Christopher Nolan's Next is an Original Idea Featuring Michael Caine

July 10, 2012
Source: Empire

Christopher Nolan and Michael Caine

While much of the talk surrounding Christopher Nolan leading up to the release of The Dark Knight Rises next week has been about what he won't be doing (directing another Batman film or even producing a new version for Justice League), now we have a small thread on what Nolan is preparing to follow his conclusion to the Dark Knight legend. In speaking with Empire, the incomparable Michael Caine talked about his thoughts on Nolan leaving behind the Batman franchise and agreed with his decision to walk away from the comic book hero saying, "He's got to go on." But it's what he said next that's really interesting.

Caine went on to say, "He's got some other idea, and I'm in it! I've been in everything he's done since he's been in Hollywood. We're each others' good luck charms. I always say to him, 'I'm not your good luck charm, you are mine!'" That sounds like Nolan has another original film, much like his last break between Batman movies, the mind-bending Inception, and he'll be bringing Caine along for the ride. It only makes sense since Caine has been in every Nolan film since Batman Begins in 2005. The question is what kind of story Nolan will take on next. He's notoriously secretive when it comes to any of his films, and even moreso with his original ideas, so we'll be waiting with great anticipation for any solid details.

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  • SuicidalOptimist
    This makes me so happy!
  • Jermaine Dupree
    This. Is. Not. A. Story.
    • grimjob
      Too. Much. Punctuation.
        William .Shatner.Grammar.
  • True enough, this isn't a story, but to know that one of the coolest, most interesting directors in Hollywood is coming up with another original (to go nicely with "Memento" and "inception") featuring one of movie history's greats is enough to elicit a comment on a well liked blog such as this. I'm REALLY looking forward to this one.
    • SuicidalOptimist
      Something original sure would be pretty sweet. But, I have to say, I also wouldn't care if it was an adaptation of something, either, if it's gonna turn out as beautiful as The Prestige.
      • Ah, "The Prestige"... still Nolan's finest, IMHO. Which other book or property would we like to see him adapt (you know, to make up for the only ok "Insomnia")? How about "Insomnia", the Stpehen King novel? :) 2012/7/10 Disqus
        • Squiggly_P
          You might wanna revisit Insomnia, cause that's a damn well-made movie. It's not his best movie or anything. It's probably the worst thing he's made, really, but Nolan's worst movie is better than 95% of the movies that get pumped out every year. I rewatch all of his films at least once every year, and there's not a single one that isn't at least above average. Even "Following" is an above-average movie and very smartly made within his limitations at the time.
          • I cannot contradict anything you just said except for "Following" --and that's just because I haven't seen it. :) I like that, watching all his films at least once a year; sounds like a new tyradition for me! 2012/7/11 Disqus
  • David
    I think Caine was half-kidding around. But Nolan probably does have some interesting new idea and I wouldn't be surprised if Caine ends up in it.
    • Scopedog
      Agreed. Now, I'm not in the Church of Nolan, but I strongly respect the man and his skills. Granted, it's going to be interesting to see where he goes after Batman, but hell, it isn't like he's going to stop making films. We'll see what he's got cooking, when he chooses to reveal it.
  • Woooohoooo!
  • Danimal
    Breaking News: Director Christopher Nolan will make a new movie sometime in the near future. Slow day at the office I presume 😉
  • BeepBeepRichie
    Michael Caine: Nolan's John Ratzenberger. Also, Inception's concept was borrowed from a "DuckTales" episode...not original.
    • SuicidalOptimist
      Why you gotta be such a rain-on-parader, Tozier?
      • BeepBeepRichie
        HaHA. Cause I'm a trashmouth. (1 like for the character reference; well done.)
    • BinaryChaos
      Which episode was this? I think every cartoon show has a dream sequence like Batman the animated series where Mad hatter put him in a dream world through a device where his parents were still alive.
      • BeepBeepRichie
        I don't remember which episode, but it was also a DuckTales comic titled "Dream of a Lifetime." Nothing original about Inception's concept.
        • exophobe
          Though it seems likely that Inception is far better crafted than an episode of DuckTales, if nothing else I have to guess the characters are more believable in Inception, you know, since they're not talking ducks. :)
  • hawk99
    Honestly, as much as I LOVE his Batman movies, I'm excited to hear it's an original idea/story. Loved Inception and everything else he's done and excited to see what's up next.
  • darrin
    imagine if nolan takes on a marvel movie
    • Brian
      Marvel Studios movies are probably barely on his radar outside of -- okay, this is what we shouldn't do. Let's not sell out.
  • johnholmes
    This isn't much of a story, but I will say that Nolan has been sitting on a Howard Hughes biopic for some time and he loved the script he wrote for it, so it's not a stretch to think he will eventually revisit it. Michael Caine is the right age for an aged, reclusive and eccentric Howard Hughes
    • krc
      He said a while back that he isn't doing Hughes film.
  • Momento, the prestige, and inception. In a decade of remakes (including his own batman trilogy) he churned out some of the best original ideas. I am confident he will do it again, even though I didn't like inception all that much. The concept was still brilliant.
    • krc
      Inception was hardly an original idea. there were shitload of films with similar premise only with a different spin. was it all a dream ? dream within a dream, videogame within a videogame etc ..
      • CAPTAIN
        List the films.
    • ASB
      Me too, watching Inception was a headache!!
  • Can' I've been drinking a little much tonight. Might just be that.
    • grimjob
      Too much? Or not enough?
      • Good call. Reassessing now.
  • Mac
    Only thing I want him to be not as lazy as James Cameron is! Make one Film in 11 years & then sleep for next 5! I want him to keep making these film; regularly! Like Spielberg & Scorsecse etc! One film in 1.5 - 2 years is great speed! Plus PLEASE don't stop making these Big Blockbuster Action films like BB, TDK, TDKR & Inception! I don't want him to go indie route & then try & come back to big films stuff! Lots of directors are making great small film, only few great director have chance to make Good Blockbuster Action films!! Hopefully he does something Big & Original & BIG. & should continue!! Can't wait for it!
  • drejhead
    Not that I doubt that Caine will most likely be in Nolan's next movie, but taking Michael Caine's word for it isn't very concrete. This is the same guy who said The Riddler and Penguin were going to be the villains in the new Batman, and he even said Philip Seymour Hoffman was being cast.
  • Phillip
    If only we could clone him and his memories like 6 or 7 times, we could enjoy a half dozen excellently great films a year! Heck while were at it lets clone ridley scott, joss whedon, peter jackson, del toro, and scarlet johansson... half a dozen of each, except scarlet who should be cloned once for every male in exsistance... and then a half dozen more just to be safe. She is sooooo cute!
  • Mcat
    Nolan just announced he'll be doing a futuristic terminator film.




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