'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Pushed Back to March 2013 for 3D Conversion

May 23, 2012
Source: Deadline

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Bad news for G.I. Joe fans out there. In a move out of left field, and one almost as tyrannical as killing off the G.I. Joe's themselves, Deadline reports Paramount Pictures is pushing back this summer's release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which has already made a big marketing push with several trailers and a bunch of posters, not to mention toys already on the shelves. Instead of hitting June 29th this year, the studio is moving back the film nine months to March 29th, 2013 to convert it to 3D. An exec said, "We’re going to do a conscientious 3D job because we’ve seen how it can better box office internationally." That's bologna.

What that says to me is Paramount doesn't have faith in the film to do enough business at the box office without the inflation of 3D ticket prices. Honestly, I think this is a shitty move all around as any marketing for the film is now going to wither away for the rest of the year, fans are going to be pissed, and it just doesn't seem worth it for a 3D conversion. Apparently an exec also said, "Jim Cameron did all of Titanic‘s 3D in post – and look how well that movie turned out.” They don't seem to realize that Titanic was a Best Picture winner, and the highest grossing film of all-time for years.

The studio seems to be banking on March as a viable release for such a big movie after The Hunger Games snagged a bunch of money (again, a film with quite a following because of the best-selling book series preceding it), but I don't think that's a good enough reason. Summer is crowded, but there's plenty of people still excited about G.I. Joe Retaliation, but I don't think Paramount is happy with what they have for a summer release (especially sandwiched between Brave and The Amazing Spider-Man). Honestly, even though I hated the first film, this sequel looked fun, and now we have to wait another ten months for it to hit theaters. Bad form, Paramount Pictures, bad form. Anyone else annoyed?

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  • this cant be real.  Everything about this is idiotic.  I have a feeling this isnt the whole story.
  • In other words: "The movie turned out to be crap and we're starting over."
  • Jurnee
    Truly a retarded move.
    • LosZombies
      pretty much the BIGGEST dick move....EVER!!!!!
    • Commentor
       truly a retarded-for-release movie
  • I genuinely think they're scared of everything else that's out. I don't know if the movie is garbage or not, I wouldn't make that judgement because you can always be surprised by something, but I have a feeling that they see what Avengers did and that everything and I mean EVERYTHING is going to be compared to that and come up short this year. With that they can push the film back with conversion to 3D and act like it's not a loss in their 2013 line up.
    • HealthyPoison
       Yeah I kinda agree with this.  I think the movie will still be enjoyable for sure.  But I think that if it releases next summer it will be seen as a much more enjoyable movie than it would be this year sandwiched between Prometheus and Spiderman/Dark Knight
  •  I love the logic of comparing Titanic 3D to the potential box office that GI Joe can gross.  Might as well say that Spider-Man 3 is on the same level as Lawrence of Arabia. 
    • JP
      Yeah, like post-converting a best picture winner a decade after its release is the exact same as post-converting a summer blockbuster that hasn't been released yet. Makes no sense at all. This might as well be an Onion article.
  • What a f*cking stupid move - it's more to do with test screenings being negative probably, and Willis saying "get this sh*t sorted" or something like that...probably 😉
    • Weiwenmartin
      Fuck u
    • Weiwenmartin
  • Phillip Gockel
  • Squint
    Idiots. 3D is crap, when will studios face the fact that most people don't want 3D movies. Give it a rest and just release the movie in 2D and everybody will be happier.
  • McMaxster
    I can't say that the marketing for that movie was spectacular (have you seen the terrible poster...?!?!) , but it got the job done. This move seems quite desperate... and why would they think that anyone is gonna pay extra for terrible 3D... Wrath of the titans didnt do well in that exact same spot...i dont know.... such a delay only a month before release is quite a seal of disaproval from a studio and a terrible blow to the maybe small but existent fanbase.
  • Isildur_of_Numenor
    YAY... ? What the .... ? Actually, that exec is right, international audience still love 3D; or they don't have a choice. In my country there are no 2D showings of The Avengers, it's all 3D, so I had to see it in 3D. Of course they will make more money if they constrain us to see it in 3D. Also, it may be a "strategical" move because of The Amazing Spider-Man opening on 3rd of July and TDKR two weeks later. It would have been crushed at the box office. Anyway, I didn't really care much for this movie, and now even less. 3D is pretty much useless.  
    • Weiwenmartin
      No it isn't IMAX 3D is better
  • nejitenfan
    That's not fair I've waited a long time for this now i have to wait even longer you have to be kidding me
  • You don't have to be a marketing genius to understand how stupid this move is.. but what do I care? The first movie was bad, the sequel still looks bad. Only downside is, now I'll have to hear from this movie again when they reboot the campaign. I hope people don't care at that point so we won't see tres.
    • Weiwenmartin
      I will still watch it asshole
  • That Bad? 
  • dgeet
    My theater already has the files to show for an advanced screening...guess I'll be doing my own review for the film then haha
  • Ryderup
    Is there any need, want or hype for this film? Did the first one create enough buzz and stay in peoples memory to warrant this sequel?
    • Isildur_of_Numenor
      Apparently yes. Still bugs me...
  • dgeet theater has the reels and the digital files for an advanced screening...guess I'm watching this with everyone at work before they ask for a recall haha awesome
    • Ryderup
      haha. great. What if it gets online almost a year before it get realesed!
  • dgeet
    I thought I didn't post this my bad
  • Patrick
    I was excited for this movie because it looked like an improvement over the first one and seems to capture the true GI Joe feeling. Being a lifelong GI Joe fan, I made sure to send Paramount some hate mail. I may be speaking to you from jail next. Bye.
    • Weiwenmartin
      Oh grow Up only kids send hate mail
  • Solo_Calrissian
    What bothers me is the push back is so close to the release.  Then they have to cut even more trailers and re-vamp the marketing campaign, which'll show even more of the movie and we'll end up with a flick where all the best parts were shown in the previews. 
  • Nielsen700
    Seriously? This is so fucked up on the studio's part.
  • JJ
    I could understand way Rachel Nicholas and Sienna Miller weren't in the sequel.  I much prefer continuity.  While the first 10 mins is great, the 1st GI Joe gets better, especially with repeated viewings.  Hopefully, they can bring back the missing characters from the 1st film in a 3rd picture.    
    • JJ
      I couldn't understand why Rachel Nichals and Sienna Miller weren't in the sequel.  They weren't part of the problem.
  • Snowmanfloza
    worth the wait for 3D. 3D is the best..
    • thebatman
       my ass
  • Scotty97
    I'm more pissed about the toys, since Hasbro wasted the 30th Anniversary of their small figures because they were going to focus on the movie toys(most of which suck). So the great toys we got last year segued into the crap for the movie, and now no movie... thanks Paramount and Hasbro. 
  • SuicidalOptimist
    Well, to be fair, they would face an incredible amount of competition from a lot of (most likely) amazing movies this. 2012 has got to be one of the greatest years for movies in a while. I'm not surprised that they got cold feet and went for a cop-out like "Oh hey, wait! We forgot to shoot our move in 3D so now we're gonna convert it for extra awesome, guys. Unfortunately that'll take us almost a year, derp!" It makes them look pretty stupid and doesn't bode well for the movie that even their own studio doesn't have enough confidence in its success to release it as planned.
    • Solo_Calrissian
      Well said.  I did think they had a good chance at establishing a foothold on the summer and getting in their licks before the expendables dropped, but that aint gonna happen now.  I'm wondering if Battleship's opening weekend had anything to do with this hasty-ass decision. (?)
  • Notalent
    I'm sure Sony/Columbia is pumped now that they get even more money for The Amazing Spider-Man which opens 4 days later.
  • Notalent
    I'm sure Sony/Columbia is pumped now that they get even more money for The Amazing Spider-Man which opens 4 days later.
  • Nha
    Who the hell runs these places - how do they ever survive with such dumb moves. So they've already spent millions putting trailers out in the wild, and now they are going to spend lots more in an effort to revive something which stinks of shit already. What idiots!!
  • GI Who gives a sh#t
    Push back 9 months for 3D??  Stupid.  By the time it comes out, nobody will care.
  • Cghata
    It's all about the comptition.  Apparently the execs need there to be NONE for G.I. Joe to work.  They'll release their much-more-expensive-to-see movie after all of this summer's blockbusters and well BEFORE the start of 2013's summer releases.  Summer of 2013 has some big movies as well.  Iron Man 3, Superman, Star Trek 2, Hangover 3, Pixar's Monsters University, Wolverine, etc. But the first big movie won't come out until Tom Cruise's scifi Oblivion, slated for April 26th.  G.I. Joe gets a month head-start on the summer movie blockbusters next year.  Its only competition is a percy jackson movie and Jack the Giant Killer.  It's a move made to milk out every penny they can from this movie.  And honestly, there are decent movies that sometimes do get buried in the shadows of bigger ones, movies that are good enough to warrant a sequel but don't get one because of ticket sales... I don't think G.I. Joe will turn out to be one of those kinds of movies but you never know.  It may just surprise you.  Unfortunately, it'll be 9 months before we get a chance to know for sure.
  • Chinchiila
    Wow what a mess.  Especially after Sommers got fired 1/2 way through the first movie.  I wonder if they filmed the movie with the angles ect.. to even take advantage of a 3D conversion.
  • Weiwenmartin
    First of all not all movies need to be watch or converted into 3D I am piss too i don't mind if they convert it into 3D too could not they done it sooner but I don't know much about the box office great why do the fans and me have to wait another year I love the first one there were some disappointments too
  • mooreworthy
    I actually was gonna give it a chance even though the first was a disappointment to me. Now, with this move, I will let it go to Redbox.
  • Ehsan Davodi
    This is ridiculous ! Convert 2D to 3D doesn't work on big screen, yes they can it for bluray version. I Wana from god people don't see this in 3D screens and see it in 2D cinemas until this company know delay for such this unimportant matterial what it means. I have bad feelings about this one, I think they ruin film and with this work Wana recover those losses. But I'm very eager and await for this one until everytime they force me wait (Rock beside Willis : Awesome)
    • Ryderup
      It worked for Titanic, wrath of the titans etc.
  • bat0u
    Too much competition this summer, pure marketing move. simple as that.
  • Uhhh....what?
  • Edward C.
    So first they give GI Joe the date that was originally going to be the release date for Abrams' Star Trek sequel, since the latter got pushed back to 2013. Now GI Joe itself gets pushed back to 2013. Brilliant, Paramount. Guess you weren't too desperate to make money this summer. Anyone know what's left on June 29?
  • Jedi
    This movie just dropped down from my "slim chance of seeing in a theater" list to my "might rent if everything else of interest is checked out at Redbox" list.
  • Singular
    Actually this is correct. Does anyone read about the business side of Hollywood? 3D is bigger internationally. Look at Battleship. Even though not 3D it did a lot better internationally than domestically. 3D would increase international box office. International box office is becoming more important which is why you see movies being released overseas before domestically. If a movie doesn't do well in the US, they don't want that advertisement going internationally before they see it.
  • Snowroller85
    now I don't want to see it anymore,if it comes out next month I will see it,but 9 months from now,no i will wait to see it on blu ray,they lost my money and am sure am not the only one   
  • Loser
    I hated thew first one and was only going to see the second one because of Willis and the Rock even if the movie looked stupid as hell. Now I wont see it at all, perhaps if someone does that clockwork orange thing to mee and show it then I have no choice. But sure this looks and sounds stupid enough both the movie and the 3D conversion to make boatloads of money, we were right smileyface are the comments that will come from paramount next year.
  • LosZombies
    Its not like Im a fan of the franchise or anything, but still, thats a TOTAL bitch move, and completely unfair for those who were waiting for so long... Dont understand why they didnt think of this before. >.<"
  •  wow 9 months?!?
  • I heard different today. I know someone who works for Allied and the studio screened it today. This hasn't been confirmed yet and they are still deciding and it's still on release for the end of June.
  • 3D bigger internationally ? your having a giraffe, im in ukwe're constantly hearing negativity from film fans, its bigger as many of the cinema chains in uk are only showing films in 3D not giving film fans the choice, im hearing the same response from france, italy, germany, even greece
    • Loser
      Same in Sweden
  • BinaryChaos
    People calm down it's not like they are pushing back batman or the hobbit a year.   The G.I. Joe is a stupid movie franchise that will carry on that stupidity. it's a crumbled up piece of paper that was in the trash and now they are trying to take out the creases.
  • this is just great. UGHHH... THANKS FOR NOTHING OBAMACARE!!!
  • I watched avengers in 3D and i just completely forgot it was 3D. its not worth it!.
  • Lisa
    Yes very! Was looking forward to watching it on the 29th. Kept searching online for showtimes and nothing!
  • lando
    funny how "Workaholics" most recent episode had this as something that was out in movies now..too funny




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