InGen's 'Jurassic Park' Dinosaur DNA Can Be Yours for Only $5,000!

May 2, 2012

Jurassic Park - Dino DNA

While I'm sure people around the world would be willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money to actually venture into Jurassic Park, we're just going to have to settle for the blockbuster films on the big screen. Jurassic Park IV is apparently on the way with Steven Spielberg producing, and the original film will return to theaters in 3D for the film's 20th anniversary, but for those die-hard fans of the adventure 65 million years in the making, there's a special treat for you on the internet. If you've got $5,000 lying around the house, you can get your hands on the actual dinosaur DNA that Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) tried to steal.

Here's the familiar-looking item from Jurassic Park up for sale on eBay:

Jurassic Park - Barbasol Dinosaur DNA Can

The seller says that this is a genuine screen-used prop from the film. While there's no way of really knowing whether that's true through eBay, the listing does say, "I got it from a Universal Studios prop warehouse right after the film was first released. A [Certificate of Authenticity] signed by two prop designers who worked on Jurassic Park will be provided upon request." So if that authentication is good enough for you, then you can Buy It Now for $5,000 or take a risk by making the opening bid at $3,000. The auction ends in just over a day, so feel free to try your best to snag this cool piece. Even if it's not real, that's a sweet item.

UPDATE: The folks at Original Prop Blog have looked into this further (after all, they seem like the experts in situations as these), and it sounds like this auction is a replica and not an authentic screen-used prop as the auction indicates. They also point out where you can get such a replica for a much lower price. Head over to Original Prop Blog for the full rundown on this thing.

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  • Bobo_Vision
    If it were real, why would he sell it on e-bay instead of at a reputable auction?  Maybe he's strapped for cash, but this is shady, and that thing is not worth 5 grand.
  • There was an auction not too long ago for one of the Raptor eggs from Jurassic Park. This all seems a bit dodgy to me. If I was Wayne Knight I would have asked for that prop after I finished filming that scene. :/ 
    •  Raptor eggs?! Awesome, I'd take 'em! They were real, right? Grow some lil baby raptors...
  • I've been burned on ebay before... if they say the certificate of authenticity is available "on request" then it is more than likely a fraud, as authentic items such as artwork and prints, should ALWAYS be accompanied with the article no matter what. If you have to ask for it, that means they're just going to whip one up on their computer... 
  • 46&2
    This is fake.  It's a replica.
  • David Balderdash
     I bought Jack's actual magic beans on eBay and it totally grew a beanstalk. You guys are such naysayers.
  • Striker4552
    That has got to be the most expensive bottle of shaving cream I have ever seen. . . . . . I'LL TAKE EIGHT!
  • Cenobyte
    It is sad as the seller looks o have also sold other JP items as authentic where their history shows them buying a replica raptor claw and turning around and selling it as a screen used prop. Very shady and also a scammer. (Knowing scammer at that)
  • Bobo_Vision
    I don't use ebay, but those of you who do should report this item and this seller.  He appears to have a high rating on eBay, so he will likely continue to sheer many sheep unless something is done.
  • gloria
    "UPDATE: The folks at Original Prop blog have looked into this further (after all, they seem like the experts in situations as these)" Sorry to rain on your parade but the originalpropblog is run by one person (no folks) and he is no expert. He's never been to an actual movie prop auction in his life, gets most of his info from other people, and never credits them. I think he went to a gun auction once that had a few movie used guns, but that's it. Writing about his expensive trips to Europe while he goes to concerts with been 80's bands is his focus now. Not movie anything.




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