Check Out a Cool Fanmade Trailer for a Live-Action 'Captain Planet'

August 14, 2012
Source: ScreenRant

Captain Planet

Shortly after word came last July that Cartoon Network and Transformers franchise producer Don Murphy and his Angry Filmworks production banner had announced development of a live-action feature film adaptation of the environmentally sound 90's cartoon series Captain Planet, the folks at Funny or Die took a stab at it with Don Cheadle as the green mulleted environmentalist hero. But now a more serious take on the hero has surfaced in the form of a fanmade trailer for a film that sees the Planeteers forced to call upon Captain Planet after ten years of being estranged. There are some great moments here, so fire it up!

Here is Jay Diaz's fan-made trailer for a live-action Captain Planet movie, found via ScreenRant:

While it's not a mind-blowing piece of work, there are some phenomenal trailer moments, especially once the Planeteers combine their powers to summon Captain Planet. The shots for Earth and Fire are just spectacular, and even though Captain Planet is hard to take serious with that mullet (a feature that will likely be changed if a studio based live-action film takes off), he still looks like a hard ass. In all honesty, a tongue-in-cheek, but R-rated film in the same vein as Hobo with a Shotgun or Black Dynamite would be a blast, mainly because the cartoon's audience is old enough for that kind of humor now. However, from Cartoon Network, we'll probably end up with something for kids of all ages. Cool trailer though, right?

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  • My childhood demands this movie to be made... Just no Michael Bay.
  • Cody W
    Haa @ the acting, this would make the greenpeace nerds wet there panties eh?
  • downvotethiscomment
    o.k. for a fan made thingy I guess but as a "serious" movie it would just be retarded imo.I liked the cartoon as a kid but it would need a whole lot of adjusting to work as a movie which would mean changing a lot of core stuff which would make fans unhappy which would render the whole enterprise pointless.Also Captains outfit looks seriously gay in a bad way.
    • Biya
      They could fix that outfit. They could also make Ma-Ti younger.
    • Biya
      I know some fans won't mind if they adjust a few core stuff as long as the basic plot line and pairings are the same.
  • Lamar
    OK. I'm in.
  • timberly jones
    Has nothing on Cheadle's. "I did it."
    • Biya
      You said it bro!
  • who's the chick in the blonde wig? I swear she looks like a porn star who's work I've "enjoyed"
    • cougsfan14
      its lisa anne
  • Sean
    How were the Earth and Fire moments "spectacular"? Looks like a bad After Effects job. And the acting...hahahahaha.
  • BinaryChaos
    You can't top Don Cheadle, lol. I'm not sure if this trailer was meant to be taken seriously or just for a good laugh. I do like the effort they put into it but it ultimately looked cheesy and very amateurish.
  • redskulllives
  • Jill
    IMHO that could actually work as a live action movie. I like the idea of the former kids as grown-ups with more experience and emotional "luggage". Bring it on!
  • Stavi
    Aww, removed for being "commercially deceptive". Stupid Tubetards don't know how to read decsriptions...
  • Ry GUY
    it's gone. Anyone know of a different URL?
  • Here's the new link!
  • Rob The VIking
    Hahaha for it being fan made, it actually looks alright. Cheesy, but alright. The right film makers could make it epic mm/
  • "Human TREE!"
  • LSP
    Wasn't bad except they picked the worse person for Captain Planet. Geez...kinda enjoyed everything else. Might even enjoy a real TV movie.
    • Biya
      Yeah the guy wasn't bad looking but they made him look psycho and the outfit is g a y in a gay way. They should give him a hipster look instead. They should make Ma-Ti young & cute. Then pair Kwami/Gi together too. And why doesn't Gi, Ma-Ti, Kwami, & Linka look like they came from a country other than the US? I'm guessing this is post Soviet Union but Russia and the Satalite States still suffer some consequences from the communist days.
    • Biya
      And yea, they should make a TV series out of it or a TV movie. That might work better. They can even make it serious but add more drama. But it'd be better if it wasn't serious, atleast some of the cheesiness could go.
  • obloodyhell
    Captain Planet -- one of the most anti-environmental concepts ever to exist, fashioned as an environmental teaching. Yes, by all means -- let's teach kids (as we did the older ones with things like "Band Aid" and "We Are The World") that the REAL solutions to the REAL problems are all simple and easy, cost almost nothing, and are, gosh darnit, even FUN. There's no pain, cost or actual SACRIFICE needed to accomplish Great Things, you can do it with a PARTY!!! "I know, Judy... Let's have a BARN DANCE!!!" So in the end several things occur. The kids pay for a lame party, most of the money gets sucked off into the hands of promoters, and what's left is ill-directed towards the problem it was supposed to address, and winds up in the hands of crooks and charlatans mostly (including some dictators, if the money is large enough), because, well, NO ONE WHO CARES IS PAYING ATTENTION ANY MORE!! And even if they are, they're probably fairly idealistic types who have no grasp of how the shysters and crooks of the world work (see Geldoff, Bob), and they still get taken for the most part -- because In the REAL WORLD you can't solve REAL problems by simply throwing money at them. The kids go off feeling GREAT about how MUCH they did -- Gasp!! They had a PARTY!!! -- to promote their "thing". And in the end, no one actually does any of the REAL work involved in actually solving REAL problems in the REAL world. Ergo, less gets done than might have, because everyone can say, "But... but, I *GAVE* already!!!" MmmmmmHMMMM, give me more o' that Captin Plannit!!




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