Can You Identify All of the Heroes from the Superhero Film Alphabet?

April 23, 2012
Source: Geekologie

Superhero Film Alphabet

If you've been reading for a little while, then you may have been part of the fun in figuring out various decades of the film alphabet, and even some of the ABC's of horror and sci-fi. Now artist Stephen Wildish has taken the time to craft yet another journey through letters, but this time assembling a bunch of superheros that would make The Avengers blush. Though previous installments have had some challenges with the minimal drawings, especially with sparsely used letters like "Z" and "X," The Superhero Film Alphabet doesn't seem to be as difficult. But there are definitely some tricky letters in there. Look below!

Here's Stephen Wildish's Superhero Film Alphabet from his Tumblr via Geekologie:

Superhero Film Alphabet

Try your hand at guessing in the comments below! Answers will show up at Wildish's Tumblr eventually, and you can also buy your very own print of The Superhero Alphabet over at Red Bubble! Cool, right?

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  • Phillip Gockel
    Bah, I'm really starting to get tired of these poorly illustrated infograhics and alphabet match ups. Maybe I'm in the minority, but they're really getting on my nerves.
    • Thomas Stalcup Jr
      wanna get that sand out of your vagina TA?
      • Max Renn
        I'm glad you're into recycling... your own comments.
    • Geoffrey Shauger
      Try reading about what's going on in the world and then get back to us about how much trivial stuff like this gets on your nerves
      • Phillip Gockel
        Yeah, I know right? It's so terrible when people have opinions on things in a forum and feel the need to post a comment. Oh wait.
        • Thomas Stalcup Jr
          yeah, like eating pho out a popcorn bowl!
    • greedo
      Why do you think they are poorly illustrated?  I think they're fine for what they are.  
      • Phillip Gockel
        If this were just a quick mock up created as a layout, sure, but the line work is just sloppy illustrator rotoscoping with no real finesse. Some of the images seem to have been more well planned out, but others, especially with the hair, seem to be very haphazardly thrown together. I suppose I'd judge this differently if it was some largely anonymous internet meme, but the guy is clearly using it as a calling card to get you to his site as well. If this is your declared profession, I'll judge you against what a professional should be.
        • Mordrero
          I guess a hater has to hate.
  • TheLaughingMan
    Damn i got them all but Z,but Quick Silver hasn't been in a movie.Guess they didn't have anything for Q.
  • TheLaughingMan
    ZOOM duh lol!
  • TheLaughingMan
    Oh and Yellowjacket too.
  • Nick Sears
    Kind of pushing it with Venom.. as for all I know.. isn't really a live action superhero movie with that title... right?
    • Matthew South
       Apparently there is one in the works.
  • happy camper
    Adult Film Industry Alphabet next please...
  • sgdonovan79
    Meteor Man and Orgazmo made the list? Excellent!
  • Ben
    I don't like the inconsistency of this one. Some are the characters names, some are the comic/film they belong too.
    • cuthbert51
      They really aren't as far off as you are seeming to imply. The only ones I see that don't represent a movie that the person was in and not the character themselves is Quicksilver (who as far as I know only had an uncredited cameo on Xmen: Wolverine) and Venom (though film long in works). Amazing Spider-Man Batman Captain America Daredevil Elektra Fantastic Four Green Lantern Hellboy Iron Man Jonah Hex Kick-Ass League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Meteor Man Nick Fury Orgazmo Punisher Quicksilver Robocop Superman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Unbreakable Venom Watchmen X-Men Yellowjacket Zoom
      • Alex Townsend
         Nice work. Mind you, "Kick-ass" is actually Hit-Girl, which is annoying, to say the least. :-)
        • Phillip Gockel
          And "Fantastic Four" is actually the Thing in all his clobberin' goodness. I think it's supposed to be film names, but I agree, 'tis a bit weird.
          • Daniel Vu Tran
            yup, these two specifically. lol.
  • Candle_Wick
    Damn, totally didn't get the LXG one which, thinking about it, is maybe no bad thing.
  • M.K. Nielsen
    O was hilarious.




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