Ben Affleck Says He is Not Working on WB's 'Justice League' Movie

August 25, 2012
Source: 24 Hours

Ben Affleck Justice League

Ben Affleck takes a jab at movie websites, while thwarting off that recent Justice League rumor. The fanboy community has been on edge ever since hearing that actor/filmmaker Ben Affleck was being passed the script, in a rumor, and potentially considered to direct Warner Bros' in-the-works Justice League movie. But ever since the rumors hit weeks ago, sources have claimed it's not even a possibility, he would never do it. Now it's confirmed. Vancouver newspaper/website 24 Hours caught up with Affleck recently and asked him about it. "Justice League sounds really exciting, but it's not something I'm working on." Damn! Damn?

24 Hours' (via ComingSoon) report says they asked him in an "exclusive Canadian interview" and he said:

"I'm not working on the Justice League. One of the problems with entertainment web sites is that they need to fill pages, and that's how rumours get started."

Ouch! But true, I suppose. One website claims this is the news they've heard, everyone reports on it because—damn, Affleck doing Justice League?!—then it's everywhere and he has to eventually deny (or confirm) it. However, 24 Hours goes on to stir the pot again: "Anyone keen to split hairs will point out that, 'I'm not working on the Justice League,' a statement made in the present tense, is not the same as saying, 'I will not be directing that movie.' Affleck could truthfully say he's not working on the Justice League (right now) but still go ahead and direct it in the future." Oh boy, it never ends. But they do end their article saying: "Are you confused yet? We don't think Ben Affleck is directing the Justice League." Thank goodness, I suppose.

But that brings us back to our question: If Not Affleck, Who Can Direct a Great 'Justice League' Movie? And is there any possibility he might still be interested? What do you think about his response?

Update: But guess who may actually be interested? Moviehole has followed up with a big rumor: "Lana and Andy Wachowski. What I’m told is Warner Bros are apparently jazzed with Cloud Atlas, and love that it’s as much a spectacle as it is a showcase for the immense ensemble involved, so it makes sense the W’s are under consideration." Indeed, but until we hear any actual confirmation more than a rumor, that's what it is for now, especially with those two. While it's great to see them talking in public more, that doesn't mean they'll go for a major studio superhero project. But you never know. They are huge comic book fans.

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    Kind of a dick answer, Mr. Affleck. But yeah, they do.
  • ticketmaster
    It's also how studios try to test the waters as well as generate hype. The studios execs, directors, producers feed these fan sites and read the comments. For that reason it's important that the fans voice their opinions on these sites. That's how we make a difference.
    • BinaryChaos
      I highly doubt the studios are sitting back wasting their time trying to tally votes from commenters online. If that were the case Hugh Jackman would never have played wolverine, M Night Shyamalan never would have directed The Last Airbender, Nicholas Cage would never have played Ghost Rider and Ben Affleck probably wouldn't have played DareDevil. The only hype they do is resurrecting a multi-million dollar franchise.
      • insider
        That's where you're wrong. I've seen directors devour comments on fan sites.
  • The Truth
    There are way better directors who would do a great Justice League movie! Not Ben Affleck! Stop rushing this project and let this get it done right!
  • JBrotsis
    Not effected at all by this outcome. A much bigger fan of Marvel than DC so truthfully, won't care if there never was a Justice League movie. But that's just me.
    • Absolutely agree, plus the way that it's shaping it won't be as big or successful as the avengers, the Marvel Characters are more like able, viewable, and interesting(In my Opinion), plus I mean this movie would not be set up like Avengers(That made the movie be even more anticipated), it would just be the JL teaming up randomly(without a set up) to fight a greater evil, I remember I didn't even like that in the cartoons,much less in a film, but who knows maybe the can actually pull it off. Well Whatever, Marvel All The Way!
  • Son-of-a-bitch. Time to bust open the 7 and 7.
  • LosZombies
    Why would anyone in the right mind want Ben Affleck to begin with?... :l
    • Ryderup
      better director than ... Joss Whedon.
  • David Banner
    "One of the problems with entertainment web sites is that they need to fill pages, and that's how rumours get started." Does this happen at Firstshowing as well? 😉
    • Well, I don't know what he is referring to by "fill pages", but I guess he means "pageviews". But no, we don't post just for that sake, we post interesting content, stuff worth being seen. That was a good story, there's potential (Affleck is a good director, does work for WB) but nah. It started a bigger discussion.
      • Have you heard that WB is considering The Matrix Trilogy directors for this movie, I am not sure if it's real, but you should look into it, keep up the good job!
        • Thanks, we already updated this post above with that rumor. We'll keeping an eye on things in case it turns out true!
  • Good for him..(?) What does he want us to say?
  • The Truth
    When's the damn Wonder Woman movie coming!?




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