Has the Teaser Poster for 'The Wolverine' Already Leaked Online?

March 20, 2012
Source: ScreenRant

The Wolverine

The cameras aren't even rolling on the anticipated follow-up to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which has been less cumbersomely titled The Wolverine, but that doesn't mean 20th Century Fox isn't ready to start the hype machine. An Instagram photo found its way online that apparently comes straight from inside the offices of James Mangold, who has officially replaced Darren Aronofsky as director of the film which is slated to be released sometime next summer, which purports to be the first teaser poster for the film. It's a simple image, but quite effective as it has Wolverine's claws slicing through the rising sun of Japan's flag.

This might be the teaser poster for The Wolverine (thanks to ScreenRant for cleaning up the image):

The Wolverine - Teaser Poster

James Mangold is directing The Wolverine from a script by Christopher McQuarrie and Mark Bomback who are adapting the classic 1982 story arc in the Wolverine comics from Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, which takes our favorite mutant all the way to Japan. No story details have been revealed yet, but as soon as cameras start rolling, we'll keep you posted leading up to the film's release on July 26th, 2013. Cool?

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  • Nah, looks quite cheap. Although, looking @ what they did with the X-Men: First Class promotions...
  • ug.  Another Wolverine movie is definitely not needed.
    •  Yeah quit being so fat and wrong.
      • pickle t1ts
         HA HA!! He's fat!
        • bat0u
  • JD3001
  • Buttass
    That looks cool as hell.
  • Angry Chief
    Hm...Japanese flag? why would they reveal the enemy so early?
    • thechillerdewd
      they never mentioned that the enemy was japanese...the project was always set to play in the japan. 
    • "Wolverine Vs. The Japanese."
      • Angry Chief
         i'm just assuming lady deathstrike, the REAL one, would be the enemy.
        • You'd be wrong. It'll be Silver Samurai
  • zer0limit
    if only, if only Aronofsky stuck on I'd be way more excited
    • HG2012
      while James mangold is no Darren he is still quite a good director with : 3:10 to Yuma Girl Interrupted Walk The Line hell he got reese and angelina oscars and got phoenix an oscar nom
      • ryderup
        He gave Stallone a great role in Cop Land also!
  • Moutchy
    I really like it! I hope this one will be better than Origins...
  • McWetty
    I'll give it time to properly mature... then pass judgement.
  • El Hoopso
    I wonder how the Japanese would feel about seeing their national Flag being sliced up like this? I'm pretty sure if it were the American flag there would be at least some complaints That it promoted flag desecration. I like it btw, just saying
    • Blurb
      The Rising Sun is an ambiguous symbol used for much more than their flag. You can't compare this poster to desecrating Old would be more like seeing a poster of a bald eagle getting sliced. Still symbolic, but not offensive.
      • ryderup
        Stupid to feel the slicing of a flag - japanese or the US - would be offending to begin with.
  • BinaryChaos
    I don't have my hopes high on this it looks like another crap project to me. The first ghostrider failed tremendously and so did the 2nd ghostrider movie. I've lost faith in the wolverine franchise but excited for a xmen first class sequel.
  • I'm not sure about the poster, but Mangold has directed some good stuff. McQuarrie has the ability to write great, tense filled scenes (The Usual Suspects), so this might turn out well. But, we'll see. Can't judge a project by it's potentially fake poster. I'm going to drink some rum and watch Alcatraz now.
  • Big Boss
    Minimalist: NO effort required!
    • Blurb
      Kind of like a Mondo poster!
      • Big Boss
        *Comedy Drumroll* Blurb will be here ALL week, folks! lol
  • Untricky
    Does everything have to be "rising"?
    • Do you seriously not understand why that 100% works here? The Japanese flag is also known as what? *ding ding ding* The Rising Sun!  Tell him what he's won Johnny! YOU GET NOTHING! YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY SIR!
      • Untricky
        That's not what I was referring too. But nice rant anyway...
        • so you weren't referring to the term on the poster "Rising Soon". You were just saying that for no reason? See it says "rising soon" because it's a poster of "The Rising Sun" Get it? 
  • LosZombies
    Simple and effective 😀 I lile it, hopefully itll take the crappy flavor away from the first one...
  • David Banner
    Whoa! Is it not the four-issue 1982 series "Wolverine" this movie is going to be based on?
    • The Douche
      Comic book movies are based on actual comics?
  • The Douche
    I didn't know this movie was anticipated.
  • Christopher Batty
    Who the hell is James Manifold and why should we care? The last Wolverine was horrid. It was in the same league as Green Lantern. Easy pass. Wolverine needs to go back to Marvel Studios aka Disney.
    • kryton
      LOL. That would be "James Mangold", and we should care because he's a great director. If you're not familiar with him, look him up and get informed. This film will have nothing to do with the previous Wolverine movie.
      • Christopher Batty
        Excuse my misspelling. Director of Girl Interrupted and Walk The Line. Sorry, all two forgettable films. The action will be directed by a Second Unit Director which means the film will be disjointed. Let me guess. Script by David Goyer.  A bastardization of Frank Miller and Chris Claremont's Wolverine from the 80's.  FAIL. Previs by some no body at the studio. FAIL. 
  • ur_babys_daddy
    Make it rated R and I'm in. Marvel/ Disney won't so I'm out till Redbox.
  • trashcanman
    gonna be lame-o lame-o lame-o ....




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