Director Len Wiseman to Helm Universal's Reboot of 'The Mummy'

September 24, 2012

Len Wiseman

Say what you will, but I still unironically enjoy Stephen Sommers' first entry into The Mummy franchise. But after the series crashed creatively with Tomb of the Dragon Emperor back in 2008, it wasn't too surprising to hear that Universal decided to tap Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts and mega-producers Kurtzman and Orci to reboot it again and give us some new big screen adventures. Now Deadline reports that generic filmmaker Len Wiseman (os Underworld, Live Free or Die Hard and the new Total Recall) is set to direct this new version, which pretty much crushes our hope that this reboot will be any fun. Read on!

The filmmakers are doing everything they can to assuage fan concerns, but I'm not buying into the hype on this one. Wiseman says this movie will be a "darker twist on the material, a scarier version," while Kurtzman echoed those sentiments to Deadline:

We’re reaching into the deep roots of The Mummy, which at its beating heart is a horror movie and then an action movie, and putting it into a context that is real and emotional. It’s still a four quadrant film but as a lot of recent movies have proven, audiences are hungry for more than they used to be. You can still have a family movie, an action movie that’s more grounded than these used to be. Without saying too much, we’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from Michael Crichton’s books, and how he ground fantastical sales in modern day science.

While Sommers chose to evoke Spielberg's Raiders of the Lost Ark with the tone and 1930s style in his take on this material, Wiseman and his team are setting this one in modern times. That seems like a mistake from the start since the atmosphere and setting of The Mummy is so important to its success, but I guess only time will tell if the director of one of the most pointless remakes in recent history (yes, we're talking about Total Recall) can actually cook up something entertaining here.

Production should get underway relatively quickly to reach their planned summer 2014 release date, but if Matthew Vaughn can guide an effects-heavy tentpole like X-Men: First Class from preproduction into theaters in less than a year, perhaps these guys have plenty of time to get this up and running. Thoughts?

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  • Shawn
    I'm excited to see a darker twist on the mummy I loved the old ones. I also enjoyed the new total recall. It's always interesting to see othe directors takes on great franchises like the mummy, some great some fall flat only time will tell.
  • truong18
    I bet he gonna put his wife in this.
  • son_et_lumiere
    say what you like about Stephen Sommers, but his first 1999 Mummy is fun and entertaining. Fraser and Weisz are good together and it never takes itself too seriously. even if it may not have always hit the mark, it at least aimed for that Saturday serial feel that Raiders comprehensively nailed. the last sequel was only 4 years ago. yet here we are again with the tiresome word reboot, the cliched phrase 'a darker twist' and then the killer - the name 'Len Wiseman.' shudder.
    • Isildur_of_Numenor
      The first one was great. I enjoyed the second one too. As for this reboot... well, it's a common thing these days, which is sad.
    • Reznik
      I also enjoy the first two, brings back a lot of nostalgia for me. I hate to hear this is happening.
    Confession Bear: I secretly like some Len Wiseman movies... :'(
    • grimjob
      Such as?
      • I liked 'Die Hard 4.0'
        • grimjob
          Gotta disagree with you on that one my friend. But its cool, to each his own.
  • xtheory
    LOL, so if this comes to fruition, this hack's last four movies will be a sequel (to his own movie), another sequel, a remake, and a reboot. That's some career trajectory there bud. Makes Michael Bay seem like Stanley Kubrick in comparison.
  • jah p
    How is Len gonna pull off filming this and the Ninja Turtles?Both are scheduled to come out in the summer of 2014.
    • JerseyBoy
      Jonathan Liebesman (Battle L.A and other crap) is filming Ninja Turtles. Well it seems Michael Bay wants to suddenly take over the project so we could never know.
  • JerseyBoy
    Len Wiseman - Kate Beckinsale Paul W.S. Anderson - Milla Jovovich Let's play a game of spot the difference between these 2 directors! Rule 1, you can't mention both of them turning their wife into an action superstar!
    • Jericho
      by the fourth movie they are putting in uneeded slow mo sequences....
  • we need a merman movie
    • Cody W
      "Im never gonna get the merman :(" Anyone? Anyone?
      • mooreworthy
        Dude, be thankful. Those things are terrifying. And the cleanup on them is a nightmare.
        • Guy
      • CrAzy Olyphant
        Omg you guys rock! CABIN reference!!! Lol Oh and btw I really enjoy Len popcorn fun Wiseman films. Why all the hate? Worse directors out there.
        • mooreworthy
          I thought I was the only few who appreciated that movie. Im in good company. I also don't mind wiseman flicks.
  • Dotad
    Reboot everything.....fuck hollywood not seeing this i will torrent
  • Guest
    I'd say "too soon" but then again, who cares anymore? hollywood is on a "movie-remaking" rampage now, churning out one remake after another, combing through the 80's as fast as they can. why? coz why the f*ck not, i guess. sigh.
  • I'd say "too soon" but then again, who cares anymore? hollywood is on a "movie-remaking" rampage now, churning out one remake after another, combing through the 80's and 90's as fast as they can. why? coz why the f*ck not, i guess. sigh.
  • I actually really liked the new Total Recall movie for the most part. But I don't know how The Mummy will stand being rebooted. It doesn't really need a reboot, unless they're going to completely change the story entirely, then go ahead and let's see how it turns out.
  • Ehsan Davodi
  • guy123
    I can honestly say i consider The Mummy and the Mummy Returns classics. Never saw the 3rd one and ignored most of the scorpion king movies. The mummy works because it had the adventure and comedy like an Indiana Jones. Turning it into a horror movie would just be boring and pointless. I dont mind Weisman as an action director but i dont think this will work
    • Isildur_of_Numenor
      Wouldn't go as far as calling the first 2 classics, but I'm with you, I really enjoyed them. Good thing you never saw the other ones, they're quite bad.




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