Jackie Earle Haley Latest to Join Jose Padilha's 'Robocop' Remake

July 20, 2012
Source: Deadline

Jackie Earle Haley

Some casting news for the new Robocop to round out the week's news. Deadline is reporting that Oscar nominated actor Jackie Earle Haley is signing on to star in the Robocop remake, being directed by José Padilha (Elite Squad, Garapa, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within), to play Maddox, "the guy who dispenses the military training to Robocop." We already know the Robocop remake is in development through MGM with Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman set to star as Alex Murphy, with Brazilian filmmaker Padilha directing. They've already started a viral, but casting is still underway for the supporting line-up in this. Read on!

José Padilha's RoboCop, which is supposed to start shooting very soon in Toronto, stars Joel Kinnaman and includes Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish and Hugh Laurie in the cast, topping it off with Jackie Earle Haley. Ever since Watchmen, Haley has been playing some fun roles, from Tim Burton's Dark Shadows to Freddie Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street to Scorsese's Shutter Island and Spielberg's Lincoln. They also mention that Jay Baruchel may be up for a lead role, but at least everything is coming together. This sounds like a pretty big project, with a cast like this and marketing already underway. MGM/Columbia already have RoboCop set to hit theaters on August 9th, 2013 late next summer. Cool?

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  • mooreworthy
    Sounds all caps COOL Alex! The cast gets better and better with each news.
  • JEH is one of my favorite actors ever since Watchmen. I just wish more people would recognize him as the fucking badass that he is. And the amazing actor he is....................ILOVEYOUJEHPLZZZZZZ
    • grimjob
      Same here, he was such a badass in Watchmen!
  • Lagoya
    Nice!! I always thought he would make a good Clarence Boddicker, but just being in the cast is good enough. Such a great cast so far.
  • LosZombies
    Gotta admit that Im not all too familiar with R obocop, but if JEH is in, than its bound to be badass 😀
    • grimjob
      Have you seen it at all?
      • LosZombies
        As a youngling. I recall parts here and there, and I understand the general plot outline, but I seriously havent seen those movies in AGES haha I suppose I better get on it 😛
        • grimjob
          Definitely. One of my favorites. Kurtwood Smith plays one of the best movie villains ever! The second was pretty good, you should check that out too. But just completely ignore the third. That steaming pile should never have even been made.
          • LosZombies
            I'll be sure to steer clear of the 3rd lmao ;D
  • grimjob
    I still don't want this to happen, but this cast is fucking wonderful! I guess I don't want to admit that they're doing this right.
    • Ryderup
      They could have rebooted it and still kept it in the same timeline. Put this film X years ahead of the first one and sort of make the Weller-model obselete. Sort of. A stand alon sequal that doesn't build on the former films but doesn't dismiss them either.
      • grimjob
        Now that I like. A new story that still acknowledges the original. That would be fine by me.
  • syntaxterror
    I can't say I'm fully onboard yet. The original Robocop was ultraviolent and also was an allegory to the world that was ramping up towards self destruction at that time. I'd like to see this reboot take the violence to a whole new level as well as be a bit relevant to the events that are happening in this moment... war, politics, etc. It'll be all about the balance of violence, characters and the story. Also, why bother doing a reboot if you can't improve upon the original? We'll see
    • grimjob
      "Also, why bother doing a reboot if you can't improve upon the original?" That, my friend, is the million dollar question. The only remakes/reboots that were ever worth a damn in my eyes were Carpenter's The Thing and The Hills Have Eyes. I also enjoyed the Texas Chainsaw remake and prequel, but that's mostly because R. Lee Ermey is the shit. And Paul Verhoeven's political and social satire is part of what made the original so great. I don't know if a straight up scifi/action version will be as enjoyable. It is a damn good cast though. But as you said. we'll see...
      • syntaxterror
        The latest The Thing was actually a prequel... alot of people keep making that mistake. I enjoyed it but, did it improve upon John Carpenter's movie? Not really but it was good fun. I full agree about THHE though.
        • grimjob
          I wasn't referring to the prequel. Still haven't seen it, but I would like to, even though I hear its pretty mediocre. Carpenter's version was a remake.
          • syntaxterror
            Have you watched The Thing from Another World then?
          • grimjob
            Not since I was a kid.
  • rennmaxbeta
    This movie is going to suck.




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