An Action-Packed Theatrical Poster for 'The Avengers' Has Surfaced!

February 28, 2012

The Avengers

As we learned over the weekend, a brand new trailer for Marvel's The Avengers is expected to arrive online tomorrow, just in time for Leap Day, the day when all magical things happen (or something like that). However, in order to hold us over for just one more day, has unveiled a slick new theatrical poster for the summer comic book blockbuster with Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury assembled for serious ass-kicking. You can catch a glimpse of the alien ships teased in the previous trailer, but there's still no real confirmation on who exactly The Avengers will battle.

Here's the new poster for Joss Whedon's The Avengers, originally from

The Avengers - Theatrical Poster

When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. The star studded cast includes Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Cobie Smulders, as well as Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgård who are reprising their respective roles as Loki and Professor Selvig from Thor. Marvel's The Avengers hits theaters everywhere May 4th, 2012.

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  • Slyfer
    Bad Photoshop is bad, that moment you realize Hulk should be 8ft tall and not 40ft. 
    • Jericho
      that awkward moment you realize he is standing on a higher platform....
      • Moonpie Nobot
        That other awkward moment when you realize that even accounting for that the Hulk's size is still off. Or that other other awkward moment when you stop giving a care because some douche, me in this case, just can't let stuff go. Sorry. Carry on. Have an awesome day. <---I mean that.
        • Jericho
          that insatiably awkward moment when you try to cancel your sarcasm with you well cop off.....
      • AgentKidSociety
        Didn't CW cancel your ass?...
        • Jericho
          DAMN YOU GOSSIP GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • CrusaderG
      totally! but Cap stood out for me! hes behind the others and is massive! if you're going to change the scale of things, make it obvious and to ALL the characters, not just a couple! fail!
    • Num
       "Figures Not Drawn to Scale "
  • FAAAAKE. looks photoshopped.
    • redskulllives
      no shit really i didn't fucking know
  • Ryderup
    That's one cheap looking poster.
  • Sometimes Photoshop looks terrible, other times it's meant to be stylized. In this case, it looks like a comic book movie, and I'm pretty sure they weren't trying to make it look grounded and realistic. I think it looks fine.
    • Richie G
      Seeing as how marketing takes place after a film is wrapped and it would be impossible (too expensive) to get so many big actors back in the same room at the same time when they have other projects like Snow white or bourne legacy or whatever, I'd say they just opted for the easy/cheaper option
      • Ege Sönmez
        dafuq did I just read?
  • james
    fake or not . . this movie looks bad-ass and i cant wait to see it . . and to slyfer not tryin too start anything but it kinda looks like hes standin or rubble or a car so hes not just in the background hiding but thats just my opinion haha
  • Dave
    Why are the avengers in my inception poster?
  • Ege Sönmez
    well yes, a 40ft hulk and a 30ft captain is simply, stupidest photoshop work ever, it is still awesome that tony stark owns a skyscraper in manhattan as high as the chrysler building, has his name on it and the building can fire a beam of light.
  • SuicidalOptimist
    It's so fucking busy, and the characters look so disproportionate considering their sizes and distances from each other! I just think it looks cheap. Don't like it at all. 
  • Rv37
    Why is the Cap so far back?
    • Toonfed
      Far and big
  • This looks like something I made in high school when I learned how to use the magnetic lasso tool to isolate faces and bodies. This is worse though, because somebody got paid to make this.
  • JJ King
    This can't be an official poster. It's Marvel! Is this the best they could do? They have the best artists in the world at their disposal. I'm starting to get worried.
  • Moonpie Nobot
    I don;t mind photoshop or them going for a less realistic look, but this looks like someone slapped it together.
  • Look, they didn't show Scarlett twisted with her bottom to the front. Is that a direct consequence of the previous poster spoof? o/
  • Very bad photoshop job. Downey's head is too small. Evans's head is too large compared to his body, and his body is too large compared to the rest of the scene. Lighting looks off in several places. And so on... This is either fake or Marvel needs to hire better designers.
  • horgin
    They really need to stop using pictures of Iron Man without the helmet on. I love RDJ just as much as the next guy, but every promotional picture without the helmet has looked absolutely awful.
  • sleepykid
    To be honest, it was always going to be a difficult task posing them all together. But the Cap/Widow/Fury perspective? Surely they could see just how off this is?
  • Xerxexx that is not that good.
  • beyond the weird distance/size issues, Cap needs to be in front. Thats the biggest problem. And no i dont care that Iron Man is the most successful of the franchises.
  • Spider
    The poster sells the flick well enough!!! It's a POSTER! We all know that 'Cap' isn't 30 feet tall and the 'Hulk' is NOT gigantic!!! ...As a character display collage, this POSTER does the job!
  • Marqwest
    So the mysterious light source coming from Renner's feet looks as if its now coming from Iorn Man's chest. Now making Renner look a miniature hawkeye. WTF? This has to be a mock-up so people can talk shit and read about it and fine tune a better poster.
  • Nathan
    Besides all the mistakes listed above, Is it humanly possibly for Hawkeye to stand at a 15 degree angle? Unless he's got some gravity power that I'm not aware of. That just looks weird. I can't believe this is the best $ can buy for a professionally done poster. How do these Graphic Designers get hired?
  • At first glance I do like it.... but it definitely has its share of problems and overall kinda looks fan made.
  • Carl
    I'm p*ssed off at the moment because the movie has been renamed Avengers Assemble for the UK market. :(
    • Max Renn
      And yet, life goes on.
  • Ross
    Thor aside, are any of this international team not American?
  • Voice of Reason
    Joss Whedon does NOT promote helmet safety!
  • Rain Spider
    Once again, Iron man, the center of attention and overshadows great heroes like Cap and Thor.
  • Sean
    Why don't Thor, Captain America and Iron Man have their helmets on ?
  • JP
    So every character is glowing with studio lighting even though they are supposedly outside?  Okay.  Everyone is staring at something different?  Whatever. But no one cares about that explosion that is happening right behind them?  Ridiculous.  In one second Captain America is going to have glass in his eye. And whoever isn't bothered by the Hulk's or Captain America's size probably doesn't have a firm grasp on the idea of perspective.  Can they really not get these people in one photo?
  • IronAvenger
    People need to stop complaining about photoshop techniques when clearly it's a style. Ask yourself, could you do a better job?  The poster does what it's meant to. Photoshop is the only way possible to get a shot like this and the way it's been done certainly isn't poor. All too often people jump all over stuff all too easily.
    • Saephoto723
      Do you happen to know the artist of the post is?
      • IronAvenger
        I don’t know the artist no, but being a digital / traditional artist myself I know it’s not an ‘easy’ thing to achieve a composition / shot like this no matter how good you are.
  • The poster is actually fake its a fan art. Not Marvel quality!!! 
  • Chris Amaya
    Hulk is kind of looking like Ang Lee's Hulk.....Or is it just me?  I'm confused as to which Iron Man suit is the MK 7. Is it this one? or the one with the upside down triangle chest arc?
  • gpak
    I have to agree that it's pretty cheap looking. Not because of the over-photoshopping, no I've grown accustomed to that (see Harry Potter, Transformers and all other Marvel movie posters). It is because some fools like way out of proportion here. Cap, who's standing behind Scarlet Widow there, shouldn't look like a giant. I'm not arguing that it's a cool group picture of them all, but rather weak as a movie poster.  In regards to the movie itself, I'm starting to worry that it'll go the route of, say, a Transformers movie, and just stress the invasion and the action, justified by only a thin plot centered around a macguffin. Ah well...
  • PJ
    When the world is in peril, Earth's mightiest heroes... will pose on top of cars.
  • redskulllives
    how come they all look constipated? 
  • I want to see this poster illustrated comic book style. 
  • Max Renn
    It looks like they just gave up and did whatever in Photoshop.
  • the poster doesn't even a whole.  feel like every one is looking at something different, it's not really the issue you just don't get a sense of team i guess. Anyway call me old fashioned but how much acting really goes into being the hulk, it's nearly 100% CGI. I mean I look at harry potter and lord of the rings and they were able to make normal people look abnormally large or small without obvious signs of manipulation that make them fit into the shot. CGI hulk makes me feel like anyone can be the human half




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