Jessica Biel is Not Playing Villainous Vixen Viper in 'The Wolverine'

July 13, 2012
Source: Twitch

Jessica Biel / Viper

Just after learning that Will Yun Lee will play the Silver Samurai in the forthcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine sequel The Wolverine, we have news of another villain entering fray, and this one comes with some A-list clout. Twitch broke the news today that Jessica Biel had been offered the role of Victoria, aka Viper, and Deadline has since confirmed her casting. She's not just some prototypical villain though, as the character has a complicated relationship with Logan in the comics. One story are saw Viper blackmailing Logan into marrying her to secure a criminal empire in Madripoor, a fictional island in Southeast Asia.

The nation ends up being taken over by Viper, who then goes by the name Madame Hydra (the latter name also serving as the identifier for her criminal organization). Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. even end up taking on her organization at one point, but considering Fox is on their own with the Marvel universe, I don't think we'll see any crossover in that capacity. Of course, we're not sure how she's going to come into play in the film sequel, as the story has not yet been revealed. For now, we're just waiting for director James Mangold to start shooting so we can start getting really excited about the July 26th, 2013 sequel next summer.

Update!: Though Deadline said she was already cast in the role, it seems like it was not a done deal yet. Biel herself told the press conference attendees for Total Recall (via E! News): "That's not totally true. It's a little too early to say." Stay tuned for any further developments on casting and who they find for Viper.

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  • Scotty97
  • OfficialJab
    You'd think Paramount and Fox could sit down with one another and decide that they'll both get an outrageous amount of money from arranging a larger crossover. They're behaving as if they're going to hurt each other's brands. Fox should be begging to be in on the Avengers action.
  • BinaryChaos
    Nothing about wolverine gets me excited anymore after that disaster of an origin story so it's going to be a major fail whether they do a crossover or not just put him back in with x-men team where he can clash with cyclops.
    • Agent13
      You gotta go back pre-1993 to find anything exciting about Wolverine...
      • blahh
        3 words for u: Old Man Logan
        • Agent13
          I gave up after the incident.
  • Agent13
    Sometimes Jessica Biel looks really good. Like, I'm gonna go google some images and beat off good.
    • Agent12
      Sometimes?! She's always,ALWAYS smoking hot.
      • Agent13
        Not "look up pics on the net" hot.
  • ahha
    I would still club baby seal to f**k Jessica Biel
    • TheCajun
      i would club an entire family of baby seals, pandas, koalas and puppies...
  • Blkstar
    I'm so tired of Jessica Biel, I can't think of one movie where she actually made any of her roles believable.
    • TheCajun
      Here here!
  • David Banner
    But....but....she's all ready Abigail Whistler.....what's next Wesley Snipes cast as Black Panther? Hm! Not a bad idea, but is Wesley still doing time?
  • TheCajun
    Can't fuckin' believe they casted that twat for yet ANOTHER Marvel role. Along with the script and overall cast, she contributed to F.U.B.A.R. Blade 3, and now she's going to contribute to F.U.B.A.R. this Wolverine sequel........UNLESS Logan offs her in the first 2 minutes of the movie. Movie starts with an amazing battle when Logan chops her fuckin' head off and therefore symbolically ending her rain of suckiness in the Marvel universe. I could live with that! However, she IS sooooo hot, i mean who here can HONESTLY say they haven't jerked off to her while watching that catwoman scene in Chuck and Larry? Or when she undresses in front of Sandler? Or both....
  • Hear me out. Conspiracy theory time. The Watchmen proved the point that when it comes to making money studios will sometimes look beyond the color of their rivals' helmets to make something awesome. The Avengers film(s) proved that audiences are willing (so long as the parts compliment the whole, and are good on their own. Amazing Spiderman was a success. They are set up for at least the sequel, hopefully the trilogy they've announced plans for. The Venom solo movie has also been greenlit, with the rumormill speculating that Eddie Brock will tie into the Amazing Spiderman franchise, possibly even the other way around as well. X-Men Origins: Wolverine dropped the ball, but Hugh is still beloved as Wolverine so they are getting a sequel with Jessica Alba as Madame HYDRA/Viper as a do over. Iron Man 3. Thor 2. Hulk 2 is in question, but Captain America 2 is on. Then you have new Spidey, Venom, rebooted Wolverine, and the new Fantastic 4 reboot. Ultimate Avengers movie. AT THE SAME TIME, you have the Dark Knight series allegedly wrapping up and a new Superman movie coming out. Green Lantern bombed but I don't blame Ryan Reynolds and if XMO:W can get a do-over, maybe this can too. You are a few simply well executed DC movies away from... Justice League movie. Then, if the stars align, if there's a God who can hear me, and if the studios can play nice to make all the money in human existence... Justice League and Avengers movie. They take on fucking Galactus. Game. Set. Match. #JustSayin




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