Hints at 'Prometheus' Continuance in Declassified Weyland Viral Doc

October 10, 2012

Prometheus Viral Goo

"What if the sequel to this movie is not Alien but another movie entirely?" So where will they go next? Now that Ridley Scott's Prometheus has fully landed on Blu-Ray, fans are breaking it down further, dissecting its plot and searching for more clues about its connection to the Alien universe. However, that quote at the start comes from Damon Lindelof, and it hints that there's more to this specific story than facehuggers evolving from some black goo. In fact - what exactly is that black goo? One of the biggest questions brought up by fans after seeing it, but a newly released viral infographic gives answers to that mysterious question.

This infographic was posted by the @PrometheusMovie account and official Facebook, with nothing besides the info. Reddit picked up on it and is trying to figure out what's going on. A description from Facebook teases that this infographic was made by Weyland after the events of Prometheus on planet LV-223. In full:

Prometheus Declassified Viral Infographic

Weyland Declassified: In researching the aftermath of Project Prometheus, Weyland Industries managed to uncover an information manual written by the Engineers concerning a chemical agent found by the Prometheus crew. Linguistic components from the original document translated by a Weyland Industries’ cybernetic individual. (Sounds like David.) Beyond that, the "answers will come with the Blu-Ray release."

A couple of Reddit users go on to point out some of the most important aspects of this latest viral reveal: "It mostly seem to confirm that the goo is, indeed, a weapon, and explains the differences between inhaling the goo and ingesting it." Interesting. Did everyone on the ship inhale it, then? Another potent question: "So are these 'test' planets ones the Engineers used, or ones Weyland Corp. got their hands on and tested the goo on?" Is this, possibly, a tease that these test planets might be explored/referenced or visited in an upcoming sequel? Only time will tell. And in the meantime, we'll probably see Ridley make another Blade Runner before he returns to the Prometheus universe. Does this infographic provide many answers?

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  • It doesn't make up for the film. Nice graphics though.
  • Lagoya
    Prometheus was extremely underwhelming, I don't care about the goo or answers to the multiple plot holes anymore... They should have been answered in the film.
  • OverHypedPoopySciFi
    One Prometheus was quite enough, thank you...
    • robthom
      It was one too many.
  • Richie G
    It's a pretty band-aid, but I've already bled out. Nah, seriously though, this kind of thing is neat. I'd still be up for a sequel (as long as Lindelof doesn't come back). So it's going to be about humans testing a weapon they know nothing about on entire planets? How could this go wrong?! I just hope this results in some actual xenomorphs and not anthropomorphized geckos with 12 stages of gestation
    • robthom
      "So it's going to be about humans testing a weapon they know nothing about on entire planets? How could this go wrong?!" Its supposed to. In prometheus/lindelof-verse, everybody is as stupid as necessary to get to the next absurd macguffin.
  • buzzfunk
    Glad most people agree that it was underwhelming. I still got the BR out of curiosity, but to be honest, everyone who worked on this movie, must either seen or worked on a different movie then what we saw. Ridley is pretty delusional, when he calls this script "brillant" and the casting and acting the best that there can be. Its the lucas effect, IMO. What i took away from watching the making offs, they should have stuck with the original screenplay from the original writer. Bringing in Lindelof was a big mistake. It all changed from there. IN the end, it seems, no one had to the balls to tell Ridley, dude this makes no sense here. Why is the biologist on the most important mission only because for money? Im gonna close this book. Im done with P. One can only hope that the wont fuck up that BR sequel.
    • robthom
      If by "underwhelming" you mean "an atrocity", then I agree. It was very much so.
  • BloodwerK
    I just watched the movie and liked it, unlike the Alien films. I couldn't care less about those...
    • don't troll me
      Liar liar pants on fire...
      • BloodwerK
        No, really, on both statements. Never have cared for the Alien movies...
        • robthom
          I believe him. He LIKED prometheus. People who like lady gaga dont like Mozart.
          • BloodwerK
            Alien was pretty good, but the others sucked. Plus, I really don't know if I like Lady Gaga or not since I don't listen to radio...
  • David Banner
    It's engineered primordial ooze.
    • robthom
      Its badly written BS.
  • castingcouch
    No thanks. The movie was a let-down and a waste of time and talent (not Lindelof's "talent" though).
  • Alien is my all time favorite movie and I loved Aliens and over time have grown to like the special cut of alien cubed. But I'm sorry I loved Prometheus and yes dumb things happened but dumb things happen in movies all the time, if they didn't movies would have no story to them. If people in movies made the same decisions we made the story would be over before it started. And fassbender was so amazing and sorry but just looking at his crotch for two hours is movie enough for me, god Shame really possessed me.




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