Eastwood, Cage, Snipes and Harrison Ford Up for 'Expendables 3'?

August 13, 2012
Source: Total Film

Clint Eastwood

This week The Expendables 2 hits theaters with all the action, veterans, explosions, blood splatters and one-liners fans are expecting. And if all goes well, it sounds like The Expendables 3 may not be too far behind. Total Film chatted with producer Avi Lerner, who reveals they're already trying to lock down more names for the next round of action, and fans will not be disappointed. Lerner says, "“We’ve approached Clint Eastwood to be one of the guys, we’ve got a character in mind for him. We’re talking to Harrison Ford. [And also] Wesley Snipes when he comes back from prison," and, "we’ve got Nicolas Cage." Wow!

Obviously, it's pretty early on to consider any of these guys truly locked in to star, especially since a third film hasn't even been greenlit yet, but considering the crew that came together for this second outing, including Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis (the latter two with more sizable roles than their cameos from the first film), then I'm sure they can pull it off. Cage was rumored for the second film for awhile, but it never happened. Oh, and Lerner also says, "And we’re going to bring Mickey Rourke back, if he won’t be too crazy." So that sounds like quite a cast, and should make for a very crowded poster. But when are we going to get Jackie Chan in on this franchise?

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  • Sounds good to me...
  • Jedi
    It's too bad that Sean Connery seems to be staying retired.
    • JBrotsis
      And speaking of retired, I read that Jackie Chan had retired from playing roles in action movies.
      • Jericho
        yep right after Zodiac...or so he says....
      • Nick
        He was just on TMZ not too long ago & said he decided against that. Theirs already talks of Rush Hour 4 since he said that. I think he should be in it for sure, should've been in the first one instead of Jet Li.
  • Jericho
  • ... give me Kurt Russell, Michael Biehn, Jackie Chan and Samuel L. Jackson!!!
    • ... and perhaps Ice Cube and Dwayne Johnson as well?
      • I was with you until Ice Cube.
      • J. Bauer
        THANK YOU!!!!!! Not about ICE Cube of course, but for mentioning DWAYNE JOHNSON!!!! A role for him in these movies is IDEAL!!!
    • qwqwrq
      Don't forget Steven Seagal, Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Liam Neeson
      • Liam Neeson! of course!! Why I didn't think of him?
    • expendables 4
    • David Banner
      Stallone, 3-4 years ago: ‘’I know that many people on the site have asked for Kurt Russell. I asked for him too. Actually, I was taken aback when asked to put the request in a letter and send it to his agent. Subsequently, I was called back by the agent several days later after refusing to send a letter and he said Kurt Russell is not interested in ‘ensemble acting’ at this time. So, people, I came, I saw, I failed”.
    • Mick
      I'm with you 100 percent on that! Kurt Russell, Michael Biehn, Steven Segal, and Jackie Chan belong in an expendables film. Samuel L. Jackson would be a nice edition to the cast Thomas Jane would be too since he didn't get the bullet to the head role with Stallone.
  • limpawayafterthenuclearblast
    Saint of All Killers.
  • boboo
    John Travolta
  • bat0u
    now.......have everyone go up again a team of evil masterminds played by: Gary Oldman, John Malkovich, Christopher Walken and Alan Rickman..... and maybe get Robert De Niro and Al Pacino while you're at it.
    • Manuel
      That's a great idea.
    • yes! this list of bad guys rocks!
  • mrjzn
    Hell will freeze over before Eastwood would agree.
  • Maybe in the 3rd movie they'll finally kill off some of these characters?
  • DoomCanoe
    still....need...... Kurt Russell!
  • Chris
    With all these new characters, who the hell is getting kicked out? I'm pissed that Jet Li may be the one that gets killed.
  • Why not Charles Bronson's hologram?
    • Guy who comments on things
      or Bruce Lee's?
  • Mick
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that see's Kurt Russel Must be in an Expendable's movie I don't care if he's a villain or a good guy just want to see it happen.
    • grimjob
      Kurt Russell should be in every movie, ever.
  • REAL6
    Jackie Chan was going to be in EX2 but he's been busy filming chinese zodiac. So hopefully he will be in Ex3 :) As i recall, Russell turned down being in the films, so we won't see him. And as for Biehn, he felt disrespected by Sly's quote about him, so he probably won't be in ex3.
  • grimjob
    Nicolas Cage huh? As long as he doesn't try to play a tough guy. He's always the weakest part of his own action flicks, although he was badass in Kiss of Death. Keep to the witty, nonchalant sarcasm he's good at, maybe some crazy ala Bringing Out the Dead, and he could bring something to the table.
  • OfficialJab
    Please get me Dwayne Johnson
  • fazha
    A movie plot centered around movie stars. Sounds awesome! I mean, sounds like a cach-in.
  • I read Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood. Who wouldn't see a movie with both of those icons in it? I'd watch it just for that.
  • Nielsen700
    Please do it!!! I also wanna see a cameo by Steven Seagal.
  • Spider
    This is fantastic news, but I sure hope the franchise continues to bring back the faded and semi-forgotten stars, as well! In addition, it wouldn't hurt to bring in: Michael Dudikoff Ken Wahl Steven Seagal Nick Mancuso Miles O' Keeffe Ralf Moeller These guys have a cult following and are well known by action aficionados worldwide! Having mentioned that, I can't wait for, "The Expendables 2"!
  • Stavi
    Sean Bean should have a cameo as a random henchman that gets killed, followed by a "Who didn't see that coming?" line.
  • ex2rocker
    Kurt Russel, Mel Gibson, Tony Jaa, Jackie Chan, Samuel L. Jackson, Vin Diesel, and The Rock!
  • John Mark Ruiz
    I hope Jackie Chan will be in Expendables 3
  • GuyStone
    Tom Berenger, Chow Yun-Fat, Carl Weathers, Sam Elliot
  • Psicosis
    Michael Biehn, Ray Liotta, Kurt Russell.. thats what I wanna see :-)
  • G zeller
    I agree with pretty much all the people everyone said execpt for ice cube lol but nobody said vin deasel if I spelled that right lol but yeah there's so many good people that can be in part 3 and vin should deff be one of them




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