Idris Elba Has Talked to James Bond Producers About Playing 007

October 25, 2012
Source: Huffington Post

Idris Elba / James Bond

Now before you get all bent out of shape (though I imagine there will be plenty of other, more disturbing reasons that some fans will be upset about this news), remember that Daniel Craig is still signed for two more James Bond films in addition to Skyfall coming next month. However, the future of James Bond is always on people's minds, especially since it seems Craig has a countdown to when he's done with Her Majesty's Secret Service. So who would put on the tuxedo next? What if I told you British actor Idris Elba had met with James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli about making him the first black 007 sometime?

In an interview with Skyfall star Naomie Harris, Huffington Post learned that Elba definitely had a meeting about becoming James Bond. The actress says, "“I didn’t realize that there was this talk and then I did a film with Idris [Elba] and he said that he met Barbara Broccoli. It does seem like a possibility in the future that there could very well be a black James Bond.” Sadly, there are likely plenty of fans out there who are against casting a black actor as James Bond, simply because he's always been white. But if you consider the name James Bond to simply be a codename at MI6 (a theory that many have discussed), then Elba could step into the role and it doesn't ruin continuity or mythology in the least.

However, some people might not like the idea of a black James Bond at all, and that's just sad. I imagine that most of those fans are the same ones who had an issue with Elba playing Heimdall in Thor, which is silly. And considering the outcry over Donald Glover campaigning for an audition to be The Amazing Spider-Man, I'm betting there will be a ridiculous and unnecessary amount of outrage for all the wrong reasons. Elba is a phenomenal actor and his turns on "Luther," movies like Prometheus and The Losers and even "The Office" make me think that if there is going to be a black James Bond, he is the perfect choice. Here's hoping that this society of ours is open-minded and progressive enough to let something like this happen if the time comes. Would you like Idris Elba as James Bond?

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  • Jericho
    where as i love almost everything Idris Elba does *LUTHER SEASON 3 FUCK YEAH!!!, i just don't see him as James Bond in the future...
    • Jericho
      i also noticed no one is paying attention to the plan on how they will play this out, instead they are practically acting out on the title itself...........
  • A.D
    Can't he be a spinoff like 008 or something lol
  • Brian
    hes not african american.. hes english
  • Scott
    Sure - as long as we can also have a white guy playing "Shaft".
    • Carlos Coca
      We can also have a white guy playing "Blade"
      • Dominic A
        Actually I kinda like to see a white guy playing Shaft AND Blade . have to change something of the characters' ethos , but it could be played for big laughs or seriousness
  • How is he African American when he's English?
    • Sorry. Force of habit to be politically correct in the states. Just came naturally. Obviously he's British so not African American.
      • Does that make him African British?
        • Dominic A
          It makes him British from African LINEAGE , yes .
          • See, that's my point, apparently the only black people who refer to themselves as Africa-whatever are the ones here in America, even though they are not African, but American from African Lineage. I don't call myself German-American, just American. I will never understand.
          • FWIW: I refer to myself as black. I prefer it. However, the news media seems to love the term African American. I doubt political correctness has much to do with it as political correctness is, essentially, treating people the way that they prefer not just according to your inclination (which, up until very recently, included woman having to be okay with men playing grabass whenever the urge struck). By and large the term is something that whites seem to prefer. I don't know many black people who refer to themselves primarily as "African Americans." Perhaps it's the US who has a problems with blacks just being American.
          • Fair point. the friends I have that are black, I call them black, and they call me white, however, there have been several times, when I or someone I was online with were to talking to black people (over a game lobby or something) and referred to them as black, and they responded, angrily, "I'm not Black, expletive, I'm African-American".
  • Leeloo Dallas Multipass
    I'm totally down for a black James Bond! And although I like Idris Elba as an actor a lot (Stringer Bell anyone?), I think Adrian Lester is much more suited for the role of James Bond and is talented as well.
  • dgeet
    Idres Elba isn't African-American...He is African-British hahahahaha I've heard about this before but I feel like there will be a uproar against him like when people sent death threats to daniel craig just because he has Blond Hair and Blue Eyes
    • Guest
      Damn, got there before me
    • dgeet
      Even I am Black and I would still want to see the traditional james bond, not James Bond is a code Name because then it changes the entire franchise like was Sean a different person from Roger or Tim or Pearce. I don't know how I would feel
  • Corey
    Heck yeah. But I do have to say I was mad to see him cast as Heimdall. I was hoping he could be cast as The Black Panther if Marvel does get to introducing the character to the film universe.
  • The Truth
    Hell yeah! Why not? I think it's for some chocolate! LOL!
  • Ron
    My biggest objection is that he is a poor actor...
    • SuicidalOptimist
      I sincerely hope you're being sarcastic.
    • Cody W
      Stringer Bell would like a word with you in private.
    • 311
      Your are right, Prometheus Ghostrider
      • Cody W
        You are* and the problem with those films were actually everything but Elba, he may not choose the best roles sometimes.
  • Nielsen700
    Well, Bond is supposed to be the same person throughout the films. A white guy can't just turn black. So if they don't reboot it again, this would be stupid.
    • Maverick Pete
      hey it happened in reverse one time. see Dent, Harvey.
      • And man, Billie Dee Williams was NOT happy, as far as I understand it, the whole reason he signed on was because he thought he was going to get a chance to play Two-Face.
    • Dominic A
      (sigh) OBVIOUSLY , this would be a serious " reboot " but stupidity has nothing to do with it . Craig ain't going anywhere so this could be 10-12 years down the road . Think Bond will still be as popular then ? well Yes but this could put it over the top . Think MONEY not race ... ( they would have to do it before Idris gets too old tho ...
      • Nielsen700
        Well, having the next Bond be Idris Elba without doing it as a reboot would be stupid. That's all I meant... And take your sighs elsewhere, douche.
        • (sigh) I just (sigh) had to (sigh)
        • Dominic A
          - this would be a serious " reboot " - was replying to someone else who musta got their comment pulled . nielson I'm AGREEING with you that it would take a seriously well-done reboot , to pull this off . Money is the reason not stupidity
    • I got it...Idris Alba could play Bond through the entire movie, then at the end, he would pull off his mask a la Ethan Hunt and reveal that he is actually Craig, or Fassbender as someone suggested (excellent choice BTW). That would be EPIC!
  • Richie G
    Idris Elba is great in Luther, but nah I can't imagine him as bond. Ethan, "african american"... really? HA!
  • poo
    Could care less if they cast a black james bond. As long as they just make a good movie. Progression is good and if anyone actually would judge the movie because the lead actor is black (similar to them hating daniel craig for blond hair, even though he is the best bond yet) is saaaaaad. Elba i don't see as bond, but I wouldn't mind seeing a black actor in bond. Switch it up, keep the franchise changing.
  • bat0u
    the shit storm has already begun i see. personally I have no issues with this idea. being he is a great actor and all. and a "white shaft", hahah, theres an idea
  • G.
    I'm so in.
  • earthlingdave
    Hmmm, I don't think it's bigoted to say that James Bond is an established character with a history, and that a black version of the character would be a pretty radical departure. It'd be like making Holmes gay and Watson a woman...oh wait...
    • Dominic A
      lol ....a HOT Watson just leads to more and better scripts that can be written . gee a Black bond could do the same .....
  • Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake
    I like Idris Elba. If he was 007 I feel like that fan theory about James Bond actually being a codename that is given to new agents taking the 007 mantel will start popping up everywhere again. But that theory is false since some Bond films do allude to some previous films (License to Kill and For Your Eyes Only both reference OHMSS)
  • E'MECH
    There is always room for change. If the actor has the ability to pull it off, I would think that's the name of the game. No matter what color he is, if he has the British accent and the loyalty to country, I think we should let the best actors have a chance to prove themselves.
  • Big R
    Sure! He can be Double-0 Negro lol. I'm black btw, so everyone relax haha. He's an awesome actor, I would have no problem.
    • beevis
      so, being black means it's ok to make racist statements?......suuuuure it is. S
      • SB
        Yes. Yes it does. Especially since he is JOKING.
  • If they want a black spy, make one up. Not play James Bond for the sake of being politically correct for these modern times. I'm not white (yes, that's me in the photo) but my reaction would be the same "No" to even an American who wants to try and play Bond with a faux British accent.
    • Yep. Why can't blacks just make their own hero?
      • mooreworthy
        Have you meet Mr. Hollywood?
      • Dominic A
        Dude we got plenty of them . You're holding on to the reins a little tight . How about we follow your feeling in reverse , and whites make their OWN music( no copying hiphop or blues !) and their own style of dress ?? Is that ok with you or do you see how wrong your statement is ?
    • i am so confused on how you got to being "politically correct" ? Do you even know what that word means because it has nothing to do with a black Bond.
      • Dominic A
        yes in reality this would be a Money Grab , hoping that even more American blacks and other colored people around the world go to see it . Not like we DON'T go see it now , but you'd have to figure it will be high-grossing .this is all really just a big compliment to Idris that the producers would even take his call about it ....
        • you are missing my point, which is weird considering it is only 2 sentences. I said he obviously doesnt know what the phrase politically correct means.
  • Valvg
    How about a remake of Roots with Tom Hardy as Kunta Kinte? I dont understand whats the reason for blacks to make almost every movie again. The honeymooners, Wild Wild West, doctor dolittle, Annie, Karate Kid. Get over its was White TV.
    • bozo connors
      But srsly... Tom Hardy would make a bad ass Kunta Kinte!!!
    • open racism( and stupidity) are never funny. James Bond's ethnicity, although established, has nothing to do with his character.The same can not be said of someone trying to portray a slave in the US.
    • Dominic A
      Umm RE-Credit that impulse to " White, Jewish Hollywood Filmmakers " ,, from Britain ! and you'd be correctly apt . The reason why remakes : the younger generation lets themselves get ripped off with these remakes , when the originals are perfectly fine to rent /watch . Has nothing to do with Blacks per se except to get their $10.50 at the ticket counter ..., BTW we watched " White TV " too so if SHOULD want to remake it it's ok ; still fans honoring it ...
    • They aren't, its Hollywood, and honestly any one of those movies, or shows could have been originally cast with black actors, and it would have been just fine.
  • bozo connors
    Wait... he's not white?
  • Yeah...I'm black, but that's just ridiculous. James Bond is white...accept it brotha.
  • Sephiroth
    I don't like the idea. Not because Bond has always been a white male but mainly because I don't think Idris is good enough to play the part. I say go for Jason Statham.
  • Roderick
    They had a white guy play Goku of DBZ and Ang,Katara, Sokka of The Last Airbender... And a Ben Kingsley playing THE MANDARIN!!!!!... I think Idris Elba is a really great actor, but i don't have any comments about this new... However, for all the Walking Dead fans out there, I think Idris Elba would have been an amazing Tyrese on the show... Too bad they didn't write him in.
  • I'd like to see him as Bond, but I think he'll be too old by the time Craig is done with the character.
  • Is this for real? I know it's not april or anything but I couldn't stop laughing at the producer's last name, broccoli!
  • I have never heard of the last name Broccoli
  • I have read about 13 Flemming novels, I do not recall one mention of Bond as white. I do not see a problem with this. And I am one of those people who jumps all over the Black santas and things of that ilk. Bond is an Englishman Elba is an Englishman. Where is the problem. I would have more issue with say Hugh Jackman An Aussie or Downey JR an American playing Bond than A black Englishman.
    • Duane
      The funny thing is the aussie thing already happened (Lazenby). and RDJ already has an iconic english figure under his belt. TWO if you count Chaplin.
      • And Lazenby is almost universally paned as the WORST bond. I was also a never big fan of Connery. More because he is grand departure for the works of Flemming. They never touch on the depth of Bonds character until the Craig films honestly.
    • coffeedoughnuts
      You mean British, not English. Bond has Scottish roots, Connery's obviously Scottish and the current fan favourite Fassbender is German/Irish so not British at all.
  • JL
    it is unfortunate, but it because of legacy and originality...Bond has always been a Caucasian Englishman (live-action) and Spiderman has always been a young, geeky Caucasian male...people are afraid of change and that's just it....
  • Riki
    Personally I'd love to see Stringer (Elba) play Bond. Not sure what's up with all these haters. I also think Ultimate Spider-Man (the one with an African-American kid) is the best Spider-Man comic out there. I'm neither white nor black.
  • dom
    I knew this might happen at some point and its so stupid... and its so hard to write this without someone claiming you are a racist but this is as silly as picking a white guy to play shaft! Brocolli wrote these stories about a man who is very much a traditional white Brit and with that the kind of characteristics that come with the territory. It would loose all credibility and I am sure it would misfire and make less money because its not what we expect from the franchise. By all means cast black actors for other parts but bond! Sorry I'm out if that happens.
    • Dominic A
      " silly " is the key mis-understanding . No producer , director , or scripwriter today feels the NEED to follow a " script " they can envision anything or anybody they want . That's a GOOD thing . as said earlier a white guy playing shaft could work , for laughs . however since Bond is a LOT more serious than Shaft , this would have to be rebooted VERY well to be credible , I'd agree with that
  • dom
    Oh and if Michael fasbender was in the running he stands no chance... fasbender would be perfect.
  • beevis
    i've removed my post - after reading thru this thread, it's clear any good discussion of the topic is impossible. elba would make a fantastic bond.
  • Guest
    Would love to see him get a chance and I think this kidn of lends some cred to teh fan theory that "007" and "James Bond", to include the backstory behind the character, are code names and references and not an actual person.
  • Would love to see him get a chance and I think this kind of lends some cred to the fan theory that "007" and "James Bond", to include the backstory behind the character, are code names and references and not an actual person.
  • Philip J. Fry
    I would definitely be down for Idris Elba being bond. Absolutely loved his performance in Prometheus, and even more so in RocknRolla
  • Mitchel MacLatchie
    Fassbender. that is all.
    • Jackie
      Indeed; Fassbender is at the moment the only choice possible. I don't want to see a James Bond as a coloured person (whether he is African, Asian, Indian etc), it just doesn't fit the caracter, it is just as mentioned before, there is also no white Shaft. And I love Idris Alba as an actor, lets have that clear! Can't wait to see Skyfall, just one more week of waiting patiently :-)
      • Dominic A
        well it doesn't fit the character as imagined by Ian Fleming , but that doesn't mean Idris couldn't act his ass off and get it over . Supposedly Pierce was the closest to what Ian was writing , so he'd have to mimic him somewhat , not Sean and def not Roger . It's a movie it doesn't HAVE to stick to source as we have said about SO many movies lately ...
  • mooreworthy
    Hell damn yeah! He's British and has phenomenal skills.
  • ridiculous ideas
    whiles we at it lets have the next james bond be a ethnic chinese then, you'll get better sales. now let me think of a britsh chinese actor?!...
  • Maverick Pete
    What if I told you British actor Idris Elba had met with James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli about making him the first black 007 sometime? it wouldn't be any different than what i've read on every other movie site.
  • P
    I'd love to see that take. It's not a matter of race but of acting and character. Will him being Bond destroy the character of Bond or give a dope spin on it?
  • BK
    I'd prefer if he did his own thing. I quite like him but not as Bond. I want Clive Owen. But that'll never happen.
    • I thought he was up for it, but lost out to Craig?
  • badarinteminabarnisyra
    What's next? Black Hitler, Arab terminator, Asian guy as wonderwoman and a White Nelson Mandela.
  • Blargh
    Do think Elba is painfully cool and have thought for ages that he would make a great Bond BUT Fassbender would be a better, younger fit that would work much better to follow Craig's "blunt weapon" portrayal of Bond. But a black Bond? Sure. Soon as the right actor is at the right age at the right time for the franchise!
  • Mike
    He is one or the other. Does he hold a double citizenship? Nope, about 99% of them dont.
  • Boiler Bro Joe
    Yes, do it. "James Bond" doesn't need to be a code name anyway. We've already had different white actors playing the forty-something year old character for fifty years. If it wasn't a code name then, why does it have to be one now? As far as I'm concerned, every actor is a different interpretation of the role - a different universe, if you prefer. James Bond should be British. But he shouldn't have to be Anglo.
  • White ppl are funny. Want to burn down Hollywhite when a black actor plays a part when it was originally white. Crickets when a white actor does the same. Johnny Depp as Tonto? Angelina Jolie played two characters who were black. The Last Air bender all of those characters were Asian and Mortal Kombat.
    • Dominic A
      Excellent observation . remember whites will NOT be a majority in this country soon ( already not at the newborn level ) some are feeling the strain already and lashing out . is this not what the Repubs are making this Presidential election about ( quietly not overtly )?
  • jjdpro media production
    Yes. Why Not..
  • ambiguish
    Well…does James Bond have to be British? There's absolutely no reason he couldn't be Canadian or American, ya know. Put the accent in post if you must…
  • i hate stupid people
    by the logic of some of the people commenting here then they shouldn't have that Shaft film with samuel jackson, should of made it with keanu reeves! not really going to be the same character is it?
  • castingcouch
    But... you're black.
    • Shiloh
      LOL I see you, Lethal Weapon 2.
  • Well, if it stops him making any more Luther, I'd vote for this.
  • Sweet Pea
    I've always wondered why it matters what color an actor is?? Idris Elba is an amazing actor and has the stoicism, sarcasm, sex appeal, and dramatic chops to play an amazing James Bond. For god's sake's people blew their lids because Roger Moore was blonde and not dark haired like Connery. In the end the the film makers are going to make the best movie with the best possible actors to carry on the legacy of James Bond, and if you're a true fan you support that hands down.
  • I think this would be great, but only if he was picking up the mantle of 007, not named James Bond. Like xXx: State of the Union, only done much better.
  • could be epic stuff!
  • Steph
    What about Tom Hiddleston as Bond?
  • shaking my head
    Wow. The world is still a sad place. A lot of the comments here have showed that. What does political correctness have to do with the produces envisioning something different with their material (if you have something better in mind, here's a suggestion, go to school, get your license, and make your own Bond movies and see if you do better). Seriously. It would obviously be a reboot. I see no one got pissy when they rebooted and made M a female. Or did anyone not notice that? This is probably exactly why so many talented producers are afraid to stick their neck out and try something new, because narrow-minded bigots like you. Dumb asses...
  • Shiloh
    I don't see Elba in the role. Chiwetel Ejiofor, absolutely, but not. Elba.
  • He would be a great James Bond, he is sexy, and has an accent, I would do him and so would many others male and female!!!
  • Guest
    Moneypenny was always caucasian and now Naomie Harris is playing her. Food for thought?




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