Best Marketing for Peter Berg's 'Battleship' You'll See & It's Fan Made

April 24, 2012
Source: Tumblr

Battleship Poster

It's becoming a trend in Hollywood recently that fans have started to create their own marketing/advertising for movies that's better than any of the real marketing the studio has put out. It happened with John Carter earlier this year and the fan trailers made for that, now it's happening with Battleship. I could not be more disinterested in this shlocky, cheesy CG Transformers-wannabe, but this poster (found on Tumblr) made by Rezaldi Wibi is the best bit of marketing I've seen for Peter Berg's board game movie yet. Finally captures the classic nature of the game and connects it with the movie, but I'm still not sure if I even want to see this.

Battleship Poster

If you still have any interest in this, you can watch the latest trailer here, though it doesn't sell it any better.

A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an advanced armada of unknown origins in order to defeat them.

Battleship is directed by American filmmaker Peter Berg, of Very Bad Things, The Rundown, Friday Night Lights (the movie), The Kingdom and Hancock previously. The screenplay was co-written by brothers Erich Hoeber & Jon Hoeber, of Whiteout, RED and Man on a Ledge. Universal produced this with a budget of over $200 million. Battleship is currently set to sail on May 18th this summer. Visit their official website.

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  • Nice poster. Shocking movie.
    • Whosphoneisthis
      Well, 'Battleshit' probably was scratched off, but we'll see if Rihanna will save the day by going commando
  • Xerxexx
    Why is everybody show confused by this movie? Its not the board game per say...its inspired by the game...I mean is that so hard to grasp?
    • I'd say people are more pissed it's not called something like 'Alien Battleship' or 'The Battle For Earth', some nonsense like that. The fact they had to use the name of a board game as an excuse to create a 'blockbuster' movie shows little effort... scratch that, shows no heart in their thought process for creation. ...but hey, what the fuck do I know?!
      • Xerxexx
         I think its the only title that could work with the film.
      • OfficialJab
        I'd say it's more creative to take a plain idea that exists (Battleship) and reinvent it into something else, than to say "I wrote a new script - aliens attack and the army fights back." That doesn't represent a good creative process. Transforming something does.
    • Reidworkman
      It shoehorns the game into the movie really terribly. The movie is either one of the worst I have ever seen, or the finest comedy Hollywood has ever produced.
      • Xerxexx
         I have little to no faith in this project...but the name works fairly well.
  • Battleship sunk!
  • McWetty
    I don't know why, but I get the feeling all of these actors have been blackmailed into playing this film.
  • I like Liam Neeson I like most of his movies, But I wanna see this fail because Taylor kitsch needs to disappear right along with Channing Tatum.
    • peloquin
      I thought Kitsch did a fantastic job in John Carter along with being the best part of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Not to mention Savages looks amazing and I can't wait to see him take on a story that has nothing to do with aliens or super heroes.  My advice would be to hold off on judgement until after you see how he performs in a dramatic role as CGI can be distracting to an actor. I used to be with you on Tatum as well, but after seeing 21 Jump Street I'm starting to become a fan.  He looks pretty good in Magic Mike too (his acting that is), and even GI Joe Retaliation looks pretty badass, but that has nothing to do with him.
      • JBrotsis
        I agree with you peloquin....tatum i wasn't a big fan of and wanted to see him gone. The turning point for me with him, was when he started to stop taking roles as "the one white dude, in a black man's world" (not being racist btw) like Step It Up (or whatever dance movie), Coach Carter, etc. After GI Joe and 21 Jump Street, and the Dilemma, he's starting to get better.  
    • Xerxexx
       Tatum isn't going anywhere...with 21 Jump Street being a success, he's here to stay.
  • Ehsan Davodi
    I Wana titanic cry in front of this movie in action but I think might be thinking Wrong
  • Ticketmaster
    This film looks like a joke. No thanks.
  • Aniruddha Chowkidar
    Saw cars drifting in Tokyo Drift unbelievable driving skills, A ship drift unbelievable anchoring skills... Battleships don't drift.
  • Brett
    I already saw Battleship and I must say it was awesome.Kinda like a mix of Transformers,Pearl Harbor and Armageddon.But good.Lots of action.Actually got me choked up with the Missouri scene towards the end with the old I definately think it was a great movie.3 stars for me.




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