Zack Snyder Says 'Man of Steel' Disregards Other Superman Movies

March 16, 2011
Source: Hero Complex

Superman / Zack Snyder

Perhaps the biggest problem with Superman Returns was that it was simultaneously a sequel to the first couple Superman films, but its plot was almost indiscernible from the first film with Lex Luthor attempting another real estate scheme to ridiculous proportions. Well, director Zack Snyder, the man behind the Warner Bros. new take on the Big Blue Boy Scout says the franchise reboot, which is simply titled Man of Steel will exist on its own without regard for any of the previous Superman films. With Batman Begins producer Christopher Nolan on board, this approach is not really surprising, and completely welcome.

Here's what Snyder told Hero Complex about the forthcoming DC Comics adaptation:

“Literally, the one thing that everyone can start to think about is that we’re making a movie that finally goes with the approach that there’s been no other Superman movies. If you look at  ‘Batman Begins,’ there’s that structure, there’s the canon that we know about and respect but on otherhand there’s this approach that pre-supposes that there haven’t been any other movies.  In every aspect of design and of story, the whole thing is very much from that perspective of respect the canon but don’t be a slave to the movies.”

As for working with a producer like Christopher Nolan, a filmmaker who basically brought Batman back from the dead, Snyder has nothing but good things to say about his involvement:

“It’s been really great. Chris is awesome. He’s super-respectful but super-helpful, too. You can’t imagine a more generous [collaborator]…once he sort of got what I want to do with it, he was like, ‘OK,’ and once he said, ‘You know what, that’s awesome,’ now he’s 100%. If I say, ‘What do you think of this?’ he’s like, ‘That’s awesome,’ and then there’s a great give-and-take about it, a great conversation that we can have about it and making it better everyday. And by the way he’s hilarious, too.”

Sounds like a great collaborative relationship to me. Now we're just waiting to hear more casting to officially come out of the woodwork. We already know Henry Cavill is our titular superhero, and Diane Lane will play Clark Kent's mother, but what about the rumors of Kevin Costner, or Viggo Mortensen or Daniel Day-Lewis joining? Snyder doesn't confirm or deny but simply says, "There’s more to come and I think it’s consistent in its awesomeness.” Well, we look forward to that awesomeness and especially our first hero shot of Cavill all suited up in the blue tights and cape.

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  • pppfapfpfapfapfpa
  • Anonymous
    Cant possibly mess this one up 😀
  • Anonymous
    Its gonna be epic! Nolan and Snyder a match made it Cinema heaven!
  • I think they should disregard Superman altogether, he's such a cheesy guy. All American farmboy is so 1950's, maybe they can update it a little and instead of slowly courting Louis he can do what all weird guys with hideaway arctic palaces do, use Rohypnol. I didn't watch the last Superman either, so...
  • Buzz
    "With Batman Begins producer Christopher Nolan on board, this approach is not only unexpected" I think that should read that the said approach IS expected. Between Nolan (who rebooted Batman using the same approach) and the general trend of Hollywood reboots doing the same (not positive, but fairly sure both Spider-Man and X-Men First Class don't draw at all on the previous movies), I'd say that this is fully expected news. Nit-picking aside, it's good to have confirmation that this is the approach they're taking. I'll be very excited until they give me a reason not to be.
    • Thanks, Buzz. That's actually what I meant to say, but some wires apparently got crossed between my brain and my fingers and it came out slightly off kilter. But yes, it's not surprising at all with Nolan on board.
  • Superawesome
    Snyder talks like a twelve year old.
    • Anonymous
      lay off the haterade.
      • Ryderup
        Hehe... but it's true.
        • Anonymous
          Its called excitement. What do you want him to sound like? All sophisticated with posh accent?
    • Hattori Hanzo
      "Snyder talks like a twelve year old." AND this kind of Tarrantino like enthusiasm is exactly what Superman movies have been missing. This should be amazing!
  • Yojimbo
    I really hope if Sucker Punch bombs WB will be motivated to dump Snyder.
    • Anonymous
      unlikely, even if SP bombs. Nolan is involved...and he'd vouch for Snyder.
  • Film Fan
    Sorry, but I will defend "Superman Returns" to the end. It was the perfect sequel and/or companion film to the first two Superman movies. It was such an obvious tribut and homage to those movie by Bryan Singer. Right down to casting the lead who looked strikingly like Christopher Reeves, and keeping the intro score. If someone wants to do a "reboot", fine. But Singer gets an A+ for doing a spectacular follow up to the first two installments. #3 and #4 do not exist in my book.
    • Film Fan
      ....and sorry for the's late.
    • Last Son
      I'm sure Singer would be happy to see that someone liked his film. Being a fan of the original's I hated Returns with a passion. My Reasons for this 1. Routh looked more like Superboy than Superman and his performance as Clark was bland. 2. like Kevin Smith said (The movie was f**king boring, hell X-men: The Last Stand was a better film). 3. having Lex Luthor be the main villian yet again. Don't get me wrong I love Lex but he has been done to death already. And sorry but Kevin Spacey is no Lex Luthor. Michael Rosenebaum from Smallville is way better as Lex. 4. Superman has a kid. How dumb must the writers had been at the time when they thought of that for an idea. 5. Kate Bosworth was no Lois Lane. I like her as an actress but she was no Lois Lane. 6. Frank Langella gave us the most boring Perry White ever. Perry White is full of life, full of energy and yet Langella played it like he was on death's bed. 7. The story line of how Lex creates new real estate out of Superman's Crystals is the most stupidest story line ever. Even Batman & Robin had a better story line. 8. Superman doesn't throw any punches at all. This film except for the plane scene had no action at all. What a let down.
  • Ryderup
    I respect every aspect of Superman Returns. It wasn't the greatest film but Singers approach to it is admirable (sp?). I really dug they using soundclips from earlier films and using the same kind of credits and all that. It's a great companion piece to the Donner film(s). Perfect way of doing a sequal - 20 years later. Too bad it didn't fair that well in the B.O or with fans. But I'm not a superman fan - boring superhero - and don't really care for this project. Rather have Znyder make a Spawn film or something.
  • Again, still not getting the hate for Snyder...I want this to succeed. We could really use a Superman right now.
    • Anonymous
      I'm with you, some of the hate is ridiculous.
  • Lebowski
    There is hate for Snyder because so often with him it is style over substance. 300 had goddamn awful dialog and some genuinely shit acting, even by the standards of comic adaptations. Sin City suffered from similar problems and don't get me started on Dawn of The Dead. But, BUT! Watchmen was a wonderful thing. Not because it was a complete success, but because you could genuinely see Snyder pushing himself as a filmmaker.It was a big, challenging thing and I applaud him for that. Anyway, hopefully he continues on a similar track for Superman.
    • Nate
      Snyder didn't direct Sin City.....
      • yeah, I basically ignored Lebowski after reading that. Lol.
    • Anonymous
      300 wasn't about the acting, it was all about the atmosphere and combat.
  • Gh
    My motto : Trust the Nolan on everything
  • Zack Snyder is awesome! I just love everything he does.
  • Jedi
    I somewhat agree with Film Fan and Ryderup. Singer's film was a good sequel to the first two Donner films. There was continuity in the story, and Singer did the right things to keep the feeling of the original two films the same, as Film Fan pointed out. I too have already tried to forget about Superman III and IV. I have the deluxe collector's edition of the series in the metal tin, and have never even put III or IV in my DVD player, nor do I intend to. I look forward to what Snyder and Nolan have in store for us in their film. I don't normally nitpick the original posts, and I don't mean this as a criticism, but I found it funny that the article is talking about totally separating this reboot from the original films and there is a picture of Christopher Reeve as Superman next to Zack Snyder.
  • Marc
    I like the fact that while impenetrable Superman is still suswptible to guilt and emotions like the rest of us. Nolan's Begins and Knight were great because of the human side they gave to Bruce/Bats which showed there's more to a hero than facing a villain. That said I hope they give us something showing us the toll Supes powers have on him. Now I know we're all familiar with the "all these powers and I couldn't save him" line/scene but you can still make him relateable without making him the gullible boyscout who pines after Lois...problem is I can't think of how to do it. Hope Snyder can though;P
  • Spider
    Awesome! With Nolan's participation, my level of confidence in this project has increased 100%. No doubt, that Snyder and Nolan will bring something special to the screen!
  • T1j9Zp03T
    Can't wait for this movie.
  • Anonymous
    I have complete faith in Snyder, And I'm looking forward to his view of Superman
  • Jamie
    Aronofsky has left Wolverine! Could he be replacing Snyder!?!?! OMG OMG OMG
    • Anonymous
      that's a stretch, he left because he didn't want to be away from his family for that long.
  • Jamie
    And Zemeckis just had his next movie canned by Disney, so his schedule is free!! OMG Could things be looking up for us?!
  • Snears
    Boy I would kill to be a part of this..
  • Brian
    Here I sit, getting even more excited!
  • Gieb
    Really wish they would do a period piece on this. Set it in the 40's.
    • non
      Now that would be interesting to see. Although not that marketable to younger audiences used to seeing people talking on cell phones every five minutes.
  • Phontsolo
    Don't they always say everything is "awesome"? Hmmmm?
  • keener
    For me, i absolutely love what potential ive seen in zach snyder, but so far hes never made a movie that absolutely blew me away. i love the style he brought to 300 and watchmen, and even though neither of those are my favorite movies, i feel like snyder has such potential had some really brilliant moments (the opening credits sequence in watchmen is probably my favorite opening sequence in a movie.) with a sturdy backbone like nolan behind him, i think this might be his chance to really live up to his potential and i coundt be more excited...
  • Last Son
    Forget "The Avengers" & "The Amazing Spider-man". 2012 will be owned by D.C. Bring on "The Dark Knight Rises" & "The Man Of Steel"
  • Anonymous
    The movie will be stylized The script will be written not to pander, but to inspire. Nolan's Batman, gave you a reason to understand the pain Bruce has gone through and how he channels it as his darker ego. Synder's Superman will I hope be reminiscent of Grant Morrison's "Superman All-Star", full of intelligence, wonder, hope, inspiration and show us how the big blue boy our Greek Hero Myth....And he can be, should be reinvented to fit the times he is needed. I will pray this movie...not only redefines the character's canon and iconic elements...but also pay homage to the history of the character's main concept and not be a slave to it. All in all: a well made entertaining movie based on a great piece of comic fiction, not a comic book made into a cookie cutter movie.
  • awesome cannot wait!
  • Dlivo
    I hope this movie shits itself and Bryan Singer can laugh at everyone in the end when people will remember Superman Returns as the best Superman Film of this century. Not saying it's very good, but it had good potential for it's sequel... A previous film dis-jaded, a director who had much to live up to and make up for, and a cast ready to right the wrongs... It's a shame Singer never got to make a Superman Returns sequel... Come on, we all know it would have finally delivered....
  • Kemenje
    I think Zack Snyder should always keep in mind that Superman's # 1 trait is that he flies and it is the wish of everyone that they could fly. If you remember the first Superman movie, where Christopher Reeve swoops down thru the trees to help saving a stranded cat. This was "Slow" flying and it was perfect. "Slow" flying gives us time to absorb and dream of what it would be like to fly.  




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