Milla Jovovich Kicks Ass in New Trailer for 'Resident Evil: Retribution'

June 14, 2012
Source: Facebook

Resident Evil: Retribution

"Everything I've ever done is being used against me." Though the franchise seems to have run its course by now, fans just can't get enough of Milla Jovovich kicking ass and attempting to take down the Umbrella Corporation. Along with her husband, director Paul W.S. Anderson, Jovovich continues the fight in the new full trailer for Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth installment in the video game based franchise. No matter how ridiculous the action, there's no denying that Jovovich is a bad-ass, something clear since her days in The Fifth Element. This looks like the biggest Resident Evil yet, and it might be the last. Watch!

Here's the new trailer for Paul W.S. Anderson's Resident Evil: Retribution via Facebook:

Alice fights alongside the resistance movement in the continuing battle against the Umbrella Corporation.

Resident Evil: Retribution is once again directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, who started this series with Resident Evil in 2002, and came back for Resident Evil: Afterlife in 2010. He also directed Mortal Kombat, Event Horizon, AVP, Death Race and The Three Musketeers most recently. Sony / Screen Gems is bringing Resident Evil: Retribution to theaters in 3D starting on September 14th later this fall. Anyone interested?

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  • ryderup
    I couldn't be less interested. Reboot it and keep it closer to the first RE games.
    • Reznik
      This. They need somebody who understands why the fans love the games. It's not about the action, it's about the story and what's around the next corner.
  • bat0u
    nicely done trailer. but this is going to be terrible, just like the rest
  • ccoltmanm
    I like seeing Sienna Guillory come back. Having said that, I see their final fight at the end of the movie in the trailer. I do not like seeing that.
  • Straight to streaming sites.
  • HazedMind
    The beginning of this trailer is awesome, reminds me of the dawn of the dead remake in some distint way
    • Charles
      In some DISTANT way? It looks shot for shot exactly like Dawn Of The Dead. When you run out of ideas for movies, the dead will walk the earth.
      • Jericho
        it would make sense seeing as how she is supposed to be in something simulated...what better way to do a simulated zombie apoc than a 2004 dawn of the dead opening scenario....
  • Looks good, but think it will disapoint.
  • Voice of Reason
    pretty sure they should call all subsequent movies "Resident Evil: Indifference"
  • JP
    At least it doesn't take place in two buildings like the last one did.
  • truong18
    this is the worst zombie franchise ever, please make it stop.
  • Kwaz
    Cool trailer and all but resident evil movies never really...did much for me
  • grimjob
    Soooo, why are they still making these? They like to "reboot" franchises that don't need it, yet they keep shelling out money to this piece of shit. Agree with ryderup, just start over, keep in theme with the source material.
  • Carlos
    People keep saying how bad these movies are, so... how come RE movies are so commercially successful?? Believe me, there are way more people who love these movies than people who hate them, otherwise, they wouldnt keep coming.
    • ...and everything you just said right here is why I'll never understand how 'Hollywood' works. Money just keeps on fucking talking, huh!
      • TheLaughingMan
        The films aren't perfect (lets be real not many movies are) but they are entertaining.So thats why RE keeps coming back again and again.
        • Carlos
          I also bet that if they make a movie which universe is exactly to the videogames it would be a box office flop, thats why it is called "an adaptation".... remember Green Lantern?
          • Doc8rwho
            We do not speak about the thing whose existance people refuse to accept. Like there was only that one hulk movie in the recent years and it was with Edward Norton.
    • McWetty
      Because the average movie goer is somewhere between stupid and brain dead?
  • Woah! A movie in 3D!!?? That's so crazy and original!
  • first two were good, the third was alright I guess... the fourth sucked, and I mean SUCKED I have low expectations for this movie, hopefully htey willl re boot the series, make it more relaistic, and actually scary, and make the story revolve around Chris & Claire Redfield, Jill Vallentine, and Leon S. Kennedy (Yeah they come out in the films but it isn't about them it's about this made up character Alice... -.-) Paul W.S. Anderson..... blegh!
  • Rain Spider
    God this movie looks like ass. And did anyone else see how terrible that Leon looked? I actually watched Afterlife last night and couldn't stop laughing at how cheesey everything was. I'm sure this one will be no different. and Carlos, just because a movie is successful at the box office, doesn't make it a great movie. The name alone is what brings in the success. Every RE movie, other than the first has been terrible. The actors are bad, the story is terrible, and there are so many plot holes, it could sink a ship. You know what Paul Anderson thinks of his RE fanbase? He thinks they are stupid and willing to accept anything. Case and point, Big butcher man from Resident Evil 5 who appeared in Afterlife with no Backstory as to why he showed up, how he was made, or where he came from. He just decided to appear and head to the prison, knock down a gate, and kill a chinese man. Also he decides to go the RE5 Wesker instead of sticking with his original, actually good Wesker from Extinction. If I hadn't played the video games, I wouldn't know that the Wesker from Extinction and the Wesker from Afterlife were the same character. Anderson needs to stop taking stuff from the games and implementing them into his shitty franchise. Everyone and their dog knows that the games and movies arn't connected, everyone except Paul Anderson. So why he chooses to throw in Random pieces from the Games is beyond me. I guess he thinks it's cool, when in reality, brace yourself............It isn't.
    • HazedMind
      For someone who disses these movies you seem to have seen quite a few of them, that either makes you a hypocrite or a sheep either way you come off as a tool
    • Dick Sinister
      Fuck sake, instead of writing a book about how much you hate these, just shut up and go away. Now... holy fuck Ada Wong and Leon?!?! Finally!!!
  • DoomCanoe
  • The Video game was never really terrifyingly scarey, even if they reboot it i'm sure they'll have to re-invent it . I do Love Res Evil 4 and 5 and looking forward to 6 but if u want fear i Give Silent Hill more credit. Games and Movie both.
  • Guy who comments on things
    Why does she look hotter in this one than she did in both afterlife and extinction???
  • drcherd
    looks better then the last one but still doesnt look as good as it could be. theres some shots that actually look kinda cool and i can imagine them part of a cooler movie.
  • Why are they still making these?
    • JokerZ
      Because they make money. That's the only reason why.
      • David Banner
        Reason is cuz they make a lot of money. They have so far pulled in over $1 billion at the boxoffice, dvd sales and rentals, tv-rights.
  • maytheforce
    I think that they put a bunch of 12 year olds in a room, gave them some strong coffee and some mushrooms and they came up with the script for this film...
  • dUGONE
    Looks so 90's - like a cheap Matrix rip-off. Terrible production design.
  • JL
    Dear God, they pulled out all the D-listers for this one! They're serious now!
  • Rain
    I see Agent Smith made it back
  • Jericho
    YAY FOR LEON!!!!!!
  • Bithki
    I really loved the 1st one but after that....I can't figure out why I keeping watching these ....maybe they are putting some kind of mind control drugs in the popcorn .... The Action is fun... Jovovich is hot.... ...The movies just get cornier and cornier.... Sadly, I'm sure I'll watch this one too....Hmmmm maybe I'm the problem
  • So, everything before was a lie. All of her memories were false? Rain never died which means all of the films up to this one no longer have a point. These movies will always be bad because Paul Anderson doesn't care about RE. He is more worried about showing his wife off. I am actually bored of close up shots of Mila running into the camera. Dear god I hope the slow-mo button is broken on his editing suite this time. Extinction or whatever the last film was called was made up of slow-mo shots. I will see it because each film has had 1 true Resident Evil moment. Paul Anderson please stop now or speak to Christopher Gans and ask him how he made Silent Hill because that was a much better movie and more faithful to the series.
  • nem
    I am a die hard fan of the Resident Evil games, and I cannot believe the shit they turned it into with the movies. Just god awful, it's like they took the video games, mashed them up together and called it their own version of Resident Evil. It's fucking retarded. I'm surprised Shinji Mikami hasn't sued their asses for ruining the series.
  • Ezza
    Ho Hum, more of the same! Will it ever end?!
  • Joe
    Chances are i'll end up watching it and be surprised that it's more entertaining than it should be.
  • Rebel
    If a lot of you don't like the movies get a camera and make your own, stop sitting here hating on the movies. People love them, I have played the games, and believe me am not gone sit down and watch them make a movie scene for scene of a video game that ish is boring and you all know it look. But a lot of you are devoted, so make your own movie who knows Capcom might see it and ask you to take the reboot when the film series end after the 6th movie. But people do like them I love them I own them all and degeneration and i will be buying retribution and damnation when they come out on dvd. After RE 6 they need to go back to horror.




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