Andrew Stanton is Returning to Pixar for a 'Finding Nemo' Sequel

July 17, 2012
Source: Deadline

Finding Nemo

Coming to theaters this September is Pixar's Finding Nemo re-rendered in Disney Digital 3D, and it looks like it will be a wonderful experience. With that on the horizon, we have other big news from Disney/Pixar this morning. Word from Deadline is that a long-awaited sequel to Finding Nemo is now being developed at Pixar, and that Andrew Stanton, who directed the original Finding Nemo as well as Wall-E, is returning to direct it before he goes on to another live-action project. Not many details are known beyond that, but they assure us "the studio is working on it." It looks like we're going to see a Finding Nemo sequel after all.

For many years, Pixar was known as the studio who wouldn't make sequels, sticking with original ideas (give or take Toy Story 2). But under Disney, they've been cooking up quite a few of them recently, between Toy Story 3 (2010), Cars 2 (2011) and Monsters University (a prequel) coming up next (2013). Deadline's report only states: "I've been hearing for months that he would come aboard to direct the sequel to Disney-based Pixar's Finding Nemo, with the idea that Disney would give him another shot behind the camera on a live action film." He makes them a hit sequel, they'll let him make his next live-action film. But as for specific details, we don't know anything else, besides that it's apparently in the works, but not even official yet. "I'm hearing that nothing is firm but that the studio is working on it." We'll keep a close eye on things from here.

Out of all of Pixar's movies, Finding Nemo is one of the only other ones I honestly wouldn't mind seeing a sequel for. The others I would give a pass to are Monsters Inc. (already getting its follow-up) and of course The Incredibles. But on that side, it seems like Brad Bird is doing a bit better than Andrew Stanton, considering he was just signed for Damon Lindelof's 1952 project and we all know what happened with John Carter. We'll watch for updates, but I wouldn't expect to see this sequel until 2015 anyway. Sound good?

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    Yay! FINDING NEMO is my No. 1 Favorite Pixar Film.
    • SuicidalOptimist
      Yes, mine too! I hope the sequel has lots of turtles. I loved the whole surfer dude attitude of Crush and Squirt. So adorable! *squee* They're actually my favorite part of the movie. "Righteous!" "Righteous!" "Righteous!"
  • Xerxexx
    Incredible's 2.
      Yeah. The one Pixar film that deserves and was setup for a sequel...
    • I'd actually watch that.
  • nha
    Back where he belongs - but whats that someones letting him make another live action film??? Ohh come on!! He's clearly doing it to prove everyone he can.
  • SunnyViolet
    I just never understood how Cars could get a sequel and not The Incredibles. I didn't even like the first Cars movie.
    • rennmaxbeta
      Answer: MERCHANDISING!
  • John
    So Stanton reverts back to a sure success after the financial failure of John Carter. Can't say I'm surprised. Finding Nemo is one of my favorites. I really hope they have a good story lined up for the sequel.
  • FINDING CORAL! ....oh wait...
  • Scotty97
    Oh, Disney, why must you whore out and fvck up everything you touch? Pixar's brilliance(outside of the Toy Story franchise) was their consistent ability to create new and original ideas that excited and challenged audiences(WALL-E's near wordless film?). Now it seems that every property is getting a merchandising forced sequel, Cars 2, Monsters U, Nemo 2, they announced a while back that there is an Incredibles 2 coming. Next thing you'll see is a Toy Story 4: Andy's Kids.
  • The Truth
    It's pretty astonishing that Cars got a sequel because it's so popular. I thgought it was weird that Cars have eyes and talk. It worked and was very creative. Yes, Toy Story had talking "things" and that brought childhood memories which made it popular. I'm all for sequels and The Incredibles 2 should have been made by now because superheroes are hot nowadays! Hopefully they'll work on this soon.
  • germss
    uhh sequels. I like Finding Nemo, but have no interest in seeing a sequel to it. It makes me think; would movies like Finding Nemo, Wall-E, and Up even exist if early on Pixar was heavy into the sequel fad? I want more original movies.
  • Bane
    Isn't Stanton the guy who brought us Green Lantern... errr I mean John Carter? No thanks.
    • Cody W
      Did you actually see the movie? Or are you just judging it off the box office results? Personally I thought John Carter was a great movie, its a shame it failed so bad.
      • Lamar
        Amen brother. Honestly I think all the people who rag on John Carter must be the people who haven't seen it.
  • Mark Tweedale
    Andrew Stanton says this isn't true. I think Deadline is making things up.
  • Lamar
    Yeah yeah, Finding Nemo sequel thats nice. Now give the people what they really want...THE INCREDIBLES 2.
  • Milk that money cow.




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