Big Rumor: A Rebooted Batman to Make Debut in 'Justice League'?

August 28, 2012
Source: Batman On Film


Though news surfaced over the weekend that Ben Affleck would not be directing Justice League for Warner Bros, word on the street is that The Matrix directing duo Andy and lana Wachowski are also in the running for the job. Clearly the studio is serious about getting the DC Comics' superhero ensemble off the ground, but with the project as a priority, fans have been wondering how individual films for the team that would include Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman and more would play out beforehand or afterwards. Now we might have our answer, at least in the case of The Dark Knight.

Batman on Film has learned that a new Batman will be introduced in Justice League, and a stand alone film featuring the new Caped Crusader won't come until afterwards. That's in line with what we heard back in March of 2011 when Warner Bros. new president Jeff Robinov said that Batman would have to be rebooted for Justice League. Of course, at the time, it was also believed that Christopher Nolan and his wife and producing partner Emma Thomas would be involved, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Honestly, if Justice League is happening this quickly, this seems like the only way it could be done.

However, it would be interesting to see if Warner Bros. would try to fit in the new Batman angle with Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Stop reading if you don't want *spoilers*, but I'm wondering if the studio has any plans to try and get Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who assumes the Batman mantle at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, to take on the role in Justice League. It's unlikely, but it's a fun thought. Either way, this talk of a Batman reboot should be taken with a grain of salt for now as we don't know what the studio plans on doing.

Anyway, the bigger question is how Warner Bros. thinks they can pull this off with the rest of the superhero team. First of all, we're not sure if Zack Snyder's Man of Steel is supposed to be linked to Justice League or not. In addition, there's been talk of whether or not Green Lantern needs to be rebooted, or if Ryan Reynolds version will stay active for the superhero team. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman, The Flash and whoever else gets included on the team don't have their own movies yet either. That's a lot of superheroes to bring to the big screen for the first time without having an audience already invested in them by way of Marvel's five-film lead-up to The Avengers.

Personally, I think this planning sounds hasty and a little too driven by greed. Marvel had their cinematic universe in the works for years before it actually came together, and Warner Bros and DC seem to think they can pull it off with less effort and time. We don't really know what's happening behind the scenes, but this all seems to be happening really quickly. Will audiences been keen on a new Batman so quickly? Can a superhero team be successful without a series of films leading up to a grand sort of finale bringing them altogether? I guess we'll find out over the next couple years. What do you think?

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  • sgdonovan79
    Why reboot a perfectly good, well-developed Batman character? This idea sounds like the work of Michael Keaton and/or Val Kilmer.
    • HarryFiddleSticks
      Because Nolan is done with Batman and the Nolan Batman story is basically finished.
      • sgdonovan79
        I'm sorry you missed the joke.
        • HarryFiddleSticks
          Then it has to be a joke in the first place, buddy
          • sgdonovan79
            You are correct. I stand shamed and corrected.
    • beevis
      your comment makes no sense.
    • what are they supposed to do? In that universe, Wayne is "dead"
      • sgdonovan79
        Ummm ... if they do a reboot (as the title and content of the article says) this means that Bruce Wayne is still Batman.
  • Dawkito
    Personally, I don't care about Flash's or Wonder Woman's spin-off, I just that dream Justice League happen...
  • TheRagingCajun
    Not being negative here, just realistic: They will never, no matter how hard they try or how long they take, outdo Marvel's Avengers. Never. Period. They should never do a Justice League movie, period. No way in hell this can be a success. And they should quit talking about a reboot on Batman. Jesus... Can't they wait like 15 years before rebooting something that doesn't even need a reboot in the first place. No one will ever re-create or top Nolan's perfectness. Ever. I remember the times when a reboot was an opportunity to fix a past mistake, not milk some more cash out of the fans and try to mindlessly repeat box office glory when there's no way in hell you can top a trilogy such as Nolan's. Reboot my ass. They should just call it a: nolan-just-don't-want-to-do-it-anymore-and-we-want-more-money-so-we're-going-to-go-with-someone-else-and-oh-let's-call-it-a-reboot. That's the real title. "They" should do many things.... PS: JERSEYBOY SUCKS ASS
    • beevis
      what a fanboy rant.
    • fanboys_gonna_fanboy
      lol.The movie industry is a bussiness as in it's there to make money.They don't do it just for shit and giggles. Nolan is NOT be all and end all.His trilogy is very entertaining ,but it's not some holy scripture or something.There are other creative people about.I am sure there will be plenty of valid and substantial interpretations of Batman and other folk in tights. Also lighten up.It's just the friggin movies.It barely afects your actual real life.
      • TheRagingCajun
        YOU lighten up, cupcake. A movie is work of art: sometimes it's shitty and needs to be dumped and you need to start over again,i.e. Daredevil. However, sometimes it's a masterpiece like Nolan's trilogy and rebooting/redoing it would be an insult and just plain arrogance. The only exception would be if the movie has been introduced years ago i.e. Total Recall, which is clearly not the case here. We're fresh off this trilogy and now, since Marvel has had great success with their super-hero team movie(much to their credit and marketing smarts) by slowly introducing each character and having them interact with each other via easter eggs and end credits special scenes, DC is eager to cash in on the new trend and wants to quickly-quickly-let's-copy-them-and-make-money. Total bullshit.
        • fanboys_gonna_fanboy
          lol So much hate. And over such a trivial thing.
          • TheRagingCajun
            So much stupidity. Contradiction is probably your middle name: you're on a website that basically, is for people that eat, drink and shit movies. Also, you don't just read the articles and browse, you interact with other members via community discussions like this here. Meaning either this is a passion for you, or you're a jerk off with nothing better to do than respond to other people's opinion since you can't even figure out your own. So what the hell? If you like movies, good movies, you don't like getting reboots for good movies. Period. Any REAL fan of, let's say The Godfather trilogy, who would be asked if a reboot would be welcomed for this awesome trilogy, would laugh in your face. Money has nothing to do with this from a fan's viewpoint. Nothing. So basically, if you're not a DC exect, then why even bring the money and buisness aspect into it? And i'm sure as shit you're no exect. Which would mean you're just a loner who doesn't know the first thing about cinematography. No hate, just facts. Ok maybe i hate you.
          • fanboys_gonna_fanboy
            lol. A bit overreacting aren't we? You are full of assumptions. Those are your opinions and you are entitled to them but they are not facts. But it's really amusing how you manage to extrapolate my whole life story,personality and sure why not lets say even political views and the whole nine yards from my casual remark about movies being just a bussiness. Who are you arguing with?
          • TheRagingCajun
            I little girl who's got fanboys_gonna_fanboy as her nickname, meaning she poses a a fanboy but talks about rebooting the most succesful super hero trilogy of all time(to date) and then talks about movies being a buisness and about how money is the issue, not the movie per-say. You ain't no fanboy. We all know it's a damn buisness, but fans don't make the money: exects and actors do. Fans care about the actual product. Meaning you sound like a sellout with no taste for not giving a shit AND for not caring about a reboot being made, regardless of your political views and casual remarks. By the way, i bet you're the kind of nonchalant douchebag who voted for Bush twice and has "shit happens" as a casual remark....
          • fanboys_gonna_fanboy
            lmao. And the hits just keep on rollin'.
          • Chazzy
            Lol this guy has so many issues he needs to work out. It's insane. I've never seen someone get so upset about absolutely nothing.
          • fanboys_gonna_fanboy
            Well he is THE Raging Cajun 😉 Meanwhile,in Africa...
          • TheRagingCajun
            God damn right i am. Meanwhile at your mom's......
          • TheRagingCajun
            OOOOOOOOOh, the ultimate douchy couple is double teaming against me! You girls are perfect for each other!! The beauty and the bitch!!!
          • Fakeemail
            What are you ,twelve? Is it that hard to admit you are loosing your shit over nothing?
          • TheRagingCajun
            Twelve and half actually. Your mom seems to like it that way though...
  • HarryFiddleSticks
    So Warner Brothers is doing a reversed version of the Marvel movies? Avengers first and then separate movies of the individual characters?
  • JL
    I think they are rushing it waaay too the end, it'll be a complete failure...The Avengers took it's time especially in building a rapport with each individual character (except Hawkeye's cameo in Thor) and made it work. Not sure if it'll work the other way around...but still, there already is a heavy DC fan base and these characters already have a fan base due to it's cartoon run a few years ago where Avengers did honesty, it can work with or against WB in this attempt because there is no real introduction to character in the Justice League. Everyone knows who Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman are. Where as Avengers, most of the general public didn't hava any idea who Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury were.....
  • rocky728
    There are just a bunch of ways to introduce a JL film. I don't see why this can't work. Yet at the same time Marvel's way seems the way to go. Do the individual characters then have the team movie. End of the day I'll be there for the midnight opener. I think the JL deserves its day. I just hope that DC makes sure of their long term plans like Marvel are in order. I get the feeling WB just keeps throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.
    • rocky728
      I also don't want any part of Nolan's Batman. Don't want to start any childish debates about it I know a lot of folk love it but it's just too far from who Batman is in the books and his universe for me to see it gelling with the JL
      • Chazzy
        Yeah. Hopefully we get more of a Schumacher kinda character. That'd be badass.
        • rocky728
          Childish debate started I guess. Nolan and Schumacker aren't the only ways to go
          • Chazzy
            I wasn't debating. I love Schumacher's Batman.
          • rocky728
            LOL Well pardon me sir :)
          • TheRagingCajun
            Chazzy: Anyone who likes the Clooney Batman, is a secret fag. Unless you've made your sexual orientation public yet. How you can like that movie and wish for SOME MORE is beyond me. So, i guess you're just a regular, weak-minded dumbass redneck who likes mindless Micheal Bay movies full of shitty explosions. I guess you figure we should just go ahead and call Clooney to reprise is role as Bats, re-cast Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern so he can have a third chance at fucking up a super-hero movie, and then cast oh, i don't know...Julia Roberts as Wonder Woman, and even include the cheasy skirt? Who would be the Flash? Kevin Bacon? Let's top it off with Dean Cain as Superman. There. I guess that would be your wet-dream of a DC movie right? I hope to god no one reads your post over at DC and experiences a brain fart like you did and actually sets a wheel in motion which would see the exects call Schumacher for a little inquiry.....
          • Chazzy
            I guess someone (someone being you) has no idea what sarcasm is. And also, wow. You have some serious issues to work out. It just blows my mind that you put so much work and effort into this ridiculously long and incredibly stupid comment about something that one, you're wrong about (seeing as how it was sarcasm) and two, doesn't affect you in any way blows my effing mind. I hope you got it all out, because I'd feel sorry for the people, if there are any, that you talk to in real life.
          • Chazzy
            I never said you were being sarcastic. I was being sarcastic. Quit being so butthurt about literally nothing. And, even if I was gay, is there a problem with that? Also, studies show that a very large amount of homophobic people, such as yourself, are usually battling their own internal feelings and have gay feelings of their own. It's ok, you can let it out. It seems you need to, because you really do have serious issues.
        • ya maybe clooney could reprse his gritty neon role an sell false awesomeness to the unsuspecting masses again!
          • Chazzy
            It was pure genius. A batcard? Amazing.
        • Jericho
          i wanted the one from the first comic where he watches villain fall into acid 'he got what he deserved'....
      • quest
        i agree..although i like the Nolan's Batman. in JLA, Batman is one of the three BIG member along with superman and wonder woman..even if he doesn't have super power, other super hero respect him (even superman).. ref. Identity Crisis and Tower of Babel
  • beevis
    i'd like to see a justice league movie. of course, i was excited for a "fantastic four" movie; and, those were horrible. if they do a JL movie, i don't think there HAS to be seperate films for each of the superheros involved.
    • Boss_Jones
      I agree with you Beevis. Like I said in my post, they could do a JL movie in 2-3 years. It could fall in soon after Man of 1-2 more movies on top of that just for some build-up and there ya go. But it has to be really good quality because you're gonna have a lot of heroes flying around and doing some amazing stuff on land, sea (if they bring in Aquaman), and air.
      • beevis
        on a side note - if there is a JL movie - there HAS to be action underwater with AM! i agree completely. i grew up loving fantastic 4 and justice league. (batman was my favorite stand-alone super hero). other than the batman movies, i've never been real thrilled with any other superhero films (never liked iron man, x-men movies and avengers was "meh"). i was very disappointed at how bad the FF movies were so i'm hoping for some high-quality JL action!
  • Tom Gruber
    I think that one thing and one thing only will determine whether or not a Justice League movie is a hit... how good the movie is. Period. I disagree that Wonder Woman and Flash need their own solo movies first before a JL movie can work. I think it is good that the Dark Knight trilogy has come to an end, though I believe that all 3 Nolan films were masterpieces. Also, I do not think the Superman of The Man of Steel and the Batman of the upcoming rebooted Batman series should be the same as the Superman and Batman of the Justice League movie.
  • kapow!
    Actually, Batman and Superman are already established in the movie world. Word is Wonder Woman might show up or at least be referenced in Man of Steel. Green Lantern wasn't a huge hit but you cannot write off $200 million in box office. At least moviegoers now know who he is. I should also mention that Avengers starred what used to be Marvel's B-List superheroes (Spiderman, their big kahuna, is owned by Sony studios and couldn't be included). So Marvel really had to introduce their lesser known superheroes with individual movies. Not so with DC. Everyone knows who Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman is. The Trinity is iconic. People would line up to see those three alone. Throw in Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Aquaman and sell even more tickets. Advance buzz on the Justice League script is positive. The film is a guaranteed blockbuster. It will also help launch solo movies for Wonder Woman and Flash, hopefully the rest, too.
    • quest
      true..or they can make the opposite, make JLA first then make the other solo movies that will reference to event in previous movie,,i think that will be great..
  • JappaB12
    I think if they play their cards right at and the TLC needed they can start off the JL and desperate into individual movies and maybe be equal to the avengers maybe but also Chris Nolan's batman was amazing don't get me wrong that trilogy was superb BUT it also wasn't how do u say just batman it felt much like a crime drama with masked villains the first and third one connected felt like a destroytake over the city crime and the 2nd one ( the best) felt like gangs take over the city with a little chaotic help. Now if they rebooted batman he would have to be genuinely different from Chris Nolan's and he can because he won't be in a crime ridden city he will be worldly.....B-)
  • rocky728
    I swear I recall reading that a Wonder Woman and Flash scripts were in the works. Was this abandoned? anyone know?
    • kapow!
      The Flash script is done, I believe. But not greenlit. And back in June, Warner Bros hired a guy who wrote one of the Harry Potter movies to pen Wonder Woman.
      • rocky728
        Thanks. I knew I had read something to that effect.. Fingers crossed hoping they get it right As much as I love the Avengers and Marvel I still want a proper JL film. It's the big original team, the first I ever saw in cartoons so it has a special place in my heart
  • Mike
    I'd feel better if they'd do individual movies first, but to say it will fail when we know nothing of DC's plans is a bit premature. I'd have movies for flash, Martian manhunter, wonder woman and supes, then JL. Then instead of justice league batman, I'd create a batman beyond solo franchise. So different feel, but you'd still get a justice league and a different batman.
  • Illithid Dude
    I know that Nicholas Winding Refn reaaaalllly wanted to make a Wonderwomen movie. Perhaps, maybe, possibly, he is in the running to direct Justice League? A man can dream.... For this movie to succeed, the director has to be unorthadox, different, like Nolan was for Batman and Whedon was for Avengers. NWR would fit this bill perfectly. And if not NWR, then there are plenty of other artsy, yet still mainstream enough (AKA not Gasper Noe) to direct Justice League. Alfonso Cuaron? Children of Men has become a cult hit, and shows that he isn't above sci-fi, while also being a brilliant movie. Guillermo Del Toro? He is already doing Pacific Rim for WB, which shows they have enough faith in him to direct a big budget spectacle movie. Pans Labyrinth also shows that Del Toro can make a damn good movie in the critical sense as well. I dunno. There are lots of good options.
  • Hero 004
    I think it is a good move to do a Justice League film first and then have a new Batman movie spin off from that. That way audiences don't have as much reboot fatigue and can see a new cinematic batman before the next solo film. Instead of having to back track and set things up with the first new batman movie, the justice league movie can set things up instead. This would work because we would be seeing a team player batman in Justice league, then those traits would continue in the spinoff film because hopefully it will feature an established supporting "bat-family" like Dick Grayson (and/or the other robins), batgirl, etc. I hope that Man of Steel leaves itself open to being in the same universe as the potential justice league film, which seems pretty likely based on Snyder's comments at SDCC 2012. With Hal Jordan I would be game either way. I think the option of re-casting him for the Justice League film would be a good one, giving us a tough-guy version of the character like in the comics. Josh Holloway would be my pick if I were casting director. If they went that direction then a rebooted Green Lantern film that spins off of Justice League could happen eventually, after the other characters to avoid confusion and allow time to forget about Martin Cambell's movie. The option of keeping Ryan Reynolds on board for Justice League would be fine too. Green Lantern was very unentertaining, but it followed the mythology so well (besides Parallax) that it would add to the mythology of the whole thing. I'd be willing to give Reynolds another chance even though the thought of Green Lantern being the launch film for the DC cinematic universe is kind of lame. I'm still really pulling for a Flash movie. By now the script certainly exists but the failure of Green Lantern probably put it back on the shelf for a while. I think that would be a good one to accompany Man of Steel as a set up movie. Whatever ends up happening, Warner Bros. needs to make their minds up. They don't seem to want to take any big risks or come up with a calculated plan. I can't wait for Man of Steel and I love Batman, but I don't want to see another Batman movie or Man of Steel sequels before I see Justice League. Those two money-makers will be in Justice League, audiences wont miss them before then, so stop putting all your eggs in those baskets, WB. The DC universe is such a rich and brilliant sci-fi/fantasy mythology and its time movie goers got a taste of the rest of its characters.
  • Brigador Stamback
    I REALLY need a live-action Justice League movie in my life. But I am willing to wait another 20 years along as they pull if respectfully.
  • Hattori Hanzo
    Look, Marvel has the super hero movie down pat. If DC wants in on the box office, skip a half assed Justice League movie that could never compete with The Avengers and concentrate on making top notch movie versions off Sgt. Rock and Turok instead.
  • Smart move. Don't need a Batman reboot. Just bring him in JL and see what develops out of that.
  • happy camper
    JGL is to little to be Batman.
    • Jericho
      he's the same height as Michael Keaton and two inches shorter than Christian Bale...but in an off shoot 'aren't you a little short to be a Batman?'
  • Billybob
    Tie in Man of Steel, Green Lantern, Arrow, and Dark Knight into the movie. Have JGL play Batman, kill off Ryan Reynolds in the movie for your death scene and bring in Jon Stewert. Introduce Wonder Woman and The Flash in the Arrow TV show. You can mail me a check WB.
    • Jericho
      would you want it signed out as Billybob or Genius?
  • LosZombies
    God this is something that should have started YEARS ago... It seems like WB is desperate on matching The Avengers that I have a gut feeling theyre gonna deliver nothing but a rushed, half-assed pile of crap. JL needs a director who has enough balls to say "No." and stay true to the comics for sure, Wachowskis seem to be the right guy/gal for the job.
  • ChrisIlls
    If they reboot Batman I think they should use the Batman from the Arkham games as inspiration and tone for the DC universe on screen. Zack Snyder's Superman will be heavily influenced by Nolan, in terms of focusing on realism. Avengers showed that it shouldn't be just one approach, it needs to be realistic, a lit bit camp in places, funny, and not afraid to totally embrace the craziness of a comic book universe.
  • Steven
    Going to kinda daft to have a new Superman (maybe series) without having that version in JL. The only way JL will work is by having Joseph Gordon-Levit as Batman, which would be an interesting as he would need to live-up to the expectation of what the Batman is capable of doing.
  • timnimbus
    I dont think starting out with a justice league is a good idea. There is just too many characters to introduce. They should show the new batman in the justice league and maybe the new superman (if they decide not to spin off of Zach Snyders). Have Wonder Woman solo movie and the Flash solo movie. Green lantern should be brought in or invited into the league at the end of a Green Lantern two sequel. Then have a spin off of the new batman if is a success.. How it should happen... Having batman and superman meet eachother for the first time is pretty epic by itself. Because batman is a loner and doesn't trust anyone, it would set them off against eachother at first for whatever situation came up that involved both of them having to work together. The rest of the league members such as Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern would all of course disagree with eachother towards the beginning like how they did in avengers. Wonder Woman is a total man hater. LOL! One thing they need to have in the league movie is Flash be funny. Flash has always relieved the tention between the other leaguers. Green lantern would just be serious all the time being that he comes from that military background. But still a decent strategest. I vote Darkseid as the villon!! LOL! Regardless of what happens I will be there opening night..
  • TheRagingCajun
    A movie is a work of art: sometimes it's shitty and needs to be dumped and you need to start over again,i.e. Daredevil. However, sometimes it's a masterpiece like Nolan's trilogy and rebooting/redoing it would be an insult and just plain arrogance. The only exception would be if the movie has been introduced years ago i.e. Total Recall, which is clearly not the case here. We're fresh off this trilogy and now, since Marvel has had great success with their super-hero team movie(much to their credit and marketing smarts) by slowly introducing each character and having them interact with each other via easter eggs and end credits special scenes, DC is eager to cash in on the new trend and wants to quickly-quickly-let's-copy-them-and-make-money. Total bullshit.
  • I loved Batman begins and The dark knight but rise didn't match the Batman i know and love. batman doesn't quit retire or go on Holiday with catwoman, they need to reboot batman, continue GL see how the new superman works out and then go for a JL movie and either add Flash and wonderwomen in or start there own movies
  • Boss_Jones
    I don't think they really need a 5 movie build-up, per se. If they do it right, they could really just jump into it soon after Man of Steel. A JL movie could be in theaters within the next 2-3 years instead of 4-5 years. Fans like me are so ready to see the JL on the big screen. They just need to make sure it's quality work. Keep Reynolds on as Green Lantern and the same Sinestro. Bring in their new Batman and just somehow tie all of them in together just like Marvel did with their characters. They could even double up on the characters in a few movies and boom...lead into a JL movie. But if they can't produce good quality within 2-3 years, then they'd better play it safe and do the 5-6 movie build-up. I just hope however they do it, it's very similar to Warner Bros Justice League animated series that was on Cartoon Network. It doesn't get any better than that.




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