Zach Galifianakis Dishes Some Details on Story for 'The Hangover 3'

June 8, 2011
Source: Rolling Stone

Zach Galifianakis

At the end of last month we learned that Warner Bros. was in the midst of bringing back writer Craig Mazin, who wrote The Hangover Part II, to script yet another sequel to the comedy franchise. Though no details were given on the story, or where it might take place, the writer joked it would find Doug in a cemetery where everybody from the first movie, including his wife, is dead. However, now we may have a real idea of where The Hangover Part III would be headed as star Zach Galifianakis recently spoke with Rolling Stone (via The Playlist) and revealed what will happen in the sequel, and it sounds like it could work.

Previously director Todd Phillips said the third installment in the series would end the franchise and would be something completely different than the first two films. Galifianakis confirms that by saying the third film will apparently focus on his character Alan being stuck in a mental hospital and the rest of the wolf pack will try to help him escape. Of course, it's not clear how soon the sequel will come together, and it doesn't sound like the comedian is too thrilled about getting caught up in another sequel as he says somewhat exasperatedly, “I’m getting fricking phone calls already.” So let's hope this next sequel actually turns out to be the last one. Thoughts?

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  • That, actually, sounds Brilliant!!! =D
  • rocKKicker
    ok, im in for this as long as a few simple rules are followed... 1- no going through pockets for clues. 2- no wedding. 3- no animal partnership. 4- no tats 5- more tyson 6- keep it in the states. 7- no "duh" moment 4 minutes before the end of the film to magically figure it all out. 8- no asian he/she 9- get mel gibson this time.
    • We can have more Tyson - but NO MORE Tyson Singing!!!!
    • RhythmDave
       10. no replacing the monkey with another animal such as you did to the tiger with it.
    • Anonymous
      11. more chow
    • Jvj590
      More cowbell!
    • Jazz
      Well said...2 sucked balls
    • deadgrass
      to #9 Mel should be in the ward with 'Alan' and the animal could come back as his beaver puppet
  • Jez
    A 3rd one being made already? Blimey! I guess Warner Bros weren't serious when the were trying to find tentpole flicks that could replace Potter.
  • Jez
    I guess Hangover is the next big franchise everyone was looking for? It's ironic that after Potter and Rings there were several attempts to turn "other" book series into film franchises and yet the next big franchises are coming from what's possibly the least likeliest sources (Hangover and inevitably Bridesmaids).
  • Atleast, it won't be copy of part 1. There's some originality in it.
  • astroboy3000
    this needs Kurt Russell. you can't escape from anywhere without Kurt Russell.
    • Cody
      HAH!  Made my day.
  • dim2thesum
    If they follow the same template then it's just gonna be lame and just to make money. No Mike Tyson cameo, include Liam Neeson and make it be just as good as the first. 
  • TheHomerow
    That sounds like the plot of It's Kind Of A Funny Story. Are we sure he isn't trolling?
  • Ryanjennings65
    I wonder where and how they fit in the actual "Hangover" cuz it doesnt sound like they are going to be celebrating anything. unless they maybe party and wake up and find out  that alan is in the mental hospital that would work i think
  • RhythmDave
     A wise decision i think of them, to focus on the only thing that makes people laugh in these films besides the "outrageous turnings of events" .. Zack Galifinakis
  • Thanos
    No, please no. 
  • Anonymous
  • Vince
    I'm sorry... the first one was not all that good, I'm sure the second one follows right along... why a 3rd? And don't reply to this saying how I'm some sort of idiot because I don't follow all the other sheep in thinking that the movie was actually funny. It was horrible. The Mike Tyson scene was the only truly funny part.
    • rocKKicker
      a 3rd because the second is the highest grossing comedy of all time. and because they already want to make up for the second.
      • GuyFromTheBurbs
        I don't see why so many people have such a problem with the sequel. I happened to enjoy it. I hear everyone complain how it was the same as the first, and my question is what did you expect? I thought the sequel was hilarious. If others don't like it that's their deal but I really think the criticism of the sequel has gone way overboard in many cases.
    • GuyFromTheBurbs
      If you don't like the movies you don't like them, that's your personal taste but referring to anyone who did enjoy them as sheep is rather idiotic. Is that any better than calling you an idiot just because you don't like the movies?
  • Please NO!!
    I won't waste my money on the third. I won't even get it from Netflix. The second one ruined the first one for me. 
  • Crashedmhiggz
    shoot the film in the Philippines... more exotic places




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