Gary Ross Officially Departs 'Hunger Games' Sequel 'Catching Fire'

April 6, 2012
Source: The Playlist

Catching Fire / ?????

Just this week we heard there we some tense negotiations between Lionsgate and director Gary Ross to return to the franchise he kicked off just last month with The Hunger Games. Word on the street from was that negotiations to have him helm The Hunger Games were already difficult because he had an Oscar nod in his past from Seabiscuit, and now that the franchise is a big cash cow, Ross is looking for a raise. Well, apparently talks have failed as The Playlist reports Ross has officially departed the franchise and will not sit in the director's chair for Catching Fire, the second installment in Suzanne Collins' popular trilogy.

However, while the trades have reported the issue about getting a raise, The Playlist has heard that Ross simply doesn't have a "burning desire" to spend another couple of years with the characters he helped bring to the big screen. In addition, apparently he already has some sort of unknown project in the works that will occupy his time instead of the franchise sequel. So now the question is who will step up to replace him in order to meet the already set November 22, 2013 release date. My choice is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Children of Men director Alfonso Cuaron, especially because of his experience with a post-apocalyptic world, and continuing a franchise respectfully while taking it to the next level. But there's a whole slew of qualified filmmakers from which to choose. Who should direct Catching Fire?

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  • Bret Ratner...........I'm totally serious
    • Traveler 
  •  Perhaps they will hire someone who owns a tripod?
    • Jcflags
      You are such a racist asshole
      • Zila
         Jcflags I hope your joking. He means an actual tripod so we can get a shakeless movie.
  • Alfonso Cuaron would be perfect
    • I'd rather see him do Mockingjay. More his style imho.
    • Wookie
      I haven't read the books but if the next one has to deal with the world as a whole more Cuaron would be perfect for that. I wish he directed more things. 
  •  WTF
  • Chris Amaya
    Good riddance.  Maybe now they'll hire someone who doesn't have the shakes.....
    • Josh
      Oh god...
  • Amanda
    ...I'm sad now.
  • Thatguyyouno
    Best news I've heard all day.
    • OatsKA
      I second that. I loved The Hunger Games from a story/character/cast point of view, but based on directorial technicalities and intricacies, Ross failed tremendously. He had something epic, and he chose to ignore the highlighting of signature moments, and has no idea how to establish camera work with his cinematographer. I'm glad to see Ross depart, and want someone better. Alex mentioned Alfonso Cuaron, and I have to agree. I love Cuaron, and hell, I'd love to see him helm both Catching Fire & Mockingjay.
  • kyuubi2
    As long as they don't bring in Christopher Columbus (Ruined Percy Jackson, did OK on Harry Potter 1 & 2) or Michael Bay (Do I need to explain? Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles?) I'm cool with whoever they choose. Alfonso Cuaron is cool, however. I think that he would do a good job.
  • Chris Amaya
    I'm so sick of the whole shaking camera in movies. I want to see the action that is happening and not be disoriented while trying to make out what is happening on screen. Even during the talking scenes the camera was shaking! wtf!?
  • sid
    I support the Alfonso Cuarón idea. Yes please.
  • Steven Soderberg, he was brought in to direct a scene. So why not bring him in for the whole thing. It also insures he doesn't meet his retirement deadline.
    • hawk99
      Great idea.  Honestly, Soderberg's contribution was my favorite scene of the movie.
      • st445
        Which scene did he direct?
  • Bruno França
    New and fresh names like Bruno Aveillan or Carl Erik Rinsch would be a good and applauded surprise
  • Alfonso Cuaron would definitely be a good choice! I'd also consider: Danny Boyle. Has worked with Beaufoy before and the results have been pretty captivating, not to mention critical and commercial homeruns.  David O Russell. The political and personal conflict is ramped up in CATCHING FIRE. Russell will push his actors, which is what the series needs if it doesn't want to end up like every other tween show. This series doesn't have seven books to develop them. Four movies tops, if they decide to split the third. Julian Schnabel. THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY was, by all accounts, a pretty good adaptation, putting you right in the head of its protagonist. If they're looking for someone who could continue the style of the first and deliver something maybe even Oscar-worthy, he's a good choice. Matt Reeves. He makes exciting work with teens or pre-teens front and center. Hot young talent right now, coming off the wings of CLOVERFIELD, CABIN IN THE WOODS and (the reportedly grossly underrated) LET ME IN.
    • Chazzy
      What did Matt Reeves have to do with Cabin in the Woods?
      • LetMeOut!
        Absolutely nothing & Let Me In was a horrible movie also. Bad call on that one but, your list is unrealistic anyways so I doubt anyway puts much thought into what you said.
  • Ken7eleven
    David Yates
  • IknowTomJones
    If they pick Christopher columbus and he destroys it like he did percy jackson, murder will be the only option. Also DO NOT PICK M.NIGHT SHYAMALAN, he has destroyed enough franchises namely the legend of Aang. I did like this guys directing the wobbly camera in the bloodbath was so it could be deemed pg 12 in the UK blah blah, other than that I loved the weird shots during the film, although room for improvement is always welcome 😀 Hopefully Catching Fire can be a 16 film 😀
  • John
    Not a fan of Cuaron. Children of Men and Azkaban were both good movies, but both veered wildly off track from the books they were based on. I am not saying to bring in someone like Christopher Columbus, but just about any solid action director would do. However, I am going to go out on a limb and suggest Ben Affleck. He is a great director, and I would not mind seeing what he could do with Catching Fire.
  • Has anyone considered Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) or Rian Johnson (Brick, Brothers Bloom, Looper)?  I think either would do a great job and add a fresh take on things.  But I also agree that Cuaron would be excellent too.
  • Crab
    Michael Bay!
    • Scrihfield1
      You can't be serious.
  • CJ
    I actually think Rupert Sanders would be a good choice and even though he already directed a Twilight movie I think Davide Slade would be good too.
  • Bcopes11
    Christopher Nolan(if they could get him), Darren Aronofsky, or Kathryn Bigelow would be my top 3 choices
    • Matt Cain
      Love Darren and Kathryn but they both have the shaky cam syndrome too. Someone who likes to use a tripod this time.
  • Ictimerlsf
    gary ross looks like that guy from whale wars AND it doesnt matter who they get to direct the next one or two or three movies, these movies will make a shit ton of money because the books made a shit ton of money. and given that, it will not be anyone cool. the director is pretty meaningless at this point. as long as the cast doesnt change it will still make a ton of cash because thats what people are attached to.
  • Lerryjee
    Terrence Malick... Then we'd get some of that inner monologue that was so missing in the first installment.
  • Cuaron cause he's affordable
  • May
    Joss Whedon or Alfonso Cuarón
  • I like the idea of Danny Boyle coming on to direct, I think he would bring a fresh perspective to the character of Katniss (Plus it would allow him to tick another genre off his list). Cuaron would be good, but I doubt he'd do it.  I do like the idea of Duncan Jones however, I think he could handle the story quite nicely, or even Neill Blomkampf if they were looking to maintain the style of the first film.
  • Hattori Hanzo
    It amazes me how the producers of any trilogy can start it up without signing in advance the key pieces such as director actors etc., for all three movies. Personally, I loved what Ross did and now the series will take on a different look and feel to it. Will the next 2 movies (Or more likely 3 movies since they'll want to milk the series and split the final book) be better or worse without him, only time will tell. Either way they will be different.
  • Vic
    Bruno Aveillan would be perfect !
  • Jonathan
    I like the Alfonso idea, also another Harry potter director, David Yates. He did direct the best potter movies.
  • redskulllives
    If they do give him a raise they better raise the bar VERY HIGH for the sequel the fist film was weak.
  • David Banner
    Lol, I knew they'd fire him over this. He should have waited until he'd made the second film, then asked for a raise as the planning of the third had begun, Part 1 of 2. But if he doesnt want to, noone is forcing him :)
  • Alexandra
    I liked what Ross did, but now I'd love to see a visionary director like Bruno Aveillan helm both Catching Fire & Mockingjay !




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