'Evil Dead' Remake Poster Sets the Bar High with Quite a Daring Claim

November 20, 2012
Source: Yahoo

Evil Dead

Well, that's one way to market a horror movie. The new poster for the remake of Evil Dead from director Fede Alvarez is pulling out all the stops by just coming out and daring you to see this movie. It's a simple poster with a foggy image of a clearly traumatized girl staggering with the words "The Most Terrifying Film You Will Ever Experience." That's a pretty bold claim, especially for fans who loved the original film from Sam Raimi in the 80s. The first trailer looked pretty bloody, but didn't seem to offer anything new in the vein of horror, so we'll see if audiences are coaxed into theaters to see if the film lives up to the hype.

Here's the first poster for Fede Alvarez's Evil Dead remake from Yahoo:

Evil Dead Remake - First Poster

Evil Dead (2013) is a Raimi-approved-and-produced remake of Sam Raimi's original 1981 low budget horror classic, The Evil Dead. Directing is Fede Alvarez, a Uruguayan filmmaker who broke into Hollywood with his short film Panic Attack, making his feature debut with this. He helped write the script after he came on-board, with Oscar winner Diablo Cody credited on the original draft. The new cast includes Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas, Lou Taylor Pucci and Elizabeth Blackmore. Sony/Screen Gems will be releasing this new Evil Dead in theaters on April 12th next spring. This looks crazy! Your thoughts?

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  • vince
  • McKyala is not impressed.
  • pick it
    no. just no.
  • mmmmmm
    I REALLY like this poster... But its highly likely I will REALLY hate the film. Sigh.
  • Was hoping this would be less serious and more campy, needless to say, I am disappoint.
  • josh_hernandez
    Don't know why people are hating. It's only one poster and Sam Raimi is involved! So relax. At least wait for a trailer before being so critical.
    • grimjob
      There is a trailer.
    • jsmith0552
      People are hating, or indifferent because many of us want to see something original, or different, which the original ED was. So instead of the guy, the girl survives. That's original? They already did that with the Night of the Living Dead remake, nothing new in changing the gender of the protagonist. Oh wait SFX is so much better now. Yawn. I'd rather see those effects put toward something original. It's too bad too, because I was looking forward to seeing what ORIGINAL vision Fede Alvarez had to share with us, not some reheated soup.
  • Craig
    I thought the red band trailer looked great. Especially the cinematography. There were some really beautiful shots in there.
  • mooreworthy
    The trailer looked freaking hellish. More than likely it won't live up to its tagline, but hope it strives to give us something to remember.
  • grimjob
    Cool image, but are any movies truly terrifying? Maybe its just me.
    • Scarecrowe
      For some, yes.
  • Oh yeah! it's the first time i see that kind of tagline in a horror movie. like based in a tue story
  • vince
    I don't need "most terrifying", I need "most entertaining" the way raimi used to do it. Bruce campbell or gtfo.
    • Toxic Delirium
      Damn straight! The Evil Dead franchise wasn't ABOUT terrifying. It was about camp and entertainment framed in a "scary" genre. And yes. Bruce NAILED those movies. Sam Raimi can plaster his name all over this and it will still suck without Bruce Campbell. He's not too old, and he's still the King! But maybe I'm being hasty. Raimi has done some great work. He might surprise.
      • mcfilmmakers
        No, Evil Dead was a dead serious film. The sequel was a comedy remake to piss off the executive producers and the third was a continuation of that.
        • exactly... It started out SERIOUS then well like mcfilmmakers said... besides Universal pissed on our franchise with the theatrical AOD anyways...i want a sequel to the original ending .
        • yep you know your history....the evil dead series was suppose to be serious...but the fact they bruce and Co. didn't have enough money for special effects they made it a horror/comedy
  • castingcouch
    "A new vision from the producers of the original classic". Now that is one convoluted credit.
  • Stacey Mathews
    This movie will kick ass. Haters gonna hate. Apparently for no REAL reason other than to be whiney ass bitches. Don't MAKE me go all 'forest rape' on yo ass.
  • Rob
    The trailer really looked great. This could be just what the horror genre has needed. Give it a chance people. I really hate people that bitch so much about entertainment. It's a fucking movie and it looks like a terrific homage to the original. So shut your damn mouths, Sam Raimi doesn't show up to your work and tell you something you've been working on for years is dog shit. You're just immature hecklers. Get out of your moms basement and stop using your computer as a crutch for your personal hatred of life..... Evil Dead remake? I'm on board. 😉
    • Shantak
      Sorry, there was no funny in the trailer, how can anyone say it looks great? Evil dead is not Evil dead without the funny.
      • Levi
        The original evil dead was not supposed to be funny. It was actually a flop. They decided to make the sequels funny to try to play off the first one and take a new angle since the first obviously didn't work. If being true to the original the way it was supposed to be, this scary gore fest is just what the doctor ordered.
        • The first Evil Dead was a college project for the film class that Sam and Bruce had together! Flop or not I loved it! Skeptical about the remake but if Sam and Bruce approve, I'M THERE!!!
  • Erehel
    Everyone shold hold in mind that Evil Dead is first off a B cat movie so hilariously gorey scenes are to be expected and loved. Though I have heard of some pretty sweet scenes and Campbell is also very certain of it's success amongst the genre lovers.
  • Sorry already seen the most terrifying movie I will ever experience... I was young and it was called "The Exorcist."
  • Mike
    Dude, have they SEEN Gigli *shivers*
    • I still don't get Gigli hate...even if it is a joke. The kid in that movie was fantastic. I enjoyed Gigli...
  • Toxic Delirium
    Oh yeah, and the most terrifying movie I've ever seen was the original "Night of the Living Dead." I was thirteen, it was the first horror movie I had EVER seen, and I couldn't sleep for three days after. The absolute hopelessness I was left with at the end of that movie has been my gauge for horror movies ever since.
    • After watching the first Evil Dead I was pretty damn scared of trees too :-)
  • Nothing will ever top the Exorcist…Nothing!
    looks awesome hope it doesnt let us down.
  • RapedbyaMonkey
    Wow!! i can't wait to not see it.
  • My thoughts??? This remake will be dead by dawn.
  • monsterikan
    it doesnt look the same. but, it might set a different tone and direction.
  • indie
    I'm not really a horror movie fan but I had a lot of fun with the previous movies. FUN! Bruce Campbell or gtfo. I agree! 😀
  • Ugh. They're buying into the whole "Experience" Motiff - disgusting Raimi. The Fish philosophy is dead, long live the "Experience"...
  • Come get some.
  • James
    Sex and over the top gore is what all the great b horror movies used to be about, I expect nothing less from this film! Anyone who says anything about this not being funny or the original bring a comedy should probably actually go watch the first Evil Dead haaaa!! I can't wait for this movie!!
  • Ted_kazynski
    Remake? Like evil dead 2?
  • Yes, yes and some more yes. This will shine light on the originals and entertain the die hard fans. Brilliant.
  • Banjo
    No Bruce Campbell? No Raimi directing? No point, IMO. Why not make just a standalone horror movie that's "the most terrifying" rather than try and cling to the name Evil Dead or make yet another silly "reboot". Look at Drag Me To Hell, a great Raimi film that didn't need to be Evil Dead to be fun and scary and entertaining. Whether Evil Dead (the original) was meant to be serious or not, the series became famous and much-loved for it's goofy, silly, gross-out horror/comedy approach. Trying to say "oh, this is the REAL Evil Dead, 'cos it's super scary" seems redundant at this point. Just make an original horror movie about a cabin in the woods where people get possessed and not try to "reboot" Evil Dead!
  • I'm going to take them up on their claim. Having the guts to make a declaration like that earns my wife and I's $16.50




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