Will Smith and His Daughter Willow to Remake 'Annie' with Jay-Z?

January 20, 2011
Source: Variety

Will Smith / Willow Smith

Since his production company Overbrook Entertainment and son Jaden Smith fared decently at the box office with their remake of The Karate Kid, producer and father Will Smith is now looking to team up with his daughter Willow Smith (already famous for her popular song Whip My Hair) for another remake. Variety reports the father-daughter-duo are working with Sony to develop a remake of Annie, the 1977 Broadway musical about a spunky little orphan girl who desperately wants to find her parents. In addition, rapper Jay-Z (who worked with Willow on her hit song) is in talks to collaborate on the music.

Though the trade notes that the potential remake is still in the developmental stages, when you've got Will Smith and his production company behind a project along with a cute little girl with an established musical career, it's a pretty safe bet Sony will want to make this happen. As for Jay-Z's involvement, I'm a little hesitant to get on board if the musical will be going the hip-hop route to fit in with his musical sensibilities (though he's already sampled Hard Knock-Life for his rap song of the same name). Then again, making the music a little more contemporary rather than the usual flamboyant showtunes we've come to expect from musicals like this might be a welcome update. What do you think?

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  • I have an idea Mr. Smith. How about write an original musical starring your daughter? If anyone should be taking chances in Hollywood, it should be rich actors/turned producers. You have the money to take a risk. Leave the remakes for the big studios who have to play it safe.
    • Gh
      Well, he did successfully the Karate kid, so maybe he knows his place and the "You have the money to take a risk." is plain nonsense as regardless of the amount of money that you have, you are always looking for ways to expand it and leverage should have known about this if you had money...
      • Awtan90
        Oh you're cool you called someone poor.
        • Hg
          You mentioned "poor"...look again @ my comment and you will notice that it does not even have it! I said it he didn't have money; which is different! I think you don't have much either...
          • Jmifd
            fuck the niggers
          • Awtan90
            Cool. Why don't you go invest in yourself and buy some stocks in a company that sells douchebags?
      • I have to disagree about the money "nonsense" comment. Contrary to pop-culture belief, there is still an artistic side to filmmaking. Not every filmmaker is "looking for ways to expand" their money. Some are looking for ways to expand their art form, and that involves taking risks.
        • Hg
          Well, if money and not art is not the only issue here, then you're contradicting thyself by saying in your first comment : "If anyone should be taking chances in Hollywood, it should be rich actors/turned producers." why? it should be only them? People like darren aronofsky and duncan jones are relatively less well off than Smith or Spielberg or Bay ; but their works are always interresting artistically. Create your company and you will understand's all about money! loll!
  • Gh
    "Then again, making the music a little more contemporary rather than the usual flamboyant showtunes we've come to expect from musicals like this might be a welcome update." That's what I think! The fanbase of Jay-Z is huge and beyond just hip hop and will help Willow as well! Regardless, that's a hit already!
  • Blue Silver
    Yawn! I sure wish Will Smith would be original! I'm not racist, but it seems like he's on a mission to African-Americanize popular material from years past. (Ex: The Karate Kid)...and I still do not see the appeal of Jay-Z.... Anyway, be original, Will.
    • darthmaul1
      Agreed , if Will Smith and his gang had any origional ideas they would be on par probably with Phat Beach, Rap Artists Now and pretty much always are collage artists who take other peoples sweat and make millions from it. Talkin to you Puff Daddy , i mean P Diddy, i mean Didd eehhh nevermind.
  • Voice of Reason
    This sounds as good as the re-envision of The Honeymooners
  • Uberman
    I would love to watch the Smith kids make a re-do of family fav 'BATTLESHIP EARTH' with all their hollywood Scientology pals. That aside, I'd rather watch vomit dry than see the Smiths whore out their kids in another by the numbers disposable waste of film. Word.
  • Awtan90
    Nice to see Will is setting up a nice dynasty in Hollywood. Now kids without celebrity parents that can actually act are going to get less work because this trend is going to catch on when other already rich actors start shoving their kids down the industries throat.
    • Hg
      LOLL!@ "Now kids without celebrity parents that can actually act are going to get less work" Unfortunately, that's how poor minded people think...that's everything is limited out there; because he gets something, that's means less for you. When you get rich,you will understand... btw Jayden Smith CAN your point is just that of a hater
      • Awtan90
        Okay maybe they will still get work I'll give you that, but they aren't going to be in the spotlight as much as they deserve because Will's kids will be hogging it until they run out of franchises with a child as the protagonist to reboot.
  • Anonymous
    In the words of Daniel Tosh: "Hey, Will Smith! Stop buying movies for your kids and throw DJ Jazzy Jeff a bone; I think he's homeless."
  • Anonymous
    Well there goes the neighborhood!
  • nik b
    Dear Will, I would like to humbly ask you to please stop. We get it, you and Jada had beautiful children born from your perfect genetics, but we don't care anymore. We got sick of your kids during their first cameo appearrances in your films and we are done, Your daughter is poisoning the music industry already, your son destroyed a legendary film saga. Please, please stop this. It's not like they need the money. Sincerely, Nik
    • Medesign
      Smith's KK blew the original out the water bro.
      • nik b
        hahahaha ya ok, bro
      • Anonymous
        You dont really believe that do you?
        • Remix Everything!!
          Not really. But there's nothing new under the sun. The last original movie I remember seeing was Suspect Zero.
          • Anonymous
            wtf! hahahahah!!!! Suspect Zero was a predictable pile of shit! BOO THIS MAN!
    • Anonymous
      i'm with ya, nik!
  • Remix Everything!!!
    Original movies blow. Let's remake everything from 1977-1992. My short list... 1. Big Trouble in Little China 2. The Last Dragon 3. Weird Science 4. Breakfast Club 5. The Lost Boys
    • Anonymous
      LOL @ The Last Dragon remake.
  • Cracky
    I believe Jay-Z has the stuff to make this respectable. That "It's a Hard Knock Life" sample was done with such style that it was pretty much welcomed by all. Including Mike Myers. Imagine the entire movie? Besides, this movie already made millions because Jay is attached. Also: Dave Chappelle should do Tim Curry's Rooster character. Everything else besides the music will be up in the air, but eh... gotta have faith in the Fresh Prince.
    • "I believe Jay-Z has the stuff to make this respectable" Jay-Z is a record producer. He doesn't know jack about filmmaking. So no, he doesn't have the stuff to make this or any movie respectable.
  • Wren
    This has the potential to be really adorable, I think. I really like Will Smith as an actor, I hope his daughter is up to the task.
  • ROC
    jigga jay hov
  • Anonymous
    this is excellent news! its just a modern take on an old classic i guess?!
  • Anonymous
    Quit forcing your kids down our throat.
  • Future drug addict.
    • Race Bannon
      Agreed. Noooo will, not annie.
  • Anonymous
    uhh... this should have been done back in 1978 when The Wiz came out.
  • Interesting. Think of it like the Wiz.
  • ChrisC5g
    God i'm so sick of this guy , and Anne was fine the first time, this guy is so unfunny to me he needs a kick in the mouth. Wow me, come up with somethin original and creative...
  • ApopheniaOverload
    "Annie" I feel can be remade more than The Karate Kid. Because it's a musical and became an ABC made for TV movie in like 1999. How many times has The Phantom of the Opera or Les Mis been remade?
  • voodoo2
    When is he going to stick one (or both) of his brats in a remake of Wild Wild West?
  • I can't wait 'til she whips her hair hair back and forth all up in that orphanage. I thought the original Karate Kid was pretty cheeseballs, haven't watched the remake as I bet that is double cheese. Will Smith is a businessman, all the talk of art and creativity is a load of hairy toes. As the Fresh Prince his best tune was Summertime, mainly because it heavily sampled Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang, now he's 'sampling' movies too.
  • Clovergal
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Nothing can top the original. This is just becoming ridiculous. Stop remaking films, Hollywood. Be original and creative and STOP trying to ruin the classics...
  • ScurvyWank
    Pretty sure I hate Will Smith's children.
  • SapphireD910
    I like the comment made on an episode of Community, where they take a jab at remaking movies catered to certain ethnic groups and how degrading that must be for them. The joke turns it around, but that's still what this feels like. I mean Willow is one thing, but attaching Jay-Z to the music just solidifies that they want to make a hip-hop musical.
  • ill check this out since will smith is my fav actor 😀
  • Opti
    I am shocked by all of the negative posts here. If you don't like it then don't watch it. I think the Smiths set good examples for people. They work hard and are family oriented. Will Smith doesn't swear in his music and encourages his kids to reach their goals and helps them do is as any parent would. I think his son did a good job in the pursuit of happiness, I've seen way worse acting. Why put him down just becuase he is a celebrity kid. I think it makes it harder for them becuase they have to prove themselves more than a non celebrity child actor would. Lighten up people.




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