Disney's CEO Announces the Obvious: 'Avengers 2' is in the Works

May 8, 2012
Source: Deadline


Briefly: This should come as no surprise after that massive $207 million opening weekend Disney/Marvel's The Avengers just had, putting its current worldwide total up to $700 million. Of course they're going to make a sequel, we knew they'd be heading that way anyway, with the hint of a certain villain in the credits. Deadline reports that Disney CEO Bob Iger announced in an earnings call that "the company is developing a sequel." Iger apparently said the movie's success "is a great illustration of why we like Marvel so much." Indeed. There's nothing more than that, and I'm sure that's how Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige wants to keep it for now, as we've got Iron Man 3, Cap 2, Thor 2 and maybe even Ant-Man first. But we will see it.

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  • . Shannara
    Of course. I'm going to see this with the kids this weekend. The reviews so far rave about it being a popcorn movie ... but other than that ... shallow in story.
    • Chris Amaya
      I don't know about it being shallow in story. It does a good job of making everyone the main character. And it's not all perfect teamwork either. Stick around until after the entire credits end. There's a nice little treat :)
  • This time, the villain will be...wait for it...wait for it...MICKEY MOUSE! Wait. What?
    • Josh
      THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!  Mickey Mouse isn't even in the Marvel universe!  Go read a comic book. Just kidding 😀
    • The Douche
      I can see it now, Fantasia Mickey. Leading the war of the brooms.
  • N.
    Thanos will KICK ASS!!!
    • mooreworthy
      Joss said he didn't want to do the same thing over again. big huge battles. So it will interesting if disney and joss go their separate ways. You know Disney, go hard and go broke. Im looking at you prince of persia and john carter.
    • Scrihfield1
      I agree
  • Guest
    Let me just say...meh.
  • Robbneda
    Put Spidey and wolverine in place of Hawkeye and Black Widow
    • Cracky
       If Thanos is in this thing, then yes. That'll probably happen. Hard.
      • JBrotsis
        And long.
    • spidey and woverine are owned by separate companies.. Sony & Fox.. they wont be featured in any disney/marvel films
      • mooreworthy
        Always wondered, sony and fox's deal, how long or how many pictures until Marvel gets x-men, FF and spiderman back?
        • Well from what I've read and understand is Marvel owns all of its characters (I believe) but they can not mix them across companies. For example... Spiderman and Thor being in the same movie...Won't happen.. What I also understand is that Sony has the rights to spiderman so long as they make a film for it within a certain amount of time.  Meaning they can not go without making a spiderman film for to long or else their ownership rights will then transfer.
          • mooreworthy
            thanks. Hopefully that will happen soon.
  • Bcopes11
    this isnt news. an avengers sequal was planned after iron man became a hit. marvel had it all planed out from there
  • Whatsxhisxname
    Disney/marvel needs to buy back the rights to their characters!!! Fox owns fantastic 4, daredevil, and all the x-men... and sony owns spiderman. So we'll only see war machine , ant man, and maybe the wasp. Which are all weak characters to what they COULD do if they buy the rights back to their characters!!!
    • mooreworthy
      No doubt. Must see Wolverine vs. Hulk on the big screen.
  • tug
    of course this was always a huge money making exercise, but i ask (spoiler) why oh why do you get ironman to point and ride a nuke to the mother ship. HELLO! will smith/independence day.  all the drones then fall down in midtown and its all over just like that....credits roll and another villian pops up.  that was the worst end of a movie for a looooong time. 
    • mooreworthy
      It did end abruptly, but the worst compared to other comic movies?
      • JP
        Yeah, the end of Ghost Rider comes to mind.  It looked like they literally just ran out of money and had to do the whole climax on a little soundstage. Plus, after a half-hour of kick-assery I didn't really mind the drones falling down.  All they were, after all, were drones.  Just extensions of Loki's will (which at that point had been broken)
        • mooreworthy
          Ghost Rider.....shudder.
  • LosZombies
    I did not see this coming AT ALL :l
  • Rhythm Master
    I wonder if they've consider the fact that HULK and Iron man will be in their fifties by the time the third one comes out.
    • mooreworthy
    • Hfd
      Hollywood 50s is like real life 35-40, and Hollywood 70 is like real life 50.
    • Adman Mustafid
       well Jeff Bridges look young in Tron..I mean Clu..
  • Loser
    How about bringing in Luke Cage and Iron Fist, atleast Luke to begin with. We need more Maria Hill and perhaps ms. Marvel. Anyone know if Spider-woman is owned by Sony? We need some more cool females. They could use Dr. Strange in future Avengers sequels
    • mooreworthy
      Michael jae White as Luke Cage!
      • Loser
        Jai would be fine, Terry Crews or the Rock but that depends on what they want to do with the character. If i remember correctly when John Singleton wanted to direct a Luke Cage movie he wanted Tyrese Gibson to play Luke
        • mooreworthy
          Tyrese would be a good choice age wise, but he is not a smooth as White, nor a skilled fighter. But hollywood can't teach anyone.
  • Voice of Reason
    Avengers 2: Caulsons Revenge No, but, really, theyre gonna need EVERYONE to take down Thanos as per Infinity Gauntlet. That took all the Superheroes in the tri-state area to send that purple bulk packing to the farm.
    • Sidiqimustafa
      Haha Caulson's Revenge nice one.




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