Awesome Third Trailer for Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises' Revealed!

April 30, 2012
Source: TDKR07202012

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

"Your punishment must be more severe." It's here. The legend is coming to an end this summer, on July 20th, 2012. Are you ready? Warner Bros has officially released the third and final trailer for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises following the reveal through the viral online all day. This is their all out, final reveal to get everyone in theaters, without showing too much, and it works. This looks phenomenal. Christian Bale returns as Batman with Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine. The Fire Rises!

Watch the third & final trailer for Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, in HD from TDKR07202012:

Eight years after The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to the limits, forcing its former hero Batman to resurface after taking the fall for Harvey Dent.

The Dark Knight Rises is once again directed by Oscar nominated British filmmaker Christopher Nolan, of Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Inception previously. The script was co-written by Christopher & Jonathan Nolan (The Prestige, The Dark Knight), from a story by Chris Nolan & David S. Goyer (of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). Warner Bros is bringing The Dark Knight Rises to regular and IMAX theaters everywhere July 20th, 2012 this summer. The Legend Ends…

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  • Carlo
    I understood Bane.  Holy Sh*t!
  • Dukephoenix
    Holy epic batman!
  • Fuck Yes
  • Thehornetking
    I'm sure the movie will be great, but I really wasn't that impressed by the trailer.  Really doesn't make the film look very exciting.  Fortunately, this franchise has an already-excited fan base built in.  
    •  ... Yeah, you're right, none of that incredible shit looked exciting at all.
      • Reznik
        I wasn't that thrilled either, but I know it it will be good.
      • jah p
        What was so incredible about it? that you haven't seen a thousand times in other trailers?
      • jah p
        What was so incredible about it? that you haven't seen a thousand times in other trailers?
        •  Well I didn't see bridges exploding in the trailer for "Crazy, Stupid Love" and I sure as shit didn't see a giant fight scene in the snow in front of city hall for the trailer of "J Edgar," and I wasn't looking THAT closely but I didn't see the field of a stadium crumbling during a football game in the trailer for "Snow White and the Huntsman."
        •  Jah P just stop you know what you're saying isn't true did you see how much shit they threw into that trailer???? its pretty incredible. The bridge along was nuts.
    • welles
       I thought it felt way too hollywood.
      • That doesn't even make any sense.  Finding a good troll is hard these days
        • Terry Craig
          Naw, c'mon. I really don't think he's just trolling, I see where he's coming from. But welles, you gotta remember that the studios make the trailers and they always try to make it appealing to the masses, even if the movie itself is gonna be more of a director's (and in Nolan's case I think one can even say auteur's) vision than another Hollywood product. And I really don't think that this movie is gonna be any way more Hollywood than Nolan's last two Batman movies.
          • Nate
            How do you see where he is coming from in one sentence?
    • axalon
      Thank you for being brave enough to say this. God knows I'll be there opening night, but my god the hyperbole surrounding this trailer is incredible...
      • jah p
        I agree! what I don't get is that if you disagree with not liking this trailer, you get called a "troll", wtf???
      • jah p
        I agree! what I don't get is that if you disagree with not liking this trailer, you get called a "troll", wtf???
      • Scopedog
        And you've got a point there.  Don't get me wrong--I like the trailer myself, but I'm not wetting my pants over it.  That said, I will get my ass to the theater to see this, because I've liked Nolan's Batman films and I'm curious to see how he wraps it all up.
        • grimjob
          Completely agree. I was wetting my pants over the last one though. This will be awesome, and I will definitely be seeing this. After seeing Bronson, I'm excited to see what Tom Hardy can do as Bane. But dammit, I wish Ledger didn't die, I want more Joker.
        • I'm not wetting my pants over it either. I'm pooping my pants.
          • Eh
             Why all this fascination with bodily functions? I'm not pissing, pooping, or puking over ANY movie or trailer. It's just weird.
    • Where's the "your too stupid to insult" button?
      • Isildur_of_Numenor
        On your forehead.
    • Batmanfanyboys
      Ditto. Looks "ok" to me. Nothing spectacular. The batman suit looks really stiff in the trailer too. really odd. Looks like part 2 will be the best out of all 3 of them. Catwoman? really? like we really needed to see that character again?  oh well. 
      • bat dotcom
        we dont need catwoman who will add nothing to this movie, batman looks like he gets out of jail and rapes some bad guy in the end. 
        • Scopedog
          "...rapes some bad guy in the end." Ahh...nah, forget it.  Trying to figure this out will cause a stroke.
          • Xerxexx
        • Little late for that. She's in it.
      • drnknjbbrsh
         Maybe it's stiff because Bane breaks Batman's back.
  • Thepostmaster
    I just shit pants in excitement!
  • Zade_92
    Must... see... now!
  • Razor
    I never doubted Anne! Holy wow! :O
  • ice
    A little bit of pee pee just came out.
  • HG2012
    this trailer was very boring not very exciting at all does'nt make me wanna go see it i will because its batman and nolan but TDKR trailers have been shit
    • Don't do drugs kids
      • bassmonsta
        what do u want? everyone to be the same as you?? someone else has another opinion but oh no heres comes the troll police again. debate is healthy, you sir are have a bee in your bonnet.
      • 2nd trailer was better than this one. Just because they don't agree with you doesn't mean you have the right to think you're better than them.
    • David Darida
      Well good thing about batman trailers is that they are bad. A complete opposite of the final movie.
  • GrandDoc23
    My deepest respect for Heath Ledger, but I gotta say that Hardy and Nolan just created a badass villain for the ages! I cannot wait!!!
  • Truong18
    I will definitely seeing this in IMAX theater. 
  • David Banner
    Wow, this is gunna be one hell of a final trip
  • Xerxexx
     Bats and Cats fighting together.
    • HarryFiddleSticks
      Mass Hyseteria!
    • One has built in sonar and the other will lick you. Strange combination, but it might just work. 😉
      • Xerxexx
  • Nielsen700
    Bane's voice still sucks.
    •  Doesn't sound any worse than Darth Vader's and I'm sure half the fuckers on here define their childhoods with that movie.
      • HyperJ
        Uh-huh. Keep telling yourself that. Gosh it would be terrible if there was a legit complaint against a movie you are looking forward to.
        •  Gosh it must suck having someone talk to you with a different opinion. I forgot that this is the "new internet" and we're supposed to accept everything everyone says.
          • HyperJ
            That's rich, coming from the person who wrote "half the fuckers on here define their childhoods..." - which prompted my reply. Pot. Kettle. Black, and all that thing.
          •  What does that have to do anything? Are you saying we're not all fuckers?
      • Patrick V.
         It doesn't sound worse than Darth Vader's? Are you kidding me?
        • Scopedog
          Sounded fine to me.
        • nick
          my only problem with this is that bane is not supposed to be smart...bane has not talked until now because he was always just the muscle...only twice has bane talked...during the arkham asylum series and now during this...he is usually just the muscle not the brains
          • Me2
            That may be what the first Batman franchise used him as, but that's not the case. In the comic books Bane is smarter than any other villain. He's figured out Batman's identity before he ever sets foot in Gotham. The real Bane is that terrible combination of incredibly smart and incredibly strong.
    • Nick S.
       YOU suck.
    • Batmaneyes
      haha and batmans voice isnt much better. "IT ISNT A CARRRR" .. lol. Batman gots jokes.
    There aren't words to describe the emotions I'm feeling.
    • Danimal
      I believe "boner" is the appropriate response. 
      • DAVIDPD
         No. Its beyond (!) boner, maybe something closer to Nirvana...
  • MegaMan3k
    I didn't even realize the first time I saw it that when the bridge explodes, there's a second exploding in the background. D'oh. Beautiful trailer. Looks fantastic. This made my week! 
    • sneaqui
       Look closer, friend, and you will see YET ANOTHER bridge assploding in the background. Mwahahahaha!!
  • bltzie
    YES YES YES!!! This is trailer I've been waiting for! I'm calling it: This will top TDK. 😀
  • HyperJ
    It looks excellent! But... Bane's first sentence in this trailer is still unintelligible - the second one later in the trailer was fine.   WTH is your problem, Nolan? At what point does it move from being an artistic vision into plain nasty stubbornness? What crucial purpose does his voice distortion serve the plot?
    • Traveler
      Maybe you should watch the movie to find out....
      • HyperJ
        I will.  And what if the voice distortion has no plot significance? Do you know? Do you have any concrete information to contribute?
        • Efterklang
          May I ask where you're from? I had no problems whatsoever comprehending what Bane said in either trailer, and English isn't exactly my first language.
          • Staatz
            What did he say then? I couldn't hear him either. I'm going to wait till it comes out on dvd and watch it with sub-titles.
          • "I'm Gotham's reckoning." and "Your punishment must be more severe." I personally preferred it when his voice was less clear. It had more character. But we'll see.
          • Efterklang
            I'm Gotham's reckoning. Your punishment must be more severe.
          • HyperJ
            English is not my first language. Swedish is. But I have lived and worked in the US for almost 20 years. Understanding english is not a problem for me  - although I suppose it is possible. But I'm far from the only one having problems. Again, his second line was pretty clear. 
        • Jericho
          the best terrorist refuses to let people know anything about them for fear of it being used against them....a voice defines not only where your from but you standing as a human *you noticed how majority of the computer nerds have a tech based voice while straight bodybuilders sound like the muscles speak for them?...same thing*
        • Traveler
          Um, the fact that he's wearing a mask. Which I'm sure will be explained in the movie. Once you watch it. 
    • Scopedog
      Maybe we should just watch the finished film and decide.  Besides, Bane's got that mask on...
  • sneaqui
    Damn. Shooting up the Chicago... I mean, Gotham Stock Exchange. Also, "What are you?" Man is Ben Mendelsohn. He's not credited, but I don't care THAT IS HIM.
  • Traveler
    I don't understand all the complaints about his voice. I understood Bane fine in both trailers. Also, Batman's voice. Hello? 
    • Gmcnally
      So you say you understood Bane, can you tell me what his first line of dialogue is in this trailer? The guy askes "who are you?" Bane says "I'm Gotham's...?"
      • 839millionman
         He said I'm Gotham's Reckoning. He's definitely understandable. The complaints about his voice were amusing to read.
      • Guest
      • Fgh
        • Gmcnally
          Yeah that makes sense now thanks
      • Hotdog Relish Puppy Dancer
         I'm Gotham's Reckoning
      • Jericho
        im Gothams reason to stop hearing the sound of my voice and actually listen to what i say
      •  Hey by the way it's "reckoning."
  • happy camper
    just happy it will be over.
  • Nick M.
    Ohhhhhhh..... SHIT! Best trailer of the summer! Considering all the really old rumors about this last one, but it sounds like bane is given the voice of Hugo strange, right? If that's the case I think it a brilliant move on Nolan's part. I love seeing how Tom Hardy has brought this villain to life. The legend ends!
    • TrailersRus
      lol you should watch more trailers.
    • Buzzfunk
      *Ahm* say what? The best? not really
        Yes, really.
      • Comes in a close second to Prometheus, but still pretty fucking epic. 
  • I just... I really don't know how I feel about this. Bane's voice was unintelligible, but now it sounds like it is part of a different audio mix entirely. I still don't like the idea of a 'forced' team up between Catwoman and Batman. I am also kinda pissed about the emphasis placed on Joseph Gordon-Levitt based on a certain rumor I heard about his characters true purpose, simply because it leans towards the rumor being true. Also, while I don't doubt Tom Hardy and his fantastic acting skills, he is still too damn small for Bane. Really sad about the lack of Gary Oldman in this trailer too, as he fleshed out the role of Jim Gordon really well in the previous two films and now he seems to be playing second fiddle to other, new characters.
    • Razor
      You think Oldman will just be a secondary character based on the trailer? Okay... *rolls eyes* And Bats and Cats a forced team? Eh, how do you know they weren't chasing/fighting each other until Bane's mercs show up?
      •  It looks like Catwoman represents the "class warfare" element of the movie (Nolan's Batman trilogy has always had a strong conservative overtone,) and then she switches sides at the end cause she fucked up cause she's Catwoman and nobody even likes her.
    • kryton
      It's a trailer. "Focus" and "emphasis" here means nothing. The filmmakers are deliberately hiding all of their aces. Trying to guess which characters will get more screentime in the final film from quick cuts in a trailer is pretty silly.
    • jungle jim
      Tom Hardy is one of the biggest motherfuckers on the planet. Watch Bronson.
  • SeanJ8
    Hope is lost. Faith is broken. A fire will rise. And The Avengers better watch out! 
    • Django9000
       Yeah, with all that money they'd made, and the distance between the two films - they really better move into a cave or somethin'... 😉 Most likely, it'll be Amazing Spider Man who'll have to do the watching out.  BUT - I'll probably see that too.  Cuz I'm a sucker.
  • treefeathers
    i wonder if rhas ahlgul or whatever character Liam Neeson played is speaking through banes mask or something when he's all "Your punishment must be more severe..." ... i dunno... anyone else?
    • Acoffin
      Yes. I am positive that is Liam Neeson's voice. It sure as heck isn't tom Hardy.
  • Xerxexx
     Gordon-Levitt seems to have a large role, which is a good thing...wonder if they will make him Gordon's replacement...seeing as in the earlier trailer things were not looking too good for good old Gordon.
    • Jericho
      nah i looked up his character 'John Blake' on google. apparently since Gordon is always trapped behind a desk Batman needs beat cops that can work with him as well.....
      • Xerxexx
        I like that even better!
    • It looks like something bad might happen to Blake. He looks pretty nervous at one point. I still think he might don the mask and cape for a while during the Bat's absence. 
      • Xerxexx
         I'm kinda liking that idea.
  • Buzzfunk
    I know its just all a matter of opinion but after watching this trailer I sort of rolled my eyes looking at the fan boy twitter reaction. It sure looks good but come on, some guy tweeted he's still on the floor after watching it...I mean, no, its not that good, IMO.  I wasn't a fan of TDK ( I Know, im in the minority) and I will surely still watch it but this summer to me it's Prometheus > TDKR (in terms of anticipation level, not quality since no one has seen both). I simply prefer dark, serious scifi over this superhero stuff... I still think Nolan's best was The Prestige (with Memento close behind)...
    • Xerxexx
       Not really a minority...I liked TDK but it wore off after a while...As do all of Nolan's films...except the Prestige...he's a great director but certainly not as good as people claim. Prometheus is at the top of my list as well.
      • zedg
      • GabrielSchaeffer
        Nah.  You're both in the minority.  Nothing wrong with that, though. 
      • Scopedog
        "Prometheus is at the top of my list as well." Agreed.  Not that I'm pushing TDKR away--I do want to see it, because I've liked Nolan's take on Batman so far.  But I'm more psyched for PROMETHEUS more than the other big summer films.
        • Xerxexx
        • Tester
          I concurr
        • Well, we're comparing a film making legend with someone who is still building a name. Nolan, if he continues his path with other great films, will be a legend himself. But, his Batman has been fantastic.  Personally, I wasn't that excited about Inception. I liked it, but I didn't lose my mind over it. Proetheus is a yes, yes, yes. That's what I'm really pumped for.
      • Jrev
        Yes. Prometheus is much more anticipated for me, but I think I'll end up liking them equally after i see them both.
      • Jimmy_leshark
        Banes voice sounds shit now, was better b4, there is no way Nolan will release it like this, he's dubbed it to shut people up.
        • Xerxexx
           I'm with you on that.
    • Isildur_of_Numenor
      Agreed on The Prestige.  It's my all-time favorite film. So I'm a big Nolan fan. Disagreed on TDK. I loved it. I'm excited for Prometheus and TDKR both.
      • Xerxexx
         My most anticipated list of summer movies is as follows: Prometheus, TDKR, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, The Avengers...everything else.
        • Isildur_of_Numenor
          Pretty much perfect. I would add to mine The Amazing Spider-Man (just recently I decided to support it), The Bourne Legacy and Lawless.  TDKR and Prometheus are so big that I don't even dare to differentiate them in terms of anticipation. Actually, right now I'm going to re-watch Alien.
          • Xerxexx
            Damn, I forgot all about Spiderman. Add it to the list! Add Lawless while we're at it.
        • bassmonsta
          the avengers was pretty much a perfectly timed action movie and humerous, with all the characters getting a fair run. the hulk gets the best screen time.
          • Xerxexx
            I'll be seeing that as well.
    • karl
       have to agree. I thought TDK was to long and should have ended without the 2 face scene. other than that brilliant.
    • Sam
       Yeah u r in minority...and yeah nobody really cares what you think!
  • 91reyes
    After watching this trailer. I can't wait for this movie to come out also I feel a lot better about Anne playing Catwomen. She even sounds like the Catwomen from AC.
  • Phuxter
    Warner Bros worried about the Steam Roller that is 'The Avengers'. Release the trailer early so fanboy nerds don't go to the theatre and boost the box office further just to see the Bat.
  • sugaray40
    This is summer 2008 all over again, when Iron man rocked until the dark knight came out and obliterated. Is it me or didnt evryone and their mama went to se TDK several times. Especially in Imax. one hour of imax film, who else you know is even doing that!!!! The punishment will indeed be more severe!!!!
  • sugaray40
    Avengers is too cartoonish!  Thats the way it is! they release the kids stuff first and now on to bed kiddies  Its time for the real sh$##64!!!!!!!!
  • Anom
    It looks the same as the other two. And why is Batman always such a miserable character? I will admit, that last shot of Batwing was incredible, but I'd rather spend my money watching a 60yo Michael Keaton reprising the role.
  • bushdoc
    AWESOME cant wait!!!!!!
  • andrew
    I like how everyone makes negative comments about a movie that they haven't seen based on a trailer
    • beevis
      but it's ok for the majority of people above to go completely insane with over-the-top positive comments about the same unseen movie based on 1 trailer?
      • Scopedog
        Point taken, Beevis! That said...yeah, I did like the trailer, but so far, my pants are still dry.  Let's see what the finished film is going to be like.
        • Solo_Calrissian
          True!!  ...I was not overwhelmed by any of the trailers, nor did I want to be.  Let the movie do that.  This is one of few movies that can sell it's self where footage of the most climactic moments doesnt have to.  I'm leaving well-enough alone until I actually see it.      
  • Ehsan Davodi
    Hobbit > Dark Knight Rises Joker die soon Without joker nothing delicious
  • Jackmooney9
     It Seems like Nolan is making another classic.
  • Havehope
    Trailer was NOT exciting. Gimme a freaking break.....
  • beevis
    i didn't like this trailer. the movie doesn't seem that interesting to me.  i'm not wild about bane and AH sounds like she's reading her lines off of cue cards. i also dislike batman teaming up with catwoman -lame. i'm going to see it because i've seen the previous 2 in this series but i really confused as to why so many people on this thread are going nuts over this. it looks like a michael bay action film - NOT a batman movie.
    • Xerxexx
       The trailer was decent...and I'm sure I'll get some enjoyment outta TDKR...I will got enjoyment outta it for sure. I happen to think this trailer wasn't really necessary, awesome (IMO) but unnecessary...the teaser and the official were enough. Begins is the best out of them all. TDK was good and Ledger became The Joker but take out the Joker and the movie would have tanked. Bale is barely in it, if he's on screen he's Bats...not much required...if he's Bruce well he's shallow and all around Bruce Wayne truly uninteresting vapid playboy. Fingers crossed that Nolan fleshed out Bruce Wayne this go around. 
      • jah p
        True Xerxexx! Tell me the truth, aren't you more excited for Skyfall than this?I know I am..
      • Scopedog
        Agree with you on BEGINS.  I like watching that film a bit more than TDK, which I did like and pretty much thought that Ledger as the Joker was the film's strongest element. I will see this, because I am interested in seeing how Nolan wraps it all up.
        • Xerxexx
           Begins was a great restart, and Gotham felt how it should...the Gotham in TDK wasn't how I pictured the city at all...too Chicago-ey.
      • beevis
        i wish i could share your optimism......bane isn't really the baddie i would have liked to see in this film......he comes off more like a real-life terrorist more than a unique supervillian - i don't care for catwoman (except for original catwoman in tv series!) - AH still doesn't appear to be able to act - and  i'm not liking how batman/wayne is being used in this. hey - batman is the only superhero i have an interest in seeing in movies; but, i'm really down on what i've seen here.  
        • Xerxexx
           Optimism is hard to come by in much sub-par material makes it to the big screen.
          • beevis
            ain't it the truth.
          • Xerxexx
        • redtie
          I agree about Bane. Bane character development seems to have been 'Hey, let's have someone break Batman's back.' Who would you have liked to see as the villain? I wish Temple Fugate/The Clock King would have been chosen. Give him some limited time travel capabilities and who knows where the script would have gone.
          • beevis
            clock king is a  villian choice i hadn't considered - but it's a good one! i was thinking of 3 : 1. two-face....they shouldn't have been so quick to kill him off at end of DK 2 harley quinn: i think drew barrymore could have done for this character what ledger did for joker 3. penguin......there is just SOOOOO much to like about this guy!
      • Blargh
        It's funny - there really is a fairly large group that prefer Begins. I like both of them personally but you do really wonder if there's some background trait that makes people prefer one to the other.  Cause they do feel very different. Maybe it depends on your comic background. Ah well. Food for thought. 
    • jah p
      I totally agree Beevis!!why all the excitement?I've seen dozens of trailers, with the whole terrorists them going for it! This seems more like a Bond film than anything!lol! I loved TDK, but for this, I feel Nolan has taken the whole superhero element away from one of our all time favorite superhero in Batman. This is what I miss the most....if I want realism about terrorism, all I gotta do is watch the news. I'll go see this opening day, but for crying out loud, I seriously doubt it'll be better than TDK.
      • Scopedog
        At least you'll see it, jah, so you'll have an informed opinion about it.  But Nolan did say that Batman did have some elements of Bond (mebbe in the gadgets department, to be sure), but as to whether it won't be better than TDK...hmmm, I dunno about that.  Seeing the finished film will be the only way to find out.
      • beevis
        hells, yea! i just said the same thing to  a friend of mine - this seems like a standard action film about terrorism -not a batman movie with a unique supervillian. other than when clooney bombed as batman - this looks like the worst of the BM films.
  • Tallarn
    hello. loved the trailer, and i've been looking around to see if anyone has mentioned this, but noone seems to have drawn attention to what joseph gordon-levitt is supposedly doing at 1:40, any ideas??!
    • Oblique
      Looks like he's about to be shot and praying for his life.
      • he's about to be saved by batman, and trained to be robin or the next batman....just an idear
  • rock!!! dont think i've ever been this emotional, watching a trailer.
    • Phuxter
      How about the first time you saw the phantom menace trailer .......... Look how that ended 😉
      • rock
        not a star wars fan, never watched the phantom menace trailer i was like 11 back then and nolan is a far greater filmmaker then lucas. nolans yet to make a bad film, i completly expect TDKR to be the greatest comic book film ever to be made.
        • Blargh
          Finally a tiny bit of optimism. I agree. TDKR to conquer all this summer.
  • Max Renn
    I don't like Anne Hathaway much, but I'm interested to see what she does with Catwoman. Hopefully she'll bring a little lightness to an otherwise grim-looking story.
  • mk
    The most interesting thing is "Cotillard"? WTF is she doing here? I mean Batman never really let himself "fall" for a woman! And she is certainly one the world's best actress ever! She can be ANYONE...Surprise surprise! I bet she kick Anne's ass!
  • Anne looks great as catwoman, fuck the haters  This and the avengers will rule 2012 or and Prometheus too :) 
  • It looks alright, Nolan does bring out the fanboys, comments on his movies are like wildfire. I fell asleep watching the 2nd one, so hopefully this will be a bit better.
  • Ehhh Meh! That Trailer IS Boring!
  • Sharkman
    So the dude with the alien face-hugger thing for a mouth destroys gotham city and kills 10 million people using modern technology and an army of evil other dudes (none with alien face-hugger things for mouths), and the other dude with the skin tight bat suit who speaks in a horribly distorted gravely voice to hide his very stylish and upper crust British accent somehow defeats him in hand-to-hand combat, and dies in the victory? Wondering how this movie ever got made with a plot like that, but I'M IN!!!!!!
  • sur@z
    Had anybody noticed the Bat Craft is been chased by a couple of missiles at the closing scene.
  • Dreizen
    All those guys saying that the trailer is boring. Go back to watch the Transformers trailer. This trailer is AMAZING because it doesn't count on abusive special effects to attract people. It's a really dark, desperate, sad trailer, and it really shows few things about the plot.
    • beevis
      it doesn't count on special effects? did you see the scene inside the football stadium? did you see the scene of the bridge exploding?......and that's just in the trailer.
      • Scopedog
        Yeah...I mean, those ARE special effects, right?  I mean, seriously...couldn't he come up with a better slap at Bay?
    • Xerxexx
       That is an unfair comparison...unlike Bayformers this trailer is decent.
      • Solo_Calrissian
        Bayformers (HAHAHA!)
  • Haswell244
    Tom Hardy is the BOMB!!!!
  • JanSulu900
    Hollywood needs to reward filmmaker who does his homework, like Nolan. Forget about artistic folks and all that. You need a guy who has not only vision but technical proficiency.
  • Cracky
    I'm actually excited that the trailers for TDKR have been tame and not too action packed. It lowers my expectations considerably and then (hopefully) will blow me away in theatres. Hopefully. I just hate not being excited about a movie like this. I thought this trailer would make me do a backflip. But alas... 
  • HazedMind
    Holy shit! i was actually loosing faith in TDKR for a bit but this is the best trailer yet, i can't wait to see bane break out of that aeroplane
  • Relly
    Wish Superman ( Henry Cavill?) would pop up in the credits lol
  • Cinephile3
    I don't want to say this because I don't want to get lambasted as a troll/hater but some part of me in the dark, dank corner of my heart thinks that this will never live up to our expectations. Ever.  I mean apparently The Avengers is matching or exceeding our expectations right now but those movies (and I've loved all of them so far) have never been on the same level as Nolan's Batman series. I think Nolan is going to deliver a high caliber film that will still be great and put a smile on all of our faces but I'm just afraid that a lot of us are going to walk out of the theater and be somewhat disappointed. But I hope to all the Cinema gods that it won't happen.Sorry for the rambling. Carry on.
    • Scopedog
      You have your doubts, and that's fine.  You're not a troll for pointing out the fact that most viewers will be disappointed by the film--it happens.  There are people who do not like TDK and AVATAR, even though both films were major critical and commercial successes.  I'm interested to see how Nolan wraps up his trilogy of Batman films, but as with PROMETHEUS and THE AVENGERS, I'm tamping down my expectations.  I just want these films to be good.
      • Blargh
        PLEASE don't compare TDK to Avatar. Please. 
  • Hitmarkv
    Didn't see much of batman for a batman trailer. The pacing was off for me. Has anyone else notice that if you're in the camp of "not impress with the trailer" suddenly you're consider a troll or just stupid, like that Geoffrey Shauger  idiot that puts down anyone else with "different" opinion. Grow up. What a sad little man little man and blind fan-boy.
  • Awtan90
    So Friday when I "see the Avengers", I'll really just be paying the price of admission to see this and then take what I like to call a Joss Whedon nap. 
  • Wow, this trailer was not convincing. I liked the last one much more. It does have a tone of dark intense desperation, but the effects are doing me in, just too much. The stadium scene was so over the top for me in this world that Nolan was supposed to keep closer to reality, than say Iron man or Avengers, that I've been muh since first seeing it. Only thing I've seen that got me truly excited and feeling positive about the film was the opening scene shown months back in IMAX theaters where Bane made a strong entrance.  I've liked all of Nolan's work thus far... Plus I truly enjoyed where he has taken and what he has down with this Batman series, but the effects are a bit over the top for the tone of the series in my opinion and Catwoman hasn't completely sold me. Granted I was dead wrong about Heath as Joker. Back then I would have cast Jude Law as Joker after seeing his performances in A.I. and Road to Perdition. But again, on that I was DEAD wrong. Maybe I'll be dead wrong about AH. At least I freaking hope so. Plus I hope Nolan has enough time and a good enough script for so many characters to breath.
    • Scopedog
      Well...I don't mind the effects.  Fact is, Nolan's Batman films have been packed with them--but they were not intrusive, but they helped with the story.  The fact that so much of this film will be in IMAX is...well, it sounds like the film will look amazing. And a lot of us were dead wrong about Ledger as the Joker.  Remember the "Brokeback Joker" insults (and worse)?  Boy, we were put in our place after TDK came out.  And while I was a bit wary of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman....well, she's a fine actress, and Nolan has had great casts with these films.  So, let's see how she does.
  • YumYumYum
    So, when in this movie does Gordon-Levitt don his Cobra Commander outfit???
  • Steven
    This isn't a car!
  • Thatguyyouno
    The chills that this trailer gave me are unreal. I understand everyone kind of worrying though, and I get that people are going to be locked into their opinions that's fine. But think of it this way naysayers, when Joker was first announced and Ledger was chosen, how many people were against that? People are saying "Bane isn't big enough" I get that, I completely understand. Having been a Batman fan since the good ol days of comics I adore that they chose Bane as his villain, and you're right he isn't big enough, IF you are truly a comic purist. But if you're that way then the Joker is all wrong and Ra's isn't nearly as manipulative as he is in the older days. "Bane can't be understood, I want a new voice." "New voice sounds like garbage, too clear" Understand this, Nolan wanted to have the voice not be legible, but because of the crazy backlash he received he really had no choice. His voice has enough character and enough grittyness behind it to really make him insteresting. So please pick one side or the other, either you deal with the gravel that was before or you enjoy the more than clear voice of the now. Catwoman, biggest complaint I've heard, Anne Hathaway is no Michelle Pfieffer but she's also no Halle Berry which is something to be thankful for. Her Catwoman doesn't have the super costume that she did in the comic because he wants to retain some form of realism which is fine. She's sensual enough, and interesting enough I feel like she will be a good fit. Regarding the whole forced fight together, understand that Batman and Catwoman dance along the same line of crime and justice. So they would no doubt eventually run into each other. Finally the effects. I remember when Nolan flipped the truck, or when he twisted the hallway, but I also remember when the building crumbled or when Batman used his sonar. Special effects don't kill films, they enhance them. Yes the football field is massive and it's upclose, but the bridges look pretty legit. I have no complaints about them because Nolan cannot destroy a damned football field. Nor can he blow up bridges. Just suck it up. You're going to see Prometheus and Avengers and those are riddled with CGI effects. It's part of the business now.However I could just be a raving lunatic about how awesome this film is going to be. I have no doubts it will surpass the other two and bring about an even Oscar Worthy film. Here's hoping. I'll be seeing it in IMAX at midnight and I couldn't be more excited. 
  • Billmanthy
    Where's Robin?
    • Szkari
      Heheh 😀 good one;)
  • Tomyse
    I think we are missing a point.  The trailer is a mind game Nolan's playing with us.  Not sure how and why he does that, guess we will know when we watch the movie.  However, I do feel that he is lowering throttle for some reason, Maybe just for kicking it up full power back at the movie. Fur sure the trailer has a sub text but we still not fully understand.  
  • Loser
    My boycott of movie theatres seems to be at an end when this arrives.
  • Loser
    My boycott of movie theatres seems to be at an end when this arrives.
  • Voice of Reason
    Goddamn, I love the snowy look of my fair city under the torment of Bane. Totally worth the traffic jams half a year ago....
  • Pascal
  • Jalts4
    Looking more epic and badass every time can't wait! 
  • Ole Bogger
    I'm done with these trailers, don't want it spoiled for me! Check out this trailer, pretty sweet.
  • Tdkr
    After seeing the avengers I felt it was slightly overhyped a great movie by all accounts lots of silly jokes when there was no need for them most of them by RDjr hulk stole the film for me though any way the point is all the reviews were saying tdkr needs to watch out etc I'm telling you now I'd be very surprised if the avengers tops tdkr in terms of boxoffice and quality
  • Darylej
    meh. what bothered me was the sound. it is all over the place. when bane says "i'm gothams reckoning" its like he has a hard time saying reckoning and comes across with a different accent. and then "your punishment must be more severe" was way more prominent and upfront with a different accent. think they're taking too much time figuring out banes voice.
  • redskulllives
  • jaynova13
    I see what you guys mean. This trailer is not nearly as exciting as Battleship or G.I. Joe Retaliation. How dare Mr. Nolan try to get us excited by having a top notch cast that can actually act. It's missing a CGI created Batman yelling,"Batman Smash"!
  • Until now I have been unsure.....I WILL be watching this. OH YES!!
  • EPIC!  If you haven't had a chance, Empire posted a 13 page trailer breakdown: Commentary sounds made up from their own opinions.
  • Garl_tharp
    I love how everyone whines about how movies put out today suck and then they all go and pay to see crap like transformers! And then when something like this is coming out all they can say is "it doesn't look exciting!" I am sorry that it may have action sequences and an actual storyline and that you may have to sit through some dialog that is above that of a 3rd grader to see it!!!
  • Mattsride97
    1 As great as this looks and it looks phenomenal, there is no way Nolan can top The Dark Knight, he can match it, but can't top it.  2 Glad to finally see more of Hathaway as Catwoman 3 I do agree that Hardy does not look big enough to play Bane 4 Thankfully this trailer doesn't give to much away 5 None of this really matters as this movie will be awesome in it's own right.                                        In Nolan we trust
    • SuicidalOptimist
      Meh, I think it's too early to judge TDK vs. TDKR yet, though I have to agree that it might be pretty hard to top TDK, which is solely due to Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker, imo. While Bane is an awesome villain, I'm not sure he will manage to come across as charismatic and intriguing. But, who knows what surprises Nolan holds in store for us with this movie. There certainly is a lot of potential to blow minds with this story arc. Yeah, Hardy is more on the short side, but I do think he is broad enough to pose a legitimate threat to Bats. I noticed that they seemed to try to make him appear more imposing by shooting him in a upward angle. I doubt they will keep that up for the whole movie, but most of his scenes in the trailer are shot in that fashion with the exception of maybe one or two. He is an incredibly talented actor, though, so I have faith that he will make up for the lack of size with a great performance. All in all I really, really liked this trailer. It started out very quiet, which admittedly threw me off a bit at first, but had great build-up. I love how foreboding and doom-and-gloom the tone of it is. This will be the end of Batman and I can't fucking wait for it. It's gonna be amazing, I'm sure.
    • I dunno... I always thought that Batman Begins was actually a little better than TDK. TDK would have edged BB but it just went off course a little with Dent I thought. The Joker was - of course - brilliant, but the change in Dent's character was too sudden and too extreme. Yes, he lost a lot with Rachel, but they had basically just started dating FFS; he had reason to be pretty pissed, but not to lose all faith in humanity... IMHO that sorta cheapened the movie a tad. Dent's downfall should have been a cascading affair - his aides should have been knocked off after his early victories, then a few members of his family and it should have culminated with the Rachel bomb scene as a final straw. Also, I reckon that Aaron Eckart wasn't really the best choice to play him as he seemed a little too comical at times - almost like he was still playing his role in Thank you for smoking. I personally think that a more adaptive actor like Guy Pierce would have been better at managing the change more seamlessly. Also, the other thing in BB's favour is that Liam Neesan played one of the coolest batman villains ever. The joker was pure chaos and brilliant for it, but Rahs Al Goul was a fascinating character too.
  • Even though it's only a trailer, Nolan's films always hit another psychological level that previous "superhero" films haven't, and this glimpse displays that. I'm really impressed with what he's done in his career in general and I'm sure this will be no exception. 
  • I love the tone of this trailer, it reminds me a great deal of Begins.  I also liked the contrast of the music in the trailer with what is actually going on.   I mean people are complaining about this trailer not having enough action, but I really think that the slow and foreboding music fooled people into thinking there wasn't action going on.  I mean I counted glimpses of at least 7 or 8 different action set pieces. But yeah, this trailer only bolsters my expectations that this will be as large-scale as the Dark Knight, but also more personal like Batman Begins.  I can't wait. And to those who said this isn't a very good trailer, then we must have very different ideas about what makes good trailers.
  • batsupe
    Goosebumps!! Cant wait for this!!
  • Chase
    Am I the only one who is just a little put off by the flying vehicle?  I personally love cool CGI vehicles in movies, but I always liked Nolan's renditions of Batman because they appeared to be seeded somewhat in the "real world".  I feel like that addition takes away from the movie.  Despite this, I am still looking very forward to this movie.
  • bellaphoenix
  • Anyman
    Whosoever has a problem with this trailer is a complete and utter TROLL! There I said it
  • Anyman
    *sticks tongue out at all the trolls*
  • Suractif
     First images of Wayne : he's on a wheelchair...
  • Looks good.
  • Looks rather boring Looks like Batman Begins will still be the best one out of the nolan series.
  • Loser
    From many comments here it seems like many of you guys would rather have another Batman and Robin type movie? anyone remember that Bane? I for one are grateful we get this one instead.
  • Szkari
    As a Batman fan I am sorry to say that but... the last scene was LAME! It felt like dialogue taken out of the Transformers movie by Bay not Nolan... WTF happened? 
  • Marcus
    I dont understand why people are being so nick picky about Bane's voice.  He is wearing a mask thats covering his nose and mouth for crying out loud.  How clear do you expect him to sound?  Now i bet if he sound completely perfect the same nick pickers would say "thats unrealistic for his voice to sound like that."  Stop trying to make sense out of a damn comic book movie.  just enjoy it and shut the hell up.
  • Over 200 comments! Been a while. That's good I think.
  • me2
    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, all we can do is respect each other. That being said, I'm excited to see this one. I didn't know if Nolan and team could surpass the Joker, but this one looks like it might!
  • Ramkunchur
    I somehow feel that Henri Ducard aka Ras Al Ghul aka Liam Neeson is BANE, the way he says "Your punishment must be more SEVERE" (Severe is stressed) it reminds me of voice-over in first trailer "If you yourself to an IDEAL" (Ideal stressed)"... I mean thats what happened Ra's tried to destroy gotham...Batman averted it, now he is back as Bane thats why he always emphasises more on *Gotham* the way Ra's did, *Gotham's reckoning*, *When Gotham is in ashes...."...if this happens , Imagine may be during climax, Bane takes off his mask and we see Liam's face...that will blow us away...but now that I am anticipating it, I am be less surprised, If I was god it would be July 20 right now!....FIRE RISES.
  • cinemabandit.
    I may be dreaming, but at 1:47, am I actually seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the batsuit?
  • si1ver
    Not everything. Not yet.
  • Droprubix
    is that ben mendelsohn in the picture? he's not on the imdb.
  • Mmmmmmmmmmm
     I just gave my full opinon in this video. I think it looks incredible!!
  • David Banner
    Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt Robin?
  • Archie Hill
    I think Tom Hardy has pulled Bane off quite well. It will be another block buster.I love the Skyjacking sequence.
  • GG
    I need to stop watching Trailers for this.  Nolan is pretty good at following the comics so I always assumed Batman would get his back broken but the whole segment of "did they kill him" took away that suspense of what is gonna happen.  Note to self: no more trailers until I see this awesome film in IMAX (sans 3D)
  • dude lebowski
    Anyone else notice how Geoffrey Shauger kept calling people trolls, but he was the one who replied to and insulted anyone that hated on the trailer?
    • dude lebowski
      I also wanted to point out the similarities of Reptile's mask from the Mortal Kombat movie to Bane's mask.
  • Sdj
    goin to miss ...heath ledger(joker)...RIP
  • jesus have mercy




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