  • norm
    They should make it so dark that no one will ever see it.
    • Manuel
      • Anonymous
        Absolutely Brilliant...
    • Blog post comment of the year hahahah!
  • Anonymous
    The actors were fine. The story was crap
  • Anonymous
    Just goes to show how desperate they are to turn this stuff into franchises. 5 mins after a poorly received opening installment, and it's "The next one will be better!". How about just not making a next one? A few years ago, the odd comic book style movie would come and go - and fail - without all this presumed continuation through sequels. But now, with 'reboot' culture, they seem to think anything can be restarted over and over and never actually end.
  • Anonymous
    How can a movie about lanterns be darker? I'm yet to see it, but judging by the trailers alone it looks like a joke. No one sees those trailers and thinks "wow, this must be a great movie", even those action movies junkies, it looks rubbish.
  • that first movie sucked big time
  • Anonymous
    I think darker and edgier means these days there is going to be a reboot... I was never a fan of Green Lantern cause the whole concept seems ridiculous but a good storyline can make all the difference and that movie was poorly executed. I swear if I hear they are going to do an aqua-man movie I'm going to be laughing hysterically.
  • ComicCon
  • Croniccris
    as nelson muntz would say HA-HA!
  • Anonymous
    If you want to understand what kind of action GL fans want, watch Green Lantern - First Flight after Sinestro acquires the yellow ring.  THAT is action. The mythos of the Green Lantern universe lends itself best to following the story going into the Sinestro Corps War in the comics leading into the Blackest Night.  You'll notices that both story lines spend very little time on Earth.  We want to see and understand more of the characters in the GL Corps and more creative use of constructs. Sinestro looked pretty good in the movie, but he needed to show his anger/contempt more to show what drives him.  The more dangerous the villain the better the villain.  This was very poorly developed in the movie.  This could and should have been sooooo much better.  A lot to work with in the GL universe - 3600 (or 7200) different GL's, the development of newcomers, the stories those past who build onto your story, the War of Light alone could give you 3 to 5 more movies - USE IT!!!
  • Anonymous
  • Lamar
     Reynolds for GL wasn't my top choice to begin with, that was one problem. Another problem was the lame CGI suit and mask, that was terrible. My biggest problem was the story thought, it was too earth-bound and they destroyed Hal Jordan's character. The ring chose him because he was fearless in the comics, not because "he had the potential to OVERCOME fear." They stole Kyle Rayner's storyline. Also how can you be a "space cop" and hardly spend anytime in space. The whole movie was just too small scale.
  • Rooneyman
    I've been saying this and I will continue to say this, Green Lantern was Rushed.  They should have made it longer so they could develop the characters, and they should have showed Oa off more. Also, should have been more fights in space. It was average at best but it could have been better. More Plot development next time. 
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The Stupid sequel is taking up Ryan Reynolds time away from making Deadpool, Which will be a Gazillion times better than Green Lantern.
  • Somnixer2
    Why didn't they just apply the "edgier and darker" aspects in the first film to begin with? The film would have worked 100 times better if they just tried, at least tried, to make good and relatable characters.




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