Matthew Vaughn Now Signed to Direct 'X-Men: First Class' Sequel

January 30, 2012
Source: Deadline

Matthew Vaughn

Last November brought word that Sherlock Holmes writer Simon Kinberg was being brought in to script the sequel to last summer's surprisingly good comic book prequel X-Men: First Class, however, it wasn't clear who would be sitting in the director's chair this time around. Now Deadline has news buried in a report about an executive deal that reveals Fox has just closed a deal with director Matthew Vaughn to helm the sequel with original franchise director Bryan Singer coming back as producer as well. However, those are the only official details that have surfaced for the already anticipated superhero sequel. Read on!

It's not clear if the film will be Vaughn's next project since he was said to be developing adaptations of two other comic books: Secret Service and the unique superhero comic Superior. What also remains unknown is where the sequel will take the recently split mutant team though Kinberg has hinted at a plot involving Magneto being responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy and going from there. For now we'll just have to be excited that Vaughn will be back in the director's chair for a sequel and hope the momentum from the prequel keeps the franchise going strong.

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    This is great news.
  • Spider
  • Christopher Batty
    I'm only interested if Brian Singer doesn't have his hand in this even as a producer. He pretty much ruined any chance XFC had of being great. 
    • Anonymous
      huh? the movie was great singer is the reason they got Vaughn in the 1st place
  • Truong18
    there is no need for Bryan Singer to be involved in this. Vaughn does great job on his own, he brought the franchise back on track.
    • Kaim
      First Class was corny with bad characters. Hardly bringing anything back. At least X3 had solid established characters from previous movies.
      • Truong18
        That why it was called the first class, it tells you where are the characters came from. if it had established characters then it wouldn't be a prequel.
        • Kaim
          I realize. I just mean the characters and cast outside of Magneto and Xavier were poorly done. My point is that X3 was better.. and that does not say much. Just my opinion.
          • livingword
            you are probably in the vast minority on that one.  I can not believe those words just came off of your keyboard
          • Kaim
            They both leaved a lot to be desired really. I am not praising either of the two. First Class displayed an inept ability in storytelling and characters..sorry just my opinion. Could care less what majority or minority I am in.
  • Chad
    hope its better than the first piece of crap.
  • Chris Amaya
    YAY!!!!!! I was pleasantly surprised with First Class. In my opinion, it's my favorite X-Men film. This is great news. 
  • Anonymous
    woh.... the comments on here are not what i expected. Well im stoked!, i thought First Class was amazing ...Oother then bug girl and screaming boy. i hated them.
    • Richie G
      Those were the worst, but there were plenty of nagging moments that they could've done better; the childhood scenes at the beginning which I couldn't get invested in for instance. They sucked (apart from Bacon who was awesome from the start) Finding out why Beast is blue was cool, but I felt we lost out on any more then a superficial intro to his character by trying to divide our attention with all the other lame characters, bug girl 'n screaming boy like you said, but even brooding lazer-pecks struggling with his power (which was unnecessary, we already had Fassbender for that) and Darwin who was only good for being the black guy who dies first. Fassbender was class, loved his scene with the Nazis in that bar with the knife "BLOOD AND HONOR" 'n all that, but after convincing me for bout 2hrs... what was the deal with the Irish accent at the end? It was like they stopped caring. Xavier getting shot in the back was a little on the nose too . It was like in star wars: ep3 when Yoda goes to Degobah(just spellchecked that) for no other reason but because he has to be there for ep5. It would've even been less nagging if Xavier had've been shot in the belly. It's not like the audience wouldn't understand that the bullet hit his spine. Mostly little things, but it keeps it from being better than x-men 1&2 in my opinion
  • Poria_ryasati
    First class was cheasy as hell. hope this one is better
  • Lagoya
    Just make sure Banshee doesn't look like he has Downs this time.
  • Richie G
    I'm sure Vaughn will do better with this one if he's attached from the start of pre-production
  • Anonymous
    So I guess the big question is will Vaughn continue to tie the series into "historic" events as he jumps forward decade by decade and if so what will they be? What event in the 70's could serve as both a challenge and a metaphor as perfectly as the Cuban Missile Crisis in his first film? Although it will be fun to see the X-Men in the decade of excess . . . Disco mutants here we come!
    • Anonymous
      "What event in the 70's could serve as both a challenge and a metaphor as perfectly as the Cuban Missile Crisis in his first film?" Hmmm....good point.  Off the top of my head I guess you could use Vietnam and/or the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, or hell, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979....but honestly, you're right--what event could work as well as the Cuban Missile Crisis?  Unless it will be something covert...we'll see. "Disco mutants here we come!" Hah! Bring on Dazzler!
  • Davidbryan949
    good. I wanna see the part wen magneto and professor X build cerebro together like professor said in the first x-men
  • Croniccris
    those assholes at fox better get deadpool going before they do first class 2 or i swear they will never get a dollar from me again
  • David Banner
    Some kind of time-travel-paradox is needed to fix all the mistakes: Other than that, First Class is in the era where Chris Claremont wrote his best work (imo). Not that they follow the comics much, but still :)




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