Michael Bay Wants 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Fans to Calm Down

March 20, 2012
Source: Shoot for the Edit

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Yesterday the fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles almost unanimously expressed outrage over a detail that Michael Bay revealed over the weekend regarding the new live-action film from his Platinum Dunes production banner. Bay has said that the heroes in a half-shell will actually be an alien race, and further, our own sources have learned that they are from another dimension, thus allowing the alien being Krang and his giant body suit to be thrown into the mix. Fans freaked out and even Robbie Rist, who voiced Michelangelo in the original live-action movie, weighed in, describing the change as "the rape of our childhood memories." Now Bay has reached out to fans, but they're not going to like what he has to say.

On his Shoot for the Edit website (via Bay simply said:

"Fans need to take a breath, and chill. They have not read the script. Our team is working closely with one of the original creators of Ninja Turtles to help expand and give a more complex back story. Relax, we are including everything that made you become fans in the first place. We are just building a richer world."

Honestly, I can't say that I disagree with him in that aspect. We're criticizing one aspect of the origin that honestly, won't change much about the characters themselves. And as we pointed out yesterday, TCRI, which is the name of the place where the mutation causing ooze originated (it was TGRI in the second film), was actually a secret base for the alien beings Utroms, which are the same race as Krang, the pink, brainish-looking villain from the comics and TV show. So our heroes were technically aliens anyway. This new story just takes the ooze out of the equation. I think we need to wait and see footage from the film to get an idea of style and tone, and then we can rip into Bay if necessary.

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  • "They have not read the script." But we have watched other films by Michael Bay.
    • Jericho
      its those other films that make me wonder what supermodel he will have play April.....
      • JohnMcBoss
        I would cast Colbie Smulders.
        • Etexdeathmetal
          thats actually a great idea.. she already has the hot reporter gig down..
        • Jericho
          Ooohh! Mmm, yeah.... I'd love to Smulder your Colbie anytime baby!
        • Actually she would be a perfect April..
          • And now we know it's Megan Fox. Did she suck his dick or what?
    • Lowrider_83
      Yup. Bay is a master of pointless, thinkless and thrashy american movies. The Transformers Trilogy is a perfect example. The fact that this guy is even allowed on a movie set, let alone direct a movie, is beyond me. He ruined one of the greatest franchise of all time and we will watch helplessly as he ruins another one. Megan fox as April O'Neil, John Turturo as Shredder, and Tyrese as Casey Jones....
      • McWetty
        Say what you will, but his movies make more money opening weekend than most of us in a life time.   Having said that... Jesus Swinging Robot Testicles Christ did I hate Transformers 2.
        • Shin_gallon
          And we all know popular=good, which is why McDonalds is the best food in the world!
      • enough crying
        cause we all know and love all the great movies you've made!
        • enough crying's father
      • Seanmerlino
        I Agree, this bitch (bay) ruins everything he makes and terns it into complete shit, and guess what, his new film "Battleship", will also, as bay said, "build a richer world". Bullshit! This looks exactly like what would happen if you put Pearl Harbor and Transformers Togethor, I bet ya there will be a line in there somewhere were a two main characters will say, "E3" (bad guy) "Miss", "D7", (good guy) "YOU SUNK IT" (bad guy) Just watch, you'll see. God forbid a movie with both Joel Schumacher and Michael Bay Togethor, it would most likely be "The Justice League (of america)", or on bays behalf, The Justice League and Shia labeof and the Transformers.
        • Soswiph
          Contrary to popular belief, "Battleship" is NOT a Michael Bay film... but I can see why you'd be confused. 😉
      • Fgihwjdv
  • Michael Bay. Michael Bay. Michael Bay. Hand on head. Shakes head. Just cover it up with explosions.
    • son_et_lumiere
      that's 45 mins of explosions at the end of 75 mins of turgid exposition. in extreme shakey close-up. in 3D. i'm just waiting now for the news that the turtles will be fully CG and eat inter-dimensional tacos instead of pizza.
  • bat0u
    ya guys, Transformers was awesome. give him a, Fuck You Michael Bay!!!
  • "Chill fans, I know you will pay money to see this.  Don't you remember how awesome those Transformers movies were?"
  • Scott oftheantarctic
    I love Michael Bays attitude towars fanboys. I can only imagine he's beyond jaded towards cartoon fanatics bitching at him after the transformers movies. "Oh you have a problem with my movie? Just shut up, itll be fine, stuff'll blow up, deal with it nerds"
    • Mass of Reason
      Can you blame him? Knowing full well the fan is more than willing to hand over their wallet regardless? Fanboys always bitch, and they're always the first in line at the theatres.
      • Shin_gallon
        I'm not. I made the mistake of seeing the first Transformers movie because some friends forced me to. Never again, I refuse to see any movie this man has a hand in making. He's the worst director in Hollywood, period.
        • Darthcor
          Ah, I believe you've forgotten about Uwe Boll...
          • Jay
            No, M. Night Shyamalamala is.
  • Legendary orbital facepalm cannon: FIRE! Michael Bay needs to shut his face and go direct commercials for fireworks in his garage.
  • HealthyPoison
    Too much hate for Michael Bay.  Let the man work. 
    • Dfuze931
      PREACH lol its a movie about turtles with swords who are taught to fight by a fucking rat, do we really need to have THIS type of reaction before any trailer......footage.....poster.....ANYTHING lol its borderline remedial
      • Dfuze931
        Shut up.
    •  I would but whenever he does he makes shit
  • David Balderdash
    Enough with the "raping my childhood" malarkey. This sense of entitlement, over every form of entertainment created in the last 40 years, has got to stop.
    • Poopweasel
      You're right... there is far too much hyperbole in the world today. That said, the so-called "artists" of these times ought to try dreaming up their own world, rather than re-hashing worse and worse versions of decade old classics. 
    • Jamesd8n
      Don't villainize the people who created a strong fan base around the original. We simply want to see the film created in a way that will enhance rather than taint our childhood favorites. The writers of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek had it right as they continuously tuned into the feedback from Trekkies commenting on the stroyline being created. They never told fans to chill. Due to the writers' humility towards the fans (who made the show a huge success in the first place) they were able to deliver an enhanced hit that appealed to a fan base as well as new audiences. Don't ever write off the original fans and call them "entitled". That kind of pride will always crash and burn in the end.
      • SuicidalOptimist
        Well, to be fair, we all tend to glorify the past and remember things a bit more awesome than they actually were. I just recently re-watched one of my favorite shows from my childhood, Saber Rider (lol), and it's seriously retarded. Just like Transformers, He-Man and whatnot the same things happen in every episode. There really is nothing too special about all those beloved old cartoons other than the nostalgia attached to the time in which we watched them. 
        • Solo_Calrissian
          So True.  Acutally happened the other day with Voltron & the old Thundercats so I whole-heartedly agree.  All I really remember are the intros, which are nothing like the actual shows.   With regard to TMNT, Bay can "Bay-it-up" visually all he wants with explosions, models, slo-mo & what not, but I think what we're seeing is everyone's knee-jerk reaction to him changing the backstory, which for nostalgia's sake, feels wrong. JJ at least took Star Trek and gave it its own timeline from the original (which i think is brilliant).  That said I am eager to see and hear more about the project as it comes along.     
          • Argo
            I just rewatched Medabots...a show that Fox Kids put out to soak up some Pokemon popularity. I remember it being seriously hardcore and badassed...and now I'm 25 and re-watching it. It hurts my eyes and ears. It is nothing like I imagined when I was a kid.
    •  Ylur right Michel Bay does have a Huge sense of entitlement
    • David Balderdash
      I'd like to say sorry for my outburst, my drugs wore off me. :-(
      • David Balderdash
         I did not write this and stand by my original post. Anyone can post as any name they please and it's very clever.
  • Azhix09
    I saw the first Transformers movie and never went back to see the rest.  'Nuff said.
  • Isildur_of_Numenor
    By "richer world" do you (MB) mean a world filled with lots of exploding shit?
  • Middle America
    STFU Michael Bay! I cannot believe Hasbro is having him make another Transformers movie instead of a proper reboot.
  • DRM
    "Takes the ooze out of the question"?!  We might as well take the Spider out of Spider-man's origin. Now he's a wayward teenager from the planet Archanoplois.   The ooze, being raised by Splinter and trained in (EARTHLY) martial arts is a fundamental aspect of the characters. 
    • Larsen79
      You are 100% correct. If Bay is going to be making changes, he my as well change the title and character names. No April, Splinter, nor any of the teenaged MUTANT ninja turtles.
      • Guterbol
        Omg so true im Soooooo fucking pissed. The movie is going to suck real fans out there stand up and speak!!
    • Volcom8o5
      ^ Nuff said XD
  • Micheal Bay , well is a troll. A powerful one!
  • Voice of Reason
    This is unstoppable, unfortunately. He's already called them "Ninja Turtles" and that's all it will be. No word yet if they will be teenage or elderly. The sad reality is MB can do whatever he wants and make billions of dollars. Hate only feeds him the attention that will make the money flow. Game over man, game over.
    • Isa
      Not yet... keeping people from watching that abomination will hit him where it hurts. THE POCKET
  • Simon
    Michael Bay's Big Racist Robots Part II did it for me. I'm done with him destroying my childhood. 
    • Yga
      Characters that borrow personality from racial stereotypes are not necessarily racist. Jar jar binks was not racist despite what the media said. In fact, IMO the ones pointing finger and crying foul are the real racists.
      • Mlgrene
        Jar jar was originally a bad ass merc they gave him a jacked up accent and made him retarded because an action movie needed comic relief that was't funny but yeah your right not racist. Stereotypical typcasting pigeon-holing maybe but not racist
  • It would be so rad if the beginning of a TMNT movie started with a young guy saving a blind man's life by pushing him out of the way of a truck that is carrying radioactive ooze. That ooze then blinds the young man and spills into the sewers and lands on 4 baby turtles. A simple nod to Daredevil and the original origin. Shooot, why can't hollywood just make right for once. Im probably asking for too much
  • Cory Westgate
    Teenage MUTANT Ninja Turtles. It's in the fucking title, Bay. You can't change that to Teenage ALIEN Ninja Turtles without getting bitched at, so take your own advice and quit bitching about the fanboys: chill out, mutants are fine and the backstory (was) fine.
    • Kaim
      Maybe they were mutated in the other dimension
  • Lisa226Ok
    Sorry, bay I don't want u to screw this film like those horrible transformer sequels u have done I love the tmnt .
  • Rojagegeo
    RIP TMNT..
  • LosZombies
    We are just building a richer raping the fuck out of it.
  • OfficialJab
    No bigger crybaby than a nostalgic fan. Even if it turns out amazing they won't like it anyways.
    • Shin_gallon
      It's Michael Bay. There's zero chance it won't suck.
    • Franchise6781
      agree whole heartedly.....the same ones that cry and whine are the first ones in line for it just to even compare the movies with the shows. Hypocrites r everywhere....n movies arent real dicks.
  • Tester
    This is what you get for going to see this idiot's movies.. There is one simple way to stop this man, stop paying to see his movies !!
  • Never have understood all the haters of Michael Bay.  All of his movies have been very enjoyable popcorn flicks.  A majority of the haters fall in two categories:  the ones that have never seen the movie because it's by Michael Bay and the ones that have seen all of the Michael Bay movies and still complain.  If you fall in any of those categories, I don't feel that you should even be complaining. Michael Bay changed Transformers from what I grew up with, but I still enjoyed them.  He will change TMNT from what I grew up with, and I may or may not like it, I will wait until the movie comes out to judge it.  Rest assured, I won't come on here and bad mouth the movie before I have seen it though. It is going to be rare that we get new thoughtful material, so movies will constantly be remade.  We need to just get over the whole "raping my childhood' mentatlity.  I remember seeing the GI Joe movie and wasn't happy with the changes they made, but I enjoyed seeing that director's point of view.  It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't as bad as Skyline (which is a movie that I wish I wouldn't have seen). Go enjoy a movie or don't, but don't come on here and constantly bad mouth people just to see your name on a website.
    • dgeet
      thank you for someone out there agreeing with me lol
    • Tester
      I normally feel we are all allowed our opinion but since I am one of these "haters" I believe I am entitled to a response. But since you are wrong on so many levels I will leave it simply at this: I resent your suggestion/command that we should not be allowed to voice our opinion, within reason, on this site.  This is not up to you but to the site owners and moderators And please think before you formulate such erroneous conclusions
      • I didn't come up with any conclusion.  I just gave my opinion on what I felt.  Whether my opinion is "erroneous" or not, is your opinion.  I just don't see the point in getting behind a keyboard and berating an individual that you wouldn't do the same if you were face to face.
        • Volcom8o5
          I bet u had to look up erroneous...
    • Rojagegeo
       ive seen all of Bay's movies,and ive personally felt that all were below standard and not worthy of the blockbuster status that each receive....take his last movie in case--Trans3..I WANTED to enjoy it ,but within the opening 20min i couldnt believe how bad it was going... I agree that thoughtful movies dont comeby everyday,but movies with atleast some common sense should come from a director such as Bay.. If anyone other than Bay handled the project,we could atleast say ,"give the guy a chance" , but this is Bay we are talking about..."Stop giving him chances"...
      • Just curious, but if you have seen all of Bay's movies and felt that they were below standard, then why would you keep seeing his movies?  Seems kind of weird to buy a brand of something and it doesn't work, but you keep on buying the same brand knowing it isn't going to work.
        • Rojagegeo
           well im a movie addict....and there are certain times when im just desperate to see an action movie....and since i keep putting off bay movies,i happen to watch one just for the sake of watching....but ive NEVER seen any Bay movie twice...... The thing is,even though i hate his movies ,the trailers are always fun.....And i just rent the dvds..i dont go to the cinema to watch his crap....
    • Ygs
      Michael bay sucks and you have bad taste in movies
      • Tester
        Nuff said, move along people, nothing to see here
  • YourMomsLover
    heh, nerd rage.  It's not like you have to watch it, you still got that one with Cory Feldman
  • Xander
    As much as I don't care for the fact that Bay changed them from Mutants to Aliens, if anything Bay has the opportunity to make this movie visually stunning. And being a huge Kung Fu movie fan I loved that the originals had real martial artistis doing the stunts. With the budget this film will probably have hopefully it will have a great coreographer for the fight sequences and the turtles will actually have the Ninja quality they deserve. And Corey Feldman needs to come back as Donatello.
  • I don't buy into the whole "remake ruining the original" critique; my issue is this might be the last chance for a proper TMNT film that is at least as gritty as the original (ideally moreso).  All original TMNT fans are adults now...gearing it towards kids is disappointing.  I don't care that he's messing around with the origin because it "rapes" my childhood memories; I care because I think it sounds fucking stupid for them to be aliens, and I believe that the turtles being from the gutter rather than fucking space has much greater potential for the film I had hoped for.
  • dgeet
    Honestly I like Bay. He is one of the few directors that can put asses in seats and make summer movies fun. They are Bay Movies, they arent suppose to be oscar contenders every time they come out. People love Wes Anderson because of his style........(i'll pause on that one because his style is pretty pointless and waste of any production company's money). Bay's style is fun exciting action funny summer pop corn movies and i love them. His best movie in which no one really saw was The Island which cinematography wise...increadible, and beautiful. The story was strong and the acting was good.....No Models haha. Seriously people need to back of Michael Bay, he is a solid director and sure his movies aren't the greatest but they are the most enjoyable movies to watch 
    • CHAD
       UMMMMM no. He is fucking up the formula that already works. Turtles are from earth, ninjas are from japan(earth) and they are mutated, not flown in. How about you remove the Bay penis from your hands before you start typing.
    •  The Island? Oh right Parts: The Clonus Horror with More Explosions
  • tacojason
    the ooze is from another planet - that's the alien connection
  • Cap
    My re-buttle to this "Because the mutagen is alien, that makes the turtles technically alien" would be, does that make bebop and rocksteady (who were humans) actually aliens because they too were changed utilizing the same mutagen?
  • Jezebel
    People do need to chill. He's right. These self-entitled fanboy virgins need to stop thinking they own all these comic books and video games in the first place, and just allow film makers to do what they do.
    •  What About The Money we spend buying theses things guess that Gives us no Opinion I mean Shit we ONLY  spend our hard earned Money on it *rolls eyes*But that's   self-entitled I guess
  • MUTANT - In other Words, NOT alien. NINJA - In other words, trained in arts with origins from Japan.... On EARTH TURTLES - As in, you know, reptiles from EARTH.  -__- So this movie might as well be called, 'Teenage Alien Creatures That Resemble Large Reptiles and Know How To Fight'
    • Joe
      My choice for title is title the film Adolescent Alien Humanoid Amphibians Who Utilize Extraterrestrial Combat Skills That Closely Resemble Ninjitsu.  AAHAWUECSTCRN for short.
    • Princess1
      Or. Teenage alien green things that look like turtles and know the English language that fight other aliens but decided to fly to earth and duke it out and tell jokes.
  • Jeff Metzger
    I'm just curious on how he plans on working in 90 minutes of explosions, sexism and a dash of racism into this film.
    • Ygs
      Non human character sharing attributes that one would consider "racial stereotypes" is not racist
  • LMA
    This is how they're going to introduce the TMNT: "What are those things?" "I dunno? They look like... teenage... mutant... ninja... turtles?" Cowabunga - problem solved.... ?
  • TTumMM
    Bay needs to take a breath and start being a good producer by LEAVE THE SCRIPT ALONE. 
  • Brinkmannproductions
    Key word in the title being "MUTANT" Is he gonna change the name to Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles?
  • Argo
    If you don't like it, don't go see it. You fans are so entitled...know what would piss Michael Bay off? Not getting your don't go see it. ...just torrent it when it releases on DVD, grab a bowl of popcorn and say "Ha ha, fuck the system!" like I'm going to do...and have done...for the past few years.
  • Orin666
    Michael Bay and everyone that works at Platinum Dunes all need a bullet in the head. That company has ruined every franchise they have touched. Same as that hack Rob Zombie. But their movies make money so the studios will keep letting them rape people's childhood and destroy franchises that could be made properly
    • Ygs
      Ron zombies Halloween and devils rejects were awesome.
      •  Devils Rejects Was Ron zombies Halloween was just boring thou
  • …………………..
    Damn And I Was Just Hoping That They'd Still Like Pizza....
  • redskulllives
    why does Michael Bay try to hard?
  • i liked transformers, and friday the 13th. but the tmnt needs to be mutant. they could be mutated from some alien expirament, but they cannot be totally aliens.....  that's like a sesame street movie showing the monsters are actually aliens ... NINJA TURTLES ARE MUTANT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Elspokrock
    It's simple. Don't watch the movie. Stop feeding this fraud money. It really is that simple.
  • bozo connors
    Oh, I'm chill Mike.  I'm chill.  I'm so chill, you couldn't pay me to see one of your movies again.
  • Michael Bay "The Childhood Rapist"
    • I know some folk that actually were raped as children, the one thing they liked was TMNT, Michael Bay is now going to ruin that memory for them too in one horrible rape cycle.
    • Tjfooddude
      Childhood or child?
  • Theone3420
    Micheal bay is gay for fucking up teenage mutant ninja turtles. If ur stuck on aliens stick to transformers. How U fuck up on ninja turtles. Fuck ur script.
  • n0offence
    This shit head !! rapping TMNT like in that episode of south park :L
  • gusta
    im going to pirate the FUCK out of this movie !
  • Nosebug
    doesn't making them aliens take the "mutant" out of the equation? 
  • It's not your fault TMNT fans, don't blame yourself, it was that bad man over there, you're in a safe place  Signed  GI Joe/Transformer/Star Wars fans everywhere
  • Mangotreeproductions
    will trade all spark for ooze
  • The Splinter
     ....Calm down..... since 1984 the origin has been the same .... has NEVER changed for any reason despite the occasional not so good series. We were still happy with it because it stood true to the roots of the original turtles. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU WANT TO CHANGE IT NOW!!!????  I am all for new ideas but this is just down right not a good one, If you are going to change it to Aliens you are just taking the easy way out. The cool thing about the Turtles is they were little green men but they WERE NOT FROM SPACE and now you want to just connect the two. If you want to give the turtles a new design then do it holding true to the original origin with no add in's. Now if you want to do anything with Space have TGRI have some affiliation with a space program and maybe some astronauts came back with a sample of it from a planet of some sort then testing from that substance that created the ooze which then leads to the story / origin we all love.  Not that my opinion will truly change anything but just dont get why you want to make them from space.... It is just to easy cop out
    • Banana
      I hope he doesn't ruin it too much I still LOVE TMNT I guess I'll haft to get a new hooby...
  • Shin_gallon
    Given that Bay's idea of "rich and complex" is "takes more than three words to describe the plot", and given how completely terrible on every level every movie he's ever directed has been, no. He doesn't get the benefit of the doubt from me. He's basically Uwe Boll with bigger budgets and everything he touches is shit. I'm not seeing this movie, unless Rifftrax does an especially good job with it.
  • jrlv
    Fuck Bay. What ever you do, don't go to the cinema and pay to se this.
  • Goforit
    I'm going to go see this movie. Do I agree with the change? Shit no. Do I want to see turtles on the big screen. Fuck yes. I'll be in the theatre. All the people complaining. I'll see you there too. And you know I will.
    • Atrutmntfan
      He gets no money from me....BOOOOTLEEEEGGGG!
  • Sarah
    Tell the fans to take a chill pill!!!  Who pays to go see the movie, who is he making the movie for?  The people he thinks need to take a chill pill are the people were the profits from this movie will come.  Does he know how much money he could be losing by angering more than half his audience.  So the franchise has been wildly popular since it came out so why change it.
  • CrAzy Olyphant
    Bay isn't even directing this you morons. Lol people are so funny.
  • Unkel
    The fact that Micheal Fucking Bay makes a billion dollars on his crappy movies just proves how shitty the general US audiences are. Other than people who actually have discerning tastes and give a fuck about the type of entertainment they consume, the majority are culturally backward idiots.  Bay has hit a magic formula: 1) Target something that has a good brand/nostalgia but general audiences arn't too familiar with.  For example Transformers has a brand name b/c of the 80s show and toys. Although the larger audience will not be familiar with the actual story line, there would have been enough hype by years of fandom, that it (Transformer's brand) is in the general public psyche. 2) General viewers will subconsciously make this assumption, "all these fans love Transformer, so there must be something to it". Add in a few well edited trailers, EPIC explosions, hot sexy girls, and lot of mindless action, the suckers will be lining up to watch his shlock. 3) At this point Bay pretty much just has to do what he does best, explosions, sexy chicks, guns blazing and mindless action. He dosen't even need a real script written, or know jack shit about the original story line and characters. SERIOUSLY, other than there being giant robots, WHAT EXACTLY was the difference between Bad Boyz 1,2 and Bay's Transformers? 4) Bay just needs to keep finding these old franchises that the general public are aware of BUT not familiar with. In other words, HE DOSEN'T need any real story, any real creativity, or even a proper script. HE JUST MAKES Bad Boyz again, but slaps on a new logo, and replaces Will Smith and Martin Lawrence with Transformers/Shia (CANT ACT 4 SHIT) Labeouf, or Ninja Turtles.
  • Guest
    Maybe he should make a Battletoads movie instead.
  • Isa
    Let me introduce you Michael Bay's pets:
  • A major mistake to a lot of recent 'cartoon to movie' adaptations is that they tried to change it up to make it "modern' or 'realistic'. Dude, we know Transformers and TMNT are not real, why bother making it feels like it fits in the real world. Keep the original colour tone and design. That's why the Japanese does it way better. They just don't fuck up the originals. Dragonball Evolution is a great example of a piece of shit because they dont want to stick with the originals!!!  To those those who keep telling fans "oh if you dont like it, dont watch it". Confronting or opinion is what make things better. We dont voice about a certain change, there's no flow of good creativity. If a Ferrari suddenly became a compact car, you think you can tell fans/collectors, "if you dont like it, dont drive it' ? We voice cause we are fans of something. You all must be fans of something, if any changes happen to them, you wouldn't sit there and do nothing. Look into the mirror and ask yourself "Will I react the same if this happen to .....?" 
  • Tjfooddude
    Mike is an Idiot.  Mike has locked his personal forums so you cant post there.  His studio is filtering post on their blog to not allow TMNT relate posts.  Hide from the truth much Mike?  Need your but lickers to keep making you feel good?  Put a shotgun in your mouth and do us all a favor.  I'll even buy your shells for you.
  • shellboy
    I just wonder how much input Eastman and Larid's will have in this movie.
  • Mark Trenkle
    hahaha remember when michael bay used the phrase "creating a richer world" in discussion of one of his movies? haha. that was the tops.
  • Banana
    I bet those people don't have ANY brains! If they knew about us all being SO OUTRAGED then why are they still going through with this??? >:'( I'm beginning to REALLY HATE TMNT because of then (I should've said TANT (Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles) He could've done this without getting the copyright thing because this ISN'T EVEN TMNT! ITS TNT!!!!!!!!!!! >:( I'm grinding my teeth thinking about it!!!
  • korbindallis
    Noooooooooo why can't he ruin some thing other then this  
  • Dennis25
    I know of a franchise not yet discovered that is just screaming: CGI me!!! just for  Michael Bay, and its called Usagi-Yo-Jimbo
  • Dennis25
    Up top in the pictures the Turtle's have just read in the magazine that they are scheduled to be in a movie directed by Michael Bay, in which they are suppose to now be aliens. Check out the reactions above and watch there facial expressions of disapproval above. Raphael is thinking: WTF!, Michelangelo is horrified, so is Donatello and even Leonardo looks worried and troubled by this news. 
  • Liquidrain84
    *sigh* If the internet were as popular and as easily accessible back then as it is now, these same people/types of people who are currently ragging on Bay would have been ragging on Steve Barron's original live action movie.  Don't get me wrong, all I ever tend to focus on in Bay films are the explosions and effects, but if you go in expecting that, at least you won't be disappointed.  I've learned to do this with Marvel movies as well.  Don't watch trailers, walk into the movie with low expectations, and enjoy yourself because your expectations have been met.  Or, like others have said, just boycott the damn thing.  Why stress yourself out so much over something you have virtually no control over?  Do you really think your posts here will make much difference in the final product of the movie?
  • Ekim41089
    This is like remaking batman with super powers and the hulk with a ion for xannax...Michael bay there are some things allowed to fly ...this is blasphemy while I'm not covered in tmnt tats and insane about them tmnt was my childhood not tant ...find a less cop out shit ass way to get krang in...for fucks sake the third live action pulled off time travel...change dimensions all you want but give me ooze or fuck off I'm keeping my money
  • Emceemelo
    michael bay better have a damn good explanation for how the turtles are now aliens or inter dimensional beings and he better not cast rhianna to play april
  • Emceemelo
    okay let's all chill maybe the turtles just find out they were transported from one universe to ours by aliens and in our universe they became smaller turtles and had to be placed in the ooze container to grow back into their humanoid bodies...  or something like that
  • Emceemelo
    it's still a stupid plot...  damn it they should've just let me write the script
  • Emceemelo
    just have mike the situation play casey jones and you've got yourself a typical michael bay flick
  • They were NOT aliens even if the ooze was of alien origin. The turtles are mutated earth creatures and that's it. There is no other explanation and fans won't like a change so drastic. It's just how it is and they aren't wrong for being annoyed. Our turtles were born and raised from Earth and now you want to take them away from us and make them from a galaxy far far away? No thanks, my turtles are from here and were never aliens. Stop telling us to chill we know what we want!
  • Shadesss
    Still, the word 'alien' alone just provokes to many deep questions we KNOW Bay won't answer, let alone questions a TMNT script should answer. Aliens, unique organisms that evolved on a completely different planet under different conditions, live years away, can't look like turtles, would have to have extremely advanced tech to reach Earth, and-and-and, I could go on forever. Just make them mutants. It'll keep old time fans happy and be easier to use suspense of disbelief on.
  • it's gonna suck regardless.... Hey! let's boycott it!
  • isaiah
    It dosen't matter you're turning the turtles into F*CKING ALEINS!!!!!! No one needs to calm down you need to stop destroying my childhood!!
  • John Smith
    complex back story and Michael Bay ? 😀 ha hahahahaha hahahahhahahaha




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